Presale passwords

What are Presale Passwords and How to Use Them – 2020 Guide

Presale codes are given to loyal members or frequent shoppers at websites such as Ticketmaster, Live Nation and others that provide similar services. But, what are they and how you can use them?

Well, in these modern times of the Internet, buying a ticket to see your favorite band seems almost impossible when you consider just how fast people click that buy now button once they get released. What is even worse is the fact that a lot of people have their own bots that can automatically buy out every single ticket they can and then resale them for a price four or five times higher. You might love a band, but paying a thousand bucks for just one ticket is too much.

Fortunately, if you manage to acquire those codes we previously mentioned, you can get your ticket for a normal price and on time. Keep in mind, if you have this kind of password does not mean that you are guaranteed a place for the concert or show, but you are given the option to start searching through the website a lot sooner than everybody else.

But, how does one get that kind of membership or customer loyalty to be awarded such a code? Well, we have gathered a few tips and tricks to help you understand just how those presale passwords work, how you can acquire them and how to use them.

Get the right credit card


Believe it or not, but at places such as Ticketmaster, you will need to have the right kind of credit card to get this type of award. If you want to find out which credit card gives which codes, you should subscribe to the special offers subscription on your account. To do this you will have to go in My Account and then Select Notifications (Alerts) or Offers and then check Special Offers.

You will need to own a Chase, American Express or Citibank cards if you want to receive such an award. If you do not own a card from any of these three, don’t worry since there are several other ways to acquire a presale code.

Fan pages


If you truly are the fan you claim to be to your favorite band then you will have to prove it by liking, following or subscribing to every fan page you meet on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You might be randomly picked and contacted by the admins of the fan page or they might submit a post at any time. You will have to be quick because other people will be lurking for those presale passwords too.

We recommend that you also subscribe to Ticketmaster’s newsletter to find out when the next share of codes will be for the concert you are looking to visit.

Check out Wiseguys Presale Password, if you simply cannot manage to acquire one.

Obvious passwords


Sometimes, passwords are posted in plain sight which means you won’t have to go through any work to find them. If you look even in the most basic posts, you might actually find one. Of course, you will have to copy a lot of pieces of text and then paste them in Ticketmaster to check if they work. Don’t always look for encrypted passwords with random letters, symbols or numbers because they can sometimes be as generic as possible. They can even be simple words such as door, shoe or band.

To find these you will have to check on your artist’s page, in social media fan clubs, on the Ticketmaster email newsletter you have subscribed to (subscribe if you haven’t). At first, it might seem like finding any kind of information might be impossible, but once you get the hang of it, you will start spotting codes everywhere.

Pre-order the Album


If the artist or band you want to see live will release a brand new album in a couple of days then you should definitely consider pre-ordering it. Being one of the first ones who buy it, increases the chances of getting a passcode inside of the package you receive. It is a way for the artist to show their appreciation of their number one fan. Once you get your package, get online and check out if any tickets are available.

Radio announcements


When driving to and back from work make sure that you keep your radio on because some talk show hosts like to collaborate with artists and sites such as Ticketmaster to promote the passcodes. Some radio talk show hosts like to give subtle hints about where you can find it and some like to be straight forward as possible. If you pay enough attention and if you are quick enough, you will be able to grab your ticket before anyone else.

A few other tips for buying tickets

  • Get on the app instead of the desktop website

You might think that waiting on your computer to click on that Buy Now button might be the best possible way, but the application for Ticketmaster might actually be a lot quicker. It is more responsive and it refreshes on its own, so you won’t have to worry about waiting the time between refreshes. Refreshing the webpage on a browser takes up precious seconds which might be the deciding factor whether you get one or not.

  • Make sure you are logged in

You do not want to make the mistake of thinking you are logged in, buying the ticket only to realize that you haven’t signed up or signed in your existing account. This can be very frustrating, so make sure that you are logged in and you have filled any required information. You do not want the app to ask you any further questions to finish the purchase.

  • Get ready

Ticketmaster might have sent you an email that the codes or tickets will go on sale in an hour or two, but you should get ready on time. They might do the release earlier, so anyone who got on the platform earlier would have made the purchase before you. Be there at least 20 to 30 minutes earlier.

Get Your Concert Tickets With Presale Passwords

Presale passwords are utilized at Live Nation and Ticketmaster to allow spectators to buy tickets for events before they are available to the general public. Presale tickets are offered to members of the newsletter, members of the fan club and on occasion some other social groups such as users of Spotify.

