The Cheapest Essay Writing Service: Expert Review

Is saving money a good idea when you are looking for a cheap essay writing service? Even though it is a natural desire to spend less, everything depends on individual needs and desires. It would be safe to say that there is a direct correlation between the prices and the quality of writing. Some companies want to have as many clients as possible and, therefore, choose to set minimal cost on their services. This approach also means that most probably you will have to cooperate with less experienced writers. In case you are looking for a person who can assist you with writing a simple essay, you may choose this way to go. Otherwise, it is better to search for a cheap reliable essay writing service that offers a healthy balance between the amount you pay and the qualifications of experts you hire.

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Is it the cheapest essay writing service you can find? It can be if you choose the standard requirements and place an order in advance. You will recognize the factors that have an impact on the final price while filling out an order form. It will be easy for you to decide which additional options to choose and what category of writer you need. It is a cheap essay writing at its best as you are in total control over the situation. When you need help with a complex assignment that has a huge influence on your final grade, you might choose one of the top experts to assist you.

What to Expect from a Cheap Reliable Essay Writing Service

No one wants to overpay for the writing services. At the same time, you do not want to end up having a plagiarized essay that you can’t use. At a reliable service, you will cooperate with talented writers who are going to guide you in the right direction. Here are some more points you can expect when using this trustworthy service.

  • Expect fair prices. By fair, we mean prices that you can see right away and that will not change after you’ve placed an order. Some companies offer discounts. It may seem like a good deal until you actually do the math. Then, you will see that the initial prices were higher than the market average. Once you apply the discount, you simply end up paying the same amount you would when using any other cheap essay writing service. The company we recommend does not offer any discounts. Nonetheless, you can see and regulate the final price. The process is transparent and has no pitfalls.
  • Expect a responsible attitude. When you face any difficulties during the process of using an essay writing service cheap, you should not deal with the situation on your own. Besides having a support team that is available around the clock, a trustworthy service should also accompany you if there are issues with your essay. If you are not satisfied with the result, there should be the option of free revisions. It means that the writer will make the necessary changes to bring your essay to the next level. This kind of attitude shows the company’s responsible approach to doing business. It is a good sign when companies care about their reputation.
  • Expect high quality. When you are looking for the best and cheapest essay writing service, you need to pay attention to the qualification of writers as well. Most of the companies have the information about their employees and you are welcome to learn something new there. At a service you can rely on, you will find writers from around the world. All of them should pass writing tests to demonstrate their abilities. The company also needs to monitor their performance and has a rating system. The most responsible and successful writers become the top 10 employees. The writers stay motivated while the clients are happy to receive the best possible results. Also, you can request the assistance of an English native speaker if it is an important factor in your particular case.
  • Expect originality. Even a cheap essay writing service should avoid plagiarism issues. It is the basic requirement of a reliable company. No teacher is going to tolerate an essay that consists of someone else’s ideas. That is why services like the one we recommend paying close attention to the plagiarism problem. They run every paper with advanced checkers and make sure their clients do not risk anything when turning in their essays. In an order form, you will find a field where you can type in all of your specific instructions. Your writer will take into consideration all of them. Your essay is going to include all of the sources you require.

Cheap Essay Writing Service: Is It Worth It?

When you are in search of cheap essay writing, you might wonder if it is an effective investment of your time and money. Will you benefit from this cooperation? We believe that everything depends on the company you choose. If you do not want to get disappointed by another cheap essay writing service, read the reviews and ask your friends for their recommendations. Making a wrong choice will lead you to disappointment and regrets. Make sure the service you choose (if it is not the one we’ve mentioned here) offers all the vital guarantees. Remember that you have the right to cancel your order and ask for a refund.

If you hesitate about some particular points, reach out to the support team of the essay writing service cheap you are interested in at the moment. Most of the operators are available 24/7 so you will not have to wait for a long time to get an answer. A good cheap essay writing service will also offer you the option of looking through the samples of recently completed orders by your writer. You will know for sure if it is the right choice for you. You can always ask for a replacement and a reliable cheap essay writing company will do so.

Why Plagiarism Is Wrong?

We live in the age of influencers and followers, reposts and reactions, when creating something unique may seem difficult or even useless. It may be true from the point of view of consumerism, but the situation takes 180º turn when we get to the academic field. 

Nevertheless, if you ask students why plagiarism should be avoided, the majority will say, “It is cheating that is easy to detect.” There is a lot of ways to check for plagiarism. Most of these tools are available online; a simple click on this link: allows you to check for plagiarism free any of your pieces in just a few seconds. But is easy access to an online plagiarism checker a solid argument? Does this check matter only because you cannot get away with it? If you stick to this point of view, there is some bad news – six more reasons why plagiarism matters.

