Can Your Pet Get Coronavirus?


Coronavirus has become a global problem, and there is almost no country where there are no confirmed cases. Given that in most countries, coming weeks present the culmination of the epidemic, there is no doubt that there is certain panic among people. Everybody has a lot of questions about the new virus, and as it

Donald Trump Pointed out Who is the Guiltiest for the Pandemic

The United States President, Donald Trump, accused the World Health Organization of being responsible for the global pandemic of coronavirus. He criticizes WHO of being too light towards China and that they gave bad advice on the beginning of the pandemic. Also read: Donald Trump Owns Shares in a Company that Produces Hydroxychloroquine He said

Which Country Will Recover First from COVID-19?

Besides being dangerous for world health, with more than a million people infected, this pandemic also has a huge influence on the global economy, and many experts are warning us how this can be another economic crisis that will hit all world. The economies of most countries have stopped, and they are trying to figure

The Netflix ‘Pandemic’ Doc says he Might Have Found the Cure for Coronavirus

One of the doctors from the show, “Pandemic,” said that he may have found a cure for the coronavirus, and the military is currently jumping into action to test it. Dr. Jacob Glanville, the head of Distributed Bio, explained the antibody therapy. It is a shot that binds, neutralizes, and prevents the virus from infecting

Is it Safe for Kids to Be Outside During the Pandemic


For the last few weeks, governments worldwide have been advising people to stay indoors to avoid the possibility of spreading the coronavirus. Some parents have been having concerns over how healthy it is for kids to spend their entire days enclosed inside their four walls. For now, the safest solution for everyone is to remain

When is the Pandemic of Coronavirus Going to be Over? – Some New Studies are Giving the World Hope

Because of COVID-19, our everyday life has been put on hold, and everyone wants to know when it will all stop. When is the pandemic going to be over, and when is everything going to be safe again? There have been some new studies on Coronavirus that are saying that the virus is not spreading

Bankruptcy due to Corona, Weddings Canceled


April and May are the most popular months for wedding celebrations, but unfortunately, due to the pandemic, a lot of them will have to be canceled. A couple from Britain have been planning a huge Hindu wedding near London, but they have realized that all their plans went to waste since most of their guests

3 Distressing Emergencies and How to Handle Them

Life can be unpredictable. While your chances of facing a serious emergency are low, it’s important to be prepared for anything, whether it’s a fire, pandemic, or car accident. Many people suffer in emergencies because they aren’t prepared. Quick thinking and help from those with knowledge, training, or experience can often mean the difference between