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Why GymShark Considers Shopify Plus The Best Ecommerce Platform In The Market

Shopify Plus has been a knight in shining armor for many online stores and has helped them scale on their superb features. Shopify Plus can easily be considered the best e-commerce platform in the market today, click here for more details. This fitness brand, in particular, went through an eye-opening experience that led them to approach Shopify Plus. In the event of the Black Friday flash sale, the brand ended up undergoing a site crash due to massive traffic, which led them to incur major losses.

Shopify Plus came to the rescue of the famous fitness brand and helped them follow a strategy that allowed them to gain more than 9 times the return on investment on their Black Friday social media campaign among other positive changes.


A Brief History Of GymShark

GymShark uses Shopify Plus to increase scalability and a customized shopping experience

The brainchild of Ben Francis, who founded it in 2012 in the UK, GymShark was initially run from his mother’s garage. Though GymShark first used the platform of Shopify to run its store online, they ended up going for Magento since Shopify Plus had not yet been invented. Through Magento, they were able to set up their website in about 6 to 8 months. The process for launching their brand online was very lengthy, and the cost for maintaining and building it ran in hundreds of thousands of dollars.  After putting in so much effort, time and resources, they were hit by a major event that led them to lose almost a hundred and forty thousand dollars in terms of lost sales. This was at the time of Black Friday flash sales. Apart from the loss in terms of sales, the Black Friday website crash cost them the loss of many loyal customers.


Shifting To Shopify Plus

Women’s gym wear by GymShark

Following the Black Friday debacle under the platform of Magento, GymShark made the decision to replatform to Shopify. The only difference being that this time GymShark was using Shopify Plus as an e-commerce platform to be prepared for the highly scalable demand for its products. Shopify Plus offered some of the best features for not only managing and handling high volumes of traffic and subscriptions but also for creating a next level customer experience. With Shopify Plus tools of automation and customization of campaigns, GymShark ensures that the customers enjoy the whole shopping experience. Shopify Plus has allowed GymShark to run promotions through their site, reward with complimentary gifts, and even customize the visibility of certain shipping options for some locations. The platform has also allowed GymShark to enhance the user experience for mobile e-commerce, a feature that would take a long time to be set up on Magento. GymShark has often revealed that Shopify Plus was indeed the best e-commerce platform for their business.

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Next Level Customer Experience

GymShark also offers a great experience to customers through the Shopify POS system for organizing world tours for fan meetings and exhibitions and in-person sales for customers. Their tool has also allowed GymShark to merge online and offline customer experiences. In the age of micro-influencers reigning on different social media and digital platforms, Shopify Plus has made it possible for GymShark to leverage the tools on offer to create memorable experiences for customers.

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Multi Channel Presence

Shopify Plus has allowed GymShark to share their content across different digital platforms. Instead of testing their content across digital platforms, they followed a backward approach where they first decided the platforms as well as the sizes and formats that would suit different content types. Their Facebook campaign actually gained appreciation from the COO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg herself.

Shopify Plus comes with great aesthetics that has allowed GymShark to share some of the brightest and aesthetically appealing content. This has been an important factor in itself, in drawing customers to the products.

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Shopify Plus Overall Experience

The Black Friday debacle led GymShark to replatform to Shopify Plus. This led them to gain as much as a 197 percent increase in their holiday revenue, apart from a $ 128 million of revenue in the 2018 Financial Year. Allowing ample leverage to GymShark, Shopify Plus has let the popular gym brand to increase scalability through its different features. The Black Friday crash was an eye-opener, and instead of the website breaking down, with Shopify Plus, GymShark can use the traffic to generate more and more leads. Lead generation means increased sales and profits. So, with Shopify Plus, the problem of handling massive amounts of traffic is also dealt with. The automation tool, Scripted, has allowed GymShark to provide a very different checkout experience to all its customers.

