Better Streaming and Advanced Features of Youtube Application

Started in 2005 by three PayPal employees YouTube is the dominating online video streaming application in the market. It is the largest video sharing platform. You can watch videos, listen to music, or even create your own videos and put them on your youtube channel.

Youtube has an incredible watch time of 1 billion hours every single day. The vast watch time is because of the quality content created by people. The videos are not from great studios and professional TV channels only. It provides user-generated content. It engages people and makes them watch more videos. It is interesting to know that youtube uploads 100 hours of videos every minute.

How to have a better youtube streaming experience:

according to the youtube policies, it does not allow the users to watch more than 360p quality videos. Youtube offers advanced features like this to its premium members only. To become a premium member, you have to pay $12 every month. And still, you will not get all the desired features.

But in this modern era, there is a solution to every problem. You can stream unlimited youtube videos without any ad interruption with the vanced application. It is an advanced and better version of youtube allowing the users to access a lot of amazing features like:

  • Adblocking feature
  • Background playback option
  • Video downloading
  • Video to audio conversion
  • Picture in picture modea

Every youtube user wants to have all these features to make their time quality has become possible to have all these features now. it is not just a wish anymore.

Blocking all the youtube ads:

It annoys everyone when we have to waste our time by watching a one-minute ad in a 5-minute video. youtube ads increasing day by day. The reason behind it is the companies that want to approach a large audience and make more sales. And this is how the YouTubers make money by allowing the sponsored ads in the videos. it is not all bad until they put 5 ads of a minimum of 10 seconds in a single video. that is just unfair. It wastes a lot of time and data.

The problem is solved by downloading the additional application that has an in-built ad-blocking feature. All the ads get blocked automatically and you do not see any video ads or pop up banner ads at all. You can get rid of objectionable and time-consuming ads this way and stream smoothly.

Downloading the youtube videos:

Youtube does not allow users to download videos. it allows limited downloads only but these videos stay in the youtube application and vanish after 30 days. One cannot depend on it and wants something permanent. So users need to have the downloading option in times they will not have any wifi or mobile data.

It is not possible to have the internet on your phone all the time. While you are at the gym, traveling, or bored, downloaded music and videos can help you pass the time in a better way. This is where the need to have a downloading option appeared. In the 21st century, you get ht you wish for as the world has become more advanced now.

An additionally installed browser allows you to download the video or audio-only. You just open the application and stream and download the same videos as are on youtube. The solution is just one click away.

Background playback option:


Youtube requires the users to sit with the application screen open and watch the video. Otherwise, you do not have an option. It does not allow the background playback option. You cannot use two applications at the same time while streaming youtube. It annoys the users because it is hard to sit and watch the entire video when you just want to listen to the audio-only while doing your other work.

But the video background playback option is just one click away in the additional browser. You get to use two applications at the same time. Just click the background playback option and continue to do other tasks.

Key benefits of the application:

The people like me who spend most of the time on youtube video streaming, there a lot of benefits of having an additional application. It knows exactly the needs and wants of users and provides the best streaming experience.

Everything is the same as youtube. All the content and channels are the same. It is just a fact that additional application provides the users with advanced features. some of the other key benefits are as follows:

  • Users can stream high-quality videos with even 1080p quality.
  • Conversion from video to mp3 or mp4 audio
  • Its ad-block feature is what attracts the users.
  • You can set the theme to dark or back.
  • You can import or export youtube subscriptions.
  • No need to create a youtube account to subscribe to channels
  • You can create your own playlist or bookmark any video.

All these features are available for free. You do not have to pay a single penny to youtube now. Technology has changed everything.

How to download the application:

After all the discussion, the only question that pops up in my head is how to get the application and fulfill the needs. Downloading the application is just a piece of cake. The process begins as follows:

  • It is an external application and is not available on the google play store. You can search on google and find the application in no time.
  • Download the APK file on your phone and install it
  • Make sure your mobile phone has allowed the installation from unknown sources.
  • Once the APK file is installed, click to open it.
  • Search the desired video in the search bar and get access to all of the features in one place

And bingo! You have the latest application to stream exactly the youtube videos with advanced features. You do not have to learn how to use the newly installed application because it is the same as youtube. it has the same design and content as youtube.

