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How to Find the Best Personal Injury Lawyer – 2021 Guide

Imagine waking up in the morning to get to work only to be met with a horrible car accident that has caused you a serious injury. This injury can lead you to miss out on work and the medical bills may cost you a fortune. This kind of infuriating situation worsens when you understand that the person at fault does not want to pay for your suffering. You contact their insurance company and they say the same thing. They do not want to accept that their client was the person who causes the accident which means they will probably do everything in their power to fight against your claim.

Fighting against an entire company just by yourself can be very stressful, especially after you have been injured. In these times, your best option is to hire a personal injury lawyer. They will help you gather all of the evidence that will prove your innocence, they will communicate with the insurance company and will fight them in a trial to earn your compensation. Visit NOVA Law for more valuable information about personal injury law.

However, finding the right person to defend you for this kind of case is not as easy as you think. You will need to find someone who will be reliable and trustworthy. You simply can’t pick the first one you find and expect that they will win your case.

It is very important to learn what is the percentage of winning the case or losing it. Attorney’s like Adam Rosengard from Rosengard Law Group, an expert personal injury attorney, provide a free case evaluation and share comprehensive knowledge of your case before filing a lawsuit.

If you have no previous experience regarding this subject, you can keep reading our guide for 2021 that will help you find the best personal injury lawyer.

Ask your friends


Going through newspaper, television and online ads might seem like the best way to find for an attorney that can help you in this case, but you have one more option before you settle for those. You can start asking your friends and family whether they have ever worked with a personal injury lawyer in the past. Car accidents are so frequent these days, the chances of someone having the need for hiring such an attorney is pretty high. It doesn’t really cost you anything to ask them.

Your friends wouldn’t lie to you about their previous experience with their cases which means you can rely on them. Who can guarantee that a lawyer you saw on a TV ad is a trustworthy person? Of course, many of those lawyers are professionals and very reliable, but there will always be that one that may try to scam you. Asking for a referral from your friends or family decreases your chances of finding one that will try to take your money.

Check their ratings


Keep in mind, just because the lawyer was referred by your friends or family, does not necessarily mean they will be good for your case. The lawyer might have expertise in other areas of the law. If they haven’t had any cases similar to yours, they probably aren’t the best pick for your situation.

Fortunately, there are a lot of websites on the internet that you can use to check out the ratings of certain services by previous clients. You can use this information to your benefit and narrow your options. Set a certain rating standard for yourself and you will quickly acquire a list of attorneys that will be able to fulfill your needs. If you have found a personal injury lawyer with the perfect rating, but you do not have the budget to hire them, you should get a loan. You can learn more here about personal injury loans.

Check their case history


Once you have made your list of positively rated personal injury lawyers, you can start checking out their track record to find out details about their expertise. You can acquire this information by contacting their offices or the lawyer himself. Most of them would usually oblige and will send you all of their files regarding their previous cases. If there are some who are not willing to do so, you should probably avoid them. They are probably hiding such information because of a bad case that would ruin their reputation. You are not in a position to risk your case.



Experience in the field also has a huge impact on how much the lawyer will cost you and the chances of winning your case. Professionals that have dealt with personal injury claims such as yours for multiple years can probably handle anything you give them. They won’t have a problem dealing with even the biggest insurance companies. But, they can come at a huge expense which isn’t the best option for those with a smaller budget.

Attorneys with less experience might not be ready to take you to trial against some rich insurance company, but they will be able to collect all of the evidence and handle all of your documents which is still a useful service. The fee for such attorneys will also be much lower, so if you have a smaller budget, this might your best option. Not to worry, there are still some experienced law firms that do not charge as much. For instance, Kania Law is a reputable law firm that provides professional service at affordable rates.

First impressions


After you have done all of your research online, you can continue your research in person. First impressions are always very important which is why you should first meet up with your personal injury attorney before hiring them. Take note of their office or the place they chose to get a cup of coffee. Notice how they treat their assistant or the waitresses. All of this information can tell you just how kind of person you are working for. If you are left with trustworthy impressions, you should consider hiring them.



Once you have narrowed down the list even more after meeting all of them in person, the only factor left to help you make your decision is their fees. For this, you will need to ask them personally how much they would charge you for your case. The fee will heavily depend on your situation. If you do not have enough evidence to prove your innocence to the insurance company then you will probably have to take your claim to court. Taking a case to court usually leads to higher fees.

