Bathroom Renovation – Long Term Investment

You want to renovate your old bathroom and give it a new look? That’s great, but you must be aware that this hard work. When it comes to construction work in an apartment, this is considered one of the most challenging.

What You Must Know Before You Start Renovating Your Bathroom?

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Before you start, we advise you to make a detailed plan and think about whether you want to change your restroom layout. This is very important because once the tiles are installed, moving the sink or boiler will be impossible. Any subsequent correction and re-replacement will cost you a lot. Also, you need to know that the bathroom renovation will not be done only by one maintenance worker. Depending on the type of work you will need to hire several of them – electricians, plumbers, ceramists, painters, etc.

Make A Detailed Plan

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Having a good plan when renovating the bathroom is very important. The contractors must look at the bathroom before performing work. It’s because they have to make an assessment and see what type of work needs to be done. If you already know how you want to arrange the toilet, and whether you want to install additional heating in the bathroom – you can present your plan to the contractors. They will immediately tell you whether such a plan is feasible and at what time. Be careful when choosing sanitary ware you want to buy. Decide whether you want a bathtub or shower, bidet, toilet cup with a low or high-mounting flush, etc. This will be very important when replacing water or sewage pipes. After you have made a plan – you can go shopping.

Removing Old Tiles, Dismantling Installations

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If you want to replace electrical and plumbing installation in your bathroom, keep in mind that all existing sanitary facilities must be dismantled. If you decide to glue new tiles over existing ones, we strongly advise you to replace the installation, as bursting pipes in the wall can cause many problems. The whole job of dismantling and demolishing tiles will not take more than a day.

Changing Water Heaters

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Sanitary hot water systems and facilities are indispensable in any space intended for longer stays. The basic division of hot water systems is usually local and centralized. In households that do not have a centralized water heating system, electric boilers are most commonly used in the bathroom, which can be either storage or flow-through. They differ in the heating water method.

Storage water heaters can store a certain amount of water accumulated in their tanks, while flow water heaters currently heat the water that flows through them. On the other hand, modern technology brought us new and exceptional tankless water heaters. As written on Cosy Household, these water heaters have proven their advantages, especially when it comes to lowing your energy bill. These water heaters can run more than 3 fixtures at the same time.

For instance 2 showers and a kitchen sink. Therefore, if you’re going to change your old water heater, maybe you should consider upgrading.

Laying Tiles

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The installation of ceramic tiles can be done in two ways. One way is to completely remove or tear down old tiles and replace them with new ones. Another way is not to remove the old tiles, and to put new tiles on them with the help of strong adhesive. Regardless of which variant you choose, know that both have proven to be quite good. The whole work of laying the tiles will take about four days, depending on how big your bathroom is. We suggest that you agree with the contractors in detail like whether you want the tiles to go from floor to ceiling because you want to make sure your bathroom will get exactly the look that you envisioned.

Painting the ceiling and sanitary installation

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The last stage of the bathroom renovation is painting the ceiling, but also the parts of the walls that are not covered with tiles. When painting, make sure to protect the tiles from possible paint spraying. After the paint has dried, the sanitary features can be installed in the order that the size of the bathroom allows. Be careful not to tighten the screws too much, as this may cause the tiles to crack.

Important Travel Advice for Travelling to US

If you are thinking about taking a trip to the US, then there are some important factors to consider before you book your trip. Whether you are planning a short tourist holiday or want to travel around the different states in the US, here is what you will need to do.

Apply for a visa

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The US border control laws require that non-US citizens have some form of visa to authorize travel to the US. For citizens from countries that are part of the Visa Waiver Program, an ESTA can be applied for but citizens from other countries require a visa, which you can read more about on the website.

A Nonimmigrant visa application must be completed and then the applicant must also attend an interview at the US Embassy/Consulate. If the application is approved then you will be granted a visa for your trip. If you receive a tourist visa then it is important that you only are only in the US for tourism, i.e. studying or working in the US is not permitted.

Preplan your transport arrangements

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If you are traveling from one state to another, you will need to select the most appropriate transport. Internal flights in the US can usually be fairly cost-effective and much quicker than taking a Greyhound Bus or driving if you are going a considerable distance.

If you are planning on driving a car whilst in the US, it is recommended that you apply for an International Driving Permit (IDP) before your trip, as many US states require that you have this and some car rental companies will not let you hire a car unless you show your IDP.

Check the state law differences

There are different laws such as driving laws, drinking, and gambling. If you are planning on going to different states, then you should check the state laws for the ones you are visiting.

Gambling is legal in every state except Hawaii and Utah, whilst the legal minimum age for drinking alcohol is 21 in most states but some have laws such as allowing people under 21 to drink alcohol on private premises i.e. not selling the alcohol on the premises.

Plan your itinerary

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There are so many amazing places across the US to visit, from New York City on the east coast to LA on the west. If you are looking for a sunshine holiday, then Florida and California have some great beaches and warm weather to enjoy most of the year.

If you are thinking of a trip to NYC then you might want to invest in a New York City Pass, which gives you entry to the main attractions and includes transport options. Or if you want to watch a show, you should book in advance of your trip to avoid disappointment.

