How Top Celebrities Have Invested Smart And Increased Their Net Worth

Celebrities are in a unique position because they make a lot of money to do jobs that we would all love to do. Some celebrities only work to make a salary from a movie or a concert tour, but other celebrities invest their money very well. There are some tips below that explain how you can invest just like these celebrities. You might not have as much money as they do, but you can change your financial future.


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Beyoncé has done a good job of working hard and making money from a lot of different things that she does. She makes music, has made movies, and she tours. However, she and her husband also invest their money. If you add Jay-Z’s income to Beyoncé, they are invested in the NBA because they own a portion of the Brooklyn Nets. Jay-Z owns a clothing company, and he runs a record label.

This power couple has made a lot of money because they made wise investments. Plus, they are investing in charities that help kids in America and overseas. Wire transfers can save you a ton of paperwork and ensure you rest easy. Learn more about safe fund transfers just like what Beyoncé and Jay-Z used to fund many of their charitable contributions overseas. Plus, you will see that some celebrities have business interests overseas that they can have fun quickly through a money transfer.


Ellen DeGeneres has been investing in real estate for a long time. She makes money from her talk show, and she has long been a touring comedienne. However, she has been buying and flipping real estate in Los Angeles for years. She was able to grow her wealth outside of TV and entertainment because she knows that she cannot be on TV forever.

Some people who want to invest in real estate could do as well as Ellen has. You do not need to buy million-dollar homes in LA, but you can flip condos or houses in your own community. When you are making extra money, you can retire on this income because people always need a place to live.

Some people might invest in a friend’s real estate company, or you could split the investment costs for your first property.

George Clooney

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George Clooney is one of the most popular wine brands on the planet. He was able to attach his name to a wine brand that started making money instantly, and the public has seen him in fewer films because he has focused on his wine business. He is creating a business for his family, and he may be able to hand this business down to his children in the future.

Plus, running a winery is a lifestyle change that seems to have been good for Clooney. You may not have the money to buy a winery, but you can start growing food that you sell at a farmer’s market. You might want to set up a cart near your home, or you could start making specialty food items. You do not have the name recognition of George Clooney, but you can change your life when you have another business that makes money.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba founded The Honest Company because she wanted to make a better world for her two daughters. She has not stopped acting, but she has made a lifestyle change by creating a business with the money that she made as a celebrity. Because of this, she has also created a brand that helps moms and families keep organic and safe cleaning products in their homes.

You do not need to invest in a new company, but you might want to start making products that provide a better world for your children. Your children might have a business that they can manage in the future, and you might make your home a healthier place to live while making extra money.

Fifty Cent

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Fifty Cent has long been a part of the Vitamin Water family, and he has invested quite a lot of money in the business. Vitamin Water is a very popular beverage, and he made money when the company sold for a large amount. Even so, he still owns a part of the business. Fifty Cent also produces TV shows and movies. You might have watched something that Fifty Cent produced without knowing it.

His side business has taken the place of music for the time being, but he can go back to music at any time. If you want to invest your money in a local business, you will receive a dividend every year. You could help someone else grow a business, and you can keep your regular job.

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher was able to stop acting so that he could work on sex trafficking and found a nonprofit. However, he also invested in an investment company that was able to double his money several times over. He is a very astute investor, and he could remain with his investment for as long as he wants.

Investing in the stock market is a good way to find stocks that will grow over time. You can invest now for the future, and you might be able to invest in your retirement now. There are several places in the stock market that you can invest including commodities, bonds, and currencies. You might hire a broker who can help you with these investments, and you can make money just like celebrities do.


You can use the celebrities listed above as examples for your own investments and life changes. Some like Ashton Kutcher has been able to invest with great success, and people like Beyoncé and Jay-Z have used their money to invest in businesses. You should send you money to the places that you are most interested in. You can invest in a local company that you believe in, or you could invest in a small company that you started on your own.


Why Are Rick and Morty So Good

Rick and Morty is an iconic TV show that has gathered a huge following in the three seasons it has been airing on Adult Swim. Deceptively simple cartoon style has left wondering why is it so popular and what is the secret of the show’s success.

