Common Seven Mistakes to Avoid when Buying and Using Toner Cartridges

It looks pretty simple to buy a new toner cartridge when the old one is used up – you head online, place an order, and it is delivered! However, it is never this simple because of the different toner cartridge models in the market, and the dealers are equally many. Furthermore, the toner cartridges used on different cartridges are not universal, meaning that you should only go for what is designed to work in your printer. Because of these complexities, it is not uncommon to see people making common mistakes that end up costing them money and time.

In this post, we will look at the common mistakes that you should avoid when buying and using toner cartridges.

1. Buying from a Bad Dealer

Today, buying things online is considered highly convenient, but it can easily result in waste of money if you work with the wrong dealer. If you pick the wrong seller, there is a danger of getting inferior products who will ultimately deliver poor quality products. In some cases, you might order a toner cartridge, but the dealer fails to send it to you. So, how do you identify a good toner cartridge seller?

  • Check for positive feedback from past clients.
  • Go for the seller with a wide range of toner cartridges.
  • The seller should have good customer support for his/her clients.
  • Evaluate the seller’s commitment to customer value.

2. Ignoring Your Cartridge Number

Printer cartridges are identified by their numbers, which are, in most of the cases, printed on their labels. One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is placing an order for a toner cartridge without factoring the number. If the dealer delivers the wrong toner cartridge, you are likely to get stuck with a device that will not work, resulting in loss of money. The loss is likely to be even higher because you will be forced to buy another toner cartridge. To avoid this mistake, here is how to get the toner cartridge number.

  • Remove the toner cartridge from the printer and check the number which is printed on the side or the lower part of the cartridge.
  • Visit the printer manufacturer to find out the correct number of the toner cartridge before placing the order.

3. Failing to Verify the Page-Yield of the Cartridge

When buying toner cartridges, most people are interested in two things, high-quality and high-yield. These details are particularly critical if you do office or commercial printing. Therefore, failing to verify the page-yield implies that you are at risk of getting less than what you anticipated. Think of a situation where you anticipated a page yield of 5000 pages but only gets 2000. You will not have gotten the anticipated value for money. You can get the page yield from the following:

  • Toner cartridge descriptions online.
  • Label on the respective toner cartridge.
  • Asking the manufacturer.

4.  Buying the Wrong Refill Kits


When the toner in your cartridge is finally over, you have the option to dispose it or refill and continue using it. Most people prefer to refill the used cartridges because it allows them to continue using it instead of immediately ordering a new one. However, it will be a big mistake to buy the wrong refill kits.

The wrong kits are likely to have poor quality toners and wrong instructions that can result in poor quality prints or damage to your printer. So, ensure to go for the right refill kits by looking at the feedback that other users gave after using similar models. Also, make sure to buy from trusted sellers.

5. Storing the Toner Cartridge Incorrectly

In most of the cases, people buy several toner cartridges so that they can have a spare option to avoid getting stuck in the middle of a project. While it is okay to have several toner cartridges, some make a huge mistake of storing them incorrectly.

The best way to store the toner cartridges ensuring they remain in their sealed packaging to avoid contamination with dust. Furthermore, the cartridge should be kept in a horizontal position so that toner does not settle on one end. advises that you should always store toner cartridges in dark areas, such as drawers or cupboards.

6. Buying the Cheapest Toner Cartridge when Looking for High-Quality Prints

Are you looking forward to making high-quality prints using your printer? The biggest mistake you can make is buying a cheap toner cartridge. With inexpensive toner cartridges, such as refilled or remanufactured models, the chances of getting low-quality prints are very high. Such cheap cartridges are recommended for printing drafts or when quality is not a priority.

To get high-quality prints, you have two options, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and compatible toner cartridges. OEM toner cartridges are designed using the latest technologies and come with a guarantee of high-quality prints. The compatible toner cartridges are also designed using advanced technologies but differ from the OEM toner cartridges in that they are made by third-party companies.

7. Throwing the Toner Cartridge in the Trash Bin

Today, the world is faced with an immense problem of pollution. Pollutants from industrial and domestic sources have been damaging ecosystems, resulting in rapid loss of species and respiratory problems in people. With these challenges intensifying year after year, it will be a huge mistake to intensify the problem by tossing toner cartridges into the trash bins because it contains hazardous chemicals.

There are two main methods of disposing of toner cartridges effectively without causing pollution:

  • Refill the toner cartridges and reuse them: When you refill the cartridge, it gives you the opportunity to continue using it instead of immediately ordering a new one. Most toner cartridges can be refilled about three-four times before requiring a replacement. When you finally need to dispose of the toner, make sure to mail it to an approved recycling firm.
  • Return to the manufacturer: Most manufacturers run comprehensive programs to take back used cartridges for recycling or proper disposal. Some dealers might even pay you a token for every cartridge that you return.


Making the mistakes we have outlined above is likely to result in poor quality prints, loss of money, and harm to the environment. Therefore, you should ensure to understand your printer, the need for quality, and the expected page yield when selecting a toner cartridge. It is also crucial to only work with the best dealer to get correct information, support when in need, and quality toner cartridges.

Do You Need Help Rebranding Your Business?

