Buying Engagement Rings Online? – Here is The Ultimate Guide

Did you know that it’s cheaper to purchase jewelry online than in a local store? Well, now you do. It’s also true that love doesn’t cost a thing and so you don’t need to break the bank to show it if you can do it most affordably and conveniently. This is where shopping online comes in.

Brick and mortar businesses usually sell more to cover for their expensive rental shops and salespeople, among other expenses. This, among many others, are the reasons why you should shop for your engagement ring online.

Don’t worry if this is your first time to order over the internet; we’re going to outline in detail how you should do it and have your ring just on time.

Get the Size Right


Congratulations, now that you have identified a woman of your life. Well, before you pop that big question to her, you need to learn a few more things. Firstly, before you buy her an engagement ring, you need to know its size, and that means you need to know the size of her ring finger.

If she’s already aware of your proposal, then getting the right size for her won’t be a problem at all, as you can always take her measurement. However, if you plan to surprise her, then it’s tricky but doable to know her size.

Tip: If she wears jewelry, you can take her ring secretly to the local jeweler to take its measurements for you. Alternatively, use a tricky game to be able to measure her finger without her realizing your motive. Or, get her friend or relative to help you.

Purchasing a ring online has the advantage of always exchanging if it doesn’t fit her. However, even if this will cost you no extra penny, it’ll surely cost you time. So, always try your best to order the right size.

What Does Your Partner Like?


Finding out what ring design your partner wants before you purchase her a ring is essential. It’s easier if she has many rings as you can always see their style. You can also opt to buy the color that best matches her wardrobe style.

The other way to find out her preference is to ask her girlfriends. She might have mentioned to them what she would prefer. Also, the next time to go out shopping with her, you could pass by jewelry stores and start conversations about such things.

You could ask something like,” Between solitaire diamonds and multi-stone diamonds, which one do you think is prettier?” By the end of that conversation, you will have all the details you need. Just be smart about it.

What’ Your Budget?


Different engagements rings have different prices. Make sure to work on a budget before viewing various designs to avoid overspending.

All the same, never mind if your budget is tight. You can opt for a basic solitaire ring or an emerald ring cut as they are much affordable.

You could also buy a loose diamond online and have your local jeweler customize it to suit your girlfriend’s taste and preference. This is like killing two birds with one stone; you will save some cash, and also have the exact piece that your partner likes.

Is it Safe to Buy Engagement Rings Online? Identify a Reliable Vendor


Gold rings and diamond rings are expensive, and the last thing you would want is to risk losing your hard-earned money to online scammers. So, always ensure you’re dealing with a reputable online jewelry company by doing thorough research about them. Check their online reviews on Google, but don’t settle with the ones posted on their sites.

A genuine jeweler will ensure their product such that in case they get lost during shipping, none of you will be at a loss, and they also offer a free return policy. If it is a reputable brand, you can be sure that they are doing their best to ensure that their brand remains trusted and so the likelihood of them scamming you is very minimal.

Another thing to look at is their availability. The support team should be reachable and responsive. A reputable jeweler will always want to address all your concerns and work with you as a partner rather than just a client. So if you can talk to the team, ask as many questions as possible until you are satisfied.

Again, a genuine online ring supplier should provide you with a GIA certificate to show that their stones are original. Always insist on this, especially when buying the Morganite diamond ring as it’s difficult to differentiate the original from the counterfeit.

Take Your Time to Select before You Place Your Order


Now that you know the size, the design, the color, and the shape of the engagement ring that you need, go ahead and browse through a reputable jewelry site to view varieties. You can also contact the seller for more clarification on questions that you may have before you order.

Like we mentioned earlier, a legit online seller will always make themselves available to answer any question concerning their product and do it on time. You ask them about the details of their GIA certificate. Have them explain how the cut, style, or clarity will affect the overall look and price of the ring. If all is clear, then go ahead and pay and wait for your ring patiently.