6 Dumb Insurance Mistakes Even Smart People Make after a Crash

A car accident is never something for which you make a plan. Everyone is well aware that there is a good chance they will be involved in at least one accident at some point in their life. The hope is always that when that day comes, you only suffer minor damages. Some people may do some research, but nobody is ever really prepared. After an accident, you will likely be disoriented, which makes it quite easy to make one of these six common mistakes.

When going up against an insurance company after an accident, you are at a disadvantage on many different levels. You are quite possibly injured and not in your best frame of mind. There is a good chance this is your first accident, while the insurance adjuster does their role every day. The insurance adjuster also has specific training in trying to trick you into making a mistake that devalues your claim.

Here we present you with six of the most common mistakes that people make when dealing with an insurance adjuster after an accident and how best to avoid them.

1.  Filing an Insurance Claim Too Quickly

When involved in an accident, you are going to want to exchange insurance information with any other drivers involved in the crash. Learn more about the documents you should always have on you when driving, which are your driver’s license, car registration, and proof of vehicle insurance. After the crash, if the other driver was at fault for the accident, you are going to want to file a claim with their insurance.

A problem that many drivers face is that they file the claim too quickly. There is a statute of limitations on filing a claim, so you can’t wait forever. However, that time period is typically years, not days. When drivers file a claim too quickly, it often comes back to bite them. They later realize that the claim didn’t come anywhere near covering all of the costs that they accrued from the accident.

Many serious injuries are not immediately diagnosed after an accident. It can take a few weeks before all of the damage that has been done, is fully uncovered. Those who filed too quickly may find that they have missed the chance to get these other injuries covered.

Insurance adjusters are aware of all of these things. That is why, if they know their client is at fault, they may contact you on the day of the accident, before you get in touch with them.

2.  Accepting a Settlement Offer Too Soon

Often an insurance adjuster will offer you a settlement the first time they speak to you. Never accept that first offer and do not engage in discussions about counteroffers. The initial offer is typically far below what you can get if you aren’t overhasty. You have no way of knowing the full worth of your claim so early in the process.

In addition to medical expenses that have not presented themselves yet, there may be many secondary costs like lost wages or pain and suffering costs.

3.  Giving a Recorded Statement

An insurance agent is likely to push you for a recorded statement of the incident. They will claim that the purpose of this is to help in determining liability. However, the true intent of the statement is to trick you into saying something that you shouldn’t. They will ask leading questions and try to get you to say things that they can use against you to devalue your claim.

Don’t ever give an insurance adjuster a recorded statement. Politely decline and end the conversation. The less you talk to an insurance adjuster in general, the better your position.

4.  Posting on Social Media

Social media has become a huge part of the world in which we live. Many people post all about their lives on one platform or another, so, of course, they would post about a big car accident in which they were involved. However, a seemingly harmless post can have devastating effects on your insurance claim. Your words and photos can potentially be used to devalue your claim in a variety of ways.

After an accident, avoiding social media altogether is going to be your best course of action. At the very least, you should switch all of your privacy settings to the highest level. There have been cases where private accounts were opened to the court, but those are very rare. To be on the safe side, though, a social media blackout is the way to go.

5.  Giving Authorization for Releasing Medical Records

An insurance adjuster will often request access to your medical records so they can see the files for the damages you are claiming from the crash. This request may seem innocent enough, but it is far from it. They will use your authorization to comb through all of your medical records. Every single item in your medical history, going back to when you were born.

The purpose of this search is to find anything they can use against you. They will look for anything that might suggest a preexisting condition that contributed to your injuries and undervalue your claim in this way. Deny any requests for medical records.

6.  Not Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

Choosing not to hire an attorney can be an incredibly costly mistake. Many people think that hiring a lawyer will cost too much money, and insurance adjusters will often try to nurture this idea. However, most personal injury lawyers will work on a contingency basis, which means that they don’t get paid unless you do.

Some people still think that the amount of their eventual fee will eat away far too much of the money gained in the settlement. In reality, people who hire an attorney often get several times the amount they would have gotten without one. So, even after their fee, the client has a much higher settlement amount.

Hiring a qualified personal injury attorney helps to level the playing field. It is no longer a professional insurance adjuster against an amateur victim. Instead, it’s two pros giving it their all. Hiring an attorney has the added benefit of giving you the peace of mind of knowing there is someone taking care of things with the insurance company and that you don’t have to. You can just sit back, relax, and focus on your recovery.