Regardless of the industry, a business should never be stagnant. As a business owner, you always want your establishment to grow — whether it be through new employees, products, or locations. This is something that every successful business owner knows well.

However, many business owners fail to see the importance of rebranding.

Experts feel that you should rebrand your business every 7 to 10 years. The rebranding process involves a number of tasks, including:

  • Changing the company colors
  • Redesigning logos
  • Creating new slogans

Doing these tasks keeps things fresh and exciting for your current customer base. A well-planned rebrand can also potentially attract new customers.

However, rebranding your business isn’t an overnight process; it requires a solid strategy, the right timing, and seamless execution. If you’re planning on rebranding your business but don’t know where to start, be sure to continue reading.

Identify the Purpose


Before anything else, you need to figure out exactly why you want or need to rebrand your business.

There are several reasons as to why a business owner can benefit from rebranding. Some of these benefits include:

  • Opens up the brand to a broader customer base
  • Gives the brand a youthful/modern appearance
  • Helps the brand stand out from the local competition

Once you’ve identified the purpose of the rebrand, it’ll be easier for you to make informed decisions regarding the rebranding process.

Doing this also makes it easier for you to execute the latter parts of your rebranding strategy — this is due to the fact that you’ll have a more explicit focus and goals that you can work towards.

Invest in New Uniforms for Your Staff

If you want to go about the rebranding process correctly, then one of the next things you should do is order custom work uniforms for your employees.

When you purchase new uniforms for your employees, you can make your team look:

  • More professional
  • More approachable
  • More noticeable/distinguishable

Not to mention, uniforms can be used as a form of free advertising. When you invest in comfortable, high-quality garments, your employees will most likely want to wear them out in public. This will create more opportunities for prospective customers to learn about the brand and help increase brand recognition with your current customers.

If you’re looking for garments that will stand the test of time, you should consider ordering screen printed garments.

Many professional printing companies, like Prints Canada, offer a wide variety of screen printed garments, outerwear, and accessories — some companies even manufacture high-quality screen printed polo shirts. This means that you won’t have to purchase new uniforms for your employees until the next time you need to rebrand your business.

Additionally, many printing companies offer bulk discounts on high-volume orders (generally 100 pieces or more). When you purchase in bulk, you can save a substantial amount per garment. This makes it an excellent solution for companies with over 100 employees.

If you want to save even more, you should look for a printing company that offers free setups and delivery. This will give you more money to spend on the rest of the rebranding process.

Notify the Public

A company-wide rebrand won’t make a substantial impact unless the customer base is fully aware of it in the first place.

Before launching the rebrand, you should try to “hype” it up and get your customer base excited. There are several ways you can go about doing this; however, the most effective method is using social media.

If you or one of your team members are social media-savvy, you can create a timeline for your digital content and advertisements. Best of all, there are a handful of programs that allow you to schedule your content days, weeks, or even months in advance. Using these digital tools will make it easier for you to stay organized and reach as many prospective customers as possible.

If you don’t want to use social media, there are several tried-and-true methods you could use, such as:

  • Newspaper advertisements
  • Radio advertisements
  • Billboards
  • Word of mouth
  • Pamphlets/flyers

Those of you that want to go the extra mile can try using a mix of digital and physical advertisements — the choice is yours!

Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

The average person sees countless advertisements over the course of their lifetime; out of all of these ads, most people can only remember a handful of them. This oversaturation makes it difficult for up-and-coming companies to stand out from their competition.

If you want to make a lasting impression with your customers, then you need to come up with creative, unique advertisements. This is much easier said than done, especially if you have little to no prior marketing experience.

Thankfully, there are a few general things that you can do to make your advertisements stand out. Some examples include:

  • Investing in professional copy
  • Coming up with a company-specific hashtag
  • Collaborating with similar brands

Let Your Vendors Know

In hopes of increasing revenue, many businesses will sell their products through third-party companies.

In the past, these parties were comprised of brick-and-mortar businesses; however, over the past few years, digital shopping platforms have become viable retailers. Because of this, it’s not uncommon for a company to have working relationships with a number of physical and digital third-party vendors.

If your business manufactures products, then you’ll want to take the time to notify your vendors about the upcoming changes. Doing this will give them the time to make necessary changes, like updating their PoS (point of sale) system.

Doing this will also give them time to remove any signage with the old company name, colors, or slogan. This will help improve brand consistency and recognition.

Rebranding your business is no simple task; there are countless things that you need to update and take care of before the big reveal.

Before starting the rebranding process, you’ll want to identify the purpose, invest in new uniforms, and craft eye-catching advertisements. You’ll also want to find creative ways to notify the public and give your vendors enough time to make all of the necessary changes (if applicable to your business model).