Always remember to buy the ring weeks before the big day. That way, you will have time to prepare for the big day and have everything polished up. Besides, if the ring isn’t what you expected, you will have time to replace it or tweak it.


Buying an engagement ring online is as simple as ordering any other product. However, when it comes to buying an engagement ring, there is a lot of emotion and meaning attached to it. So you have to get everything right.

With the steps above, you will be able to buy a quality engagement ring online that will show more than just your love and commitment. It will also show your attention to detail and how organized you are with both money and time. What more could a partner want?

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Online Payday Loans

What Are Online Payday Loans?


Online Payday Loans is one of the most convenient and accessible forms of loans that people can get, even if they are in need of quick cash. Just imagine having access to the money you need in a matter of minutes.

With the economic meltdown and decline of the housing market, many people have been unable to pay their mortgage. The fact is that many people have lost their homes and it has left them with little or no income. Although there are ways to deal with this situation, it can be difficult to have to deal with cash alone.

Good options for those who need them


Using online money online is a good option for those who need to make ends meet in the short term. The best thing about these loans is that it is easy to get them, even if you do not have a credit history. If you have had some financial difficulties in the past, an online loan may be your only hope.

If you are interested in getting these loans, the first thing you should do is to identify what financial hardships you have. Next, it is important to find out if you can qualify for one of these loans. You should also make sure that you know the lending terms, such as the interest rate, prepayment penalties, and other details.

There are several lenders that offer these loans and some offer interest rates that are relatively low. It is important to find the lowest interest rates and fees as possible since you will be responsible for paying these fees.

Check the terms and conditions before you apply


Online loans are great for people who are dealing with other forms of credit repair. You will want to check the terms and conditions of the lender before accepting the loan. Once you are sure that it is right for you, you can move forward.

Anyone who needs money should invest in a personal computer. If you are a member of the Internet and you need to make payments using the Internet, it is important to find a site that will process electronic payments. It is also necessary to do research into the process. Come and check us out, and our offers on this link!

It is important to do thorough research before you borrow money online. It is not necessary to ask friends and family members for advice on which sites to use. You should always make sure that you have enough money in your bank account to cover any overdraft charges, monthly payments, and even any fee that may apply to you.

It is also important to understand the length of time you have to repay your payday loans. Your lenders are well aware of the short-term nature of these loans and the ability to be repaid. You should not borrow more than you can afford to repay since that will lengthen the time required to repay your loan.

Inform yourself about the rules and regulations of your state if you want to get the best loan deal


Lack of knowledge about the rules and regulations of your state is one of the common mistakes you can avoid if you want to get the best loan deal. In many cases, you may get into trouble if you are not aware of the laws of your state. It is better to get this information before you start making payments to a lender.

You should also keep in mind that lenders take care of all the financial matters associated with the borrower. Therefore you should be careful enough in your dealings.

Another common mistake you can avoid is overextending yourself when it comes to the repayment period of the payday loans. If you are finding it difficult to meet the payment due to an unexpected emergency, don’t avail of the loan in that case. Use payday loans to make the monthly payments instead.

You should always keep in mind that the payday loans are a short term solution to the problem and they come up with a payback period of between thirty days and sixty days. Therefore, you should not extend your repayment period too much.

These online payday loans are not meant to be a source of your monthly income. Once you make a repayment to the lender, the loans are considered discharged.

Finally, it is advisable to keep track of the lender’s charges. Make sure you understand what is included in the online payday loans you have applied for.

It is possible to get money online in some cases


But it is important to have a plan to repay the loan. You should make sure that you have a way to get the money you need and you should also know how to repay the loan when you are ready to do so. The lender will also help you to be sure that you repay the loan on time.

The type of interest rates and fees that you pay will vary from lender to lender. It is necessary to compare the types of fees that are associated with each site and to look at the differences between lenders. If you have an issue with this, you should contact the lender and ask them what the best option for you is.

