What To Do If You Lost Your Birth Certificate?

This paper is very important, and it is necessary to send request and get an original copy if you lose it. It represents the proof of your identity, birthplace, and other data that is needed when you want to get any other document like ID, passport, driver’s license, and more. For a long time, losing such document was a big issue since you had to deal with bureaucracy. However, with the integration of digital services, you can now order it online. If you want to learn more about this feature, visit

You should always pay attention and keep your important documents in a safe place. The biggest risk is that someone might try to use your papers and create fake documents, or for identity theft, which could even get you involved in criminal activities without you knowing that.  Still, there is no need to panic. Here are important steps that you have to do in case that you lose this document.

First Steps After Losing It

First of all, there is not a reason to panic since this is not a rare case, and there is a solution. However, you shouldn’t wait after losing it. You won’t be able to get any other document. Therefore, report the missing paper and demand a new copy right after you notice that it is lost. When it comes to the process of getting a new one, it depends on the country. When it comes to the United States, you will have to send a proposal to the place of your birth.

What Are The Requirements?

There could be some differences from country to country. However, keep in mind that you can get this paper only in the city where you were born, even if you are now living in another country. The process is not complicated, especially in countries where you can finish it online. That is a great advantage since you don’t need to travel only to get it. When it comes to requirements, you will have to provide a valid document as proof of your identity.

Those documents are social security number, driver’s license, green card, and more. Also, you should add a photo ID as well. Besides that, you will need to provide some further information, such as parents names, date of birth, name of the birthplace. Adding more data will make the whole process much faster.

Process Of Getting New Copy

After you collect all of the papers and prepare everything to send a request, you should learn more about various regulations and differences between those who are born in the country and those who were born abroad. That is a common cause in the United States since it is very popular for immigrants. In case that you were born in the country, the process is quite simple, and you will only need to visit the institution in the city where you were born.

Moreover, if you are not born in the country of your current residence, but your parents are, you will have to request for an additional paper from the embassy. In case that you need it while you are not in the country, you will have to visit an embassy send the request from there. The great option is that we can now use online services, which makes the whole process simple and fast.

What to Do if Your Document is Stolen?

We already mentioned that the biggest risk is related to the fact that someone might try to use your papers for some criminal activities. Therefore, be sure to report the missing paper on the first notice. The officials will immediately report this case and create a new copy of this paper.

The Importance of Birth Certificate


As we already mentioned, you cannot get any other valid paper without a proper birth certificate. Therefore, you should always have it when you need social security when you want to sign for the school, for bank accounts, passport, to join military, and all other processes where you have to confirm your identity with it.

Is It Expensive?

The standard form where you will need to visit the local department or send a request by main is not so expensive, and it usually costs less than other types of documents. However, the prices could go up if you are not in the country, or you live far away. Therefore, the expenses could be higher in that case.

Also, we have to mention the online service and agencies, which is the most expensive option. However, it brings advantages since you will save a lot of time and effort. When it comes to formal institutions, the price is around $30 when you want it to be delivered by mail.

Moreover, there is a wide selection of online platforms and mobile apps where you can request a new copy of this official paper. However, keep in mind that you will have to share your personal data with those services to fulfill the process of request. The main risk is that you might visit a suspicious website that could be a scam, and you might find yourself in even bigger issues than losing this paper.

The best solution is to look only for licensed online services. You can check whether some website is valid or not by looking for online reviews and comments of other people. If you notice that there are many negative ones, or that the owner of the websites deleting them, you should skip that option.

The Bottom Line

You can prevent this problem by always keep your documents in a safe place. Also, you should never carry all of them together. Losing the certificate along with your ID, passport, driver’s license, and other papers that are the proof of your identity could lead to more serious complications since it will require a lot of time, money, and effort to deal with the process of getting all of these documents.

How Brexit is Affecting the Tourism in Europe

There is almost no person that doesn’t like to travel. Unfortunately, nowadays, people are prevented from doing so due to everything going on. In addition to all that, the citizens of Great Britain are now facing even more problems when they want to leave their country, and it is because of Brexit, and what it means for UK citizens – travel related. It is a term that refers to the UK’s exit from the European Union, and that made many things difficult, including the trip to these countries. Fortunately, traveling is still possible, but with some changes, and if you are interested and want to visit Spain, check out, and find out everything one may need for such a vacation. And for those interested in the changes that Brexit brings when it comes to tourism, continue reading, as this text will answer many of your questions.