10 Important Things to know about Bitcoin to PayPal Transfer

Bitcoins are a kind of cryptocurrency which can be sold, bought or exchanged along with being used in buying a variety of things. This cryptocurrency has been gaining more and more popularity since then. There are many interesting aspects of bitcoins and their utility which makes it a topic to discuss.

About PayPal

PayPal is a means by which you can do various transactions. This is basically a way by which you can make or receive online payments from a personal account or a business. One of the simplest methods to pay via PayPal is entering your debit or credit card details in the PayPal option. Do it when it flashes on your screen while making any payment. You can even directly add your bank details in the PayPal category to proceed with simple payments. However, there is also something that you might not be aware of.

Things to know about Crypto to PayPal Transfer

If you own some amount of cryptocurrency, it is possible to transfer that in your PayPal account. You can make its use of your future payments. Given below are the 10 important things to know about it: –

  • You must know an important thing about Bitcoin to PayPal transfer. There are no direct ways available to aid in the transfer process. That is, you cannot directly transfer the bitcoins you own into the PayPal account. The layman’s way is to cash out the bitcoins first and then transfer into the PayPal account.
  • For the cash-out process, you would need to withdraw them to your bitcoin wallet. Once you do that, you would need to sell them out for getting the real money against it. For selling, you could consider searching for someone who deals in it. You can look for an exchanger who can offer you a value of money for the bitcoins you own. Another option is that you can sell it to someone who is looking for buying these bitcoins.
  • In 2016 Coinbase announced that transfer conversion of bitcoins to the USD dollars would be available with much rapidness. After moving bitcoins in the Coinbase account, you can withdraw them as USD directly to your PayPal account.
  • The process, though being very simple, requires you to follow certain steps properly. You must have a Government ID for this purpose. During the process, the verification of the ID is completed. Also, it requires a particular amount of fees against each withdrawal, i.e. 3.75% sell fee. This method is one of the fastest, as well as the safest method. You may use it for withdrawing bitcoins as US dollars into the PayPal account.
Image source:
  • The simple procedure of this method includes certain steps. Move the bitcoins that you wish to sell into the Coinbase account first. You will be shown options such as buy or sell bitcoins. Out of these, you would choose to sell for converting it into real currency. Decide on how many bitcoins you wish to convert into the USD. Then, you must enter the number and proceed with the transfer by choosing PayPal as your payout method.
  • There is one more important thing that you must check while making the bitcoins transfer into the USD. You must check whether the exchanger you wish to consider is safe or not. It is indeed necessary for you to do thorough research before you think of relying on any random source. There are fair chances of meeting the scam exchanges too and suffering losses. Also, beware of the fraud exchangers who can potentially steal your password and other personal information too.
  • There are not only one or two exchangers available for converting the bitcoins into USD. If you search on the web, there are numerous exchangers available who deal in bitcoins. Thus, you must choose the best one out of all which suits your requirements. There is one crucial factor, based on which you need to choose an appropriate exchanger. It is to look at the value they are offering you for the bitcoins. Each exchanger would have a different exchange rate. You must consider choosing the one which offers a high rate.
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  • Reviews are often given by the number of people who have undertaken such transfer in the past. You can refer to those reviews and decide on which would be a better exchanger for you. You must avoid choosing the one which has been given poor reviews by the users. You must stay conscious of the frauds involved. For this, it would be better if you rely on a trusted source. Someone who can provide you with information about Bitcoin to Pay Pal transfer and renowned exchangers.
  • There is another important factor to consider while exchanging bitcoins to USD PayPal account. It is to check whether the exchanger is valid as per the rules and regulations of your country. There will be no point in availing the services of the exchanger who is not allowed in your country. Thus, you must make sure that the particular bitcoin to the PayPal transfer method is valid in your country.
  • There is one wonderful option that you must look at, for getting guidance over converting your bitcoin amount into USD via the PayPal account. It is the one, which is a productive means by which you would get all the details of the various exchanges available. You would be able to see a complete list of exchangers. This includes the ones which offer the best value for bitcoins that are featured on the top.