A number of presale codes will only actually work for folks who buy with American Express or other specific credit cards, the presale will only be usable for folks with an Amex so that they can get hold of the tickets.

CITI does the same things and provides cards that can be used in a CITI presale to buy quantities of tickets when you’ve got the proper type of credit card (one provided by CITI).

The main reason for a presale is to obtain tickets. You have to have a password to shop for tickets in a presale. There are a few really great places to look for a password for the presale which you’re currently interested in.

The most effective sources we have discovered for presale tickets up to now is WiseGuys Presale Passwords

For a long time, they’ve been publishing presale password info – they’re able to help you to buy early tickets and they offer a refund guarantee.

Ticket buyers quite often ask questions such as “How many of the tickets are left for the public to buy when all the presales are finished?” or “Exactly how many tickets are typically in a presale?”

Actually, the industry does not publicly broadcast how many tickets are going to be made available to CITI and Amex cardholders. Once Facebook and Twitter offer accounts for several thousand, the venue email newsletter consumes a few thousand more. Every band has a fan club and those members get the really good seats near the stage – unless the band decides to sell them directly to brokers for some quick cash.

After that – there are not many tickets remaining.

Oftentimes as little as ten percent of tickets are sold to the general public for a concert.

Why is the public offered so few concert tickets in the on-sale?

According to our investigation, there are a number of aspects which have an impact on why promoters allocate their tickets this way: Increasing their bottom line is unquestionably high on the list. Folks need to make a profit, and concert promoters aren’t any exception.

Quite often bands shout “it’s all about the music” yet you don’t hear them protesting when they’re playing to jam-packed arenas and million-dollar paydays.

These stories go into great depth about the questionable practices at work in this industry. Without taking advantage of a presale to acquire tickets you do not really stand much of a chance.

The moral of the story: Public Sales are beaten hands down by Presales.

To have the best chance of obtaining tickets, never lose time waiting for the public tickets to go on sale. Get your tickets early doors and be delighted you’ve got a seat to see your favorite band. If you want to really push the boat out, you can acquire a few tickets in the presale, try and acquire others in the public on-sale and IF you can list the others for sale, you should make a little bit of profit for yourself.

With the demand increasing and prices rocketing even higher you will be delighted to make it through the doors of an event these days and if you can subsidize the fee for your tickets by simply turning into a ticket reseller yourself, hats off to you!

Just how many tickets are included in the pre-sales?

Justin Bieber and his promoter allocated ninety percent of tickets to presales, specific credit card holders, insiders and fan club members.

An feature in the New York Post reported:

Desperate fans who were shut out of the sold-out July 2nd One Direction concert at the Izod Center were very dissatisfied – even shattered.

Even before the tickets were offered to the open public, only a tiny fraction of the 13,687 concert tickets – only 32% (4,474) was offered to the regular fans. The greater part had long been set aside for insiders, band members, fan club members and presales.

Whilst the average fans are mostly left in the dark regarding ticket distribution (and it is easy to see why), the majority of the concert tickets are allotted to talent agencies, record labels, fan clubs, the artists and tour sponsors, as laid out by the Washington DC-based coalition Fan Freedom Project, supported by StubHub.

No tickets are available to buy for the average fans in the public on-sale.

In an example from 2011, LCD Sound system did a tour. Now, when a popular band like this decides to go on tour or stage a residency, a promoter like Bowery Presents or Live Nation handles them.

The promoter will help to figure out the venues where they will hold gigs, and even more importantly, how seat tickets are going to be priced and distributed, quite often by way of allotments (hold) for industry insiders and presale packages for credit card companies like American Express and CITI Financial.

The vast majority of concert tickets are secured like this, and usually, just 46% of tickets remain for the public and fans.

People get enraged once they discover just how few tickets are allocated for the public.

So, what becomes of the remaining portion of the presale seats?

The gig venue ie Madison Square Garden or Brooklyn Steel or whichever will get a piece of the fees and ticket sales, whilst the ticket sellers – Ticketmaster, Axa or Ticketfly – act as the chief market place, generating their profits from their various charges for some $25 billion each year.

These principal ticketing companies normally let, or even motivate, purchasers to sell on concert tickets, on their own platforms. What this means is that the company makes money from both sales. Double-dipping wouldn’t you say? Maybe, it depends on who you put the question to.

It is the insiders who cause most of the troubles by securing heaps of tickets at face value but who re-sell those tickets on sites like Ticketmaster or StubHub.

Good luck, don’t forget, if you can, buy your concert tickets early by using WiseGuys Presale Passwords