1. Passport regulations are not the same

Passport is one thing that is crucial for any trip outside the country, and checking on time, whether it is expired or not, is one of the usual things we do, but for Brits who want to go to some other EU country, that’s not all. Namely, after leaving the EU, Brits lost the benefit of traveling with no passport and now must follow the same procedure as for any other non-EU country. What this means is that the document must be valid for a period of at least six months, and also, it cannot be older than ten years. If it is expiring soon or if it is older than this period, then what you need is to get the new one. It has a dark blue color, and the other significant difference is the fact that it doesn’t say the “European Union” on the first page. Among all that, it’s always necessary to check visa and passport regulations before the trip to avoid any inconveniences that may occur.

2. Longer border check

Getting in time to the airport has always been a must, but with Brexit, that arriving at the airport time is also changing, and you will need to keep in mind to get there even earlier. There will be some new procedures, like for when you board, checking for a return ticket or even the amount of money you are carrying, and each of them takes extra time. The first one is important to confirm that the 90-day limit period will not be breached, and the second one is significant because it can prove that you are not going to illegally work if you have enough of it for the duration of your visit. These checks will not occur for UK citizens traveling to Ireland.

3. Different staying period

Among all other things, staying in some countries of the European Union is now a little different. Brits can stay in any of them (Schengen countries included) for up to ninety days in a period no longer than 180 days, without any specific permission or visa. To put it simply, this means that after 90 days, you must go back to the UK for no less than 180 before being qualified to travel to any other destination that is a part of the Schengen. A few countries have different regulations, so attending them is not restricted to 90 days, and those countries are Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, and Croatia. Of course, visiting for more than ninety days is possible, and you can ask for a visa if you have a legitimate reason, like a work permit or if you study abroad.

4. Traveling with a pet has different rules

Every responsible owner who wants to travel with their dog has a pet passport, as well as a vaccination paper, and these were all the necessary documents for taking pets to the European Union until now. It changed, and what’s required is the animal health certificate, and without that document, the trip is not possible. For those who are planning to obtain the AHC, you should know that it could take more than a month to get it. Arranging the relevant vaccinations take time, so it is crucial to prepare everything on time. It needs to be valid for at least 4 months and received up to 10 days before the trip. The other important thing is that using AHC is possible for only one trip, and for every next voyage, you will need to get the new one. Rabies vaccination and the microchip are also a must, and if you are planning to take your pet to Malta, Norway, Finland, Northern Ireland, or the Republic of Ireland, it will need treatment against tapeworms.

5. Using mobile phone

There is no more guarantee for charges-free roaming in the EU, so if you do not want to have some unexpected costs, the best solution is to verify with the mobile operator. The plan of the United Kingdom and EU is to co-operate and make the roaming free of fees, but it is in negotiating phase. The government is finding ways to protect their customers, and one of them is a limitation of charging on a monthly level. It is £45, and if you require more data, you must opt in to use them. Besides that, the customers are getting the message when they approach 80% and 100% of the mobile data usage. The mobile providers tell that they will not increase those costs, but it is much better to check it before the trip.

The bottom line

This text lists only some of the changes that are taking place after Brexit. There may be more of them, so it is important to keep informed. Travels fulfill a person and make life better. People who travel more often are full of energy, in a better mood, and much happier than those who dedicate their entire lives to work. Therefore, we hope that the epidemic will be over soon, as well as that the consequences of Brexit will not be tremendous, and that travel will soon be normalized.

What an American Needs to Know When Traveling to Canada

People often confuse Canada to be a state in the northern part of America. For those people, let us tell you, Canada is an entire country that shares its borders with America.

One of the main reasons behind these misconceptions is that Canada’s culture often resonates with that of America. Then again, Canada is a hub of tourist spots and beautiful places you need to visit. You can get to know more about the visa application process to Canada at

If you are an American and are planning to visit Canada for the first time, follow this article to know the basic things you need to know before you set out on your expedition.

1. You need a passport

Back in the day, the Americans did not need to have a passport to travel to Canada. The relations between the two countries have been amazing since the very beginning, and hence neither visa nor passport was needed. However, with some unwanted incidents in the U.S., the government changed the traveling laws.

Now, all U.S. citizens must necessarily possess a passport to travel here, and they will also have to deal with the immigrations and customs upon arriving in the country.

You will also be needed to explain why you visit the country, whether you are there as a tourist or a businessman. This is something everyone needs to answer.

After they find your answers to be satisfactory, you will be allowed to collect your bag, and after showing your custom forms, you are allowed to leave.