What Are The Most Sold Products Online And How To Get Discounts On The Same

The internet is a huge market, and with its rise in the past few decades, now you can buy almost anything for a low price and fast time. From different clothing pieces to high-tech items and home décor, online shopping offers a much wider variety of products than the regular retail shops do.

There are multiple benefits to it. First, you don’t have to worry if they have the size or the item you are looking for. Chances are even if it is not currently available, it will be very soon. Along with that, there are no lines waiting to try out or pay for the chosen product. This saves energy and time. In the end, a lot of products are cheaper online especially if you use the discount codes that are often offered.

Let’s see what are the most trending online shopping products and how to get discounts on those!

The Most Sold Online Shopping Products

1. Phone Accessories. We all know how fast the tech industry is growing and with that the interest in smartphones as well.

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Now, along with smartphones come the accessories for the same. From different cases and grips to screen protectors, headphone, charger plug-ins, etc. Through online shopping, you even customize and create your product, and have it shipped to your address. Estimates say that the phone accessories industry will soon be reaching a $110 billion market cap. Check out websites such as Case-Mate and Gearsx for possible discount coupons.

2. With women being obsessed about their looks shapewear has become one of the most selling products out there.

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It is still good as a lingerie piece, but most of the women are now using it as an undergarment to visually create a better-looking figure. What makes it that popular is the fact that shapewear is versatile, and can meet almost all customer needs. Look out at Zazzle, River Island FR, Eastbay, and similar websites for the needed discount coupons.

3. Same as shapewear, athleisure is something that will continue hanging on as a trend. From sports bras and headbands to tops and leggings this is something people will always be looking for. You need it when you workout, or simply want to chill out in comfortable clothes. And with a lot of athleisure brands being promoted over social media through Instagram stars, it is no doubt why it has been one of the most selling products over the years.

4. Face Masks. Ah women, they always like to look the best they possibly can. Face masks are becoming more and more popular, and we are talking various ones – from deep cleansing to daily care, face masks market is yielding a huge profit. Be sure to take a look at websites such as Feel Unique and Clarisonic for great discount coupons that will be of great aid when buying cosmetics.

5. Indoor Plants. I guess all of wanted our huge garden at some point, but it takes time and the right conditions.

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Indoor plants are much easier to take care about, look good and there are tons of devices that will do all the monitoring for you. That is why indoor plants and all the accessories that come along are among the most sold products on the internet today. Meritline, Over Half Sale, and Rhs UK seem to offer excellent discounts so go and check that out!

6. Instant Food. People love buying instant food for any occasion, especially the lazy groups, and they love buying it in bulks. What better way for doing it than over the internet. A huge offer and affordable prices are all people need to fulfill their instant food cravings.

7. Simple Watches. In the end, one of the most sold online shopping products is quite simple. Unlike those heavy-duty, these are wanted more, you can get one of those at a retail or branded shop, and you are buying it to look nice and simple. You can pay only a few bucks and get a well-working watch that you can combine with almost any clothing combination!


 As you can see, anything you would like you can find on the internet. And if you invest at least a bit of time, you will find multiple discount coupons that will allow you to buy your favorite items in bulks and for a low price!

Coupon Codes On Deals4Boomers: Things You Need To Know

If you have been wondering what coupon codes are and how you can use them, you have come to the right spot. These deals range from discounts for buying clothes, food, services to vacations and even camping that can be found on

What are Coupon Codes?

Coupon codes, sometimes referred to as promotional codes are made up of random letters of numbers. This kind of code is known as an alphanumeric code. The buyers can use these to get special discounts and deals they wouldn’t usually get. The codes you find on Deals4Boomers can be used during online shopping and in store as well.

The discount which is associated with a coupon can either apply to one product or an entire order. But the best thing about them is that they are quite flexible. They can be used on mobile phones, tablets, computers, as barcodes and even QR codes.

Bear in mind that the customers are not the only ones benefitting from these codes. It is a great way in which brands can advertise and sell their products, and if the product in question is of high quality, the customers will keep returning to it even without this type of promotions.

