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Can you Play Pokemon Go on PC 2021?

These days a mobile game called Pokémon Go is becoming very popular. The popularity of this game app shows that it has overtaken other players in just a short time. Actually, in this game, you have to catch the Pokémon moving in the real world. It has many levels, which is a very fun experience to cross.

When you go out for a walk in the real world, you will get an idea of ​​the direction according to the GPS on the mobile, the more Pokémon you collect, the further you play. You will also get an egg while collecting Pokémon, which you will also be able to train for battle after creating them. You can get to know more about it at virtuallocation.com.


However, acquiring Pokémon is not that easy, because you are not playing this game alone. The other user who will be at your location and was also told the direction where you were told, then you will have to try to get them.

You must obtain Pokémon by fighting the opposing party on your device. If you win that battle then Pokémon is yours. After so much interesting information, you must have also started thinking about playing this interesting game by downloading it on your pc. So are you ready to get complete information about this fun game? We will show you what is unique about this game and how you can play it on your pc.

Nintendo and Nintendo Labs have created a new smartphone game Pokémon Go. According to data released by Digital Vision, this game was installed by 5.16 percent of Android users in the US just two days after its app launch, however, to date people struggle to play this game on their pc. The demand for this game is so high that its servers have crashed many times.

After installing the app, people have become very keen to catch the local Pokémon. From kids to grown-ups, this game app has become crazy. The number of users of this game is constantly increasing. It is also speculated that this will break the record of Twitter users in a short time.

Playing this game on a laptop or PC is quite easy. It just needs the appropriate way.  There are various techniques that you can apply in order to play Pokemon Go.  You probably need to calculate which method would suit you best.

However, let us look into all the methods by which you can play.

1. Playing ROMs on the Internet


This is the easiest way of playing this game as you do not need an emulator.

You simply need to go to the site which is free to download and it offers both emulators and ROM which is needed to play Pokemon Go.

You simply need to go to the top corner, type Pokémon Go, select your favorite game, and tap on it.  After that, tap on the “Play ROM online” alternative and the game gets started in no time!

This game can be played in the full-screen medium as well. You can even download your gameplay on your PC.

2. Use a GameBoy color emulator

  • First and foremost, what you need to do is, go to emulator games.
  • Select the option of BGB 1.5.3 (Windows).
  • After that, click the option for downloading the emulator.
  • Next, open the BGB zip file that you have downloaded and taken it out using WinRAR, 7-zip softwares or WinZip.
  • Finally, extract that file too in the desired place where you would want the emulator to be downloaded.
  • Make sure all the data stays in one single folder.
  • Next, download the option, “Pokémon ROM” from this popup.
  • Type on it and you will see Pokémon titles popping up for the Gameboy Color
  • Finally, download the zip file and draw it out.
  • Click the application called bgb.exe in order to function the emulator window.
  • Right-click on the displaying emulator window and click on the option called ROM.
  • Choose the ROM that you have downloaded and finally run it in your BGB emulator.

There you go! All set to play.

How to play this game?

The player creates his avatar upon logging in for the first time in the app. The player can choose his avatar from the given options. After the avatar is created, the player’s current location starts appearing with the map. Many places on the map are named Poki such as Pokéstops or Pokémon Gym. When you travel in the real world, Avatar will also follow you according to the game’s map. When the player and Pokémon encounter, you have to hold your camera in that direction and catch them.

The more Pokémon you have, the more levels you will pass. This game is a GPS-based mobile game played in Go Free. The game allows players to capture, fight, and train real Pokémon that appear in real life. Even though the game is free to play, it supports in-app purchases. Pokémon Go Plus will also be released sometime which will be available for Bluetooth support devices.

Tips to play it on an emulator


If you are playing on a Nintendo console and using an emulator, you can save your game progress. The emulator may not be able to play the ROM file using the resolution of your computer screen. The emulator will modify the size by configuring the standard resolution of the window console. This means that you may have to play the game on a small screen. If you maximize it, the graphics pixelate. Your computer keyboard will act as the control of the console. Depending on the type of emulator you download, the keys you use on the keyboard to play may vary.