2. The U.S. Dollar is strong right now

The American Dollar has a higher value than the Canadian Dollar. 1 USD translates to 1.26 CAD, or in other words, 1 CAD translates to 0.77 USD. That means that you will get an instant discount of at least twenty percent wherever you shop from.

3. You can find extinct stores here

Canada has a hoard of stores like the Old Navy, Bombay, etc. All these brands have gone out of business and have become extinct for the rest of the world. However, these stores continue to hold their existence in this country.

Also, Winners and HomeSense is the Canadian version of the famous store Marshalls and HomeGoods.

During your trip to this country, you can buy a variety of attractive items here like beautiful Canadian paintings, delicious food, fine wine, whiskey, sculptures, and textiles. Some of the popular Canadian shoppable items include blankets in Hudson’s Bay, prints by Canadian artists in Quebec, British Columbian jade products, handmade carpets in Nova Scotia, and more.

If you are fond of wine, then Niagara is the best place to buy it from. Apart from this, you can also visit the Niagara Waterfall. Quebec is a great destination for maple syrup and maple sugar.

4. They use the metric system

While almost the rest of the world measures distances in miles, Canada measures distance in kilometers and meters. The centimeter is used for snow forecasts. Also, the temperature is measured in Celsius.

5. Paying the bill at a restaurant is different

The words used in this country are much different than the ones used in America. However, both of them have the same meaning. For example, in Canada, the check is known as the bill. So, if the cashier hands you out your “bill,” do not get confused, that’s just your regular check. Generally, the waiter brings the bill to your table, and you can pay via your credit cards. And by different, I mean better. First of all, it is the bill and not the check. Swipe your credit card, add a small tip, and then get your printed receipt with a ‘paid’ mark. The entire process is smooth with the chance of any fraudulent activities

6. The term Canada means village

The country of Canada derives its name from the word Kanata, which means the village. Whereas, in terms of area, this country is so huge that countries like France, Japan, Italy, Cambodia, Germany, Cameroon, South Korea, England, and Uruguay can coexist.

Credit for locating the country goes to the French and the British who discovered it during the 15th century. Its history tells us that the British defeated the French after seven years of war. During 1949, Canada was constituted by Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and Labrador. All of them were recognized as British provinces.

But in 1982, the control of the British Parliament was removed from Canada, and the influence of Aboriginal, British, French culture and recent immigration customs led to the emergence of Canadian art, culture, and traditions.

7. The Apology Act

An ‘Apology Act‘ has been made in Canada. If someone hurts someone or hurts them, they can go to the courtroom and give written apologies and damages. The assumption here is that ‘free the mind, don’t live in any guilt.’

8. Customs and Traditions

Canada follows its customs with great courtesy. Clothing is worn according to the weather in Canada. Apart from this, all rules of general etiquette in Canada are followed within the scope of the law.

People here are extremely polite, and they do not even switch on their smartphones in movie theaters. They tip the barber, bellboy, taxi driver, etc. fifteen to twenty percent of their billed amounts.

9. Nightlife in Canada

Do not forget to enjoy Canadian nightlife. Dance clubs, pubs, or casinos in Canada will make your night colorful. You can enjoy the nightlife in major Canadian cities such as Toronto, Montreal, Johns, Vancouver, Ottawa St, and Halifax.

The nightlife in Canada is colorful, which is the perfect destination for all-night parties, dancing, etc. There are fun places like spectacular theaters, pub-crawling or club-hopping, etc.

Final Words:

Canada is a hub of culture and traditions. People here are super friendly and with so many tourist places to visit, you should consider visiting Canada. And once you have made your decision, know these facts about the country before travelling there.

Caribbean Passport by Investment for Business and Pleasure


Citizenship of one of the Caribbean islands is a very good investment for both a businessman and celebrity. The former buys a local passport for the sake of favorable financial conditions, and the latest is for a vacation on a paradise. Besides, governments are friendly to foreigners. They offer profitable second-residency investment programs.

Benefits of Caribbean citizenship

Let’s start with the fact that the islands such as the Dominican Republic, Saint Lucia, Grenada are popular tourist destinations. Clean beaches, tropical climate, and exotic landscapes are already a good reason to want a local passport. In addition to this, the Caribbean is a part of the Commonwealth of Nations and offers many useful additions:

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  • access to visa-free travel to 120+ countries;
  • a cheap and fast procedure for receiving a passport by investment;
  • opportunity to add family members to the citizenship application;
  • ability to open accounts in world banks;
  • long-stay visa in the USA and Canada;
  • benefits for education at prestigious universities for children;
  • inheritance of citizenship.