1. Plagiarism is cheating

Stealing someone’s ideas, words, or results of any other work and passing off as yours is unfair to fellow students. Yes, it is just as simple as this. Some people who work hard to achieve something, to seize a rear opportunity. Meanwhile, you do nothing and expect to get the same privileges.

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2. It is disrespectful

Pursuing the ethic aspect, you should respect the work of others. The details and circumstances don’t matter. Whether you choose to plagiarize a scholar from another continent in an essay that isn’t important or use an idea of someone dead for a long time, it is still disrespectful. You take the result of someone’s hard work for granted without any gratitude.

3. It subverts academic values

Plagiarism in college is a breach of academic integrity. Every assignment is supposed to reflect the progress you’ve made as a student. A plagiarized paper doesn’t show what you know, think, or have learned. A professor cannot evaluate you simply because you have nothing to do with the work.

4. It destroys trust and reputation

There is a small chance you can cheat and get away with it. But if someone finds out, however, neither professor nor students will treat you the same way. It is not even “the boy who cried wolf” situation – it is enough to submit a plagiarized paper once. Speaking about plagiarism in a scholar’s paper (articles, dissertations, etc.), it can damage the reputation of an entire academic institution. After all, it takes almost no time to run your paper through a checker to make sure everything is tip-top.

5. It affects your creativity

The concepts of borrowing and stealing function the same way in the academic field as they do in real life. When you choose student plagiarism instead of making an original paper, you give up the necessity to think, imagine, or analyze. You just copy and paste – that doesn’t require much intellectual effort. Borrowing, however, makes you reconsider the things and experiences you’ve learned about. As a result, you prepare a background for your ideas. If you are stuck with new ideas, try writing helpers like Coolessay. They can assist you to come up with something new.

6. It affects your critical thinking

If you believe that creativity is important only for people involved in art or related spheres, how about critical thinking? Brands and even governments lead information wars. Bloggers keep sharing online tips and advice on things they aren’t professional at. Celebrities fill their social profiles with advertising. To remain reasonable, keep a clear mind, and avoid manipulations, you need to think critically. And every college essay is an investment in this skill.

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7. It has consequences

If punishment is the only thing about plagiarism that bothers you, there are some other outcomes to be aware of. Sometimes it gets much worse than a low grade and a second chance. So what are the consequences of plagiarism?

  •       Lawsuits. Stealing someone’s words/ideas can bring you to court. The copyright is outlined quite well in modern legislation.
  •       Destroyed reputation. This one was already mentioned but think again about the consequences of press coverage of your case.
  •       Monetary penalties. The price you’ll need to pay may be different – from symbolic compensation to millions of dollars when it comes to corporations.
  •       Getting too big for your boots. You pass someone’s work for your own, then you are expected to maintain this level and come up with the next decent work. But you haven’t got any, remember?

Bottom line

Why is plagiarism wrong? Let’s wrap it up with the word’s history: it originates from the Latin “plagiarius,” which means “kidnapper.” No need for an expanded explanation here. We live in times when an original idea can bring you fortune, recognition, even power. Unique ideas are like children to scholars, inventors, and artists. In some sci-fi movies, ideas and skills replace currency, which becomes needless for the evolving society. You can cheat, or you can evolve, and you are free to decide on this one. 


How to Write a Good Case Study

Whether you need a case study as a method for your research paper or you write a case study paper, you need to get a perfect grasp of what it is about.

A case study aims at examining a particular case in order to support/disprove your assumption, or discover findings that may be effective to solve a problem.

This task is essential to test your knack for research, data collecting and presenting your findings. Not to mention the ability to structure your paper and logically express your ideas. Sounds like quite a challenge, doesn’t it?

Luckily, we’ve asked college graduates and professors to give some piece of advice on how to make this assignment easier. So don’t hesitate to follow these seven proven tips if you want to write a good case study.

1. Come Up with the Topic

First you need to think about the topic of your case study. Don’t get frustrated if it seems like an impossible task. Try to find inspiration anywhere you can. Look through books in the library or search for information regarding your field of studies online. Talk to your classmates and ask them what they’re writing about. You can even search for the existing topics for case study online to get inspired.

2. Discuss the Topic with Professor

As soon as your ideas start looming, discuss them with your professor. Ask whether they think it’s relevant; or whether it’s worth in-depth analysis; or whether it’s challenging enough. It’s important to start smart. This is how you can get high grades.

3. Gather Information

So it’s high time to search for information. Gather data from reliable sources like books, other authors’ research, newspapers etc. Make sure you jot down notes while collecting the information, so it’ll be easier to carry out your own research.