The first thing that stands out is ridiculous plotlines. They are so absurd at times that the audience can’t help but laugh at them. Rick and Morty’s adventures are often misguided, but always vivid and highly entertaining. Many shows create their humor from dialogues or gags, but Rick and Morty make their audience laugh by using the simple power of their narrative.

Their narratives aren’t always funny, though. Often, tragedy is entwined with comedy, which makes it more relatable and easier to identify with main characters. Not many shows can pull this subtle mixture successfully and it is one of the reasons why Rick and Morty are so popular.

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Despite the ludicrous plotlines, Rick and Morty teach us an important lesson. Life isn’t always about a greater purpose. Most of the time, it is about enjoying everyday things, like spending time with your family or people that you love. For many of us, it is the only true purpose of life and we should embrace it, rather than spend our time wondering.

One of the highest compliments for the creators of the show is how lifelike characters are. They have made Rick and Morty completely believable, even when they are off in space on one of their adventures. Their humanity is never in question and that makes them very relatable.

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Finally, the show has produced some great jokes. Sometimes disgusting, sometimes outlandish, but always clever, the jokes are an important part of the show. Still, in order to fully understand why Rick and Morty are so good, you have to watch it and see for yourself. You won’t regret it.

What Was Behind Karl Lagerfeld`s Decision to Wear Gloves at All Times?


Karl Lagerfeld, a famous fashion designer, was the creator of his looks that became immortal over the years. Every part of his style is recognizable, from shirt and jacket to his boots. Still, his style evolved in front of our eyes. Every element of clothing he chose to wear at each happening, became one of the most popular clothing for a certain period of time. He always liked to experiment with his style, and his fans adored him for it.

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In recent years he was seen wearing gloves, almost at all times. While some of his fans thought that this is just another of his stylish ideas, one interview of his shines a new light on his decision to wear them at all times. Many of the rumors were destroyed after his words that in older times it was not polite to greet someone who is wearing gloves, and he chose that he wants to wear them because it makes his hands look longer. What was the point you ask? Well, wait for just a second more.

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In French culture, having long hands means that a particular person is influential. Also, there is one more reason for him wearing gloves. Recently, a piece of information surfaced, which is saying that from a young age, Karl didn`t like how his hands look. The reason was that his mother always had comments of his hands being ugly. It was never revealed what was the reason for his mother saying this to him on a daily basis.

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Karl Lagerfeld, a creative director of Fendi, Chanel, and his own brand, died on the nineteenth of February 2019. He died in Paris, and he was eighty-five years old. Because of his illness, he missed some of the most recent happenings in the world of fashion. His impact and influence on the world of fashion was enormous. How could it not be? He was in the business for over fifty years. Some are even calling him a genius. However, we have no doubts that he was one of the people who had the most influence in making what we are calling the fashion industry today.

Why do so many people hate Big Bang Theory and how did it remain so popular?

The immensely popular CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory has been on the receiving end of many laughs and jokes on the Internet for years, even now when it is in its last season. Dozens of critics, blogs, and sites transformed the popular show into a laughing stock of the TV show world. Most criticism is about the tendency of the show to use pop culture references instead of actual quality jokes, representation of some archetypes, as well as countless celebrity cameos.

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Although it receives constant negative criticism and backlash, The Big Bang Theory has remained one of the most successful sitcoms ever created. A question therefore raises, mainly how did the show remain so hugely popular despite the awful criticism?

The show debuted back 2007, before superheroes were as popular as today, thanks to the movies. The Dark Knight trilogy nor Iron Man have yet been released, but they were close. Therefore, pop culture, and mainly its subdivision of “nerd culture” was slowly but surely on the rise. It was the time before the MCU before Disney bought Marvel, Star Wars and several other entertainment giants.
Superheroes were always popular among the fans of comic books, while Star Wars and Star Trek were always a pair of cultural giants, but none of their diehard fans have ever been represented on screen. There were shows like Spaced and The IT Crowd dealing with people who were into comics, science, computers, and fantasy. However, they did not premiere on major American TV networks like CBS. When this show arrived, nerd culture became mainstream.