Nine Of The Best Print Marketing Companies

If you’re looking for a way to promote your business, print marketing can be an excellent way to do it. While this one is less popular nowadays due to the increasing use of digital advertising tools, it’s still a highly effective way to reach a large audience. In order to have the best possible strategy, it’s important to make sure that you get the right advertising agency for your needs. Here some of the best such companies to choose:

1. Wise Pelican

Image source:

Wise Pelican is an excellent choice for any business owner who is looking to create print marketing materials. In fact, the company is able to produce materials for nearly any type of business at affordable prices. Wise Pelican offers services that can dramatically increase your sales. Here are a few great reasons why you should consider their services:

  • Wise Pelican does not have a minimum order size, and they offer affordable custom templates!
  • They are known for offering very fast turnaround times that can be perfect for just about any business owner.
  • While they’re currently geared towards real estate businesses, this is likely to change over time, which will allow business owners of all types to receive services from Wise Pelican.
  • Wise Pelican is affordable, and they make it possible to mail out postcards for as little as 70 cents per card!
  • The company offers exceptional customer service.

2. Conquest Graphics

Conquest Graphics offers expert graphic design services, and they can offer services to virtually any business owner. They have been reviewed well by numerous business owners, which operate in many different sectors of the economy. Conquest Graphics will be able to put just about any design, logo, or message on the print marketing materials that your company is creating. These are some of the best reasons to consider Conquest Graphics for their services:

  • Conquest Graphics is highly experienced in the print marketing industry, which means that they’re able to create effective graphics and promote a wide range of businesses.
  • Not only that, but the company offers affordable prices.
  • You can get even better deals on print marketing materials from Conquest Graphics by taking advantage of their sales.

3. Staples

image source:

Staples is one of the largest companies that create print marketing materials for business owners, which makes them an exceptionally reputable company to choose from. They can help you to create business cards, flyers, and other forms of this type of advertising. Not only that, but they can help you to make copies of advertising materials that you’ve already created. Staples is well-known for offering affordable prices to business owners who are creating such materials. Here are a few reasons why Staples can create excellent print marketing materials for your business:

  • Staples is extremely well-known for offering high-quality design services, which are sure to impress your customers.
  • Staples also offers affordable rates on copies, which means that you can go to Staples to make copies of advertising materials you’ve already made for an affordable price.
  • In addition, Staples offers cashback for online purchases, which allows you to earn 2% back on every online purchase.

4. Office Depot

Office Depot is another major company that offers print marketing services, and they also make it possible to create new materials and produce copies of advertising materials you’ve already created. In addition, Office Depot offers affordable prices for business owners who are creating materials for this kind of advertising. Not only that, but the company offers marketing services to business owners of all types. These are a few of the reasons why Office Depot is an excellent company to choose for print marketing:

  • Office Depot makes it possible to create bulk orders of marketing materials, which is quite convenient for many business owners.
  • Their pricing is affordable, and reviews suggest that they offer quality services.
  • Office Depot has been in business for quite some time.

5. Professional Marketing And Printing

Image source:

Another great print marketing service that you should consider is Professional Marketing and Printing. This company offers services in the US and the UK. Their services can be useful for just about any business owner, and they offer exceptionally affordable prices. Here are some of the reasons why this is a great company to choose for your print marketing:

  • The fact that they do business in both the US and the UK is an advantage for business owners who operate in both countries.
  • Professional Marketing and Printing is experienced when it comes to print marketing.
  • The company has received excellent reviews, and they offer affordable prices.

6. Allegra Marketing Print

Allegra Marketing and Print is another extremely well-known company that offers these services to business owners, and they have gotten great reviews from customers. Allegra Marketing and Print offers services to just about any kind of business owner, and they offer a wide range of marketing products and services. These are a few of the most important reasons why Allegra Print Marketing is an excellent choice for your company:

  • Allegra Marketing and Print makes it possible to create advertising materials with virtually any color scheme and design.
  • Their prices are quite affordable.
  • The graphic design professionals who work for Allegra Marketing Print are highly experienced.

7. Got Print

image source:

Got Print is a widely known marketing company that offers print marketing services to business owners, and they’ve received great reviews from their customers. In fact, Got Print offers expert graphic design services. If you’re creating business cards, Got Print offers exceptionally affordable pricing. Here are a few reasons why you should consider choosing the services of Got Print for your business:

  • Got Print allows you to create just about any kind of marketing materials for your company.
  • They specialize in the creation of business cards.
  • Their pricing is affordable for all the services they offer.

8. The UPS Store

If you’re looking for print marketing materials, the UPS Store might have exactly what you’re looking for. The UPS Store offers printing services to an exceptionally large number of people, which means that they have a very strong track record. In addition, the UPS Store has received extremely good reviews when it comes to their printed materials. These are a few reasons why you might want to consider using the UPS Store for the printed materials that you’re ordering:

  • The fact that The UPS Store is a large and well-established company means that their services are reliable.
  • The UPS Store makes it possible to print and copy a wide range of items.
  • You can also use their delivery service to distribute promotional materials.

9. The FedEx Store

Image source:

The FedEx Store can help you to create a wide range of print marketing materials, which can be extremely effective when it comes to attracting new customers and retaining the ones that you have. Not only does the FedEx store offer full-color printing for your business, but they can also print just about any logo or message on the flyers or other materials that you’re creating. Here are a few reasons why you should consider such services of the FedEx Store:

  • The FedEx Store is known for offering very reliable services.
  • Their prices are affordable.
  • They make it possible to send promotional materials quickly with their delivery service.