Traveling to the US is a really exciting experience but it is important to be well prepared and to check for any changes to the US Border Protection rules that may affect your travel plans.

Effective Business Marketing Plan: Is Making One Difficult?

Anyone who owns or runs a business should understand the importance of having a carefully-crafted and clearly-defined business marketing plan. Now more than ever, ensuring your marketing efforts are top-notch is essential – you need to stand out from a lot of other noise, particularly online. Therefore, your organization needs a marketing plan that is a separate entity to your overall business plan. Here are the steps you need to take to put yours together.

1. What’s Your Demographic?

Before you’re able to start putting your marketing plan together, you need to ensure that you have a deep understanding of exactly who it is you’re targeting. Knowing this will mean that you’ll have a clearer picture of the types of content and branding that is likely to engage your audience, as well as which channels you can use to reach them.

Look at factors such as gender, age, lifestyle, income, and location to build your buyer profiles. If you’re in the B2B sector, it should be details such as industry, turnover, location, age of the business and pain points.

2. Why Do They Need Your Product?

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In order to establish exactly how you can engage your potential customers effectively, you need to determine the reason(s) they’d have for buying your product or service. What problem does it solve? Does it make their life easier? Help them save time or money for their business? Is it an aspirational product that will earn them the respect of their peers? Once you’re able to answer this question, you can start tailoring your marketing messages to communicate how your product solves the particular issue at hand.

3. Who Are Your Competitors?

Researching your competitors is another important part of writing your marketing plan. Establishing who your business rivals are is obviously very useful, but going deeper and gathering information about them will give you a much bigger edge over them.

Look at the tactics your competitors are using to engage their audience, the demographic(s) they’re targeting, and their strengths and weaknesses. You can then use these to your advantage, by focusing on a particular feature that they don’t offer, for example, or emphasizing that your product is at a better price point.

4. Why Should Customers Choose You?

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By now you should be in a better position to establish why your target audience might choose to buy from you over your competitors. This should be a specific and clearly-defined reason, that you can state in a simple sentence. For example, are you offering better value? a superior product? does your business have a better reputation, or bigger share of the market? Once you’ve established exactly what your business represents for prospects, you can use it to target them more successfully.

5. Which Marketing Methods Will You Use?

Once you have all of the above elements sorted, it’s time to decide on the approach you’ll use to target your audience. A multi-channel strategy will usually be the best way forward, so here are some tips for getting the most out of the main marketing methods being used today.


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SEO is a very effective marketing tool, as it helps bring potential customers who are already looking for what you’re selling directly to your website. There are some factors to bear in mind, though, in order to make this technique as fruitful as possible.

Keyword Research

You should always carry out keyword research before writing content for your site. You can use free tools such as the Google Keyword Tool to find the words and phrases that your target audience are most likely to search for in order to find products or services like yours. As well as keywords mentioning your product or service, you should also include those that relate to the issue that it helps solve.

Meta Titles and Descriptions

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While they may not be as valuable as they once were, it is still important to utilise meta titles and descriptions for your website content. Give every single one of your posts and pages unique titles and descriptions to give your site a better chance of being found through search engines.

Good Quality Content

Filling your website with high-quality content is one of the most important factors in bringing in potential customers. Look at the topics that are trending in your niche, as well as those that perform well regardless of when they’re posted. Then get to work on adding your own take on these, improving on the posts already out there.

Having great content on your website not only helps you rank higher in search engines, but will also keep potential buyers coming back to your site and helps build your brand reputation.


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Email is still an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to marketing. It’s direct, quick, and versatile; you can send out all types of content from infographics and videos, to newsletters and coupons. As long as you’re using intriguing subject lines and engaging content, you can see great results from email campaigns.

Nowadays it is also easier than ever before to find the contacts you need before a campaign; where once you’d have to rely on building an email list organically (still a very time-consuming approach for most small businesses), you now have all the information at hand. For example, if you’re looking to expand into Mexico, you can use this tool as specific as a directory of Mexican companies to kickstart your campaign.

Social Media

The rise of social media means that it should now be a vital part of any business’ marketing plan. Indeed, those that don’t have an active presence on social media run the risk of being seen as subpar and old fashioned, losing potential customers to competitors.

While it’s a good idea to use multiple channels in your marketing plan, you don’t want to spread your resources too thinly; establish which ones are being used the most by your target audience and focus on these. When it comes to posting, avoid giving your followers the hard sell constantly, and instead provide interesting, valuable content that is more likely to be shared.

Writing a business marketing plan may seem like an unnecessary waste of time, but in reality, it is incredibly important. It helps to set goals for your marketing team and provides a guide that anyone on the team can look back at to ensure everything is running smoothly. If you want to have a greater chance at winning customers over your business rivals, a marketing plan is a very good way to gain that vital edge.

5 Tips for Building a Personal Budget

Making a personal budget is one of the most important things a person can achieve in long-term financial health. Of course, there are as many different kinds of budgets as there are people, but only two or three general templates are in common use. It’s important to understand these generalized budgeting methods so that you can fine-tune one of them to meet your own particular needs. 