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The characters would debate about Superman as if he were real, televised on one of the biggest television networks in the USA. This huge level of accessibility was the real game changer, as the right audience who found themselves in the character quickly emerged. With the growth of superhero movies, the ratings of The Big Bang Theory also grew.

The show also made sure to point out the bad sides of different pop culture hits, which some fans did not find amusing. Not everyone likes being told things they enjoy are not worth it.

As the show progressed, the show became even more inclusive toward different demographics, like with the inclusion of now main characters Bernadette and Amy. With this, the boys’ club feel of the show diminished a little bit, but never went away. These strong female characters had their own stories to tell, and they were more than love interests for the male cast.

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Because the show dealt with so many things, its main audience was never clear. Perhaps the biggest strength of the show is the broad subject matter. There were not many jokes strictly reserved for “nerds”, which could be why some comedy fans, science fiction, and fantasy lovers, and comic book nerds gave up on the show. The show spoke a language all can understand, but that is not what all the fans wanted.

When all of their precious properties became mainstream thanks to their development and presence in other media, these fans felt like they lost their show. It became more accessible to the masses who once did not enjoy these topics. Now that they do, it feels forced and fake. This makes the older fans stop enjoying or completely distancing themselves from the things that were once precious and special to them.

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The things Sheldon, Leonard, and Penny discuss on the show are not what drew the fans to it. It set up the roots but was not enough to gain the overwhelming popularity or longevity of the show. It is also not what made thousands of people hate it. The show’s style of comedy is a massive point of contention or the lack of it. Videos, where the laughter in the background is removed, are cringe-worthy and awful and make it seem like the fans laugh because they hear others laugh.

Now in its final season, the question of the legacy it will leave is hard. It may be looked back at as a classic, but it could also be hated more and more down the road. The fans who stuck with it all the way will surely miss it. Who knows, maybe they may even reboot it in a couple of decades.

Legacies Season 2 Release Date and other Details

The first season of Legacies has definitely caught our attention and it became increasingly popular and watched due to its greatly designed plot that kept us in suspense. Also, the characters have been created in such a way that each one of them has something unique and peculiar. So, people are eagerly waiting for the second season to come out so that they can watch their favorite series and characters once again.


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When the actors and characters, of Legacies, are in question, well, naturally, it is expected that all of them would be in the 2nd season since they were great in the 1st one. So, we expect that Hope Mikaelson (Danielle Rose Russell), Landon Kirby (Aria Shahghasemi), Josie (Kaylee Bryant) and Lizzie Saltzman (Jenny Boyd), Alaric Saltzman (Matt Davis), Milton ‘MG’ Greasley (Quincy Fouse), and Rafael Waithe (Peyton Alex Smith) will make the 2nd season as thrilling and interesting as the 1st one. On the other hand, it may happen that some of the main characters in the series might die, i.e. Jose may get killed by Lizzie. This may happen when some intricacies about Merge come to light. However, it is questionable whether this would actually happen since Josie is one of the main characters in the series. The thing that is even more interesting is the possibility of Josie becoming a vampire. When other actors, except the main ones, are concerned, it can definitely happen that they may reappear in the 2nd season again.


This series can be categorized as a drama, but a supernatural one, and the first season has been divided into 13 thrilling episodes. When the 2nd season is in question, it is believed that there would not be less than that, but maybe some more.

Legacies Season 2 Release date

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It is still unknown when the 2nd season will be aired and when the premiere would take place. We know that the trailer was released in July 2018, but we do not have any indication of the premiere date. So, we would have to wait for the official announcement of the premiere to be sure about this. Furthermore, we do not know if there would be additional characters involved in the second season.

Julie Plec

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Julie Plec, the creator of the show, mentioned in one interview that she was a bit disappointed during the casting for the first season since she could not find the kind of actors she wanted. This was the reason why she even Twitted in hope to get the right ones. She refused to employ any of the actors that were sent to her by the agents since the actors have been the same for years.

The 1st season had its premiere in October 2018, so we may guess that the 2nd season may get aired during the same time this year. We will see.