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Academic Assignments As Easy As ABC: 2020 Top Educational Tools for Students


The world has never been more competitive than it is at the moment. The one field that has been significantly impacted by the revolution in technology is education. While the internet took over libraries and tablets replaced notebooks, students right from their school days are constantly under pressure to achieve the best.

While parents and teachers often express their worries that technology might be killing creativity, there are many ways in which they could be an aid in education. These educational tools are aimed to make students be free from stress and concentrate more on improving their skill in every element, at the same time working on aspects like time management and organizational skills.

Every day new accessories for schools and students are sprouting up everywhere. So here let us see which educational tools are the best for students in 2020, as approved by educational specialists.

1. EssayPro

One of the areas where students and teachers find wearying alike is when it comes to writing long essays. With such abundant information available at your fingertips, it is challenging to create authentic content that is not plagiarised.

EssayPro is a writing platform that offers valued assistance to students and professionals, not only to create excellent content but also to ensure that your essays are grammatically devoid of any errors. Whether you are in urgent need for an assignment or need a quick essay writer assistance, EssayPro is the best service currently available that guarantees that your academic writing and school works are top-notch. You can always depend on the tool to provide you with an outcome that exceeds your expectations and is delivered on time.

2. Thinglink

Today with most of the learning done with digital devices, it is essential to make it interactive and get the best out of it. With Thinglink, now all the visual aids like images and videos could be made even better.

Thinglink lets you annotate images and videos easily. With this tool, you no longer have to wait to get the image printed to annotate it. It is effortless to jot down your thoughts at the exact moment it comes to you, on a particular point in the video or a portion of an image.

3. Seesaw

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Seesaw is an online platform that emphasizes on student engagement. Students can share their works with their peers and parents with this single tool. It is free for students and teachers and is an encouraging program that lets parents see their children’s work displayed. Schools can also avail this with a minimal fee.

Seesaw also has an activity library from which students and teachers can find inspiration for learning. With this portfolio, students are urged to be more creative and take pride in the projects they do.

4. Flipgrid

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Flipgrid is changing the way students communicate over digital platforms most effectively. It is available for both students and teachers. The site has features t raise discussion topics, post video recordings and showcase other creative crafts.

It brings together students from different countries and encourages them to develop both their communication and learning skills. It is used not only at the school level but even by college and HD students to communicate and network with diverse choices to verbalize and share their thoughts.

5. AdmitHub

Finding the right college for you is one of the most difficult times that students face as they approach their high school graduation. AdmitHub makes the whole process of choosing the college and admissions effortless. Partnering up with schools and colleges, the platform provides efficient communication between both the parties.

Students can chat to find any information they need from finishing their admission essays to finding the dorms. The site hopes to bring more features to make the journey to colleges smoother in the following years.

In Conclusion

Technology is transforming the way learning is being perceived. These tools are focused on relieving students, teachers, and families of the constant weight of academical pressure and make education fun and inspiring instead. Keep in mind these amazing platforms and encourage kids to make use of them. You are only a few clicks away from revamping the way we learn.

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Online tools to quickly and easily convert currencies

Converting one’s country currency to another currency is a headache, but online tools have made things easier for people who are interested in knowing such things. is among those exceptional online platforms with the help of which you can convert currencies quick and easily.

Additionally, you don’t need to pay to know the exchange rate because it’s free. There are over fifty currencies available on the website so that you can see the exchange rate of any of those.

Another great thing that might force you in using such tools is their exchange rate chart. This provides the history of the rates between two currencies at varying intervals.


You can either see the exchange rate history of one day, one week, one month, one year, or even more than this. This chart is present on the right side of the currency input section and you will be able to take a look at the history of the exchange rate of provided two currencies.

It’s free and easy to use. Additionally, there is no usage limit, which means that you can check the exchange range of the currencies as many times as you want.

How to use a Currency Converter?

Using a currency converter on doesn’t demand any professional skill — even a person with the basic knowledge, can use it and know the exchange rates.

