Vladimir Putin’s Net Worth 2020: Is He the Richest Man on Earth?

Last year, prior to the G20 Summit in Buenos Aires, Donald Trump canceled the meeting he was supposed to have with Vladimir Putin. Ever since then, people and the media cannot stop wondering which one of these two presidents is richer and how much is Putin worthier. So, we decided to share everything we know about Putin’s net worth with you.

How Much is Vladimir Putin’s Net Worth?

This is probably one of the hardest questions to answer as no one know exactly how much is Putin’s net worth. However, ever guess is generally in the billions. So, back in 2015, one of the major critics of Putin and a former fund manager in Russia claimed that Putin’s net worth stands at $200 billion, which would mean that he is the richest person on Earth

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How Did He Earn His Money?

How did Russia’s president earn his money and how has he gotten so rich is yet another mystery. What we know is that Putin owns holdings in a number of Russian companies. Moreover, rumors have been swirling that a lot of Putin’s money comes from extortion and theft. As a result, the Russian economy has experienced unprecedented growth. Thus, he has earned a lot of money through investments and kickbacks.

Putin maintains his power and he’s considered as one of the most powerful people in the world. He is known for his heavy-handed approach and killing his political rivals and journalists. Russia’s president has over 20 palaces and villas, helicopters, yachts, and over 40 airplanes. He also loves spending tons of money on clothes and watches.

Whether he is the richest man on Earth is still to be confirmed, but if his net worth is $200 billion, it would mean that he is twice as rich as Jeff Bezos. Putin’s wealth is hidden in different assets, such as vehicles, real estate, and investment. Hence, this is what makes it so hard for anyone to verify his wealth.

Donald Trump: Americans Need to go Back to Work

The President of the United States released a statement, in which he says that the restrictions introduced to Coronavirus epidemy who closed many companies throughout the US can only lead to more death cases.

Moreover, he said that his county needs to get back to work and that the country itself wants its citizens to get back to work. The statement was released on the FOX News Channel, and it was shared by Reuters.

Also, he said that the cure is much worse than the problem itself. According to the President, people are going to die if the administration lets this situation to continue. His conclusion was that the citizens of the United States want to get back to work and that he will work for that to happen as soon as possible.

The Journalist Told Mr. Trump to Shut up About Coronavirus

Donald Trump cannot stop himself from spreading misinformation.

He should stop talking about the virus and not comment on the number of cases or deaths.  Jack Shafer is Politico’s senior media writer who addressed the President. Here is what he wrote:

Stop congratulating yourself about what a good job you’re doing, and never, ever again claim that you’ve got things “well under control.” Never again compare this virus with the flu. Never again promise that a vaccine is arriving “pretty soon “or that the virus “will go away,” as you repeatedly have, or that “it’s going to disappear.” Don’t blame the Democrats or the Obama administration or the press for your bungling of the crisis. Don’t say “anybody that wants a test can get a test,” because it isn’t true.

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Most everything you have said about the virus has been wrong, inflammatory, and dangerous. You think you’re making things better, but your steady spew of misinformation is confusing people and making the situation worse. Much worse. In your Wednesday night national broadcast, you stirred irrational fears with your words and your heebie-jeebie speaking style. The markets heard you clearly, which is why they promptly went into the swirly on Thursday morning.

You’re so bad at conveying accurate virus information, you make the Fox News channel sound like the Scientific American. If you were a medical doctor, the board of examiners would yank your license. The county prosecutor would then jail you for thousands of counts of malpractice. After that, he’d charge you with manslaughter for serving as the virus’ accomplice.

Besides alarming the public and the markets, your reckless blabber is drowning out the scientific and public health messages the professionals in those fields have disseminated. Every time you say something stupid, they have to stop their vital work and retrace your steps to disinfect the greasy mess you’ve deposited in the public sphere. You’ve so consistently misstated the virus facts that I could be convinced that you’re colluding with the virus to destroy the country. You can’t be that dumb, can you? Well, maybe you can be that dumb. You shook hands with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro at Mar-a-Lago on March 7, well after health experts told us to maintain social distance. Bolsonaro’s press secretary, whom you hung out with, has now tested positive for the virus, according to news reports. Another reason nobody should listen to what you say about the contagion.

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While I’m calling for you to be gagged, my order is not absolute. If it’s your desire, you can continue with your demagoguery about immigration. Want to holler about the Democrats? Want to kindle a war with Iran? With North Korea? On global trade? As our president, it should be your right to pop off about those topics — as long as we can rely on the other two branches to keep an eye on you. But the virulence of the coronavirus epidemic laughs at 18th-century checks and balances. Please, please cease your commentaries.