How do Coupon Codes work?

The discount can be a percentage or a specific dollar amount, and the codes often provide customers with gift-wrapping or free shipping, depending on what the code is used for. Therefore, with the reduction in price, the customers also get another reason to buy a certain product.

It all starts with a store, which issues the coupon in the first place. With such move, they are inviting the customers to buy and everyone benefits. A buyer gets a product they have desired at a lower price whereas the e-commerce store or any other store generates revenue.

The coupon or promotional codes work well with attracting new customers and keeping the old ones satisfied. The incentives have a direct impact on the overall shopping experience, and this is concluded by the Center for Neuroeconomics Studies at Claremont Graduate University.

“Getting a coupon, as hard as it is to believe, is physically shown to be more enjoyable than getting a gift,” said Paul J. Zak, director of the Center for Neuroeconomics Studies at Claremont Graduate University. This is also confirmed with the article from Harvard that talks about strategies that can be used to negotiate better business deals.

How to use Coupon Codes?

The codes are usually accepted during the checkout process, and if the procedure is different, it will be indicated by that website or an online store. The store needs to confirm that all conditions of the promotion are satisfied before the code is validated. For example, the code can offer 10% off when the cart has items worth more than $100. If that threshold isn’t met, the coupon will not work.

Multiple codes can be utilized or just one, but that depends on the policy of the store. Some do allow the customers to enter multiple coupons, whereas the others would limit them to 1. Even with the codes, it is the profit stores are concerned with, and they will not allow you any benefits which might be harmful to them.

Types of Coupon Codes

Several types of codes exist, and they include public codes which can be used by anyone and they are great for attracting new customers and private coupons that target specific groups of people. These are usually loyal users that are rewarded. Let us not forget about restricted codes which can be used once by a single user.

Do you have any questions about coupon codes? If not proceed to Deals4Boomers and see how codes work in practice.

How CouponsFor Online Shopping Works

The online coupons sites have been around for a long time, and some of them are very successful. The main operating principle is simple. Sites like Groupon, CouponsFor, and others offer their users massive discounts which they get from the retailers, provided they can get the minimum volume of shoppers to actually activate coupon. This so-called group shopping allows all the members in a group to get a huge price reduction without any effort. The entire mechanic is done by the site, and all the boring details are handled by the site admins. All a customer has to do is click on offer.

They don’t do it from the kindness of their hearts, of course. Coupon sites are compensated for their services by the retailers, usually a percentage of sales they generate for their clients. Some even charge their members a monthly or yearly fee in order to provide them with coupons. Others are free, like CouponsFor, and rely solely on retailers’ fee and ads they show on their pages.

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The other type of coupon sites are clippers. They function just like the coupons in magazines and newspapers. Their coupons are printable and are mostly used for grocery stores and other shops that are impractical for ordering online. Unlike the discount codes you get from other coupon sites, these are actual physical coupons that you have to print out and take with you to the store.

Coupon sites usually have a great selection of coupons for everyone, but the important thing to remember is that they mostly offer daily deals. This means that the offer is valid for a limited amount of time, usually ranging from one to five days, and if you don’t use the coupon during that period, it will expire. The retailers that offer these deals are relying on your impulses to make a purchase, often goading you into buying something you don’t really need (Have you seen Hoarders? This is how you become one of them). On the other hand, you can find some really sweet deals that can save you plenty of money if you can control your impulses and only buy the things you really need.

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If you take a look at CouponFor site, there are discounts for a huge variety of goods and services. For instance, TimTam is offering a 40% off for military personnel for their massagers (which sounds great, if you are stuck on deployment in a middle of a desert without a massage parlor within 100 clicks from your base). Pluto offers a 20% discount on their camera trigger, a handy little device that offers full control of your camera via remote. And those are just for today. Each day brings new offers, and by checking the site regularly, you can find everything you need.