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Black Friday, Do Not Be Tempted

Shopping on Black Friday sales has turned into some sort of a ritual in America. From huge crowds gushing into the store to buying stuff that you don’t need, all this is very common when it is Black Friday.

There was a time when this day was a thing. But with every year it has only got terrible. If you are smart kind, you would want to avoid Black Friday sales. This may sound legit crazy to many of you shopping freaks. But we have more than one reason to give.

We don’t have anything against huge sales. No doubt, it’s great for brands as it helps them boost their sales. But it is better to shop during other times of the year than to rush to the stores on this day.

Why you should avoid Black Friday sales?

We agree Black Friday sales are tempting. It is at this time of the year when big brands offer huge discounts and free items. You can buy all your favorite things at half the price or even less. Everything sounds great, but do you think participating in this madness is worth it?

There are so many reasons why Black Friday is over-hyped. Whether you agree or not, you can find good deals throughout the year. For instance, you can check out sites like Shoppok where you can find many great deals to grab. You don’t have to particularly wait for deals to buy your stuff.

Here are some of the main reasons why you should not be tempted by Black Friday:

1. Too much crowd

The first and most obvious reason to avoid Black Friday is the massive crowd at shopping malls and stores. This is the very reason why many people have stopped shopping on this crazy day.

With so many people in the store, it becomes extremely difficult to shop. Not to mention the long queues at the bill counter and no space for parking. Black Friday is one of the busiest shopping days in a year. During this time, safety protocols are dropped in many places. This means it’s no longer safe to shop in crowded malls.

Instead of pushing through the crowd and shopping, it’s better to order online. You can check the exclusive deals available on other sites and buy all the stuff you need. This site offers you equally better deals as Black Friday.

2. Shopping becomes difficult

Shopping is done best when you have fewer people around you. But on this shopping day that is not even an option. People wait in long queues outside malls for the shops to open. They rush into the store as if it’s their life’s last shopping day. In such a crowded situation, it becomes extremely difficult to shop.

When shopping on normal days, we like to compare products and check the quality before finally paying for it. But all this is impossible on Black Friday. During this time people don’t do product research, they just buy whatever is there in front of them. This increases the chances of buying a defective or wrong product.

It is better to shop online in peace than to visit an overly crowded mall. You can get equally better deals on other websites. They offer great deals on all sorts of items.

3. Leads to unnecessary spending

Retailers take advantage of your inability to resist the buying craze all around you. During the biggest sales day of the year, people don’t think much. They see an attractive product at discount, they buy it. They don’t even think about whether they need that product or not. This leads to unnecessary spending.

You think you are saving money on all your purchases. But in reality, you are spending the saved money on buying unnecessary stuff just because they are available at huge discounts.

Many retailers offer time-specific deals and offers. This creates even more craze among the buyers as they fight through the crowd to buy it. You would probably get these items at a better price somewhere online. But the craze of Black Friday sale blinds you.

4. You get better shopping deals throughout the year

Black Friday is not the only time when you get attractive offers and deals. Today, almost all online shopping stores and apps offer exclusive deals throughout the year. If you want to buy something, then you have the whole year to shop. You particularly don’t have to wait for Black Friday sales.

With the advent of online shopping, you can buy any item imaginable from the comfort of your house. There is no need for you to push through the crowd and waste your time.

You just have to keep a check on the online deals. As soon as, the seasonal sales starts, you can buy all your stuff online. This is any day better than wasting away half your thanksgiving day getting elbowed by strangers.

5. Sale items are cheaper brands

In most cases, you will see all the cheaper brands offering huge discounts. You will rarely come across big brands like Apple and Samsung offering discounts up to 75%. If you still feel tempted to buy this cheaper stuff, God is with you. That’s because there is a high chance that these items will not last for long.

Buying cheaper brands on sale is simply wasting money. They usually don’t provide any guarantee and even if they do, it’s only for a short period. Instead of wasting your money on such items, you can buy something worthwhile in online stores. Big brands often provide attractive offers online.

From the above discussion, one thing is clear that Black Friday sales are over-hyped big time. You can buy the same items on sale throughout the year. There is no need for you to waste your time on Black Friday deals. One of the worst things about Black Friday is that it makes you lose your Thanksgiving Day as they open early on Thursday.

