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Over the years, the idea of what business is and what it entails has been evolving constantly. One thing is apparent: this evolution is seemingly unending. One of the factors ensuring that this is the case is the internet. The internet, since its inception, has radically affected many spheres of our everyday lives.

The business world has also not been left out of this. When two ultra-successful businessmen decide to make great use of this platform, the outcome will most definitely be ground-breaking. This is the case with Parallel Profits. Parallel Profit is an upcoming program developed and initiated by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. Though set to be launched only at the ending of January 2019, Parallel Profits holds so much promise and is a venture worthy of attention.

About the Creators

In order to fully understand a scheme, most especially, enough to participate in it, it is necessary to know a bit about the brains behind it. Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton are well-established internet marketing champions who have been in the game for almost two decades now. In these years, they have individually developed a track record that easily commands trust and respect. In a synergic manner, they have also achieved quite a lot.


For example, they created the 100K Factory and 7 Life Cycle, both of which were an outstanding success. 110K Factory’s aim was income generation by means of affiliate marketing and E-commerce while 7 Figure Cycle was simply a somewhat upgraded version of the former with a goal of hitting 7 figures within a year. Whichever of these programs is considered, it is very clear that Aidan and Steve have themselves generated millions and helped a host of others do the same.

What Exactly is Parallel Profits?

Before anything else, Parallel Profits is, first of all, an educative program. Just like 100K Factory and 7 Life Cycle, its main target is to train people through a model that claims to be one of the quickest ways of earning a living from the comfort of one’s home. Parallel Profits taps into a basic concept of rendering services to interested businesses. But the edge that it presents is that it intends to help carry out these services in a completely unique and peculiar manner. Aidan and Steve hope to achieve this using what they call “twists”. And there are three (3) of them;

This first twist is a partnership between the creators and the trainees producing some kind of a franchise business. The major benefit the students stand to gain in this is the already existent infrastructure. Since it’s a form of a franchise, the trainees need not go through the stress of developing a brand, website or domain name.


Under the Parallel Profits program, students also can easily access all the professional help they need. They, therefore, do not need to outsource projects and services and they can also easily get started without much experience.

With this scheme, clients and students alike can bid farewell to face-to-face selling.

Seeing all this, it is clear that Parallel Profits will help bypass a lot of the obstacles that individuals face when attempting to conduct business online. And considering that it will be launched on Clickbank, safety is also assured.

Parallel Profits Review – The #1 Online Local SEO Business Course (by Aidan Booth)

Parallel Profits Is a NEW model business that helps you to generate a living from home and earn as much as $100,000 run-rate per year. Designed by the SEM consulting gurus, Steve and Aidan, it has quickly grabbed the attention of thousands of people worldwide and is a hair length away from becoming a phenomenon. Building a local SEM business might not be the priority for many people out there, but it is the best way to work from home and earn handsomely as well.

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Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth launched a similar program to parallel profits 9 years ago that did extremely well. Parallel profit is offered as a course to people all over the world to learn how to grow their SEM business.

The business model of parallel profits is to sell simple services to local businesses in your area. The twist is that you only need a handful of clients, to begin with.

The people undertaking the course will be affiliated with Steve and Aidan’s Company for the induction until they have a presence of their own in their community.

This is a huge advantage as it will allow the people are undertaking the course to experience big market clients and earn breathtaking profits without having to worry about the marketing and managing their own brand and developing a brand website recognition early in the business. This all will be handled by their own company in the initial phase.

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How Parallel Profits Works?

A Parallel Profits eliminates all your hassle involved in dealing with clients with in-built strategies. With Parallel profits, you can sell any type of services to your clients without worrying about the competition as you will be working with the geniuses of marketing and business who will be there to guide you every step of the way.

As the market is becoming more competitive, more businesses are coming forward with advanced technologies and offering their customers something extra for their money. With parallel profits, you can relieve yourself of the stress of market competition as you will see your sales skyrocket within years.

Steve and Aidan have been credited with the launch of genius business programs like the 7 figure cycle and 100k factory; both of them were huge successes and helped hundreds of people boost their businesses to great heights, earning hundreds of thousands each year.

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What Can We Expect?

Parallel Profits program has not been launched yet. But hundreds of people have already pre-booked it because of the reputation and anticipation of it.

It promises the people who undertake this program with hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue without having to hustle with the start-up business challenges. It is designed for people who have an eye to be market leaders and earn more from the comfort of their home.

Parallel Profits claims that by making only the first seven sales, you will be able to generate $100,000 in the year that followed. Parallel profits are your one-stop solution and contain all that your SEO business will ever need to take you to heights of glory and success.