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Chloe Khan in a Tiny Bikini

Chloe Khan just turned 28 this week and she celebrated it with her friend Katie Salmon. She took some pictures for Instagram where you could see her in a party mood in the aforementioned tiny green bikini next to some balloons.


Chloe has spent around 100,000 pounds on plastic surgery alone, just so she could show off her tiny waist in bikini like that.

Chloe was wearing thongs on the bottom half of her body, they were half green and had gold chains going around her hips, but the top part was barely covering her big breasts.

To take things even further she got a bronze tan and some expensive make-up on her face.


This week she and her friend Katie, who is also a reality tv show star, she was on Love Island to be specific, the two of them celebrated Chloe’s birthday, with some cake, lots of treats and a hot tub.

You could also find pictures on her snapchat where she was wearing another outfit, this time a black bikini that was barely covering her body. The caption of the photo was  ‘If you can spell out BIRTHDAY letter by letter uninterrupted I will shout you on my story for 24 hours… my fave day.’

But she didn’t stop there, she continued to share her day with her Instagram followers, showing them some chocolate-dipped strawberries and a Jamaican cuisine in the garden and lots of birthday wishes from her many friends.

Chloe has never tried to hide that she had all kinds of plastic surgery, including a nose job, lip enlargement, work on her bottom and breasts.

Two years ago she went on Good Morning Britain to have a debate with Aisleyne-Horgan about plastic surgery.

Horgan said, ‘People don’t go abroad and think, I’m going to have real bad problems when I come back, I’m going to have to turn to the NHS.’

Hailey Bieber Opens up about Plastic Surgery Rumors

It is no secret that many celebrities occasionally touch up their Instagram pictures, which can make their already gorgeous photos look a bit unnatural.

Because of this trend, the model Hailey Bieber was recently accused of having plastic surgery.

After an Instagram user accused her of making cosmetic alterations, the stunner clapped back.

‘Stop using pictures that are edited by makeup artists!’ Bieber commented. ‘This photo on the right is NOT what I look like…. I’ve never touched my face, so if you’re gonna sit around and compare me at 13 and then me at 23, at least use a natural photo that was not edited so crazy.’

After that, the account deleted the picture, but screenshots will exist forever.

Hailey is not the only one dealing with this problem. Her bestie Gigi Hadid also faced some surgery rumors recently.

‘People think I do fillers on my face, and that’s why my face is round—I’ve had this since I was born,’ she said in an Instagram live a few days ago.

Anastasia Kvitko – 5 Interesting Facts About Russian Kim Kardashian

One of the most notable Russian women on social media is Anastasia Kvitko, a girl they call “Russian Kim Kardashian” for a big reason. She often captures her Instagram followers with bold nude photos that highlight her curves. She was born in Kaliningrad, northwest Russia, but currently lives in Los Angeles, California.

1. Russian Kim Kardashian

Model Anastasia Kvitko severely shook the throne of renowned senior starlet Kim Kardashian, challenging her to a duel – with her extensive background!

Although 13-year-old Kim has more experience, Anastasia has the youth and perseverance on her side, and now she’s reportedly getting ready to come to Miami and show what she’s up to. She is proud to point out that her curves are completely natural.

Many call the model Anastasia Kvitko Russian Kim Kardashian, but her appearance is unnatural to most because she has enormous breasts, a waist too big, and a huge butt. She says that she did not have plastic surgery and that Kardashian knows what she did.

“I’ll be bigger, prettier, and better than Kim Kardashian. I challenge her to a duel this way,” said Anastasia Kvitko, a Russian model who calls her curves completely natural.

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2. No plastic surgery


One of the most famous girls in the world, an American of Russian descent, has always claimed that her curves are natural.

If you compare Anastasia’s photos from before, she can see that her butt is incredibly rounded, and she achieved this by removing almost all the fat from her back and wearing the corset regularly.

Although in the pictures, we see a girl who implanted silicones in her breasts and buttocks, Anastasia persistently claims that our eyes are deceiving us.

3. A close look on her feature: Bottom


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Staying in the good mood while I’m shopping thanks to @BangEnergy 😇 Follow the inventor @BangEnergy.CEO 😎 #EnergyDrink #BangEnergy

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Her transformation took only five years, and her as* is now more than one meter wide, 105 centimeters to the right. The hourglass figure of the young Russian woman has been compared several times with the number of Kim Kardashian, and it seems that she has decided to put it on the road and throw the starlet off the throne, thus becoming the owner of the most famous ass in the world.