Final words

Resisting temptation is always difficult, especially when it comes to discounts. But the biggest selling day of the year has ceased to be so with the advent of online shopping.

Take care of yourself, your health, and your money.

8 Reasons why Bitcoin is Better than the Dollar

Bitcoin has been changing the world for the better ever since it appeared on the market more than 10 years ago. The leader of the digital currency has had many ups and downs over the years, but overall it has proved quite beneficial for everyone involved. Following its meteoric rise in value at the end of 2017, many saw how quickly they could become successful investors and joined in on the virtual currency fun. However, many still wonder what Bitcoin truly is, and what makes it better and easier to invest in when compared to the US dollar. In this article, we aim to give you the reasons why Bitcoin is better than the dollar and convince you to give it a shot as soon as possible.

1. Freedom

Bitcoin works differently than the US dollars in its very core. You probably heard of the term decentralized, which means that the users of Bitcoin are free to do whatever they want with their Bitcoin without any intermediaries. Nobody controls your decisions, there are no banks and governments, and therefore no penalties, laws, or fees. Bitcoin allows a cheaper, faster, and more secure way of doing business and investing, far from the eyes of the banks. The owner is the only one in charge of their BTC amount.

2. Easy Online Shopping

Bitcoin does not have a physical form. Everything exists online, from the moment you make it, to the moment you trade it. Bitcoins are stored, withdrawn, and deposited into and from e-wallets. The blockchain technology is at the source of how Bitcoin works. Due to this amazing feature, it is easy to spend BTC online, as well as some shops around the world that accept it as payment.

3. Less Volatility

While it is infamous for its spikes in value, Bitcoin is still less volatile than traditional cash. This makes it an easy choice for investment. What is more, it is easy to start investing as you simply need to acquire some BTC to be able to make more money.

4. Tracking

It is virtually impossible to track the amount of the ways in which cash moves around the world. Once there is a need to print more cash, the governments, banks, and treasuries can do it. However, this decreases the value of money leading to inflation. The US dollar is now worth much less than years ago, and you can do significantly less with $1,000 than a few decades ago. With Bitcoin, there is a finite amount of it that exists. Thanks to the already mentioned blockchain technology, millions of computers are joined together through a vast network that uses cryptography to record Bitcoin transactions around the world, creating a public record of all BTC movement. This transparency and trust between the people who trade in BTC can never be achieved with something so controlled and governed as the US dollar. For this and many other reasons, the banks are not very happy with the world turning more and more to cryptocurrency.

5. Investment

Bitcoin is now a common way of doing business in the modern, technologically advanced world. Most countries have introduced BTMs where you can do all things ATMs allow, but with Bitcoin. Dozens of shopkeepers make it easy for customers to spend BTC for their services and products, joining in on the fast-spreading craze that is cryptocurrency. All of this opens many doors for investors looking to multiply their wealth. There is no conversion, and if basically combines the best sides of gold and cash with an open, restriction-less market.

6. Security

Bitcoin works exclusively through peer-to-peer connections. It is as open as it can be, fully secure, transparent, and frictionless. No third parties stand between you and another person on the other end of the transaction or trade. Private keys that BTC users have are solely theirs, and they allow them and nobody else access to their balance.

7. No Returns

Bitcoin is great for maintaining records, that much has already been mentioned. However, once a transaction has taken place, the ownership of the amount in question also transfers from one user onto the other. What this means is that two people exchange a set amount and nothing else, making record keeping and taxes easier to follow and healthier overall. There is no possible way of fraud like with cash, where one amount can be said to be in one place but never get there.

8. Transition and Access

While there are almost as many currencies in the world as there are countries, there is only one Bitcoin or one of the other digital currencies. They can be used in exactly the same way in all corners of the world without nation or bank boundaries. Every transaction is seamless, and each one has a clean record behind it. No matter how geographically different and far two people are, they can easily do business with Bitcoin without third parties or exchange values.