In addition to taking time to research the options that are available, you should remember that you can save yourself a lot of time by doing your homework when it comes to payday loans. By comparing the various sites, you can find the one that works best for you. This can make the difference between a low rate and a high-interest rate, or a bad deal that is simply not worth it.

How to Find a Good Online Doctor 2020

Thanks to advanced technology, the things in the medical industry have changed a lot. We are not talking here about the improvement of equipment. Indeed, many ambulances have high-quality gadgets that can help people to defeat different diseases. Yet, here we talk about something else.

Internet technology allowed people to communicate with doctors differently. You do not have to spend hours in the waiting room. Now, you can do everything from the comfort of your room. There are two things that you need to have to visit an online doctor. Those two things are a stable Wi-Fi connection and a good camera. However, we are sure that most of the people already have these two things.


Indeed, the number of online doctors started to grow. Yet, are all of them equally good?

Your health needs to be your main priority. If you are not feeling well for some reason, then you should know how to find a good online doctor. There are a couple of steps that you need to go through to find the right one.

However, before we start, there is one thing that we need to say. For some things, you will truly need to visit a doctor in-person. Some health issues require medical treatment which you won’t be able to get online, right? Collaborate with online doctors only when you feel that there is no need to spend hours sitting in the waiting room.

Now, let’s start with the steps.

  • Go to Google


Okay, we will start with a basic piece of advice. The best place to look for an online doctor is Google. Type some phrases such as “best online doctors” or “online doctor for me” and see which results you will have.

Still, there is one reason why we mentioned this step. Many people do that, click on the first link, and they immediately contact the doctor. That’s not the point of this sort of research. You need to do an in-depth analysis before you hire someone. Because of that, the next steps are even more important.

  • Explore Telemedicine Jargons


Before you continue the research, it is necessary to understand what you are looking for.Telemedicine or online medicine uses some unique terms and phrases. Some people will not clearly understand the content of online doctors. Because of that, we suggest you find a glossary or do basic Google research on unfamiliar jargon. That will make your research a lot more effective.

  • Research the Doctor


As we said, researching a current doctor is crucial. Fortunately, you can now do the entire research with only a couple of clicks. Yet, people are not sure which things they need to research. That’s something you will find out now.

  • Check the Doctor’s Credentials


You probably know that each doctor needs to possess a board certification that is managed by the government. We are sad that we need to say this, but many doctors work illegally. Despite that, a lot of them will represent themselves as professionals for an area that is not their expertise. Just because they are doctors, that doesn’t mean they are experts for everything.

Fortunately, these things are easy for research. There is a website under the name where you can check the credentials of each doctor. You need to type the doctor’s name and the address of their practice.

Of course, you can do that directly. When you contact the online doctor, ask him to send you a copy of his credentials on your email.

  • Check the Law of Your State


Many states in the US indeed support online doctors. Yet, not all of them have unlimited possibilities. Some of them do not have the right to give you all types of prescriptions. All these pieces of information you can find in law.

  • Check Their Website


In the world of modern technology, almost everything is transparent. You can find out many things by just checking the website of the doctor. More precisely, you should focus your research on the reviews of the previous patients. Despite that, you can see the reviews of previous clients on Google as well. If the number of negative reviews is huge, then you should skip the doctor and look for another one. Yet, if the reviews are not visible, then keep in mind that something is wrong.

Still, the positive and negative reviews can sometimes trick people. That’s why the next step is even more important.

  • Find Objective and Independent Sources


Positive and negative reviews are not the main element that you should follow. There is a good reason why we say this. For instance, you should know that the competition in this field is huge. Because of that, online doctors use different ways to defeat their competitors. Some of them are not quite honest. That’s why they can organize a “negative review attack”. They can send people that have never been patients of a certain online ambulance to write negative reviews. Things can also go in a completely different direction. The online doctor can make fake positive reviews as well.

Anyway, because of these reasons, you should find an independent source to confirm the credibility of certain online doctors. There are some websites such as BetterDoctor or Healthgrades where you can see verified reviews given by professionals.

