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5 Best Multiplayer Games To Play With Your Friends In 2020

Every day we are hearing information about the appearance of new video games. Some of them are brand new to the gaming market, while some others may be older but with improved and upgraded systems. This includes enhanced graphics, special effects, dramatic music, etc. – which attracts the attention of every passionate player. No wonder we’re almost hypnotized and nailed to game consoles. Most of us love video games, but you’ll admit that it’s all a lot more fun when you’re not alone. Therefore, we present to you 5 multiplayer games that you can play with your friends in 2020.

The Impact Of Multiplayer Platforms On Players

Playing multiplayer games is no longer just a weekend of hanging out with friends. Some gamers play purely for fun, while some have also gone into professional waters. By developing various PC games, sports, shooting, adventure, etc. – the human mentality and behavior began to change to some extent. We replaced the sports fields with PC consoles. Instead of playing football on the field, we started making our teams in front of the TV screen. The tournaments moved to the living rooms, and the only recreation became going to the markets for snacks and drinks. As games took on new forms, and as their development progressed and expanded – socializing and spending time in front of a monitor became more frequent.

How To Choose A Weekend Gaming Entertainment?


Most PC game fans are not solo players – unless you are a cruel professional for whom playing games has become a working time profession. Still, let’s go back to the ordinary population of players –  who associate this type of entertainment with hanging out with friends or family members. In a good atmosphere and good mood, we will most likely choose multiplayer games – where we can all divide into teams. Moreover, when it comes to sports PC games, we can also play against each other or even organize home tournaments.

With the development of technology, playing video games with a bunch of friends is now much easier. Today’s gaming equipment is quite different from the old joysticks we used to use a long time ago. In addition to modern consoles – the joysticks got a completely new and different look. While playing some of those games, you may even have the impression like you are really on the real tennis or football court. This type of entertainment is becoming more frequent – so it is not surprising that such gatherings are organized more and more often.

Are Games Just Leisure Or Have We Become Addicted To Them?

You’ve probably caught yourself thinking that you’ve somehow crossed the line from a passionate player to someone thinking of turning into a pro. Be careful not to cross the line between fun, professionalism, and addiction. Still, no one can dispute our claim that PC games are a lot of fun – and that they encourage us to hang out with your crowd or make new acquaintances in the gaming world. How many of you have played online in newly formed teams in which no one even knows each other personally? How many of you have exchanged tips on buying boosters?

As you can find at lfcarry.com – many players even share gaming experiences at different levels – or find their gaming mentors online. So, the social aspect of PC games can’t be ignored.

What Games You Should Play With Friends?

We will present you with some multiplayer games that seemed interesting to us. Many of those have even been in the gaming market for years. However, they are a perfect entertainment – especially if you have good company. Many of today’s multiplayer games can boast with good graphics, soundtracks, or special effects. These games – whether they are sporting, shooting, or adventurous – are perfect to play them with your friends. These are 5 that are our favorites.

1. Call Of Duty: Warzone


Call of Duty: Warzone, which came in Battle Royale style almost suddenly, except for various information leaks. To make things even better – Warzone is free for everyone: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC gamers. Warzone attracted over 6 million players during the first 24 hours, which is an impressive number, but also an indication that players ’interest in Battle Royale titles is still extremely high. Although the game is free for everyone, some of the players belong to the group that bought last year’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

2. FIFA Soccer


Should we even remind you this is the most prevalent game since the advent of the first console? In addition to the standard FIFA, there’s also a new generation of games, including the Champions League, Premier League, Bundesliga, Spanish and Italian League, etc. This game is most often played in a male company – where boys usually replace the sports fields with a couch in the living room. The gaming options are various – from assembling teams, through choosing the field where you play – to choosing the football season. One thing is certain – you will certainly have a lot of fun.

3. ATP Tennis


With the appearance of Federer, Nadal, and Novak Djokovic, but also ladies like the Williams sisters, Maria Sharapova, etc. – tennis as an MP game has reached the very top of popularity, almost as soccer. Various games like Wimbledon, Roland Garros, Davis Cup, etc. – are now at your fingertips. You can choose the players, tournaments, and surfaces on which tennis players play – and all you have to do is play and have a good time.

