Best Finance Options For Your Business in 2020

There are a lot of factors that can determine what type of finance is best for your business. Things like the age of the company and the reason that cash is needed all come into play. When you are thinking of getting financing for your business, consider these points, and you will surely choose the right way to get the capital you need.

Debt Financing

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One of the most common ways to get financing for your business is to take out debt. Debt financing includes loans, credit cards, and even purchase order financing. Getting cash for your business through debt financing can be significant in any stage of business. If you are starting a new company entirely, you can take out a business loan to get lots of capital for your business. If you have been in business for several years, you can likely get approved for purchase order financing.

Cash Loans

Cash loans are a great way to finance your business. You can opt to take out cash loans in your name or under your business. If you have a newer company, this may be your best option, as you likely have established some credit history while your business is still young. Cash loans can be obtained in any amount and are easy to apply for. You can acquire these loans from your bank, a credit union, or a lender online through MoneyMeFinance. Check out all your options, apply, and then use the cash to help your business!

Equity Financing

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The first type of equity financing is to offer public stock in your business. Companies that can provide public stock are typically quite large and can reach investors and capital from all over the world. The company would have to become publically traded and cover all the rules and regulations that come as part of being a public company. However, you can gain the right amount of cash to help finance your business in doing this.

Private stock can also be offered as a way to gain capital. With an individual stock, a small amount of stock is issued to specific investors. The stock is not traded on a day to day basis, as with public stock; however, both public and private equity financing means that investors own a portion of the business. They will have voting rights and a say in how the company is run in exchange for their capital.

Angel investors are another form of equity financing that may work for your business. Angel investors are a group or individual who offers to give your business cash on their own terms. This is an excellent idea for new businesses that need money to help move forward and grow. Angel investors often have a personal connection or reason to give cash to a specific business.

Financial Partner

If you do not want to consider short term loans or stock options, you may want to finance your business through a financial partner. Look for a partner who has some experience in your business field or personal interest in you. This person can give you capital, or they may want a say in how the business operates. Be sure to set clear lines before you begin working together! You may even want to interview a few financial partners, getting referrals through your CPA or bank, to make sure you find a good match.


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One of the easiest ways to finance your business is to save cash, using your own money to make your dream of having a company come true. Of course, this is an ideal scenario as it is conservative, safe, and ensures that you are only dependent on yourself. It can take quite a while to save the money that you need and, depending on the type of business you are planning to open. It may be years before you are financially ready. However, some entrepreneurs will take money out of their homes (using a home equity line of credit) or their retirement funds to get access to cash faster. While saving money to open a business is great, keep in mind that taking equity out of your home can be a little riskier. Yes, the cash is technically yours, but you may stand to lose your home if the business fails.

Friends and Family

Many people looking to finance business may turn to family and friends for financial assistance. This can be a great option as many people will happily help someone they know pursue their dream. However, it would be best if you always looked to family and friends with caution. Keep in mind that sometimes money can complicate personal relationships. Be sure to clarify if the money your friends and family give you is a loan or if they are giving you the cash with no strings attached. It would help if you even went so far as putting the terms of the agreement in writing, so there is no confusion later on. If this is a financial option that you are comfortable with, definitely take advantage of the generosity of your family and friends to move your business plan forward!

Government Loans

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You may want to look into government-funded loans for specific groups of business owners. There are loans for small businesses, minority groups, and also loans designed to promote business in specific areas of commerce. You may qualify for one of these loans and be able to secure the cash you need for your business. While many government-sponsored loans will have lower interest rates, they sometimes have strict requirements. You may need to show purchase receipts, income statements through the course of the loan term. However, it can be worth the hassle to get the financial assistance that your business needs!

As you can see, there are many ways to finance your business. Which option you choose will depend on your financial situation, the business you are operating, and how much money you truly need. Consider all your options, and you will surely find the best way to finance your business!

How to Plan a Long-Distance Move? (The Stress-Free Way!)

Whether you’re planning an interstate or an intrastate move, you’re going to require some practical long distance moving tips to reduce stress and make it happen. Prerequisites for long distance move are very different than the local moving. From packing your belongings to loading and transporting it to the final destination demands a great deal of planning and preparation.

Below you will find some amazing tips that will help you remember all the important things you need to do before time in order to have a stress-free long-distance move:

  • Time is the Key

According to the spruce, you should give yourself at least 8 weeks to plan your long distance move. There is no denying the fact that time is uncontrollable and many times an unexpected move sneaks up on us. However, if you can plan ahead, make sure to do proper planning and arrangements to avoid last minute hassle and confusion. One of the ways to do this is to make an all-inclusive moving checklist that can guide you through every stage of your move.

  • Downsizing

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When it comes to long distance moving, the moving cost mainly depends on the weight of the items you move. Thus, it’s a great idea to hunt through your possessions and decide what you still need or what you can dispose of. According to Forbes, you can get rid of clutter by either selling, donating or tossing the unwanted articles. For instance, you can sell the high-ticket items on eBay or Facebook or can also arrange a garage or backyard sale to get rid of the things you don’t require anymore.

Donate non-saleable belongings to any local charity or you can also gift them to your family or friends. Keep in mind, the more you carry, the more you will end up paying.

  • Stay Organized

To make your moving process less stressful, try to be as organized as you can. From sorting to transportation and unpacking, make sure everything goes according to the plan and in order. According to, the success of your long distance move entirely depends on your arrangements. Try to keep all important documents at one place including contracts, lease papers, etc. This way you can not only save lots of your time but could immediately be able to get back to your routine after moving.

  • Pack Smartly

This is certainly one of the most important yet often neglected tips when it comes to a long distance move. According to Anton Halushka, the Founder of California Movers, while you possibly can’t cease the pressure that comes from the moving process, you can still take some steps to reduce the stress.

One of the ways to reduce stress during the moving process is to pack your goods carefully. Try to use the most relevant material including boxes, bubble wrap or other things that can ensure safe and protected move. Especially, try to double wrap your fragile and valuable articles to avoid damage. Also, make sure to label cartons meticulously as it will help you conveniently unpack your belongings after moving.

  • Hire a Reliable Moving Company

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There is nothing better than hiring services of a professional moving and packing company if your budget allows. According to nytimes, call at least three moving companies to review their estimates. You can also evaluate their performance by skimming through the reviews and testimonials available on third-party websites such as Yelp.

Once you have evaluated a few estimates, be certain to hire the most reliable option. Keep in mind, the cheapest alternative isn’t always the very best.

  • Save Money Where You Can

Moving is an expensive affair especially when you’re moving across another the county or a state. Thus, it’s definitely a great idea to save as much money as you can during the process. For instance, you can save hundreds of dollars by selecting the right time for your move. Generally, people prefer to move during summer which is perhaps the most expensive time to hire a moving company. You can save that amount by choosing an off-season month for your move. In addition to that, moving amidst a month or during weekdays can also help save a few bucks.

  • Create an Inventory List

Always create an inventory list when you move long distance as your possessions may become scattered across different locations. Whether you use your notepad and a pen to jot down a list or are using an app, just be sure to make a thorough list of items you own.

Follow these amazing 7 tips and your upcoming long distance move will be totally stress-free and easy-going. Is there anything else you want to add to this list? Feel free to share your opinions in the comments section below. We would love to hear back!