Despite that, if you know someone that has been a client of a certain online doctor, talk with him. See if that person was satisfied with the services that those doctors offered.

  • Be Careful with Alternative Medicine


We will leave to experts in this field to discuss this topic. Some people claim that alternative medicine is a complete mistake, while others believe that formal medicine is nothing more than a scam.

Still, some supporters of alternative medicine are offering completely wrong approaches. They use some treatments that are not scientifically proven. These people can only hurt your health even more.

Bonus Tip: Our Recommendation


We are sure that many online doctors will completely satisfy your expectations. This industry improved drastically and many online doctors understand the needs of their potential patients. Yet, there is one that we would want to suggest. Our recommendation is to visit Yourdoctors.Online and check which services they offer. Their doctors are experts in different fields of medicine.

6 Brilliant Ways Progressive Web Apps Are Leveraging Businesses

Progressive web applications are websites that look and function just like mobile applications. The reason they exist is to save users from the pain of having to install and manage apps. They save users from having to visit the app store, find the app, download it, and install it. If you look at PWAs from a business perspective, they can have a positive impact on your service quality and your conversions.

If you don’t have a clear idea of what Progressive Web Apps are, take a few minutes to read this blog post. In this article, I will highlight the PWA features that make it a brilliant solution for leveraging your business. Let’s not waste time, here is how PWA’s are benefiting businesses: 

1. Offline Functionality (PWA’s can work offline with the help of service workers)

Internet connections can be very unstable, especially if you’re on the go. This is why the main feature of Progressive Web Apps is “Offline Functionality” and “Optimum Performance”. Offline usability is something that front-end-developers have struggled to resolve, and finally, PWA’s have come to the rescue. If you’re struggling to understand how this is possible, this has been made possible with the help of ‘Service Workers’.

2. Service Workers and Offline Functionality:

A Service Worker is a Javascript that works in the background (like a virtual proxy) in a different thread from the user interface. With in-depth integration to the web, they are able to perform rich data caching, background sync, and also send out push notifications. 

Suppose you have an e-commerce mobile app, if a user likes a product in your store, they would probably go ahead and make a purchase. But if you’re app has speed issues or the user faces internet fluctuation, they would probably get annoyed and drop the order altogether. In this situation, if you want to make sure that your user continues to make that purchase you would need to have offline functionality. So PWA’s can help improve your user retention and the conversion rate.

3.  No need for app/play store (No need to install an app, simply go to your browser, type in the URL and you will be directed to a website that looks and functions just like a native app) 

According to Appverticals, even though mobile app development companies have developed some amazing mobile applications, users are still unwilling to go to the app store and install the app. Studies reveal that most users find it time-consuming to visit the app store, find the app, Install, and then register themselves. This means that app development companies, as well as businesses, fail to gain their desired revenue. Unwillingness to install an app is one of the reasons why users abandon mobile apps after the first use.

Progressive Apps can help businesses rectify this issue. With quality PWA’s, users no longer have to go through the pain of having to visit the app store, find, and then install the app. All they will have to do is open a browser and type in the URL and they will come across a website that looks and functions just as well as the native mobile app. 

4. They look and function like native apps (work with familiarity)

Statistics prove that mobile users prefer to use mobile apps as compared to websites. Most of them have the ability to work offline, deliver friendly user experience, and provide an attractive user interface.

So if you start using Progressive Apps, you will be able to deliver an advanced user experience by combining the look and feel of a mobile app with the performance of a website. Furthermore, because PWAs look and function like native mobile apps, you will be able to create a sense of familiarity. Creating a sense of familiarity is an excellent way to market your products and services.

Take the example of Instagram, everyone is familiar with its interface, navigation, functionality, look, and feel. If you open it’s PWA, you can see that you can’t tell the website and the app apart. But if Instagram had decided to change the design and layout of their PWA, people would be really confused. No one would want to remember an entirely new set of navigational procedures. PWAs will not only remove the need to install apps, they will also maintain an app like familiarity and more people will be willing to engage with your business.