The Caribbean region is known as a reputation offshore zone. The islands offer very profitable tax systems and conditions for conducting international business. The authorities are loyal to the desire of their people to keep the second passport in secret. Confidential data of enterprises in the country is also closed to international organizations.

Why are the islands so generous to foreigners?

A couple of decades ago, the economy of these small pieces of land was based only on agriculture. The Caribbean government decided to increase the inflow of foreign money not only by improving the conditions for tourists but also by a comfortable environment for businessmen. This was the reason for creating citizenship for investment procedures.

Interesting fact, the oldest programs are the ones of Saint Kitts and Nevis (1984) and The Dominican Republic (1991). Over the years, conditions have been refined and now meet international standards.

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How to get second citizenship by investment in the Caribbean?

To begin with, you must select a country and a suitable program. If you apply to the migration company, they take responsibility for collecting the necessary documents, translating them into English and notarization. The term of preparation and filling out the submission form is about 1 week. Your presence is not necessary. The company contacts the authorities in the country you wish to obtain citizenship in on their own. You will receive a response in 2-7 months.

If you have not yet decided on an appropriate firm, pay attention to Migronis. They have their people in countries where they help with citizenship to avoid middlemen. All employees, from call center operators to lawyers, are qualified specialists. The company cooperates with the most popular islands in the Caribbean. The second option is to use the services of MigronisCitenzenship, which will help you get citizenship avoiding the middlemen.

Investment methods for Caribbean citizenship

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The Caribbean countries offer roughly the same investment methods for issuing passports. Potential residents can choose between:

  1. Non-refundable investment in the local fund. Usually, the government offers organizations and sets a minimum amount of donations.
  2. Property purchase. Only projects approved by the government can participate in Caribbean citizenship program. These are hotel complexes mainly. You can sell property in 4-5 years or use it for vacating.
  3. Investment to the Caribbean business. This means a major financial investment in a project approved by the local government. This offer is available only on Saint Lucia with the required amount of $3.5 million.

The person applying for residency in the Caribbean must also pay a fee. It is difficult to name the average cost of a local passport. Basically, it’s about $150 000 for one person and $190 000 and more for a family of four. If you want to invest in real estate, the governments offer projects of $200,000 and more.

How to get a Visa for Vietnam

How to get a Vietnam visa used to be a question that is easily answered. You just get in advance from an embassy and that was it. However, as tourism has started increasing, Vietnam has started to adapt. While this can be great news because it introduces cheaper and easier ways to visit Vietnam, the entry methods and rules can get more complicated every year. The good news is that we have been following these rules changes for the last few years so we will help you through all the options.

Do you need a visa?

Since the rules for a Visa in Vietnam are changing constantly, how sure you are that you need a Vietnam visa? Guidebooks are usually a good starting point, but considering how commonly rules are changing those guides usually, are out of date in just a few months. You can also check Vietnam’s Embassy website, however, there are parts even of the embassy that are not up to date. The best starting point is to assume that you will certainly need a visa. If you are from coming from Australia, New Zealand, the USA and most of Europe with the exception of a few countries, you will need a visa.

There are some exemptions for some countries where you can get a free visaless stay for several days. You can get a 15-day visa exemption in France, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Norway, Italy, Belarus, Denmark, Sweden, and the UK. You can also get a 30-day visa exemption in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia, and Indonesia. However, make sure you check all these details a week or two before you travel to Vietnam.

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Should I use a vise exemption instead of applying for a visa?

If you are lucky to benefit from a visa exemption, you should still make sure if that is the right option for your type of trip since there are a couple of limitations for the visa exemption. Apart from the limited duration of 15 or 30 days, you cannot extend your visa at any circumstance. This is usually fine if you are on a pre-determined trip, like a 1 or 2-week vacation/holiday. However, if you are backpacking or on an open-ended trip through Southeast Asia, we recommend you get yourself a visa. Vietnam is the kind of country you will want to stay longer.

If you are looking to get an E-Visa for Vietnam, check out e-visa-Vietnam

Options to get a Vietnam visa

There are a few options you can choose from, here is a quick list of what they are.

  • From a Vietnam Embassy in your country
  • Using an online Visa company
  • Using a travel agent while in Southeast Asia
  • Vietnam embassy in other countries
  • Getting an e-Visa
  • Getting a Visa on Arrival
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Since we can’t focus on all the options for getting a visa, we decided on the E-Visa method since we think it’s the easiest.

There is an online website that allows you to apply and register for an E-Visa before you travel to Vietnam. These services will support you throughout the whole process of the E-Visa process and help you get the visa as fast as possible.