Are you looking for reliability as well as the best value of your bitcoin amount? You would get to experience enormous exchangers here with a different value of bitcoins to real money. Choose the best exchanger depending upon the benefits offered by it. Click here to know more about the wide list of bitcoin exchangers given on the official website of Best Exchange. Enjoy the best experience of Bitcoin to Paypal transfer. After all, every bitcoin has a gem value, and you should be bestowed with the same!

Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency : A Comprehensive Introduction

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency technologies have considered being obscure and widely unused even just five years ago and now has become one of the most flourishing technologies in the world. These technologies are being researched throughout the academic field and flourish throughout the world businesses.

Now we will take an intense dive into what bitcoin and cryptocurrency technologies are, what give them value and what cryptocurrency is.

An Early Introduction To Cryptocurrency:

Cryptocurrencies firstly came into existence in 2008 when an anonymous called “Satoshi Nakamoto,” published a research paper called Bitcoin whitepaper.

In this paper, he explained a new type of financial asset that was digitally-based and not held by any institution. Instead, they collectively shared, owned, and possessed by all of the globe dispersed participants of the network.

Uses Of Cryptocurrencies:


The first cryptocurrency is the Bitcoin, and it is used for two objectives: firm price and facilitating the transfer of value.

Ethereum was firstly introduced by Vitalik Buterin in 2013, in the Ethereum white paper. It  was the first massive cryptocurrency to bring entirely new methods to cryptocurrency technologies and to the market place.

In the present era, there are more than 5,000 cryptocurrencies and many trading platforms like, each with its applications, target market, or spin on paths to select Blockchain tech.

What are the factors about cryptocurrencies that offer them value?

  • Pseudo-Anonymity


Cryptocurrency provides the best facility of taking back control of the financial privacy of people from around the globe by relating only a wallet address to transactions despite KYG- proven identification details like name, address, and date of birth.

Few cryptocurrency technologies like Monero have taken it one step ahead and worked to produce completely anonymous currencies that protect the identities of those contributed in transactions.

  • Low Fee Charges

While using PayPal, Western Union, and Banking system to make money transactions may incur charges depending on the situation and is the second massive draw card for cryptocurrency technologies.

  • Permissionless

There are so many people across the globe that isn’t able to use the mainstream financial process also due to wide range of various factors, and one of the central tenants of crypto, when it produced, was that having no one controlling organizations means that all are easy can use the network if they want.

  • Quickest Transfer Of Money


International money transfer systems can take more than four days. Few banks don’t transfer money on two days of the weekend, PayPal also sometimes take time to move.

Surprisingly, Bitcoin is one of the laziest cryptocurrency with the transfer rate of 30 minutes.

What Is Bitcoin?


Bitcoin is known as cryptocurrency, a form of electronic money. It is called decentralized digital currency completely independent from banks and sendable from user to user on the peer to peer bitcoin Blockchain system without the requirements for intermediaries.

Bitcoin was firstly emerged in 2008 just after occupy wall Street accused huge banks of illegal use of borrowers’ money, corrupting the system, duping the clients, and charging boggling fees. Bitcoinpioneers wished to keep the seller in charge, excluding the middleman, to cancel payments of interest, to make the transformation of money transparent, to ban corruption, to produce organic network value, and to deduce fees. They made a decentralized system, where you could store your amount and know what was going to happen without depending on the banking system.


Bitcoin has appeared far relatively short time. Across the globe organizations, from REEDS Jewelers, a huge jewelers chain in the United States, to a private sector hospital in Warsaw, Poland accepts its currency. Substantial money businesses such as Expedia, Dell, PayPal, and Microsoft do, too. Sites encourage it, publications like bitcoin magazine on air its news and value actions, platforms discuss cryptocurrency and business its coins. It possesses its application programming interface, value index, and exchange rate.

