Why Plagiarism Is Wrong?

We live in the age of influencers and followers, reposts and reactions, when creating something unique may seem difficult or even useless. It may be true from the point of view of consumerism, but the situation takes 180º turn when we get to the academic field.  Nevertheless, if you ask students why plagiarism should be

How to Write a Good Case Study

Whether you need a case study as a method for your research paper or you write a case study paper, you need to get a perfect grasp of what it is about. A case study aims at examining a particular case in order to support/disprove your assumption, or discover findings that may be effective to

Research Paper: Format of Citations and References

During your college years, you have to deal with many different kinds of assignments: essays, research papers, etc. To write a term paper is one of the most challenging tasks. The difficulty is to document where you have found all the information used in your research. Make sure that all the references you include into