4. Measurements and physical characteristics

My measurements are perfect, my breasts are 96 centimeters, and my waist is 63 centimeters,” she explained.

I only had one operation; they took out my appendix. I was too fat for a fashion agency, and they wanted to lose weight. I told them, “No,” said Kvitko, who has been modeling since the age of 17. Although she was repeatedly ‘caught’ photographing photos on Instagram, she still claims that everything seen is natural.

”My body is sporty; my hip muscles are trained, my butt is the most beautiful, and I didn’t do any plastic surgery on my face. And everyone knows what Kim made of her butt,” she stated.


5. Lifestyle

He eats no meat, no fish, no chicken, and avoids fast food. She claims that she did not have any plastic surgery but that she built her perfect curves at the gym.

The Common Types of Cosmetic Procedures

Cosmetic surgery is becoming more popular these days.  By 2014, a total of 15.1 million surgeries had been carried out in the U.S including both minimally-invasive and surgical procedures. These procedures are available for almost all body parts.

The decision to get cosmetic surgery is not something that one should take lightly; this is because the results are usually permanent. So you should be sure of the type of surgery before you proceed with the decision.  You should also get the surgery from an appropriate practitioner who has the experience and expertise.

The following are the common types of cosmetic surgery.

1. Ultherapy

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Ultherapy is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that uses focused ultrasound to counteract signs of aging like skin sagging and wrinkles on the face, neck, and chest. Ultherapy stimulates the formation of new collagen deep below the surface of the skin. Since the production of collagen takes time, the results may be more visible between 2-6 months.

The procedure takes between 30-90 minutes depending on the area to be treated. Ultherapy is the only procedure that uses ultrasound hence allowing practitioners to actually see the layers of tissue that they should focus on during treatment.

2. Breast Augmentation

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Breast augmentation refers to a procedure that is done to increase the size or change the shape of the breasts. The procedure is also known as breast implant surgery. This procedure continues to grow in popularity across the globe. Breast Augmentation may be carried out if the woman feels her breasts are too small, if one breast is larger than the other, or if the breasts changed after breastfeeding. Breast augmentations can also be done if the breasts become too droop due to the skin losing its elasticity. Most patients can resume work after two to three weeks after the procedure. Just ensure that you choose an experienced surgeon.


3. Botox

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Botox is the process of eliminating wrinkles and smoothing the face. This procedure is safe and effective in eliminating wrinkles and diminishing the crow’s feet. According to experts botox works by targeting the underlying causes of frown lines and the crow’s feet- the repeated muscles contractions from frowning and squinting that happens over the years. Apart from enhancing one’s appearance, Botox also has other health benefits such as preventing excessive underarm sweating, preventing migraines, etc.

4. Rhinoplasty

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Rhinoplasty refers to a procedure of repairing or reshaping the nose. The surgeon can reduce the overall size of the nose or refine the areas of the nose for a more enhanced appearance. Some people can do Rhinoplasty for medical reasons, such as difficulty breathing or birth defects. But other reasons include changing the angle of the nose, correcting problems following an injury, narrowing the shape of the nostrils, etc.

5. Lip Augmentation

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The main aim of this procedure is to give patient fuller-looking lips. The surgeons usually use injectable dermal fillers to increase lip volume, structure, and shape.   It’s worth noting that lip augmentation is not permanent. Its effects may last up to six months before another procedure is done to restore the shape and volume.

Depending on the reasons behind your decision for taking the leap towards plastic surgery it can become a rewarding experience later on. In the beginning, however, it can start out as downright terrifying. The search for a qualified plastic surgeon can be tiresome but as it will be one of the most important decisions you make so make sure to not rush or skimp out on your research. 

When looking for qualified plastic surgeons, first off make sure you are looking at someone certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. As the process has evolved in recent years many in the medical field consider plastic surgery as a type of art form. Make sure the surgeon has experience in the type of surgery you are looking to get done. How many times has he performed this surgery? are you able to speak to previous clients to get their opinions on how their treatment was handled and aftercare?

A foolproof method to find a surgeon is getting recommendations from friends or family who have done the procedure you’re interested in. If this is not an option, testimonials can also guide you, check out FortesMD they not only have testimonials on their site but also plenty of satisfied customer reviews in various other outlets.

You also have to be open to taking the recommendations the surgeon you chose provides, based on your specific case and your medical history, they may have concerns regarding your procedure or provide you with alternative treatments or plans always with your health in mind. 

In some specific cases, although the aesthetic results you want may be obtainable, the road to get there may not be the most suited for you. This is why you must find a qualified doctor that you can trust to get you the results you want while putting your health and safety first.