Closing Remarks

If you were hesitant to try a digital cryptocurrency and finally realize what makes it so special, we believe these eight reasons can make you see why Bitcoin is a much better option for someone looking to invest in 2020. While fiat currencies like the US dollar still have immense value in the contemporary world, it is only a matter of time before Bitcoin and its cousins completely take over and once and for all bring us into a cashless world. Bitcoin is simply more trustworthy, secure, and easier to use and invest, which is more than enough in the world where people are looking for equality and transparency from corruption and deceit. Traditional currencies are bound to become a thing of the past sooner rather than later, so make yourself ready by acquiring Bitcoin while it is still in its infancy. The past ten years of its life are nothing compared to what is coming in the future! Visit to learn more about the most popular cryptocurrency and start investing today.

How Using Coupons For Online Shopping Help Save Money During This Crisis

The current pandemic has definitely changed life as you know it. From social distancing to self-quarantining, isolation has become the new norm and will continue to be required as long as there isn’t a cure or vaccine for the coronavirus.

One of the primary changes that you may have had to go through concerns about your shopping habits. While online shopping has been a practice for most consumers for quite some time now, you may fall into the category of people who prefer seeing the merchandise in-person before purchasing them. However, with COVID-19, you have to adjust and opt to shop online instead of risking your health, as well as everyone else’s well-being.

Fortunately, you can find lots of coupons to use when you buy necessities online. You can even enjoy massive discounts and deals on entertainment resources, such as magazine and mystery fashion boxes subscriptions, which are all here, to make the self-imposed isolation more bearable.

You can save money by using coupons for online shopping during this crisis by:

1. Purchasing More Items At A Fraction Of The Price

Taking advantage of coupons allows you to get more value for your money, literally, by enabling you to buy more items. With this, you can stay within your budget, but get more for the same amount that you would’ve spent on regular-priced items.

In this day and age, it’s crucial to be wise in spending money, especially with the economy getting a significant hit from the pandemic. Some businesses have already closed due to the current global healthcare problem, and the trend may continue if the issue isn’t resolved.

You must do all that you can to be frugal with your income. An excellent way to do that is to take advantage of coupons so that you can purchase more for your money.

2. Buying Necessities In Bulk

One of the primary benefits of couponing is that you can stock up on necessities, like food, toiletries, and other life essentials. In today’s global crisis, you have to ensure that you have at least two weeks’ worth of supplies at home. It has become more crucial now to buy and store up provisions in case a new wave of coronavirus infections returns in the fall.

With coupons, you can buy food in bulk and keep them in your pantry. Just make sure that you store them properly, so you don’t end up throwing them away due to decay.

Here are some couponing strategies to help you save more money:

  • Check Newspapers

Even in this digital age, still, you must not disregard the significance of newspapers and other printed resources as a valuable source of coupons. If you’re still subscribed to a publication, take the time to sift through the pages for the best deals on necessities and items that you want. This is particularly ideal for finding deals among small businesses near you.

  • Use Mobile Apps

Most brands are also taking advantage of today’s technology to develop exclusive mobile apps. You can easily install their software on your phone and be notified about their sales schedule, as well as other promos. Moreover, be mindful of times when you can use multiple coupons at once to make the most of the opportunity.

  • Master The Timing

Aside from collecting coupons, you can save more money by using them when there’s a sale. Just clarify with the store, however, if they accept promo codes during such an event. As mentioned above, some businesses allow the multiple uses of coupons even during sales since this can help them reel in the profits and boost their relationships with their customers.

  • Follow Brands On Social Media

Another way to get the most bang for your buck is to subscribe to the social media profiles of your favorite brands. This makes it more convenient for you to be notified of sales and discounts. You can even set the notifications to prioritize highlights coming from these stores so that you’ll always be updated on their promos.

  • Stick To Your Budget

Most people fall into the trap of overspending when they’re using coupons. However, you should make wise purchasing decisions. The primary objective is to get more for the money that you spend. You need to have a budget so that you don’t spend more than your limit and end up acquiring debt.

3. Enjoying Free Shipping

A lot of consumers don’t think about the cost of shipping every time they order something online and have it delivered right at their doorstep. Fortunately, you can save on shipping fees with just a little bit of research and hard work.