A detailed budget can help you save money regularly, get your spending under control, show you how you might be able to boost retirement funds and uncover opportunities for extra earnings. No one should be without a personal budget. If you don’t have one currently in use, here are the steps for creating one that will work for you.

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Use Nine or More Categories

A comprehensive budget should categorize items into at least nine categories: entertainment, debt, transportation, food, housing, clothing, savings, insurance and healthcare. Many financial planners use a “20-50-30” budget approach. Twenty percent of your income, under this plan, goes toward debt and savings items. Thirty percent goes toward discretionary items like restaurant meals and vacations. The rest, 50 percent, goes toward everything else. 

List Your Income Sources Carefully

Every good budget lists sources and uses of income. That process begins with a detailed examination of your methods for bringing money into the budget. In addition to a job that provides a regular stream of income and various benefits, many people earn royalties, stock dividends, or acquire cash by selling life insurance policies at less than maturity value. One source of reliable information about such settlements is at Among all the steps of budget-building, the most important one is your detailed list of all possible sources of income. 

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List Every Expense Accurately

The area where people often lose their way when making budgets is in the area of expenses. This is especially true with items that have to be estimated. Always try to use “worst case” estimates whenever possible. That way, if the actual expense ends up being less, you’ll have a bit more money to adjust other items with, or to put into savings. 

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Set Goals for Retirement and Savings

A budget should always include a long-term goal for savings or retirement accounts. If you’re able to put 20 percent of each month’s income into this category, your financial health will improve as time passes. If your income allows, it’s even better to aim for a higher percentage of savings or a higher overall amount to save each year. 

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Use a Spreadsheet to Track Everything

Especially during the first few months after making the budget, spend a few minutes each day looking at your spending, income and savings amounts. Track every dollar you spend for 90 days and you’ll end up having a solid grasp of where your money goes and whether there are any problem areas. If your income or expenses change significantly, or if you get a new job with a different pay and benefits structure, consider re-doing your budget. But in most cases, it’s best to stick with the first budget you created and just adapt it for any minor changes in your financial life.

How to Achieve Financial Independence Easily?

The definition of financial independence will vary from person to person. But being able to live life comfortably and having no debt on the head can be the general definition of being financially independent.

Sometimes, it takes a lot to become financially independent. But the truth is not the same.

To be financially independent, all you need is a PLAN. Something that has worked for someone else will not surely work for you.

You need to have your plan and strategy to achieve financial independence.

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So if you are also looking to achieve financial independence, then this post will help you. Achieving financial independence is a step by step game.

And by going through the steps described below. It won’t take you a while to become financially independent.

Let us look at all of the steps one by one in brief.

5 Steps to Achieve Financial Independence

Monitor your Income and Spending

The very first thing what you need to start doing is to monitor your income and spending. Now, for most of the times, you already know your income and it becomes really hard to invest in certain assets, and My Investment Blog suggests Fast Invest that becomes easy for managing your expenses and investment out of the savings.

But the real challenge you face is monitoring your expense. And that’s what you need to conquer first.

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You need to start tracking your spending. So that when you see the sheet at the end of the month you should know where you spent the money.

Once you start practicing this thing, you will see changes with time. And after a few months, you will be left with more money in your pocket at the end of the month.

Start Budgeting

Now once you already know, the inflow and outflow of your money. It’s time to start creating a budget for your monthly spending.
Budgeting is a must. Believe it or not, all the rich do this practice. They plan a budget before the month even starts.

And therefore, you should too start this practice as soon as possible. Now you may be having different budgets for different things.
For example, you can have a Grocery budget, Entertainment budget, and Traveling budget.

Invest to achieve financial freedom

It’s time you start investing your saved money. This is one of the most important steps of all. You cannot achieve financial independence until and unless you start investing. Now, you can read My Investment Blog, to read and learn more about investing because it is one of the best investment blogs for beginners.

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To become a good investor, you will have to read a lot. And once you get a good understanding of the game of investment.

You should start investing. Because until and unless you do it, you don’t know whether it will work for you or not.

Always know what you want

As discussed above, the definition of financial independence depends and varies from person to person.

Therefore, you should define your own financial independence goal very clearly because you can’t be, what you can’t see.

Once you know what you need, you can aim and work to get that thing. Also, to this, you should also gain knowledge about the tax matters in your country.

Otherwise, you can get into serious trouble with the law. Therefore, along with gaining knowledge about the investment, you should also learn about the taxation laws.

Consider your Career

You cannot achieve financial independence until and unless you have money to fuel your savings and investment.

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And for most of you, your money might only be coming from your job’s salary. And therefore, leaving the job will not only put your career in danger.

But your goal to achieve financial independence might also land to risk.

Don’t quit your job, until and unless you have a steady income to fuel your investment goals.


I know not everyone is blessed with an inherited fortune. But trust me, with time and work you can achieve financial freedom.

The most important thing which you need to have in this journey of achieving financial freedom is Discipline.

Yes, discipline is one of the most important traits for becoming financially good. And all of the rich people have certain daily rituals related to finance which helps them to keep growing.

If you follow all these five steps then for sure you are going to achieve financial freedom in a concise time.