  • A Deep Dive Into Bitcoin

Bitcoin is either virtual currency or reference to the technology. You can perform transactions by checks, cash, or wiring. Furthermore, bitcoin can be used, where you suggest the purchasers to your signature, which is a lengthy line of security codes encrypted with 16 various symbols. The buyers decode the security code with his cell phone to attain your cryptocurrency. On the other hand, cryptocurrency is an ax m exchange of digital information that offers you the purchase of or sell goods and services. The security of transactions gains trust by running on a peer to peer network process similar to Skype, or BitTorrent, a type of file-sharing system. Nakamoto leveraged Blockchain technologies to offer Bitcoin to attain decentralization, full transparency, and immutability.

  • Launching Of Bitcoin

The launch of Bitcoin came into existence, when the resentment and repercussions of the world financial crisis were still fresh. All the people were still unfortunate at the world economic upper class for, at best, letting the disaster happen, and worst, producing it.

The following are a few Bitcoins transactional features:

  1. Irreversible features
  2. Fast and across the globe
  3. Pseudonymous
  4. Safe and secure
  5. Permissionless abilities

What Is The Genesis Block?


The genesis block is the first collection of transactions of any cryptocurrency that is formally accepted into its Blockchain.

The genesis block date of any cryptocurrency thought of as its birthday, and it is the first moment that crypto is basically in operation, and that the network utilized to do transactions recorded in its Blockchain.

The genesis firstly mined on the 3rd of January 2009 at approximately 16:15 am UTC for bitcoin. This milestone marked the real beginning of the life of Bitcoin. At the time when genesis block for bitcoin mined, the node that won received 50 BTC.


Bitcoin and cryptocurrency technologies over the last 11 years have disrupted the world’s economic process and financial system by creating a payment system that is ahead of its era. They still have to cover a lot of miles. It is going to happen, very interestingly, to see where we are going to go from here.

Easy Ways To Exchange Bitcoins To PayPal

People who work deal with Bitcoins know that it is impossible to exchange Bitcoin cryptocurrency directly to PayPal money. However, after a lengthy investigation, we discovered that there are reliable exchange services, which can do such a conversion. For example, acts as an exchange service for intermediate converting your bitcoins to PayPal. It is only one example, among many others. We are going to see several exchangers for you to have freedom of choice.

Regularly, there are millions of money transactions, which are performed online. Nowadays, e-commerce is rising. It is one of the main reasons why more and more money transactions are online. If you start an online business, you have to figure out the most convenient and safe ways to make money transactions.

When we speak about PayPal, you should know that it is one of the most used digital wallets, which are used by people all around the world. The platform has more than 170 million accounts. A lot of freelancers, business owners, and crypto traders use PayPal.

Let’s admit that the cryptocurrency is the future evolution in terms of money. Nothing is surprising that cryptocurrency starts replacing old-fashioned credit and debit cards. Modern people are not afraid of performing cashless transactions anymore. Our world will become cashless in the nearest future, and we have to adapt our lives and way of thinking. Online operations are more efficient than dealing with coins or paper banknotes. People are used to using credit cards, and now it is time to get used to cryptocurrencies.

The problem of converting bitcoins to EUR/USD is obvious. Many people try to find a solution. Most cryptocurrency exchanges do not offer services to exchange bitcoins into USD/EUR and then just make a fiat withdrawal to a user’s PayPal account. However, the listed exchanges have finally found a way to solve this issue. We recommend you to make a choice carefully and always check the transaction fee because some exchanges have quite high fees.

How to Exchange Bitcoins Directly To PayPal: The List Of Exchanges


There are many advantages to using this service and many people will agree with this statement. If you have bitcoins or any other kind of cryptocurrency, the website offers you to check more than just a simple list of names/links of famous exchangers you can fully trust. You can observe the current bitcoins value in real-time. The information gets updated every five seconds. All the listed cryptocurrency exchangers are sorted by the exchange rates. Everyone can read real user feedback, as well as leave your own review. By using this website, you will maximize the number of dollars obtained via such operations. You do not risk becoming a victim of numerous frauds. You will see the listed exchangers, which have vast dollar reserves. You will do transactions of any required amount from anywhere in the world. Use the website to see the up-to-date value of the cryptocurrencies. select the best exchangers and perform transactions with satisfaction and a high level of security.


xCoins offers clients an exciting way of transferring bitcoins to PayPal directly. You will be provided a bitcoin loan, which is 100% secure. Pay attention that it is a lending website, which provides additional services to purchasing/selling bitcoins to PayPal service. It works great, so you should not pay attention to the loan terminology. To use the service, make sure that you have a PayPal account. Otherwise, you will not be able to accept loan deposits. Many clients find this service quite efficient, but the fees are a bit high.