Instead of popping off on the virus to fill the dead air around you, do what Vice President Mike Pence — aka the coronavirus czar — has done when asked a question above his scientific understanding: Call on a scientific or public health professional to answer it. You’ve got plenty of scientific muscle on the payroll. Whenever Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, has been allowed to speak his mind, he’s delivered a clarion call of truth and caution. Establish a rule in your administration that nobody without an M.D., a scientific Ph.D. or an advanced degree in public health can answer questions about the virus. If Trump, Pence, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), or some other undereducated politician insists on slinging some virus talk, let’s make sure they have their comments cleared by a scientific panel first.

Mr. Trump, you’ve done sizable harm to the public health with your utterances. We can’t undo what you’ve done, but there’s still time to limit the damage and save a few lives if only you will put a large, wet sock in it. Because if you don’t shut your mouth, I’m going to come over to the White House and wash it out with soap.

Turning Point of Donald Trump’s Presidency


Donald Trump has been leading the United States for almost two years, even though nobody expected him to win at the US elections. Some are happy to have Trump as the president, but many are “stuck” with him, and they cannot wait to see his back. So far, his presidency has been tumultuous, but the next week or two are going to be the turning point. After the upcoming weeks, we are going to know the course for the remaining months with Trump as the leader.

First of all, on Monday, the jury in former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort’s trial will enter the third day of deliberation. This case is about Manafort’s relationship with the Ukrainian government before he became the head of Trump’s campaign on the presidential election. We also have to point out that former FBI chief Robert Mueller led the investigation about the special counsel probe and Russian interference in the 2016 elections and Manafort’s trial grew out of it. If Manafort were to be convicted, it would provide momentum for the special counsel’s office in advance of the release of Muelle’s report on his investigation. In case that he walks free, he is going to be tried in Washington on similar charges and POTUS will have more reasons to push his “witch hunt” story as true.

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Secondly, according to various reports, federal prosecutors are prepping charges against former Trump personal attorney Michael Cohen who has been connected to several suspicious bank loans and who potentially violated campaign finance rules. Cohen has also been involved with the payoffs he made to women that accused Trump of having an affair with them.

“My wife, my daughter, and my son have my first loyalty and always will,” Cohen told ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos in early July. “I put family and country first.” Earlier this month, sources close to Cohen told CNN that Cohen wanted to testify to Mueller that Donald Trump knew about the meeting that took place in June 2016 between Donald Trump Jr. and the other Trump campaign leaders and several Russians. However, the current president has negated such claims.

Thirdly, we are entering the final stages of protected negotiations between Trump’s legal team and special counsel’s office about whether Trump and Mueller should meet, with the president being the one answering questions. Trump’s lawyer Rudi Giuliani said that Mueller’s investigators “have taken 2-3 weeks to get back to us, so what I have to tell you is, look, I am not going to be rushed into having him testify so that he gets trapped into perjury.” So far it is unknown whether Trump will meet with Mueller, but soon we will learn what the decision is.

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All of these events are interwoven, and one could alter the others. For instance, if Manafort is found not guilty, it will only strengthen Trump’s position, and he will find no reason to sit down with Mueller and accidentally disclose something that shouldn’t be out in the open. Even with Cohen’s plea, the president wouldn’t have reasons to talk to Mueller. On the other hand, if Manafort is found guilty, then Cohen is charged and cuts a plea agreement with the special counsel’s office. In this case, POTUS would be under pressure to talk to Mueller because otherwise, people would think that he is hiding something even if he doesn’t.

And throughout all this, Trump kept tweeting. There were some usual tweets, one of which was: “Disgraced and discredited Bob Mueller and his whole group of Angry Democrat Thugs spent over 30 hours with the White House Counsel, only with my approval, for purposes of transparency.” So far we had words and assumptions. In the upcoming weeks, we will see action and those actions could have major or minor consequences on Trump’s presidency and policy.

Donald Trump Signs McCain Defense Measure


Donald Trump thanked members of the Congress who helped pass the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act with the signing ceremony taking place at Fort Drum, New York on Monday. However, Trump failed to thank the senator for whom the bill is named.

“We would not be here for today’s signing ceremony without the dedicated efforts without the dedicated members of Congress who worked so hard to pass the National Defense Authorization Act,” Trump said. He name-checked the members of the Congress such as Republican Elise Stefanik, who held a brief speech as a district representative whereas Trump also mentioned Martha McSally, Dan Donovan, Don Bacon and Joe Wilson.

Although Trump himself never served in the military, he had the courage to attack McCain and his service. The US President pointed out that McCain, who fought in Vietnam, wasn’t a war hero, because he was captured and became the prisoner of war.

“He is not a war hero,” Trump told pollster Frank Luntz, who was hosting a July 2015 question-and-answer session at the Family Leadership Summit in Ames, Iowa. Luntz said: “He is a war hero” and then Trump cut him off:

“He is a war hero because he was captured? I like people that weren’t captured, OK? I hate to tell you. He is a war hero because he was captured. OK, you can have — I believe perhaps he is a war hero.”