When you think about it, shipping fees make your purchases more expensive since they’re additional charges to the total amount of your items. By using a coupon that allows you to save on shipping costs, you’re basically saving money, which you can use for essentials.

4. Trying New Products And Services

If you’ve ever wanted to try a new product or service, but are too scared of wasting money in case you don’t like it, you can try waiting for coupons on the merchandise that you’re eyeing. This way, you reduce the amount of regret you’ll feel when the item doesn’t meet your expectations.

Now is the perfect opportunity to try out new things since you have a lot of time due to the pandemic. Grab this chance and go test that new skincare product or food item that you’ve been wanting to try.

5. Avoiding Infection

Lastly, when you opt to shop online, not only do you save money by using coupons, you’ll also avoid having to throw away hundreds of dollars on medications and hospitalization if you risk venturing outside to buy your groceries and other necessities.


Online shopping has been a boon for a lot of households in the current pandemic. You can even save more money when you use coupons for your purchases by allowing you to get more items for the same amount that you have budgeted. This way, you can buy necessities in bulk. Moreover, you can enjoy free shipping, try new products and services, as well as save money on hospitalization by avoiding getting infected.

Things You Didn’t Know About Online Shopping

Online shopping seems to be the future of marketing. Almost every product that money can buy is now available for purchase online. Of course, the reason for this is not so hard to imagine.

It is no surprise that the present generation is more geared towards convenience than any other. And online shopping offers this in remarkable proportion. Thanks to e-commerce, we can all sit conveniently in our homes, get on our laptops and mobile phones, and, in the space of a few minutes, get all we need delivering right to our doorsteps.

And this doesn’t even stop at goods alone, but also services.

No doubt the importance of online shopping in our lives is immense, and will only keep growing – which is why it is essential to get a few facts straight about the large industry.

Listed below are some interesting thoughts, facts, and observations most people don’t know about online shopping.

It’s Big


E-commerce has gotten so big that reading some facts about it will leave you legitimately shocked. What’s even more impressive is the fact that it is still growing at an unbelievable rate. For instance, studies have found that more than 80% of people who use the internet have employed it to purchase goods and services online. And this figure keeps growing by more than 19% every year.

This, of course, is good news for consumers. Not only will there be healthy competition among stores and businesses, but even more options and an increasing variety of goods and services available for purchase online.

Never Pay the Full Price


It’s so convenient to find numerous stores online that offer what you’re looking for, and it is as easy as opening multiple tabs to find and compare prices on all stores.

What this means is that it is sure as day that you’ll find a store that offers significant discounts as a promotion. This is, no doubt, one of the best parts about shopping online.

Don’t be fooled, though. It is not uncommon to find stores offering products initially at an inflated price and then offering discounts that end up reducing the price to a reasonable valuation.

But these may just be exceptions. Numerous stores offer a real discount, and this is why it is essential not to be lazy. You must be willing to visit as many stores and spend as much time evaluating their prices and policies as much as possible.

Promo and Coupon Codes


You can also find hidden gems and nuggets called promo/coupon codes. While they aren’t such a secret – everybody knows about them – obtaining them may be tricky. But only if you don’t know where to look.

Subscribing to newsletters, visiting sites that specialize in promo/coupon codes, and even carrying out Google searches on the subject are all great ways of finding promo codes for products/services that have them.

Feel free to check out here for some eBay coupon codes.

Price over Everything


Studies have found that millennials consider price when buying above every other thing. This may seem obvious at first. I mean, of course, the first thing we tend to check when buying virtually anything, is the price of what we’re buying.

But then we consider other things such as quality of the product, the brand, the convenience, time taken for delivery, durability, and so on.

And while the previous generation may have placed branding and durability above all else, the current one is quite different. For them, once the price is right and convenient, nothing else matters.

The Art of Dynamic Pricing


Dynamic pricing is a pricing model that takes advantage of real-time demand and supply to determine price, again, in real-time.

While all businesses and products take demand and supply into consideration when determining prices, these are mostly long-terms estimates that are fixed for a reasonable period.

Dynamic pricing, however, takes into consideration a lot of factors that are continually changing, to determine the price of an excellent/service – which is also continually changing.