4. Counter-Strike


This game meets all the conditions of a great adventure. Over time of its existence, this game has evolved – so today is one of the most popular shooting games in the world. It requires skill, teamwork, precision, and speed – and has gone beyond the scope of ordinary games. So, today it is also played by professionals in tournaments around the world. The prizes are very stimulating depending on the competition categories and tournaments.

5. League Of Legends


Great adventure-strategic game. LoL is an exceptional game with great graphics, soundtracks, and breathtaking effects and is not for single players. Here you depend a lot on teamwork. This is also one of those games that are played in professional leagues as well. Many players of today have become big stars who publish special tutorials and tips on their specialized gaming channels on how to reach the best possible level and with as little effort as possible.


We hope that our choice of games has made your decision at least a little bit easier. All of these games are intended to be played collectively. You can learn a lot from them. First of all, you’ll learn how to be a team player, but also how to respect your opponents. One thing is for sure: As in previous years, so in 2020, games and hanging out with friends – will always remain in fashion.

10 Interesting Facts about League of Legends Every Game Enthusiast Should Know

No man in the world has not heard of one of the most famous games ever, League of Legends. Before embarking on the exciting world of League of Legends, you should know a few basic rules. If you want to try one of the most interesting online games, we advise you to continue reading, as we will present you with some essential information that will help you better understand the League of Legends.

First of all, a brief introduction to those who are unfamiliar with it. League of Legends is an online PC game, genre-based MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena), in which ten players (5 vs. 5) fight to win in the arena. There are certain positions and roles that each player occupies and specific rules of the game that we will refer you to a little bit.


To cope with space, it is necessary to know the layout of the map – Summoner’s Rift. The arena divided into three directions – upper, middle, and lower paths (top, mid, and bot). Each track contains six towers and two inhibitors, 3 of which are towers and one of your own. Also, there are “bushes” in each track that allow you to hide from your opponents.

The space between the tracks is a jungle. The essential creatures that exist in it are the dragon, baron, blue, and red bluff. Each of them gives exclusive benefits to the heroes in the jungle position, which gives others in the team in the form of increasing damage to their opponents and other benefits. The jungle, opponent’s base, and part of the path that has not reached is called “fog of war.”

The teams’ bases located in the lower-left and upper right corner, and the goal is to demolish the opponent’s base. The base (nexus) has reached by destroying the towers and one inhibitor, whose destruction can attack the last two towers guarding the nexus itself. It is only possible with the help of minions and super-creeps. Your role in the game depends on the hero you choose and the specific part of the map where you decide to start. There are five basic positions available- top, mid, jungle, ADC, and support.

The heroes selected for the position of the top are those who generally stick to their trajectory in Summoner’s Rift. These are a tank or bruiser heroes – melee characters who slap close-ups and can receive or deal a lot of damage (dmg). The mid position is similar to the top, and the main characteristic is that they make dmg through mages. In the middle position, you also play heroes doing physical dmg.

Jungle – they are not tied to any path. Free souls strolling through the jungle, killing creatures from it and slamming all the way to help their teammates fight. Heroes playing in this position can do dmg through magic or physically or be a tank. ADC position- Or you Attack Damage Carry. One player who plays in a bot position and aims to collect crypts, get a higher level, and take as many items as possible to increase his dmg. Support is another role in a bot position. As much as others may think their role is marginal, the backers are responsible for the team’s many successes. They keep the ADC alive, help with the kill, and set upwards for better visibility. Supports are virtually logistical support for the team.

In the following article, we wrote about ten exciting facts about League of Legends every game enthusiast should know.

image source: leagueoflegends.com
  1. The biggest prize won in a League of Legends tournament.

In Los Angeles, in 2011 was hosted a League of Legends tournament at the World Cyber Games. The teams who played were from China, Europe, and the Americas. The team from North America called the Counter Logic Gaming team won the tournament and got the prize of $7,000.

