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How Cole Martin Dockery defied the odds

Cole Dockery is a 7 figure digital entrepreneur at only 22 years of age. He first started selling services and products online about four years ago. Cole found that college was not the best option for him after graduating high school with a 2.3 GPA he decided to go straight to work. After working for some time for $18 an hour which was considered a nicely paying job, Cole decided to quit and start working as a full-time digital entrepreneur.

That same year, Cole Dockery was able to generate over six figures at 18 years old selling his products through simple Facebook funnels and ads. Since then, Cole has created a great empire for online selling services and products. So far, in 2019, Cole has made over 2 million dollars in sales through his eCommerce agency which now has over 15 employees.

When Cole graduated from high school he was still living in a very small town where there were only two options to do after high school. Either go to college or go start working. He recalls seeing a scale of income based on education from his guidance counselor, saying that if he didn’t go to college on time that his income on average would be somewhere around $23,000 a year. This means that college was very pressured to him as a lot of kids are pressured today. Leaving his job was no easy decision. His entire family had previously worked in labor-based positions, so he felt like it was some sort of tradition to work at such a position. So quitting this type of job for him was more than just leaving a job that was paying well; it was changing what seemed a family tradition to him.

Cole states that college was available to him only because he was offered to play Baseball professionally. Since he graduated with only a 2.3 GPA in high school, it is obvious that school and studying weren’t a priority for Cole. As he started attending visits and meeting with his professor, he realized that he would be learning from people who do not have to offer what the wants and that paying for huge amounts of money for education does not make sense to him. He did not feel comfortable to make such a commitment or taking loans that he wouldn’t ever be able to pay out just so he could satisfy other people’s wishes.

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When Cole Dockery realized that he was capable of doing a lot more than just labor work or college, he immediately quit his factory job. He saw himself in the mirror as unfulfilled, stuck and depressed and decided that enough is enough and took the leap of faith. Cole believes that we should follow our dreams and trust our gut when we feel that we are capable of a lot more. He states that people do not have to follow society’s standards, instead we should live and build our lives in our own way. Cole Dockery is a great example of why dropping out of college does not mean that you cannot lead a happy, successful and rich life.

What Are The Best Online Selling Platforms Out There


The online selling trend has been on the rise for the past few years, and though it’s been ongoing since the development of the first online platforms, you still haven’t missed your chance. If you are looking to start an online business selling physical products, now is the time. You have a variety of online sales platforms to choose from, and the relevant policies are in your favor. Large retail chains have been closing down a number of their stores due to the fact that people have accepted the online trend and now do a large percentage of their shopping using a computer or mobile device.

Out of all the online platforms, there are three that are worth mentioning: Amazon FBAClickFunnels, and LeadPages. Using these services for online selling will allow you to run a successful business with hundreds of customers eagerly waiting for your new products.

Let’s go ahead and see what is Amazon FBA and how it can be of benefit, as well as what optimizing tools you should go for!

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What Is Amazon FBA And How Can You Benefit From It?

Jeff Bezos is surprising the world with his new and innovative business moves each and every year, and once again his business idea worked like a charm. Most people are familiar with the Merchant-Fulfilled Amazon selling platform that allows you to sell your products to people all over the world, directly sending the wanted items out to them. On the other hand, Amazon FBA comes with a change and can be a huge benefit, especially for businesses that are just starting out. A small business will not have enough resources for its own employees, and that is where this kind of service can be of great help. You can send your items to Amazon’s fulfillment centers and they will store them for you. Once the customer orders something, they are going to ship it while you keep the profit.

Even if you aren’t manufacturing unique products yet, there are more than a few options to benefit from this kind of service. Although retail arbitrage, online arbitrage, and liquidation might be good sources, you may have problems with brand claims and invoices. That is why we recommend private labeling and wholesale as the best way to get your initial products and resell those at a higher price using the Fulfillment by Amazon service.

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What About Website Optimization?

Most online business websites have one common problem – the website is not optimized well enough and customers usually have a problem with navigating and finding what they want. This can lead to lost customers and potential profit due to the fact that no one wants to spend time on a website that is not well presented and doesn’t seem to be trustworthy. That is why opting for online sales funnels can be a huge benefit as they include a variety of introductory offers, and allow you to optimize the website to your customers’ satisfaction.

When it comes to sales funnels, the most relevant comparison should be ClickFunnels vs LeadPages.

LeadPages is a better option if you are a smaller business, while ClickFunnels comes with a variety of benefits if you have already established your name and need a system to support your incoming leads. ClickFunnels starts at $97 per month, which is more than double the price of LeadPages, for good reason. Using the ClickFunnels tool, you are sure to get a 100% optimized website using the techniques of email marketing, special offers, and webinar support. Along with that, it provides more than 22 different funnel types and uses the power of social media to advertise your products further.

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On the other hand, LeadPages is a great service if you are looking to have a well-developed sales funnel website right from the start. With more than 150 different page templates, a drag and drop editor, mobile optimization, and email and social media integration, you are sure to get your money’s worth!


By using the Amazon FBA online selling platform and some of the above-mentioned landing page services, you are sure to develop an excellent product selling business that will be easy and fun to run!