How to Choose the Right Golf Cart

A golf cart facilitates you’re going to the field, either for practices or tournaments, allowing you to have all your equipment at hand and protected from external factors that can damage it. In the commercial world, there are a great variety of these and one of the most commercial are those that are manual since they are much cheaper than electrical or mechanical ones, which although they are more comfortable to use because they are practically a car, but they are very expensive.

When making a comparison of golf carts that you will be able to get in world trade, we can highlight some parameters that you should consider when buying yours, such as load capacity, space, size, and price. Therefore, in order to help you with your choice, we have prepared a guide to buy the best golf cart on the market, where we will detail these characteristics a little more and thus help you choose what your purchase will be, without making a mistake.

Electric or manual:

Electric or manual, choosing the perfect golf cart is not an easy task if we take into account the number of modalities and brands that we find in the market. What does seem like a trend that is gradually consolidated over the years is the acquisition of electric golf carts versus manual golf carts.

The advantages of electric golf carts:

Golf carts have only one task: to support the player in the transport of the bag and set of clubs on the field. At first, with this brief explanation, the choice of one or the other does not seem to have any problem, however, it is a bit more complicated than it seems.

Golf carts can be drag, push, or, as we have said, electric. The reason why the use of the latter has spread like wildfire is that they are much more comfortable, especially when we are going to spend several hours walking or if there is a certain unevenness in the field, although it is true that they weigh more than the previous ones. They are, after all, motorized.

Another advantage that the latter offer over manual carts is the possibility of incorporating remote control, and additional information on temperature, estimated playing time, etc. on a screen. The biggest “against”, its price. If you want to know more about electric golf carts/trolleys, you can click here!

Different needs:

When we talk about golf carts, we always think of those big and robust mechanical or electric cars, but these are not the only ones we can find on the market. There are also manuals, which are very easy to use and practical. These usually have wheels of medium proportion and the most common and best sellers are those that have 3 or 4 wheels, since these are more stable. The grab handle determines the use of this type of cart. It is important that it is wide to have better control of your wheels.

The more traditional players, those who move on uneven terrain, will prefer the manual towing carts with two wheels, since they are very manageable. As for the push ones, they are more recommended for flat terrain. And those who do not want to carry weight, will undoubtedly opt for an electric golf cart that helps them save energy.

Although, to be honest, in addition to these variables other aspects as important as the stability provided by the model, the hold of the bag, the type of handle, the rolling, if it makes noise when walking the street, the incorporation of accessories or the manufacturing material.

As can be seen, the choice of the golf cart is decisively influenced by the use that we are going to give it, that is, the type of field that we are going to face normally, as well as our expertise when transporting it with us, the desire to load more or less weight and the physical characteristics of the cart itself.

In fact, another peculiarity that players tend to take into account before purchasing a golf cart in a definitive way is the size and the possibility of folding, since we are not talking about small formats precisely.

Size and weight:

Size is one of the factors that you should take into account before buying the model you choose. You can get from the static and robust golf carts, to the practical and light ones. In this sense, one of the main characteristics of the latter is that they are foldable, which facilitates their use and, in addition, their transfer to the field of play and their storage when we are not using them.

Weight is an element allied to size, the bigger the heavier according to logic, but in manual golf carts, this might not be entirely true, since there are quite large models, but very light thanks to their materials of making.

How much does a golf cart cost?

Price is another factor that can determine a purchase, since the ability to buy a specific model will depend on your income. That is why knowing how much it costs is important to users. But the budget will not be a problem due to the wide variety of models on the market. You can get from sophisticated and expensive models, such as mechanical ones, to the traditional manual cart that is inexpensive and has varied costs.

There are many golf carts for sale in the market, however, if we want to ensure the suitability of the same, whatever the type, it is best that we go to solvent brands with a long history and reputation in the marketing of sports equipment as they can be Big MAX golf, Callaway golf, Sun Mountain, Bagboy, Moto caddy or Clicgear. If we stick to the brands, prices for manual golf carts range between 50 and 240 dollars on prestigious websites. When it comes to electric golf carts, the margin is up to 4,500 dollars for an electric golf cart made of titanium, carbon single spoke wheels, wheels with brakes and a handle with speed control.

Are you now ready to buy one?

Everything You Need to Know About Total War: Three Kingdoms


As far as real-time tactical strategy games go, it really does not get any better than Total War: Three Kingdoms. Though this game is all about strategic ability as well as the ability to survive the operational facets of warfare, this strategy series has a little bit of something for everyone.

For example, history buffs will appreciate the epic battles and various historical elements embedded within the story while inquisitive gamers will love the warfare and the chance to outmaneuver opponents that can be taken advantage of thanks to their weakness or limited resources.


In this Total War installation, the era is focused on Chinese history and players should expect plenty of highs and surprises to keep them entertained. Keep reading to learn more about Total War: Three Kingdoms, but in case you need more information visit this site where you can also purchase the game.

The background


The Total War: Three Kingdoms is set in the Three Kingdoms Period in China. Just as the name suggests, during that era, there were three regimes that occurred during that period and it was filled with conflict and warfare as you can expect.

The story first takes place in 190 AD during the ruthless warlord Dong Zhuo’s regime. Although the Three Kingdoms period actually took place in history, the storyline also features a few fantastical and mythological aspects to keep the events exciting and interesting.



Like many turn-based strategy real-time tactics games in that you may have tried in the past, Total War: Three Kingdoms features a lot of combat. However, there is also an emphasis on the characters and their relationships and exchanges within the game. For instance, all the characters in the game are linked in one way or another through either social connections or through interactions and relationships.

Players utilize the Guanxi system to determine the personalities and attributes for the characters in the game. The manner in which the characters interact with one another is based on something called the happiness rating. Depending on a character’s happiness rating, there may be broken alliances or changes in behavior that will impact how the characters associate and deal with each other on the battlefield.


Although there are dedicated hero units that have specialized weapons and skills, other regular characters can also perform different jobs and duties unlike before where jobs such as spying or leadership were left to a particular group of people. This feature allows characters from 2 different units or factions to join forces and work towards a shared goal even without formally making an alliance.