You may have come across dynamic pricing when booking a flight ticket online, for example. The price fluctuates based on how many seats are available, location, time, and even search history.

There are also specific ways to make dynamic pricing work in your favor. Since it’s continually changing, you may get it higher or lower. The trick, though, is to research optimal time – which most people believe to be Tuesday afternoons – clear your browser cookies to cloak search history, employ incognito mode, and even make use of a VPN to make your IP address.

Dynamic pricing is attractive, to say the least. You only have to know how to make it work for you.

You’re Being Stalked – Ish


Maybe, not really, kind of. You see, most websites ensure to get your consent before they go ahead and, yes, stalk you. How? By using cookies, of course.

Cookies, for those who don’t know, are nifty little scripts that track your every move on the said website. They aim to help the system remember your preferences, to serve you better next time.

And while it does serve that purpose (by keeping your cart organized and giving you recommended products that you love), sometimes it goes beyond it. Sometimes you find that all your data and details from one website are being exported to a completely unrelated site.

This can get creepy, which is why sometimes it’s good practice always to clear your cache and clear your cookies. And of course, be careful and very selective about whom you share your data with.


Online marketing brings with it some unique advantages that keep on growing, thanks to its continual evolution. It is, however, still relatively new enough that numerous aspects of it might appear new and baffling to some.

We’ve listed above some thoughts, facts, and observations that most people still don’t know about when it comes to e-commerce.

How to Choose the Right 3PL Services for Your Small Business

More and more businesses are turning to third-party logistics services (3PL) to help them streamline budgets while giving them a wider reach. These types of services have seen massive growth worldwide in the past few decades, in lockstep with the growth of online shopping and e-commerce.

Today’s online shopping experience wouldn’t be the same without the existence of 3PL services providing vital logistics to small and large businesses alike. Many smaller businesses and startups today are even totally reliant on 3PL services, as they may find it impossible to reach their target levels without outsourcing their logistics to a specialized company.

However, using a 3PL service isn’t without its risks. When a business chooses a logistics company, they are handing off a critical aspect of the company to an outside party. In many cases, this means that the 3PL will be communicating to customers and suppliers on behalf of their clients. 3PL’s may also have processes that are not always completely transparent to their clients. Either of these situations can have serious implications for the branding and bottom-line of the client if these risks are not managed.

This means it’s important for businesses, especially smaller startups, to choose their 3PL providers carefully. Here are some things to look out for when picking a 3PL provider.

1.) Customer service

Your 3PL provider should be ready to address the concerns of your company and those of customers and answer them clearly and concisely. Because the 3PL provider acts on behalf of your company, any errors reflect on your business rather than on theirs. This makes it critical to make sure that whichever assistance you choose delivers acceptable customer service levels.

2.) IT

One of the biggest reasons many larger companies have switched over to 3PL services instead of relying on in-house teams is that 3PL companies often have access to optimized IT systems to handle tracking and other important communications requirements as well as different inventories. More importantly, they have the specialization and expertise to use these IT systems effectively.

Choosing a 3PL service that has good IT systems isn’t just for your business’s convenience. It can help improve your customer’s experience by allowing them to have accurate expectations about their orders.

3.) Flexibility

Different businesses will have their unique requirements that may not be properly addressed by a 3PL provider that takes a “one-size-fits-all” approach to logistics. Ideally, your 3PL provider must be willing to work closely with your company to come up with solutions that will benefit both your company and your customers.

4.) Service coverage

Your 3PL provider should be able to operate wherever you want to be able to market. While you can certainly use a different provider to service different markets, it just makes things simpler to have one provider do everything, especially if you’re running a small business.

5.) Overall value

The main point of using a 3PL provider is that they can deliver superior service levels at a lower cost to your company. The one you choose should be within your budget and also provide performance levels that you could not expect to reach working by yourself. If you’re a small business looking for high-quality 3PL services, then check out Red Stag Fulfillment.


Choosing 3PL providers is now a critical part of any small business’s checklist. Picking the right one can help a business expand into virtually any market while keeping expenses low. If anything, partnering with the right 3PL company can be the key to a small business’s success in reaching their intended markets.