Later on, Trump has acknowledged McCain as a war hero, but he never apologized in his interviews. Meanwhile, McCain has been one of the most outspoken Republican critics. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with glioblastoma, a rare brain cancer over a year ago is still the victim of Trump’s attacks and insults. The US President has referenced the Arizona senator over the past few months for his health care vote, but without directly naming him.

Trump couldn’t sustain from criticizing, and just hours after the signing ceremony, Trump continued with the attacks at a campaign event for Rep. Claudia Tenney in Utica, New York. “One of our wonderful senators said ‘thumbs down’ at two o’clock in the morning,” he said.

McCain’s daughter, conservative commentator Meghan McCain said that Trump comments were “gross and pathetic.”

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The irony is that John McCain, who is the Senate Armed Services Committee chairman led the efforts to pass the defense spending bill in the Senate. “I am particularly humbled that my colleagues chose to designate legislation of such importance in my name. Serving on the Senate Armed Services Committee has been an incredibly meaningful experience since my first days on Capitol Hill,” McCain said in a press release when the bill was passed earlier this month.

The formal name of the bill is “John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2019,” and it is listed on the White House daily guidance with this name, but Trump took the liberty to call it “National Defense Authorization Act” at Fort Drum.

On Monday, Trump called the measure “the most significant investment in our military in our war fighters in modern history,” saying he was “very proud to be a big, big part of it.”

Trump also touted the $716 billion in the forthcoming 2019 fiscal year military funding, and he talked about the economic success of his administration as well the United States as leaders in space. Even though Trump has obviously disrespected McCain multiple times and failing to acknowledge his name at Fort Drum, at the end of the day, it is most important that the bill is passed. Mc Cain must be proud of what he managed to do!

White House Refuses to Explain Trump’s Ridiculous Wildfire Tweets?


More often than not, Trump tweets. And more often than not, these tweets make no sense. He has been ranting about how California environmental laws have worsened wildfires that are raging in the state, but White House either doesn’t want or doesn’t know how to explain his nonsensical rage on Twitter.

On Tuesday, Trump’s administration refused to offer any clarity about what is going on with the president’s series of tweets. He suggests that environmental laws and water regulations in California are making it difficult for the state authorities to extinguish the fires. According to wildfire experts and local officials, these claims aren’t true.

Even some of the White House officials are baffled by how POTUS managed to connect the problem California has with water and the division of limited supplies with the control of fires. Moreover, the officials are not familiar with whether Trump has met with California lawmakers and discussed this issue.

What did Donald Trump say?

One of the tweets was: “California wildfires are being magnified & made so much worse by the bad environmental laws which aren’t allowing massive amount of readily available water to be properly utilized.”

Then, he said that the water is “being diverted into the Pacific Ocean.”

After reiterating these claims on Monday, Trump called on Democratic California Gov. Jerry Brown to “allow the Free Flow of the vast amounts of water coming from the North and foolishly being diverted into the Pacific Ocean. Can be used for fires, farming and everything else.”

However, wildfire experts and California officials debunked Trump’s claims. On Tuesday, he told business leaders that a “very tough situation” is currently in California. “It’s been a very tough situation taking place in California for a number of years and we’re going to have to have some meetings about it,” president of the US said from his Bedminster, New Jersey, golf club.

Even though he said that there are steps to be taken to “mitigate” the damage, he didn’t bother to clarify what are the things to be done.

He said he was “deeply grateful to firefighters and first responders” combating the flames, and said that his administration would do “everything in our power to protect those in harm’s way.” However, he didn’t repeat his earlier claims that water shortage in California is one of the reasons why the wildfire cannot be controlled and eventually put out.

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What do the experts say?

According to a FEMA official who spoke with CNN, there is no water shortage and no problem with access to water. These are not the reasons why the fires are still raging. Meanwhile, Interior Department spokeswoman Heather Swift declined to comment on the tweets. She said: “We don’t weigh in on the President’s tweets. We let those statements speak for themselves.”

“I was stunned when I read this this morning,” Henri Grissino-Mayer, a climatologist and biogeographer at the University of Tennessee, told CNN in an email. “California does NOT divert water to the ocean. Ridiculous.”

Grissino-Mayer noted that water “is diverted to the coastal cities for a constant water supply but all such water is used by the coastal communities.”

What’s happening?

Interestingly enough, there was a debate this summer, when California officials proposed a plan to limit the amount of water which can be drawn from the San Joaquin River to use it for the cities in California as well as farmlands. Trump’s tweet comes after that debate. The US president attempted to connect the debate to wildfires, but that didn’t turn out well for him.

As experts claim, it is the sweltering heat, as well as dry conditions that have led to the worst wildfires in the history of California. Laws have nothing to do with that. Of course, climate change is what caused the weather conditions to be as such, according to the specialists, but Trump said that was nothing but a hoax.