4. Organize and Structure

As case study is no different from any other academic paper, it requires thorough structure. Here’s how it should be organized:

  •     Title Page
  •     Abstract
  •     Introduction
  •     Presentation of fact
  •     Discussion
  •     Conclusion
  •     References

5. Use Convincing Techniques

It’s also important how you write. You’re probably aware that you need to follow the standards of appropriate formatting style (APA, MLA, Chicago). Plus, your language should be academic with no colloquialisms or slang words. In addition to all that, it’s essential to use convincing writing techniques throughout your paper, but most importantly in the introduction. So you can grab your reader’s attention from the very beginning.

6. Proofread and Scan for Plagiarism

You don’t want some grammar mistakes to lower your mark. For this reason, make sure you check your case study for spelling and grammar errors. You can even turn for help to a professional editor. provides ranking of the most popular case study writing & editing services, so don’t hesitate to reach for help if you need it. Moreover, it’s highly recommended scanning your assignment with anti-plagiarism program. We’re sure you’re writing it all by yourself. Still, to avoid accidental plagiarism it’s better to check your paper.

7. Eat the Ugly Frog First

Last advice is more about your time management rather than case study secrets. Nevertheless, make sure you follow this tip. Always start with the most difficult task. Plan writing your paper in advance and don’t put it off till the last minute. Dealing with the most burdensome problems first will highly increase your chances to craft a stellar case study.

Hope these tips will help, and now it’s high time to get down to business. Wish you good luck!

Research Paper: Format of Citations and References

During your college years, you have to deal with many different kinds of assignments: essays, research papers, etc. To write a term paper is one of the most challenging tasks. The difficulty is to document where you have found all the information used in your research. Make sure that all the references you include into your research paper come from published or electronic resources, for example, the World Wide Web, Harvest databases, interviews, or others. A student must know how to use the quotation material effectively. In this article, you will find useful information on how to develop your writing skills, which you will use in all types of academic papers of all kinds. Some students do differently and just order one from professional writing services like PapersOwl. It is the right solution when you are in a hurry. Such companies help students to meet deadlines. You will receive a ready-made paper which you will just need to analyze and use as an example for your next college assignment.


If you are ready to write one by yourself, the first thing you should do is to use the general form of citations in the text body, which includes the author,  date in parentheses, and the page number(s) that come after the date (it is optional). Note that when you mention the name of the author in the essay, you do not have to repeat it in the citation.

Basic Guidelines

Students must do proper research on a subject and provide all the resources where they got the information. The format for your essay can be different depending on where your research paper will be submitted.

What is plagiarism?

The word “Plagiarism” comes from the Latin language “plagiare,” which has the meaning of “to kidnap.” Modern people take this research differently. We use it to indicate the act of taking particular work which does not belong to you, without acknowledging the real author. In all civilized countries, plagiarism is illegal, and it can even be severely punished. Thankfully, it is not so difficult to prevent plagiarism. The best way is to include references and citations in your research paper.

What should students know about citations/references?

When you want to include a specific work which does not belong to you into your research paper, you have to use citations and references. You can’t just copy an image, a quote, or paraphrased information and paste it into your essay. Your reader has to know where you found the data by the form of a citation/reference. These are the two most used styles for publishing: the  American Psychological Association (APA, 2001) and the Modern Language Association. According to APA, quotations and citations are not the same. You use a citation in the body of your research paper, while a mention is indicated on the last page. 

Now you have a clear understanding of what citation and mention are so that we can continue. Citations are included when you use the information from the official work of a particular author. You use an in-text citation when you add text word-for-word from any third-party sources. We call in-text citation the text which you place the information in your own words by paraphrasing. As a rule, such citations are short and placed in the central part of your research paper. As for references, they are always placed at the end of your work. It looks like a list of items in alphabetical order. The citation includes the author’s last name, the year of publication, and the page/location of the information. As for references, they include the following information: the author’s name, the year the material was first published, the detailed list of all title of the source, and the URL.

Checklist on how to use citations and references

  • Your quotation shows more detailed information for all the provided citations found in your researchpaper.
  • When it comes to citation and references, keep in mind this short guideline.
  • Write references on the final page of your research paper.
  • Do not forget to name the page ‘References.’
  • The ‘References’  title should be placed in the center of the page. The font/size should be kept in the same style. 
  • There is no need to italicize, underline, or place the title in quotation marks. Also, do not try to increase the size of the font.
  • Use double space for the whole page.
  • You must use the alphabetical order for your references. The first should be the author’s last name. 
  • Your references should have a hanging indent.
  • All citations in your research paper must be displayed in the reference list. 
  • The citations give your audience a glimpse about the used sources, while the references include the information, which your reader will need to check out the source.


Before giving your research paper for your professor’s check, make sure that it is plagiarism-free. Take this assignment seriously because it is a practical writing skill you should master and use in your professional life.