What is the Role of a Personal Injury Lawyer

It happens quite often for someone to get physically hurt, whether that happens during an unfortunate event such as a car accident, in the heat of an argument, domestic violence, or any other scenario. The outcome of these situations is never good, which is why we believe that violence never really solves anything. If we’re talking about a traffic accident, however, that’s an entirely different case, but in any of the previously mentioned scenarios, hiring a personal injury lawyer is something that we advise you to do.

In today’s article, we’re going to clarify what exactly these people do, how they operate, and in which situations it’s the best to seek for their help. We have a lot to talk about so let’s not keep this introduction any longer and jump straight into the content.

The definition of civil litigators

Personal injury lawyers also referred to as civil litigators, are people who have an important job of defending your case in court when you go out in public with the fact that someone caused either physical or psychological pain to you. This type of emotional or physical damage can also be caused by an organization, a company, an entity, or a government agency, it doesn’t always have to be an individual. It can also be done by a group of people, and you’re able to file a lawsuit against them as well.

If you were recently in a car accident in which your body was harmed, or you’ve suffered trauma and none of it was your fault, hiring a personal injury lawyer from a reputable law firm like Kania Law. These types of situations in which a person was hurt don’t always have to be so drastic and bad. Civil litigators often help with cases such as slipping and falling down the stairs at work or any other lighter type of injury, so don’t be afraid to contact them even if you think that “it’s nothing serious” compared to some of the other situations that we’ve listed above.

How do they help?

So the purpose of a personal injury lawyer is to help you earn the compensation that you deserve after an unfortunate event. If you are unable to go to work because of your injury, let’s say that you have a broken leg, for example, they’ll help you get the compensation that should keep your economy up and running until you’re ready to work once again. One of the many such examples is Martin & Helms, P.C. It happens very often for a company to refuse to compensate for the injury of a certain employee, and this is where professional attorneys come to save the day.

If you’ve recently been neglected compensation for an injury that happened during work, for example, we suggest that you speak with an attorney and set up a meeting where you’ll discuss your options. The more information you provide to them, the higher the chances of getting that insurance compensation. Don’t believe in whatever the owner of your company has to say because it happens quite often that people get tricked and denied their insurance compensation even after a legitimate injury.

Is it worth to invest?

Money is a very important resource these days, so whenever some expense comes on our mind, and we’re not sure whether to pay for it or not, it’s easy to get into a mind-state where you’ll just say to yourself that it’s better to save that money. However, you shouldn’t rely on the agreement that you’ve signed with your company when it comes to the insurance, because compensation can sometimes not be granted if they cannot prove that your injury was legitimate, and this happens more often than we’d like.

How do they build up their career?

If you were to hire a lawyer, then chances are you’re wondering what it takes for them to reach the status of a “professional”. Well, that’s a great question, and as always we’re here to answer it for you.

The thing with personal injury lawyers is that they can start a private practice and work their way up. When they get at least some experience, they can join a company and work with them. In the end, if they achieve huge success and they build a solid reputation, they can leave the company and work on their own once again, although this time it will be a lot different than when they were once starting. The case is different with each individual, but in most cases, it happens as we explained above.

How do personal injury attorneys get paid?

Every attorney has a different way of deciding how much they’ll charge for your case, but almost always depends on some of the following factors:

  • How much time it took for them to prepare the case.
  • The outcome of the case, whether you won or lost at court, or if things didn’t get to court, whether you received the compensation or not.
  • How experienced they are in this field and based on their reputation. The attorneys with more experience will usually charge more.

It often happens that the client and the attorney come to an agreement that the payment will be issued based hourly. Or, in other scenarios, it can be about thirty percent of the amount that you’ll win from the compensation. The third popular option is a flat price, but that’s not common because sometimes the case can take a lot more time than what was expected at the beginning. There’s not a rule that states these three options cannot be combined, so that’s an option as well if you want to be flexible.


Personal injuries happen often, and the only person who can help you get the compensation you require at the moment is a personal injury attorney. Whenever you face a situation in which you were exposed to either physical or mental damage or trauma, we advise you to hire an attorney.  These people are dedicated to helping you get the compensation that you require in the fastest possible period, and it’s always worth it to pay for the service because the outcome is a lot more worth it.

Why It Is Essential To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer

Whenever someone gets involved in an accident, one of the first questions that come to mind can be, “do I need an injury lawyer?” There are certain types of personal injury claims for which you may need to seek the service of specialist injury lawyers. Hiring an injury lawyer to represent your injury claim can help you recover what you rightfully deserve. They will ensure that the responsible party pays for your losses and that you get access to justice.