This means that PWA’s will be more secure, have fewer bugs, be more interactive, and deliver higher performance.

5. Are high performing (PWA’s are faster than websites) 

Server-Side Rendering is a technique used to improve the page load time. It is the ability of a JavaScript application to run on a server rather than the browser. By using SSR in Progressive Web Apps, you can enable your web pages to load faster even if the JavaScript is disabled.
If you’re wondering how this feature can help leverage businesses, the answer is ‘speed’. People are always looking for more speed and efficiency, the speedier your services, the more users will want to bond with your brand.

6. Higher audience reach (PWA’s are compatible with all platforms) 

Progressive Web Applications have cross-platform compatibility. This means that unlike native apps progressive web apps are compatible with all types of platforms, Android, iOS, Windows, you name it. This means that developers only have to create one application to reach users on all the different platforms.
For businesses, this means a greater outreach in less time and less money. 

7. Have the ability to re-engage customers

With the help of Progressive Web Apps, businesses can improve customer engagement and re-engage previous customers as well. Just like mobile apps, PWA’s allow you to send push notification to your users so that you can keep your users coming back for more and also reengage the users that have stopped interacting with your app. The best part about PWA’s is that you can send out notifications even if the user is offline or has closed the PWA.

Take the example of Alibaba; Alibaba noticed and four-times increase in their user engagement and around 76% increase in their conversion rate.

Wrapping Up:

People are always on the lookout for new and innovative technology to improve their everyday tasks. Progressive web apps are still fresh technology and only a few businesses have started incorporating progressive web apps in their business strategies. This means that if you start using them to leverage your business, you will have more advantages as compared to other businesses. Offline functionality, speed, quality, familiarity, greater audience, user engagement, and more conversions, no wonder big businesses have already started to use them. If you want to drive benefits that Forbes, Flipkart, and Alibaba are gaining, start using PWAs today. 


Benefits of online gaming coaching

Have you been playing a certain video game online for years and think that you have mastered it? Did you know that you can make money by using your gamer skills? No? Keep reading this text to learn how to do this.

Online games are nowadays immensely popular. Millions of people all around the world spend hours of their free time with their laptops in hand, playing them. Since there are thousands of games, some more popular than others, and people get pretty invested, it is no wonder that there are those who coach others and help them learn how to play. There are multiple platforms, like, you can sign up for and become a coach yourself. So why should you do this?

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First of all, this is your opportunity to turn a hobby into a part-time job. Not only is this possible today, but it is also quite frequent. People always look for ways to cash in their skills, regardless of what those skills are. It is even possible to create a job for yourself, a job that does not require formal education. You can do this on weekends or after you are finished with your regular job. Someone has great cooking skill, language or math skills, and you are a great gamer, so why shouldn’t you tutor others?

Furthermore, this is a great way to earn some extra money. Unfortunately, people are now forced to work two jobs only to be able to afford essential things, but even if you are not one of them, it is always a good thing to have some extra cash around. Maybe you need a new computer and other pieces of equipment or you simply want to treat yourself to that exotic vacation you have been planning for a long time. Conduct thorough online research of available platforms read about their conditions and how much money they will pay you, and choose the best one for you. Luckily, since there are many of them, you can choose the one that meets all your requirements.

Img Source:

What’s more, why not help someone master their skills? You know how important a certain game is to you so it is only natural to assume that it is equally if not more important to others. This is your opportunity to do a good deed and help someone else. Plus, you will have the chance to meet people from all around the world. You can make new friends or even ask some of them to help you with something you have wanted to learn for some time.

In addition, you can use this part-time job to improve your language skills. Since some of these platforms are international, meaning that their members are from different corners of the world, and you have to communicate with them, you will have a chance to practice or even acquire an entirely new language.

All in all, these are some reasons why you should become an online game coach. We have only listed some of the most general ones, but maybe you have thought of some other reasons why you should engage in this activity. Whatever your reasons may be, it is worth a try, don’t you think?