The first thing that you need to do is go to the main page, after doing that, you will see two currency options from where you can add the desired one whose exchange rate you want to see.

Click on the currency option and select the country. Make sure to add the currency of the country on the top, whose exchange rate you want to see. What we especially like about this site is the navigation powered by searchable drop-down lists which support you in finding the correct currency pairs.


Following this, include the amount at the small area present at the side of the Currency box and press enter. Now you will see the exact exchange rate of two currencies. You can also swap the two by clicking on the swap icon present at the side.

Have in mind, the developers of the website don’t make any warranty of the exchange rate, due to which they suggest their visitors recheck the price from multiples sources.

Best Tools To Make A Writer’s Job Easier and More Efficient

Students who dream of becoming professional writers should not skip any writing assignment. Your college years are the best time to learn and gain the necessary skills. Being a writer is not only a talent but a lot of effort you apply every day to fulfill your dream. Also, it is essential to expand your extensive vocabulary and improve your grammar skills. However, not all students are good at writing. If for some reason you have got stuck with a college essay, or you hesitate in grammar or spelling, the following online tools will help you a lot. Nowadays, students have access to many different online tools, which help a lot during the writing process. In this article, we are going to test the best online writing tools you can use any time you get a new writing assignment.


The success of every essay or academic paper depends on many factors. Using, you can find help with the following: citation machine, cover page maker, essay title generator, plagiarism checker, and other. It is one of the best multitasking tools available online. When you have such tools in one place, you will save a lot of time and effort.

Google Docs

Google docs is another must-have tool in case a student has to write a collaborative paper with other college mates. Google Docs makes it possible for several people to work on the same document simultaneously and from any place in the world. You can even work like this with your teacher, who can assist you and give feedback.


It is a useful multi-purpose online tool, which has been designed for high school students. Using this tool, you will improve your writing skills and develop creativity. ReadWriteThink offers many interactive tools for writing specific content like business letters, short stories, etc.


You will not find a better tool for checking your writing than Copyscape. You can use it to compare the authenticity of your content. Every student needs Copyscape in his or her collection of online tools. Copyscape can easily compare your writing to other online resources with the percent regarding the originality of your content.


This tool will help you find words/synonyms to make your essay more diverse and unique. Thesaurus is an excellent choice. A student must type in a word in the search box to get many different synonyms, as well as the exact definition. We can compare this tool to a robust online dictionary.


Students who are not good at grammar should check their written text in Grammarly, which is free and highly efficient. You will review your spelling as well. Grammarly is a useful tool for polishing your writing. Furthermore, you will get style suggestions and many additional features that are available for registered users.

Unfortunately, Grammarly doesn’t fit all users’ needs, so chances are some of you might looking for alternative services to Grammarly, in this regard, AlternativeGeek shared a great article for you.


It is another useful online platform for proofreading and editing needs. Students just have to submit their content, which will be checked and edited to achieve writing perfection. This company provides editing services by native English speakers who have the needed experience and qualifications.

Word Counter

You can use this online tool to check the number of words/characters in your text. You can use the feature for spell check. It offers keyword tools as well for looking up a specific keyword density per example.

Cliché finder

This online tool has a self-explanatory name. The main reason why many students use it is to check and detect any clichés in your writing. Use it if you want to create 100% original content and grab your reader’s attention.


If you want to improve the readability of your written text, you need this tool. It will help you to detect whether there is something wrong with your text. Sometimes even well-written content needs a bit of improvement to become perfect. You will appreciate the simplicity of the user interface and fast results.


When you write a research paper, you use a lot of resources. In such a case, you must make citations while writing. BibMe is the tool that will find your quote in a matter of a few seconds. The tool supports widely used styles such as APA, MLA, etc. It offers citation sources among various websites, books, videos, journals, etc.


Now even a complete beginner can create a stunning content using the following tools. If you enjoy writing stories, poems or just need some help with your college assignments, do not hesitate even a second to use those tools. You will improve the quality of your writing and grabs people’s attention.