Importance of a personal injury lawyer

Let us face it. Many individuals will be unable to defend their rights under the law without a lawyer. Personal injury lawyers have contributed immensely to the level of safety awareness that is increasingly being demonstrated by businesses, companies, and organizations. No organization looks forward to being slammed with personal injury litigation, and this perspective is attributable in part to the activities of lawyers. Injury lawyers can be regarded as the common man’s advocate since they take on the responsibility to hold neglectful individuals accountable for their actions (or inactions as the case may be).

A personal injury lawyer usually assists a person in making claims about the accident that they were involved with so that they can ask for compensation. Nevertheless, when consulting an injury lawyer, the inflicted party has to be sure about the skill, experience, and reliability of the lawyer. That can be vital to see whether a personal injury lawyer has everything required in them to handle a case successfully and to make their claim a successful one. One way to find out how reliable a personal injury lawyer is to do some research about this kind of lawyer, and it is best to select a lawyer who has a vast knowledge about personal injury related laws.

Personal injury lawyers also assist individuals who were involved in an accident to claim proper treatment, especially in a circumstance where there’s an argument about who’s to be made responsible for the accident and whether the people involved with the accident sustained severe injuries. Most of the times, a victim cannot be sure how much they have been affected until they visit a doctor and go through necessary tests. Therefore, the client needs to speak to a doctor immediately to be sure of their health condition after they have been involved in an accident.

For any injury you have received, it is evident that you get the best settlement possible plus the inconvenience you have been put through. Many organizations or individuals who have caused accidents will not voluntarily offer money as compensation, and even if they do, the amount is sure to be less than what you deserve. And this is where an excellent team of injury lawyers comes in. They can extract the largest settlement possible from the party who caused you harm, knowingly or unknowingly.

Various types of accidents come under the ambit of personal injury. Most of these accidents take place because of the carelessness of another person; unfortunately, you and your loved ones often have to bear the brunt of it unless you can get the assistance of a professional personal injury lawyer. Injury lawyers present a threat to insurance companies, and with their experience and skills, they can help claimants recover maximum compensation for their damages. Thus, a personal injury lawyer is a savior to countless numbers of victims.

These accidents range from ones that you get while at leisure to others you receive while at work. For example, you might be hurt because of suffering a fall at your office because of an uneven stair or exposed to certain materials at work. Ironically, your boss might even terminate your employment because of injuries that you have suffered at the workplace! Furthermore, you might get injured because of a collision with another vehicle or because the road you were traveling on was not maintained. It is vital that only the best lawyers to handle your case since shoddy legal will only weaken your case.

Here are some types of injuries that often qualify for more compensation:

• Broken Bones: Broken bones can take up to 6 months to mend. In some cases, they may not mend at all. During this time, the person may not be able to continue working, which would cause hardship for them and their family. If the bone does not mend, it could mean a series of surgeries to either place metal plates to connect the bone, or possibly a bone transplant to get the bone to heal.

• Catastrophic or disabling injuries: These types of injuries almost always result in more massive compensations. That is because they change the way a person can live. This type of injury covers;

head trauma
spinal damage
loss of one or more limbs
vision loss
wrongful death

Any of these injuries can impair a person’s ability to function in a way that was considered normal before the injury occurred. Most courts mandate exclusive compensation for this type of injury.

• Soft Tissue Damage: Soft tissue damage is damage to any part of your body that is not bone. That could include injuries such as severe bruising of internal organs or even internal bleeding. In some cases, if the damage to an organ is severe, it may mean the necessity for an organ transplant. Many insurance companies do not cover this range of damage. Even if they do cover it, they may try to get people to accept a payment that does not include all the costs involved.

• Severe Lacerations: Severe lacerations can result in the inability of a person to move as they usually would. That may make them unable to work as they usually would. Rosenberg & Gluck LLP can help you receive the compensation you need to pay your bills, cover medical costs, and provide for your family until the lacerations have healed.


While many accidents cannot be foreseen, those that are preventable but happen anyway are to blame on negligent people. If you think you can prove that the negligent party is legally accountable for your injuries, immediately look for an excellent attorney who is qualified for the type of injury you have sustained and ask him or her what the best course of action is.

When to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer After an Accident

Personal injury attorneys work with clients to ensure they get the right compensation after an accident. Settlements with insurance companies can be tough and complicated. If your case is not handled properly, you may end up with little or no compensation. This is why you need a lawyer who has experience in handling personal injury cases; someone who knows how to calculate the damages and fight the battle with insurance carriers. If you are not sure what instances you should call a personal injury attorney, below are four key examples.