2. League of Legends players buy lol accounts, fact or myth?

It is a common knowledge that many players invest money in this video game and buy lol accounts to get ahead and be as good as possible in the game. You can find out more about if you check smurf-accounts.com

3. LoL is the second most profitable game in history.

The Counter-Strike is the only game in the history of video games that is more profitable than the League of Legends. The famous game collects nearly $20 million in prize money since the beginning of the release.

4. Who is better, Americans or Koreans?

Koreans won more than 5.5 million prize money from competitions, and the Americans collect three times less that amount of money.

5. How Zilean, the great Chronikeeper, got its name?

Zilean, the great Chronokeeper, is named after Tom Zileas Cadwell, who is ahead design director at Riot Games. He has a computer science degree from MIT, and was included in the making of Blizzard on Warcraft III and The Frozen Throne and WoW.

6. Where did the inspiration for the Fiora character come from?

The character Fiona was inspired by the famous Italian fencing master Fiore Dei Liberi, who had a great impact on the martial arts.

7. Fact about George ”HotshotGG” Georgallidis.

Did you know that George ”HotshotGG” Georgalidis dropped out of college to devote himself to a professional career in League of Legends?

8. Who was one of the first designed champions in the famous game?

Did you know that the mad chemist Singed was one of the first designed champions in the popular game? Annie, Sion, and Sivir were also champions who were designed at the very beginning of the game.

9. Who gave the voice for Zyra, Cassiopeia, Fiora, Shyvan, and Elise?


The famous actress, Karen Strassman, gave a voice for these five characters, can you believe that?

10. What is so special about Malphite?

If you looked closely, you noticed when Malphite uses his Ground Slam attack, the fist imprinted on the ground Riot Games’ logo.

Destiny 2 – What’s the game all about?

Ah, the world of video games. Nothing really provides more joy than relaxing with a nice title after a hard day of working or doing whatever. Taking a peek down memory lane, back from where it all started, we can only see how far the video game industry really came today, and it doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Gaming is already considered to be a significant part of many cultures worldwide, with a lot of modern schools implementing eSports and game development as a part of their regular programs. Anyways, enough with the glorification of our sacred virtual universes, and let’s talk a bit about Destiny 2.

Source: gamesradar.com

Destiny 2 is a title that’s seeing a lot of popularity lately, especially with some of the latest updates and expansions that we’re seeing. The game is developed by Bungie Entertainment, and for those of you that never heard about it, it’s an online-only multiplayer first-person shooter. The first release was for consoles, back in September 2017, but as usual, the PC version came out just a month afterward and currently sees the most players out of the two.

It isn’t really a secret that Destiny is pretty competitive, and some people even compare it to World of Warcraft, except it’s a shooter version of it. The same things apply though, you need to finish raids and farm mobs in order to get your desired gear, so it’s not really different in that term at all.

In order to become the very best at the game in terms of gear score and achievements, you’ll have to dedicate quite a few hours to playing Destiny. We do understand that a lot of people want to do this but they really can’t due to their day jobs or other responsibilities throughout the day. However, getting some help is never a bad idea, especially with the newest Destiny 2 Season 8, so feel free to click here if you are interested.

Source: .polygon.com

Grinding in Destiny is one of the key things that will bring you success, and you’ll have to learn to be patient while doing it. Just like in any other game where you have a looting and “Drop-Chance” system, you’ll have to repeat certain raids multiple times in order to get the weapon or other piece of equipment that you want.

PvE, however, is not the only thing that can be done in Destiny 2. If you’re more of a PvP type of person, you’re free to do that as much as you want as well. This game has some pretty amazing player-versus-player mechanics, so feel free to test your skills against real opponents on the battlefield. Remember that even if it’s not the most competitive type of a game out there, it’s still pretty serious and you will be facing some exceptionally skilled players in the arenas, so don’t get discouraged if you’re not doing well at the beginning. It’s a shooter game after all, and in every shooter game, you need to hone your skills and practice for many hours before you’re actually good at it.