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Chloe Khan in a Tiny Bikini

Chloe Khan just turned 28 this week and she celebrated it with her friend Katie Salmon. She took some pictures for Instagram where you could see her in a party mood in the aforementioned tiny green bikini next to some balloons. Chloe has spent around 100,000 pounds on plastic surgery alone, just so she could

Hailey Bieber Opens up about Plastic Surgery Rumors

It is no secret that many celebrities occasionally touch up their Instagram pictures, which can make their already gorgeous photos look a bit unnatural. Because of this trend, the model Hailey Bieber was recently accused of having plastic surgery. After an Instagram user accused her of making cosmetic alterations, the stunner clapped back. ‘Stop using

Anastasia Kvitko – 5 Interesting Facts About Russian Kim Kardashian

One of the most notable Russian women on social media is Anastasia Kvitko, a girl they call “Russian Kim Kardashian” for a big reason. She often captures her Instagram followers with bold nude photos that highlight her curves. She was born in Kaliningrad, northwest Russia, but currently lives in Los Angeles, California. 1. Russian Kim

The Common Types of Cosmetic Procedures

Cosmetic surgery is becoming more popular these days.  By 2014, a total of 15.1 million surgeries had been carried out in the U.S including both minimally-invasive and surgical procedures. These procedures are available for almost all body parts. The decision to get cosmetic surgery is not something that one should take lightly; this is because