The Bitcoin Boom: Asset, Currency, Commodity or Collectible?

Everyone has heard of Bitcoin. And the ones that didn’t are probably too old, or they’ve lived under a rock the past decade. 

But what is Bitcoin? Is it an asset, currency, commodity or a collectible? The opinions are different. Some people think that everything about Bitcoin is a fraud, and others think that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will change the world of investing and management. You can easily price Bitcoin and you can trade it. But what is a Bitcoin? 

Do you already have some Bitcoins? If you have, and you want to trade them, then you should definitely visit this website

On this site, you’ll learn even more about Bitcoins and everything that you need to know about trading.  

But first, we are going to talk about other things, and we are going to explain what are assets, what is a commodity, what is a currency, and what are collectibles. 

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What are the assets? 

Assets should generate cash flows for you. For example, if you own a business, that’s an asset. Assets can be priced. For example, every business can be priced. 

What is a commodity?

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A commodity can be used as a raw material. And a raw material should meet some fundamental needs, whether it’s energy or food. And a commodity delivered its value from its use as raw material, and the value of a commodity can be estimated by looking at the demand for energy or food, for example. Commodities can be priced. Coal, wheat, oil, they all can be priced. 

What is the currency?

Simply put, a currency is a medium of exchange that you can use to denominate cash flows and it can be a store of purchasing power. When it stands alone, currencies don’t have cash flow and they cannot be valued. But they can still be priced in comparison with other currencies. There are different currencies in the world, some of them are strong, and some of them are weak. Some of them are accepted more widely as a medium of exchange, and others are not. Over time currencies can rise and they can drop, and everything depends on the economic situation in the world. 

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What are collectibles?

By definition, collectibles are not a medium of exchange and they don’t have cash flows. But they surely can have aesthetic value, the best example are art pieces, paintings or sculptures. Collectibles can’t be valued because they don’t generate cash flows, but they can be priced. They can be priced based on how other people perceive their desirability and value. 

And what is a Bitcoin?

Img Source:

Bitcoin is not an asset, because it can’t generate cash flows just by itself, standing alone. It is also not a commodity, for a simple reason, it’s not a raw material. You can’t use Bitcoin to produce something useful. 

The most logical conclusion is that Bitcoin is a currency. Which leads us to another question? Is it a good currency? It is on the right track to becoming one

Should you Start Trading

The arena of online stock trading offers many advantages while also having a number of disadvantages to people who are interested in entering this world of financial markets. The market has evolved from an open auction system to mainly a digital format. This evolution to the digital format has given people all around the world the ability to participate in what was once limited only to a privileged few. All that is needed for successful stock trading today is risking capital, internet connection, and computing power.

Historically, the online stock market has delivered very big returns to investors over time, but stock markets are also known to go down, which means that it takes away the possibility for both loss and profits. If you are unsure if you should start stock trading, we have made a list of the pros and cons of owning and trading stocks.

The advantages of online stock trading

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Even though online trading of stocks for profits is usually viewed as an intimidating task, there are several advantages that any individual might experience. It is through these advantages that people in the online stock markets can estimate their potential profit.

Market access

The requirements for one person to begin stock trading are very small. Internet connection, capital, and computing power are the only things that you need to start your trading. After selecting a certain online brokerage firm and successfully opening a new trading account, you have access to the online market.

Transaction costs

In the 80s and 1990s, the cost of making a single trade on the New York Stock Exchange was anywhere from 50 dollars to 1000s of dollars depending on the size and type of trade order is made. Today, online broken offer trade executions for under 10 dollars. The online trading market has greatly reduced all trading-related commissions and feeds which is why the stock market is now available to a larger audience than just a select group.


Img source:

Online trading has increased how much people participate in market trading exponentially. So many traders are willing to sell or buy at any given price. This means that the process of exiting and entering an open position in the stock market has been streamlined.


