A 16-Year-Old Girl Died from Coronavirus in Paris

A sixteen-year-old girl Julie Alliot passed away from respiratory problems in a Paris hospital.

Her heartbroken sister Manon warns us that “no one is invincible.”

She added: “We must stop believing that his virus only affects the elderly.

“Julie just had a slight cough last week. It got worse last weekend with mucus, and on Monday, we went to see a general practitioner.

“It was there that she was diagnosed with respiratory distress. She had no particular illnesses before this.”

Manon released a photo of her sister because she wanted to warn others about the risk of coronavirus to young people as well.

Julie lived with her family in Longjumeau, which is south of Paris, and was studying at high school.

After she rushed to her local doctor on Tuesday, she was transferred to the Necker Hospital in the French capital.

Manon continued: “Her lungs failed. The doctors did everything they could, but it was impossible to wake her up.”

Manon and her mother came to the hospital after Julie died.

She said: “It was violent. We had time to see her, but we quickly had to think about the future.”

“It’s unbearable,” Julie’s mother, Sabine said.

“She just had a mild cough that she tried to cure with syrup, herbs, inhalations.

“On Saturday, Julie began to be short of breath. She was having a hard time catching her breath. Then come the coughing fits.”

Because of that, the family took her to a GP, who called the emergency services.

“They arrived in full overalls, masks, and gloves,” her mother said. “This was another dimension.”

The girl was rushed to the hospital and placed in intensive care where she said: “my heart hurts.”

After that, she tested positive for coronavirus and needed a tube in her windpipe for breathing.

By then, Sabine and Manon returned home to Paris on the doctors’ advice. Later they received a frantic phone call telling them to come and say goodbye.

Tragically, they didn’t arrive on time, and Julie was dead when they came.

Sabine said: “Her skin was still warm.”

Her sister described Julie as “bright, and much loved” and “loved to dance, sing, and make people laugh.”

4 Exciting Places to See This Christmas Season

Christmas is one of the most anticipated festive moments of the year. For a couple of weeks every year we’re swept off our feet by the magical experiences that come with Christmas.

The Yuletide holiday is a time for you to stay back from the stress of daily routine and enjoy the best life has to offer. Embarking on an adventure with the family is one of the best ways to enjoy this season. Visiting and touring exciting new places as part of the Christmas festival has been a family tradition for many around the world.

We’re already gushing over the lush vibe of the exotic locations we’ve picked for you this season. From Rome – – host to the Colosseum the iconic Roman gladiatorial arena, to the Louvre Museum, known to be the world’s largest museum – – these hand-picked locations are sure to take your breath away at every turn.

To ensure we’re speaking from experience, we’ve enlisted the help of a famous international tour expert and the co-founder of The Tour Guy, Sean P. Finelli, to give us his take on these landmark travel destinations.

Sit back, relax, while we take you through some of the most exotic locations to visit this season.

1. Tour the City of Rome, Italy

Image source:

Rome will bring out the surprise in you. Around the streets, you will be treated to a city lit in the festivity. While the city boasts to have given us the early catholic church, the fun of Christmas is not lost on it.

The presence of the many churches in Rome already livens your Christmas holiday. Sean shares that “during Christmas in Rome, there are many churches that conduct classical music concerts by local musicians. Each year, Chiesa di Sant’Antonio dei Portoghesi, Santa Maria ai Monti, and Sant’Ignazio all participate in this exciting and poignant tradition. You may even catch school groups or adult choirs gathering in Piazza Navona for an impromptu performance.”

As you explore 1,900 years-old architectural marvels, the marvelous cathedrals that adorn the city will greet you to an unforgettable Christmas holiday experience.

2. Travel to Cologne, Germany

Image source:

Home to several tourist attractions, both ancient and new, Cologne is a relatively modern city that still holds on to fragments of its past. Famed for being German’s fourth-largest resident city, and the home of the fragrance that was named after it – the Cologne — this city is a must-see for every Christmas traveler looking for where to visit during this holiday.

The city survived serious bombing during World War II, making the tourist destinations it holds even more enthralling to visitors who have learned about its past.

When you travel to Cologne, you’d be spoilt for choices on what historical places to visit and which architecture wonder to soak in. But every minute spent in this modern global city will make your Christmas holiday a well-spent one.

3. Take a Trip to Rovaniemi, Finland

Image source:

Christmas, of course, comes with its funfair, traditions, and merriment across climes, but one thing you cannot take away from Christmas is Santa Claus. So, welcome to the home of Santa Claus.

Rovaniemi in Finland’s Lapland region is the home of Santa Claus. In the city of Rovaniemi, Santa Claus Village amusement park and resort will give you an unforgettable Christmas experience.

Do you adore snow-covered cottages, reindeer rides, or the friendly staff dressed as elves? Rovaniemi will bring your childhood Christmas dream to reality.