Purchasing anything you need without lifting your finger

When we take a look at the way people purchase things nowadays, it is pretty much safe to say that we’ve come pretty far from where it all once started. Marketplaces and shops are no longer in the trading quarter of your city, and instead of having to walk kilometers to reach them, all you have to do is move your mouse around and click a couple of times.

Today we’re discussing online shopping and how much easier it has become to purchase things nowadays compared to the past, so without any further ado, let’s dive into the content.

The benefits of online shopping compared to the traditional method

When it comes to online shopping, there are just so many benefits and options compared to the regular method. One of the main reasons why online shopping is so popular is because you are able to choose from many different stores and keep browsing all of them until you find the thing you need. When you walk into your local store however, you are limited to only those products that they have in store at the moment, and if yours is not there, well… you’re left empty-handed.

This can never be a thing with online purchases, however, simply because you have an infinite amount of stores that you can browse, or even better, you can search exactly for the product that you are interested in. This also means that you will be able to find the thing you want in many different prices and choose the cheapest one, as opposed to having to purchase it at one price that your local store has set it at.

According to iCoolGoods, one of the main reasons why so many people are choosing this as their favorite shopping method is because of the delivery options which in some cases are even international and worldwide. Surprising your friends with a gift or simply purchasing something for yourself from across the world is just way too fun to pass on. Maybe you want to have a Chinese souvenir but you are unable to visit that particular country at the moment. Well, no problem, feel free to order one and it will be delivered to your doorstep.

Is online shopping hard to do if you’re not computer-savvy?

This is a question that is frequently asked, especially from people of the older generations. When it comes to purchasing stuff online nowadays, the process is so simplified that anyone can do it. One of the main goals of shopping websites is to be as user friendly as possible and allow people to do it without lifting a finger.

Everything is automated and explained with icons and instructions, so there’s nothing to worry about at all. You can even contact the customer support team if you need some help navigating through the website, but we doubt that this will ever be a problem for you. As long as you know what you’re looking for and you have an eligible credit card, it shouldn’t take you more than just a couple of minutes to purchase something.


5 Personal Finance Truths to Live By

The pursuit of money is universal, yet only a small percentage of people ever acquire and grow true wealth. Ultimately, it comes down to smart, informed decision-making, patience, and discipline. And if you study human behavior, you’ll discover that these aren’t innate traits. But in spite of this, there is optimism. Though they may not be inherent, the good news is that these traits can be learned. Are you willing to try?

5 Smart Money Truths

It’s hard to pin down a financial belief and call it a universal truth. Every situation is different and people have a wide range of theories and beliefs. But the following five principles are as close to objective truth as you’ll find. Follow them and you’ll almost certainly move closer to wealth:

  1.     Spend Less Than You Make

This seems like a pretty simple and obvious principle, but it’s one that most people don’t follow. In fact, a Pew Research study suggests that 54 percent of households spend more money than they make each month. In other words, the average household is watching its net worth decline each month – a truly scary thought!

The first step to building wealth is to spend less than you make. If your net monthly income is $5,000, this means you should be spending a maximum of $4,999 (though preferably much less). This will likely require you to keep a budget, track expenses, and practice disciplined spending in areas that eat up your money (like eating out or online shopping).
  1.     Don’t Be House Poor

The second universal money truth is to avoid being house poor. Only purchase what you can reasonably afford – which probably won’t be the same as what the bank tells you that you can afford.

According to Green Residential, “Your goal is to buy a house that leaves enough room in your monthly budget for you to live a comfortable lifestyle. If the monthly payment is high enough that it strains your resources to make ends meet, you have too much house for your lifestyle.”

In addition to straining your budget, buying too much house comes back to bite you by forcing you to keep up with the Joneses. Research shows that living in an affluent neighborhood makes you more likely to mirror the consumption habits of your neighbors. If you’re living in a million-dollar neighborhood when you should be in an upper middle class neighborhood, you’re going to feel the pressure to buy nicer cars, clothes, and jewelry than you can reasonably afford. You’ll want to send your children to nicer schools, pay more for lawn care, host nicer parties, etc. You can avoid all of these pressures by purchasing a house at the correct price point. 

  1.     Diversify Your Investments

There are hundreds of unique investment strategies. To say that one strategy is best for all would be foolish. However, the concept of diversification rings true across the board.