In the words of Aaron Loeb, the online world big name and president of Worldwide Studios, “It’s the most viral thing ever. Nothing is more viral than this game.” The biggest reason for it being popular is because it is based on the popular anime series of Pokemon. This is a new way of using technology. For playing this game you use virtual reality. We have become accustomed to the technology used in it and this technique gives it a magical form.

The Best Pokemon Go Locations in the Vatican

When the Pope made a deal with the Mussolini back in 1929, the Vatican became an independent state ever since; however, it’s considered to be the smallest state in the world, with having an area of 44 hectares only. However, there are numerous attractions found within the walls of the Vatican that can keep tourists busy for days on end.

With the game being the most popular app to date, as the game requires its players to move around and explore different places to encounter and capture different kinds of Pokemon. One of the best places to visit on your Pokemon Go journey is the Vatican, as it has numerous landmarks and tourist attraction despite its small size.

St. Peter’s Basilica


The main attraction of Vatican City is the beautiful and elegant St. Peter’s Basilica, in which it was built from the ground up back between the 16th and 18th centuries. Moreover, the Basilica replaced earlier structures in the Vatican on where everyone thought St. Peter was buried. Robots.net reports that the Basilica is considered as one of the best Pokemon Go locations in the world.

The Basilica is filled with iconic wonders such as the famous Pieta, which was sculpted by Michelangelo when he was only 24 years old. While basking with the magnificence of what the St. Peter’s Basilica holds, you would also gain experience from Pokemon Go as every tourist spot in the Basilica is also a hotspot for Pokemon Go players.

The Sistine Chapel


Built by Pope Sixtus IV, the Sistine Chapel started its construction back in 1475, in which it was dubbed as the Pope’s domestic chapel that is used for social occasions and services. It’s also the home of the iconic ceiling in which it was painted by Michelangelo alone, and the idea came during the reign of Pope Julius II in 1510.

Michelangelo’s idea was to create a masterpiece that illustrates how Creation, as described in the book of Genesis, in which it starts with God separating the darkness in the light. In the center of it all, there lies a Pokestop with its corresponding Pokemon Gym beside it to attract not only tourists but locals as well.

The Vatican Gardens


It was initially made for Pope Nicholas II back in the 13th century as it was built for the purpose of creating peace and tranquility. Throughout the centuries, the grassy spaces, landscaped gardens, and the orchards have grown to the point that it had completely covered half of the Vatican that it rivaled the most beautiful gardens in all of Italy.

The Vatican Library


The library located in the Vatican is no ordinary library because the content that it holds is considered to be the richest in the world. The library is filled with over 7,000 incunabula, in which it was originally printed back in the 15th century, not to mention more than 25,000 hand-written books and 80,000 manuscripts that the library collected since 1450.

The Vatican’s Highlights

Due to the fact that the Vatican is only 0.44 hectares big, there aren’t a lot of places to go to because all of its iconic tourist spots are cramped in one place. However, buildings and large sculptures are not the only attraction as most of the highlights of Vatican City is located within the vicinity.

Furthermore, tourists are not the only ones who would enjoy Vatican City as it’s filled Pokestops, Pokemon Gyms, and endless Pokemon encounters for players to enjoy while they indulge in the magnificence that the city brings. Aside from Vatican City’s main attraction, here are more of the city’s highlights that shouldn’t be ignored.

Appartamento Borgia


Within the Vatican Palace, Pope Alexander VI formerly had a private place to live, in which it’s now known as the Appartamento Borgia. Somewhere around 1493, with the help of his assistants, Pinturicchio painted a sequence of scenery where Christian subjects are combined with themes from the Renaissance.

Sala dei Chiaroscuro


The Sala dei Chiaroscuro is a small gem in which people tend to overlook as you get out of the Raphael Rooms, in which your attention would be diverted to the wooden ceiling. The ceiling of Sala dei Chiaroscuro shows wooden sculptures that would take your breath away.

Cappella Niccolina


From the Sala dei Chiaroscuro, there is a little corner in which it leads to a doorway, the Nicholas V’s Chapel that is now known as the Cappella Niccolina. The chapel is in line with the Florentine monk’s frescoes, in which it’s composed as the martyrdom and life of St. Stephen and St. Lawrence that speaks gentleness and simplicity.