Accident Resulted in Injuries

You shouldn’t think twice about calling a lawyer if you or a loved one sustains injuries from a road accident. Before you dismiss your injuries as small, get checked by a doctor. Also, you should get checked even if you feel fine because at times one may sustain internal injuries that may not be evident immediately. Therefore, go to a doctor first and get a report on the extent of your injuries when deciding whether or not to pursue your claim. Besides, if you delay getting medical help, the other parties may argue that you sustained the injuries from something else, not the accident. Most importantly, immediate medical help is essential for your well-being. Delaying treatment can make your injuries worse and slow down your recovery. 

Conflict in Proving Liability

For you to get compensation, you have to prove that the other party was responsible for the accident that caused your injuries. This is one of the hardest parts when it comes to personal injury cases because, in most accidents, people are not willing to take the blame without putting up a fight. Working with a personal injury lawyer such as can boost the success of your case. This is because he or she will know how to analyze your case and what evidence to present to prove liability. 

Accidents Involving Uninsured or Underinsured Motorists

Another time to talk to a lawyer is when you are hit by a motorist who doesn’t have an insurance cover or whose cover is not enough to cover the damage. Get advice from an attorney on the steps to take to ensure your injuries are catered for fully. 

Insurance Carrier Approaches You with a Settlement

An insurer can approach you with a settlement deal soon after the accident. Even when the deal seems good, don’t take it until you talk to an attorney. What the insurer is offering may turn out to be very low compared to what you are entitled to. Personal injury compensation extends to much more than the medical bills. Calculations should take into account lost wages, replacement costs, and mental anguish among other things. It will be hard to sue after a settlement and thus don’t take any deal until you are sure it’s the reasonable amount. 

Note that these four are not the only instances when you should call a lawyer. You should always seek help when you are not sure what steps to take after an accident. 

Why Do You Need to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

If you or your loved ones have suffered grievous injuries, the pain, and the recovery is really tough. On top of that, many times the insurance company fails to understand the situation and tries to exploit your condition to mint money.

You must have heard about multiple cases where insurance companies simply refuse to pay to the victim or offer to make a settlement. They are hardly concerned about how serious the injuries are but they are armed with many lawyers, and their main goal is to find a loop-hole in your situation so that they can save the company’s money. After all, they are paid for that.

If you are unable to get a fair settlement out of your insurance company, it is high time for you to appoint a personal injury lawyer right away. There are multiple reasons why hiring a lawyer works in your favor rather than fighting off the insurance company on your own.

Previous Experience with Similar Claims:

Such similar cases handled by the personal injury lawyer and the case histories would be helpful to handle your case. They are much more aware of all the tactics an insurance company can pull against you. Their knowledge of the law with a solid experience can really help your case a lot.

Handle All Communication:

When someone undergoes an accident or an injury, the trauma part of it can make the victims mental state weak. Insurance companies may want to talk to the victim as soon as possible, and they very carefully listen to the victim to find out reasons to make excuses to make a low settlement or in a worst-case scenario, no settlement.

An experienced lawyer can be a much better representative of yours and handle all the communication with the insurance company to avoid any further complications and confusions.


No Fees if You Don’t Win: 

Most of these personal injury lawyers do not collect their fees unless you get a settlement from the company. As per a Miami Injury Attorney, any personal injury lawyer needs to understand that you need to protect your financial resources for living expenses, mortgages, and debt payments. That is why such lawyers are paid a percentage from the compensation collected from the insurance company.

You Save Time:

Filing a claim is not as simple as it sounds. You need to request medical records, read policies, review charts, get paperwork from the hospital done and communicate with the insurance people. In your family health crisis, handling insurance activities can become a burden. It is for the best if you directly hire a lawyer who can take care of all the paperwork for you.

You Can Get Higher Settlements:

Statistics have revealed that people who hire a personal injury attorney receive higher settlements than the ones who do not. In the time of crisis, insurance companies may try to offer a quick and low settlement to take advantage of your situation.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer in such a situation is a wise decision as a lawyer can explain you the worth of your case and not let you accept anything lower than that.

If You Go to Trial

In the worst-case scenario if you have to go into a trial then doing it on your own against experienced attorneys is not advised. You should definitely hire a personal injury lawyer as he/she is aware of all your personal injury rights and is experienced to fight a case by producing an effective argument in the court.

Such unfortunate situations can get really difficult, it makes no sense to add on to your worries. Hire a personal injury lawyer instead to protect your interest and attain maximum compensation from the insurance company for you.