As you invest, be sure to stay diversified. From a macro perspective, this means investing in different investment classes – like stocks, bonds, real estate, etc. From a micro perspective, it means diversifying how you invest in each class. (For example, a good retirement portfolio doesn’t consist of one or two stocks. Instead, it contains a variety of mutual funds with varying levels of risk.)

  1.     Avoid Bad Debt

Anyone who tells you that all debt is bad doesn’t fully understand the utility of debt as a vehicle for generating leverage and acquiring wealth. There is, however, a huge difference between good debt and bad debt.

Good debt includes real estate, small business ownership, and loans for education (within reason). Bad debt looks like credit cards, vehicles, and consumable goods (such as jewelry, clothing, boats, and other products that lose value over time).

The goal is to avoid bad debt, while strategically using good debt to opportunistically build wealth. The better you become at differentiating between the two, the more success you’ll have.

  1.     Know the Difference Between a Want and Need

If you’re having trouble practicing smart financial behaviors, it’s probably because you have a skewed understanding of what constitutes a want and a need. Clarifying your position will help you get a hold of your finances.

The truth is that you have very few true needs. You need a roof over your head, food to eat, clothes to keep you warm, healthcare to keep you well, and perhaps a reliable vehicle to help you get around. Outside of this, almost everything is a want – including eating dinner out, shopping on Amazon, and buying a nicer car.

If you focus on buying what you need and only occasionally delving into wants (as they fit into your budget), you’ll find that wealth suddenly becomes much more attainable.

Practice Patience and Discipline

It’s a common misconception that in order to be financially successful, you have to run around like a crazy man and take significant risks. The reality is that risk will eventually bite you in the rear. The better strategy is to practice patience and discipline – occasionally interspersing calculated risk to amplify your returns. 


Buying Gifts Online is Easier than Ever

The Internet has made a revolution that has completely taken over our lives. We use it to conduct businesses, to search for any kind of information we need, to pass time, even to shop for all sorts of things. There is not a single thing you cannot find online, everything from clothes and gifts to furniture and tickets for different kinds of event.

Even though millions of people use popular websites for online shopping, there are still some that are distrustful and we cannot blame them. Many dangers are lurking from the World Wide Web and people want to be certain that they will not be deceived. So what do you have to do in order to be sure that you are making a purchase from a legitimate store?

Obviously, the very first you have to do is to find the item you want to buy. Simply open your search engine, type in the words and hit the button. You will be presented with the list of results that include online stores like or google ads for businesses nearby, depending on what you are looking for.

Your next step is to investigate different stores. This is important especially if you are looking for an item that is common. Why? Well, different shops have different prices, plus some of them offer discounts and coupons for the first time customers. There is one thing you have to be careful about and that is the cost of shipping. If you find an offer that is too good to be true, it probably is. Retailers usually offer low prices of merchandise, but in return, have high shipping fees. If you skip this step you might end up throwing money down the drain. In addition, another thing you can do is to order multiple items from the same vendor. Most of them will group them into one shipment and some might even offer a free one if you exceed a certain amount of money.

Furthermore, check if a certain seller has a return policy. Valid stores will have a return policy that protects you as a buyer and that is easily understandable i.e. without hidden conditions. Also, the website has to be secure and there is an easy way to check this. If there is a padlock icon next to the address it means that all data is encrypted and you can safely continue the process.

In order to maximize the security of your information, you should also use a credit card. If you use a debit card and the information gets stolen, the thieves will have the access to your bank account, while, on the other hand, a credit card company can easily reverse the card if something bad happens. Moreover, you should never give unnecessary information. Of course, you will be asked to provide them with your credit card number and address, but if the website asks you for your social security number, stop everything and find another online store.

Our last advice is to always make purchases over a secure internet connection which means do it at your home, and not in a local coffee shop or park. If you use an unsecured network, your data will not be encrypted which means that the potential hackers will have easy access, and there is no need to expose yourself to this risk.

All in all, these are some advice you should use when it comes to making an online purchase, especially if you have never bought things online. Check all the security requirements, ensure that everything is as it should be, and start shopping.

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