Vatican City is an intensely popular travel destination for general sightseeing and religions expeditions. Because of the game Pokemon Go, in which it’s the only game out there that forces the players to go out and see the world, people are more likely to enjoy traveling more often as they would not only see the world but also to be the best Pokemon player.

Visit this site, for top Tokyo Japan Pokemon Go locations.

Things to Know before Installing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Obsessed with magic and what it has to offer?

Well, if you really want to feel like you are in a world where magic exists then Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is the game for you. The developers who created Pokemon Go are the ones who created this wonderful game which was released in late June of 2019.

This is an AR (augmented reality) game which helps people to use magical spells in this game. In this game, you will have your own magical adventure. You will make your character being the center of attention where the story is inspired by the original stories of J.K. Rowling.

There are some tricks you can use the game: fake GPS tool, spoofer, etc. Read more about these in this article.

HPWU Gameplay


The gameplay starts with helping the wizarding world which is going through problems that leads to various calamities. Due to this people, creatures, magical artifacts, and more are appearing mysteriously in the Muggle world.

You will start your journey by being a recruit of a secret task force. The primary task is to work with wizards and witches to solve these problems which both worlds are facing. Also, another essential job is to such knowledge out of ordinary people’s life.

Utilizing map and spells

When you start playing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, you step outside for exploring this world with the help of a map that reveals magic traces and indicates where to go next. Such magic traces are seen in various real-world places. They are massively detailed with advanced AR of 360 degrees for providing players with an amazing experience.

Moreover, players are required to cast different types of spells for defeating magic which appears on the Muggle world before returning it safely to the magic world. A gamer will require to replenish or replace spell energy by staying at Inns, brewing potions, and more for advancing in this game.

Use Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Mod to stay on top


You can take advantage of using this Harry Potter Wizards Unite Mod in the game. It will give you almost unlimited gold coins on your game account. You can also unlock all the Foundables & Spells.

It is available for both Android and IOS devices. It is also very easy to use and you don’t need to root or jailbreak your device. You can download best Harry Potter Wizards Unite Mod from redmoonpie.com.

Use the Fake GPS in HPWU

By using this mod, you will fake your location for Harry Potter Wizards Unite on Android & IOS. As you know, this is a location-based game. So, you have to move around to capture wizards and spell ingredients. But, in order to get the maximum level, you will need to roam a lot. That’s where this tool comes in help.

Basically, you can fake your location anywhere in the world. You don’t need to travel to that place. Just set the coordinates, use a proper spoofing and you are ready to go.

Playing in teams

There are times in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite when taking down a magical aspect on one’s own is not enough. Hence, players sometimes require teaming up with other players so that each task can be dealt with accordingly.

For better understanding and gaming experience, players can gather his/her friends to take down large magical aspects which appear in the real world. This is ideal especially for feats like wizarding challenges, multiplayer battles against deadly enemies, etc.


To discover rare foundables, a gamer will require overcoming powerful enemies which is why one requires teaming up with fellow wizards and witches who specialize in different magical paths like Magizoologist, Auror, professor, etc. These unique set of skills can be combined for an excellent strategy which will come in handy.

To play this game all one requires is an android device that is 5.0 and above. Last update of this game was made in 29th June 2019 and players have smooth playing experience. Though this game can be installed for free, there are in-app purchases. Any player wants can opt for whenever he/she needs it.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your Android device, download Harry Potter: Wizards Unite from PlayStore immediately and explore the world of magic and more.

What Are Pokemon Go Promo Codes?

Pokemon Go is a popular mobile, free to play, a location-based game developed by Niantic designed for iOS and Android operational systems. The game gives you the chance to replicate the famous cartoon Pokemon, in which the main character takes off on a journey to catch them all.

Pokemon Go is very fun and set in augmented reality. In the game, you create a character and set on a quest identical to the one in the cartoon. Pokemon Go is an extremely popular mobile game, with more than 500 downloads. Before we move on to promo codes, if you are a fan of this game, make sure to check out AppModo.com. It will help you get better in the game.

What Are Pokemon Go Promo Codes


As for many things, promo codes are designed to attract new users as well as, existing ones. The same applies for Pokemon Go since, in May 2017, promo codes were added to the game itself. However, the promo codes are only available for Android devices since Apple has store limitations in place which prevents promo codes being used for iOS devices.