4. A vacation to Paris, France

Image source:

Paris has always been the tourist favorite destination for every season, especially during the Christmas season. If you’ve not experienced the thrill of seeing this romantic city from the top of the iconic Eiffel Tower before, now should be the time you experience it.

Most tourists describe visiting Paris for Christmas vacation as an instant pleasure from the moment you hit the streets. According to Finelli, “taking in the holiday cheer during Christmas in Paris can be as simple as walking the streets. The famous Avenue des Champs-Elysées, Avenue Montaigne and Bercy Village design beautiful holiday displays with thousands of Christmas lights.”

Sean added, “One of the best spots for lights is Place Vendôme, home to the Hôtel Ritz and high-end shopping”.

And if you’re done seeing some of the recommendations, you can take a look at some other popular attractions in Paris such as the world’s biggest museum, the Louvre Museum and ancient monument Arc de Triomphe.

Put these destinations on your Christmas holiday tour this year, and you’ll continue to look back fondly on how you spent your 2019 Christmas in the future.

Spend Your Holiday Days On Some At The Best Vacation Destinations

Traveling is a beautiful thing and one of the best investments you can make. If planning on the time, it will give you the opportunity to rest, have fun and meet new cultures. And it has never been easier – with traveling agencies offering cheap programs for destinations all around the world you can finally visit the place you have always dreamed of.

Whether it is a capital city holding a historical value, or a beautiful tropical island one thing matters – you should enjoy every second of it! Saying this, we came up with a list of the best vacation destinations out there covering more than few different yet equally attractive ones. Let’s take a look!

Paris, France


One of the most attractive destinations for tourists around the world has to be the capital of France and the so-called City of Love –Paris. Once there, you will be able to experience the historical value of it while still taking a walk and enjoying the romantic suburbs of Montmartre and Champ-Elysees. You will see the famous Tour De Eiffel and get to take a ride down the Sena river that is especially beautiful at sunset. Whether you are traveling with your family, friends or a partner it is a destination that will never go old and one you will surely enjoy!

Rome, Italy


Another capital city of Europe, Rome has been a staple of culture and civilization for a few thousands of years. Same as the rest of Italy it features amazing architecture, food and people that will be more than glad to take you for a tourist tour. Visit the Colosseum, eat some pasta and don’t forget to keep it cool and relax. As the old proverb says – all paths lead to Rome. And if you are already in Italy going ahead and visiting Tuscany (with beautiful vineyards, and medieval sighting) is an excellent choice!

Bali, Indonesia


As Bali is slowly becoming one of the most famous tourist destinations be sure to experience all the treasures of it while it is still partially untouched. You will get the chance to meet the pesky yet funny monkeys, enjoy the white sand beaches, traditional shows, and fall in love with beautiful sunsets! Visiting the Indonesian gem will be one of the best decisions you ever made!

Crete, Greece


Same as the above mentioned Bali but situated in Greece this is an island jewel. You will get to feel like a god as Crete is thought to be the birthplace of many Greek Gods as well as the European civilization. This beautiful island holds a huge historical value while still offering beautiful nature and the Mediterranean sea you will simply enjoy!

Marrakech, Morocco


If someone has asked me what would be the best city to go and feel the mix of different countries and vibes I would certainly say Marrakech. This beautiful Morrocan city will take a special place in your heart, and you will be able to experience French, Arab and Spanish influence along the way. Beautiful buildings and even better-spiced food will make your stay a day or two longer than you have initially planned!

Phuket, Thailand


The island covered with Buddhist temples, beautiful white sand beaches, and water sports options has to be one of the best destinations to spend your vacation days on. Once again the blue lagoons and beautiful sunset that you will be able to experience every day are just a few reasons why you should visit this gemstone. And taking a swim in the Andaman Sea is a must all day long!



Jamaica is so special that whatever place you visit on the island you are sure to go back with beautiful memories feeling like you are born again. The people there are so nice and relaxed you will have no place for stress, and simply lying on the beach will seem like the most beautiful experience ever. Along with that, you have a variety of nice bars and clubs that you can visit and enjoy the positive reggae vibes that Jamaica has to offer. With forests and unique wildlife everywhere around it is excellent if you are a fun of hiking as well!

Hurghada, Egypt


Last, but certainly not least is the beautiful place of Hurghada situated in the civilization’s cradle – Egypt. The turquoise water and beautiful beaches are just what you need when on vacation, and you will be able to scuba dive and enjoy the coral reefs everywhere around. Exploring the old town of El Dahar will be a fun thing to do in a day, and the politeness of Hurghada people is something you will be amazed about!


There are hundreds of beautiful vacation destinations out there, and we only listed a few life-changing ones. It is your choice where and when will you go, but remember to travel and experience life throughout!