Local Bitcoins recommended option

It is a popular marketplace for selling bitcoins either for cash or various online payment services. The process of trading is smooth and happens between real users in online mode. The idea is to find a seller who is interested in exchanging bitcoins with PayPal. You can browse trade listings and discuss the terms of purchasing or selling cryptocurrencies. If you have a PayPal account, you will have to pay fees. You will like a reputation system, which helps users negotiate only with reliable individuals.


Paybis is one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges, which was founded in 2014. You will be impressed to see a wide range of methods of purchasing, exchanging, or selling bitcoins or other popular cryptocurrencies. As a result, the website has a lot of positive feedback thanks to safe and high-quality services. You should be ready to pay around 10% of your bitcoin value, which is a bit high, but you risk-free service.


This website offers users to sell bitcoins and have USD/EUR funds deposited directly into their PayPal wallets. To start the immediate withdrawal process, you have to link your PayPal account with Coinbase. You must visit Coinbase’s “Payment methods” page or simply tap “Settings” and “Payment Methods” if you use Android/iOS devices. Note that you will pay absolutely no fees for withdrawing funds to PayPal.

Numerous Forums

Try exchanging your bitcoins on forums. We can recommend you Bitcointalk marketplace, but you have to stay vigilant about dealing with traders there.


There is nothing challenging to exchange bitcoins to PayPal. However, you should be aware that PayPal may freeze your account if they discover that you do such bitcoin conversions on a regular basis. That is why there is no need to shout out loudly about your business. Also, be careful doing exchanging business on forums. You can avoid a lot of problems and risks by doing a little test first. We hope that you have a clearer understanding of the using, paying, and exchanging such a cryptocurrency as Bitcoin via PayPay. In case, our reader has something to add to this practical discussion. Please let us know. The community of crypto traders is growing, and we have to spread the information among average users. This is the way people learn, exchange knowledge, and open new perspectives for the future.

Free Credit Card Numbers Which Work

Nowadays, everyone seems to prefer a credit card over a wallet. You can use a credit card for all sorts of payments and purchases. Each credit card contains numbers which identify the network, owner, expired data, and ID. There are no two credit cards which have the same number. So, let’s find out how you can get free credit card numbers which work in 2019.

Ways to Get Free Credit Card Numbers

You can get your credit card numbers from an official issuer or from an unknown and unofficial website. It is obvious that the former one is valid, while the latter one is definitely not valid.

Official Credit Card Issuer

Credit cards from official issues contain numbers which are owned and known by only a legal owner. On the other hand, plenty of credit card numbers from the official issuer are available in website or services which need verification process. Even though these numbers are free, there are there only for testing purposes. Hence, as soon as you input credit card form with these numbers, the PayPal system will verify automatically and show the validation process. They are recognized as valid, and both Visa and MasterCard provide free numbers for public use. Nevertheless, these numbers are available only for testing and trial procedure.

Credit Card Generator

You can also obtain free credit card numbers using an online generator. Even though the numbers aren’t valid, they can bypass the verification. As valid numbers only come from the official issuer, generators aren’t official. In order to get those numbers, there are plenty of websites which offer online credit card generator. Select a website which seems legit and offer data for credit card issuer, type, and expiration date.

You can get the numbers, but note that you won’t be able to use them for payment. Instead, use them to validate the registration process when you don’t want to share your real credit card details to unknown websites.

Additional Things to Know about Free Credit Card Numbers

Before you decide to obtain such numbers, there are a number of additional but important things to know. So, you can use them for system testing, where you can use these credit card numbers as a wallet which integrates to the online system. Moreover, these numbers will come in handy for a trial account. Most of the services which offer a trial version require your credit card data. However, if you don’t want to provide it, using the free numbers is a great alternative. Plus, you won’t have to worry when canceling or rejecting the offer.