The use of financial leverage has always been a big part of stock trading securities. Online stock trading has increased its availability.

Read more if you are interested in the Singapore Exchange market.

Disadvantages of trading

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Discipline and emotional reactions

Online market trading provides people access to all the markets available on an everyday basis. While this is a good thing for some it might be very bad to others. A trader’s emotional state may influence his judgment on a certain trade. Whether it is fear or greed being the main drive for impulsive behavior.


Since online trading has introduced the market with much larger volumes and participation because of its easy access, periodic spikes in pricing have grown in magnitude and in frequency. The ability for traders to instantly enter a market has created the possibility of unpredictable and sudden swings in price. For example, the release of some unexpected news and change may cause huge damage to the market and traders.


4 Cool eCommerce Merchandising Hacks to Boost Profit Rates

A recent study by Coresight Research showed that 40% of U.S. non-grocery sales are at a discount, representing roughly $395 billion in lost revenue, 12% of sales.

Retailers get to avoid markdowns and sell out of the season at full margin. However, we can’t predict how much inventory they acquire. Merchants usually complain about over-buying (resulting in markdowns) and under-buying (resulting in out-of-stocks).

There are two significant factors causing vitality.

-Changes in customer behavior, coupled with external factors like weather, competitors, and social effects.

-More customer choices, coupled with new channels and alternatives, like direct-to-consumer startups.

Balancing demand with supply is difficult. The conventional aspect of the inventory being a back-office department doesn’t exist anymore. Merchandising is inherently linked to inventory. Most leading brands and retailers currently closely coordinate these two.

In this post, I’ll address four coolest of the cool merchandising hacks that will not only help you effectively manage your inventory levels but also help you boost profit rates.

1. Show variants in pictures


The exposure a product receives directly impacts its sales, hence, more exposure, more sales. Direct marketers learned this years ago. Unusual art choices would have a significant impact on the sale of that product variant. As an example, if you display a black colored dress, then it will sell faster than all other colors. Showing multiple variants in pictures will reduce this drawback.

Online merchants don’t rely on one single image. Instead, we can change the featured image quickly within a given time using artificial intelligence.

It’s common for merchants to manage the highest row of a category grid and to feature product for additional exposure manually. This usually causes those products to sell out of standard sizes-small, medium, giant leaving only, say extra-small or extra-large. So the merchandise isn’t technically out of stock and continues to be prominently displayed.

2. Automate category management


Category management depends on performance tiers and measures every category’s revenue and profit contribution. It provides a structure balance exposure with offered inventory, to get profit. Category management for eMerchandising will automatically increase or scale back exposure, and thereby scale back markdowns — for categories and individual product.

3. Emphasize on bestsellers


Retail sales usually display a few product categories. Often the product in these categories represents just 5 to 10 percent of the entire product range. These categories systematically generate high volume and smart margins.

Cash-machine categories pay the bills. However, the best margins usually return from the products’ long-tail. These best-sellers are high margin, high-inventory things that aren’t obtaining a lot of visibility — ready for additional exposure. Exposing the product will drive significant progressive profit and scale back the danger of marking them down.

4. Leverage out-of-stocks


Out-of-stock inventory frustrates shoppers, mainly if the products are still promoted. A sensible eCommerce store owner will take off all the out of stock products from the promotion as it portrays a bad image about the business— the merchandise and the inventory not being in sync.

Nevertheless, out-of-stocks happen. You can scale back the impact on shoppers by providing the flexibility to back-order the item, or with a button to “notify once available.”

Most retailers commit blunders by hiding out of stock products. They lose business by not giving proper directions to the shoppers to reorder.

Bottom Line

These four hacks are just a starting point and are recommended by GoodFirms. As an eStore owner, you need to do everything it takes to earn profits, especially when the competition is so cutthroat. Digital Merchandising is evolving from a standalone perform to being perfectly synced with inventory, and from a manual, rules-based method to being optimized by AI. Lessons learned today will help to shape the future of eCommerce industry tomorrow.

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