These promo codes are released worldwide and the codes themselves being a string of numbers and letters, and the letters can be both uppercase and lowercase.

How do you obtain these promo codes you might ask? Well, in order to get a Pokemon Go promo code, you need to participate in special events and participate in promotions. These special events are played in-game and are done by solving various challenges, after which Niantic rewards you with a Pokemon Go Promo Code.


Although all the features still haven’t been officially released yet, it is unclear whether you can gift these promo codes or not. One thing is certain that you can redeem them and each Pokemon Go promo code has an expiration date, as well as, expiration after “X” amount of uses. This forces the players to act quickly, as only a limited number of codes are available. But despite all of this, there are still unique codes that do not have a set amount of use limit and last even for longer than normal time.

Most of the general fan base asks the question – can I get a legendary Pokemon through promo codes? This features has not been confirmed by Niantic, but fear not as there might as well be a chance that you can obtain a legendary Pokemon through the use of promo codes. There are speculations surrounding some rumors saying that Niantic could reward loyal players who participate in many large scale events with legendary Pokemon.

Niantic also has confirmed that testing and trying your luck with random codes will not get you banned, but they suggest you don’t do it anyway.

Pokemon Go promo codes can only be created by the developers, Niantic, and they are handed out by the developers, meaning you cannot auto-generate your own. These promo codes can be found only through participating in events or any promotions.

How to Redeem Pokemon Go Promo Codes


To redeem a Pokemon Go Promo Code simply follow these instructions in order.

  • Navigate to the map view and touch the main menu button
  • Press the shop button
  • Enter the promo code at the bottom of the screen and wait
  • Redeem the code

These promo codes can be anything from in-game items, avatar swag, candy, Stardust, and poke coins. Once you have redeemed your promo code, you will be notified, and the items will be displayed in your character inventory.

Do you like Strategy Games and Augmented Reality? Coin Billionaire AR Brings you the Best of Both Worlds

Augmented reality is one of the hottest trends in video gaming right now.

Like virtual reality, augmented reality relies upon immersion and player interaction with the game in novel ways; yet, unlike VR, AR uses the canvas of the surrounding world to tell its story.

Think Pokemon Go if you want an excellent example of an augmented reality game that has achieved critical mass.


This game, based on the classic handheld series that got its start on the Game Boy back in the 1990s, involves collecting monsters, training them, then pitting them against one another in matched battles. To collect Pokemon, gamers traverse the real world and encounter the Pokemon organically. They then try to capture them using Pokeballs. Though you can turn off the augmented reality view offered by the Pokemon Go app, utilizing AR and keeping that option on demonstrates how cool AR is. You see the Pokemon in front of you, and you can interact with it.

That’s basically how Coin Billionaire AR, a money making strategy game, works, except for substitute monster hunting with coin collecting and tower defense.

When you first boot up Coin Billionaire AR, you will be tasked with finding a flat space for the AR to place the game board upon. After finding a flat space, the game board will begin to emerge, with coins popping up with a chime and creatures and other things happening, too. It’s a pretty crazy concept, and it is one that we think will have you hooked.

Developed and published by RiseAngle, Inc., Coin Billionaire AR is available for iOS devices and is specifically compatible with iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, 7, 7 Plus, SE, 8, 8 Plus, X, 9, XS.

In its purest form, the gameplay is like growing coins using the environment around you. The story places you as a coin farmer and asks you to make as much money as possible. How this is accomplished is both organic and intuitive. Think Farmville meets a tap game. Of course, the tower defense aspect adds a unique touch to it all, but we think players will be mostly consumed by the growing of coins.

Graphically speaking, Coin Billionaire AR is really, really impressive. It is one of the first strategy games in the world developed for AR using ARKIT, and the graphics are crisp, clear, and almost seem real. The attention to detail that RiseAngle has put into this game shows at every turn. And most impressive are the sound effects which are not only loud and booming but really add an arcade atmosphere to the game. Everything drips with high quality, and it is a compelling game on top of that.


Gamers who enjoy strategy games and augmented reality titles will find a lot to love about Coin Billionaire AR. It not only offers hours of fun gameplay but also can go with you anywhere, transforming any flat surface into a game board. We can’t help but recommend it.