Additionally, the free numbers are also great to use when you want to bypass verification. Even though you need a valid credit to register online payment, you aim would be the membership which is unlimited. So, you can use these numbers to get a membership and savor the advantages to access additional services.

Last but not least, these credit card numbers will also keep you away from scams. So, you won’t longer worry that you can provide your personal information and credit card numbers to a website with zero security prevention. Instead, use the free numbers and keep your sensitive information for yourself.

Free Credit Card Numbers 2019
Card Number:4916080580560115
Name: Kimberly Brooks
Card Type:MasterCard
Card Number:5101054705803504
Name: Bennie Aguirre
Card Type: Visa
Card Number:4556832100414982
Name: Kimberly Ramirez
Card Type: Visa
Card Number:4556233560214212
Name: Elizabeth Zhang
Card Type: Visa
Card Number:4929232481824372
Name: Dorothy Arias
Card Type: Visa
Card Number:4539777934735395
Name: Thomas McCaw
Card Type:MasterCard
Card Number:5111528054173724
Name: Mark Bolin
Card Type: Visa
Card Number:4916708559921690
Name: Theresa Seabol

How to Make Money with Online Surveys

It has been obvious for a quite a long time that big brands what to have a peek into the consumer’s brain so to understand them and know what the potential buyer wants.

The companies give huge amounts of money on marketing trying to get their product to sell, and they are burning a lot of cash to get the information needed. That’s where Online Surveys come into play.

If you’ve ever been interested in making a little cash on the side, then online surveys might be the thing for you. They usually can take up to 30 minutes to complete, and the pay is not that great, but it can provide you with a sum of money each month just by doing… nothing.

We’re here to recommend you the best online survey websites available to you.

1. Survey Junkie


At number one for a reason, Survey Junkie has over 5 million registered members! The surveys you fill are usually screening questions, and there are no special requirements. You get points for completing each of those, usually, 10- 90 and 100 points is equal to 1$. Once you’ve hit 1000 points, or 10$, you can redeem them through PayPal or electronic gift cards. Surveys can take a single minute of your time or up to 20.

2. MyPoints

MyPoints pays you when you go online shopping, watch videos, play games and of course surveys. They are owned by the same company as Swagbucks, and they reward you with points which can be exchanged for money. Minimum payout through PayPal stands at 25$ which is somewhere around 4000 points, that means that each point is worth little over half a cent. Points can also be redeemed for gift cards, predominantly eBay and Amazon. MyPoints surveys take up to 20 minutes to complete.

3. Inbox Dollars

One of the easiest, simple and convenient, Inbox Dollars is one of the best store surveys out there. It pays you for watching videos, playing games, shop online, explore new websites and taking surveys. The way it works is that it pays for the valuable information you are gathering while doing so. Minimum cash out is 30$, but if you want to waive the standard fee of 3$, we recommend cashing out 40$ dollars.

4. Vindale Research

Vindale Research is one of the oldest online survey company out there. Based in New York, the company pays you only in cash, not points. They work by offering the best prices per survey which can be between 25 cents and 50$ for each of those. The more complicated ones are the best paid, but usually, it takes a longer time and is a lot more demanding.

5. One Opinion

One Opinion is doing product testing apart from online surveys. The reward in points and 1000 points is 1$. Cash out starts when you hit 25,000 points or 25$ and can be done via PayPal or via gift cards. If can make it to the rank of “panel member” of OneOpinion, you can be paid in testing a new product at home before release.

6. Earning Station

Earning Station is an online survey website that rewards users for completing various tasks, watching videos, shopping and referring friends.

It pays you in points called Station Dollars, and they can be exchanged for gift cards (Amazon, Walmart, eBay…), virtual gift cards and PayPal.

The PayPal and virtual gift cards option is better, while physical gift cards are mailed, and it can usually take up to 6 weeks receive. Earning Station is new and is open to the USA residents, and you have to be 18+.