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Rick Lagina Net Worth 2021 – Biography and Career

The fans of The Curse of Oak Island TV show very well know who Marty Lagina and Rick Lagina are. They’ve become famous with the help of the show, and they’ve also become very rich. Marty Lagina has millions of dollars, and almost everything is known about his finances. But people are curious about his brother, Rick Lagina. How much does Rick make, what does he do besides the TV show?
We are going to tell you everything that you wanted to know about Rick’s biography, career, and his net worth.

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Rick’s Biography and Personal Life

Rick Lagina read about the mystery of Oak Island when he was very young, and that’s when he decided to solve this mystery. He was a postal worker, but he left his career and he dedicated his life on solving a 200-year-old mystery of Oak Island. His brother Marty joined him on a treasure hunt on Oak Island. He committed his whole life on finding the treasure. He spends his summer up on Oak Island, in Nova Scotia with his team. And when he is not on the island, he is trying to find a new way to find the treasure.

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His brother Marty has a lot of different businesses, including a winery, but Rick doesn’t. Marty’s net worth is estimated to be nearly $100 million. But Rick earns his money only from the treasure hunt project they have on Oak Island. There isn’t any information about Rick’s personal life, and fans can only know the things that are presented in the show. But everyone can say that Rick is a passionate and humble man. He is very hard working, and because he dedicated his life to this mystery, he never married, nor he is dating anyone.

Rick Lagina Net Worth

Maybe you think that Rick isn’t earning a lot of money because he doesn’t have other businesses like his brother, but he still does have millions. His net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. And his net worth is going up every year, since 2014, when the show first started.

Rick’s Career

Most of the cast from the TV show doesn’t like to talk about their salary, including Rick. Because of that we don’t know for sure how much does Rick makes for an episode of The Curse of Oak Island, but we can say with certainty that most of his income comes from that salary.
Rick also owns a part of Oak Island. Alongside with his brother Marty, Craig Tester, Dan Blankenship and Alan J. Kostrzewa, Rick owns Oak Island Tours Incorporated.

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They own most of the island, to be precise the own 78% of the island. Oak Island Tours Incorporated is a company that makes tours for many people that visits Oak Island. The people come to the island to learn about the history and the treasure. They take them on guided tours all around the island, where they can learn a lot about legends and everything that has to do with the treasure hunt.

Rick is also a producer of the show. He has a percentage of the show’s earnings, and that surely isn’t little. And because of his contract with the History Channel Rick also gets paid every time new or old episodes of The Curse of Oak Island are aired.
There isn’t any information about how much does Rick or any other cast member earns from residuals, and it is also unknown how much cast members earn per episode.

But it doesn’t matter how much they earn because most of the fans believe that Rick and his brother Marty invest a lot of the money, they earn into the fund for their treasure hunt. That’s the reason this TV show exists, the love that they feel for this island, and the passion they have for the treasure hunt. Both brothers enrolled in this adventure because of the thrill, and not because of the money.

David Blankenship Net Worth 2021 and What Is His Personal Life Like

David Blankenship, the producer of The Curse of Oak Island, the Canadian History channel’s television series, has a very successful decades’ long career. Here is everything we know and everything you should know about the longtime resident of Oak Island.

David Blankenship’s Personal Life

David Blankenship leads a very low-key personal life. In fact, not much is known about his personal life which he keeps private behind closed doors. Moreover, he doesn’t have social media accounts and tries hard to avoid mainstream media. There isn’t any information available regarding his family or relationship status.

Blankenship’s fans are kept in total darkness about his personal life. However, we all know that David is truly dedicated and professional regarding work and finding historic fortunes. He is known to have a fearless personality and being a very introvert person. So, it is believed that based on his long-time experience, he must be having a blissful life.

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David Blankenship’s Net Worth and Career

David Blankenship’s net worth is estimated to stand at$1 million. He earns a lot from his profession as a producer of the reality television series The Curse of Oak Island and The Curse of Oak Island: Drilling Down. His career started in the 1960s when he started looking for historic fortunes. Moreover, besides these series, David also worked as an art director, set designer, and production designer on other TV shows.

Hence, he has worked as an art director on Live With Kelly (2009 to 2011), Head Games (2009 to 2010), and Purge Three The Code (2015). Moreover, he was a set decorator for Sleepy Hollow (2014 to 2015), Army Wives (2009 to 2012), and The Walking Dead (2015). Last but not least, he was a production designer in Ghost Hunters (2011).

David experienced a serious workplace incident thirty years ago which caused him limited mobility. Nevertheless, this hasn’t stopped him from pursuing his dreams. Currently, he works on The Curse of Oak Island together with his father Dan Blankenship and Rick Lagina, Marty Lagina, and Craig Tester.

What’s The Release Date of The Curse of Oak Island Season 7 Episode 20 and Where You Can Watch It

Every true fan of The Curse of Oak Island can’t wait for the release of every new episode. The last few adventures were so exciting and full of new thrilling finds.

The previous episode is called ‘Lords of the Ring‘, and the title is so appropriate because the crew found something exciting from the 1700s.


If you crave to learn a bit more about the previous episode and get to know what is the release date of the upcoming episode, keep reading this article.

What’s the release date of Season 7 Episode 20 of ‘The Curse of Oak Island’?

The upcoming episode is titled ‘Springing the Trap’ and is scheduled to air on Tuesday, April 7, at 9 pm ET or 8 pm CT. You will be able to watch the new episode like always on your favorite TV channel, History Channel.

What do you need to have if you want to watch History Channel?

If you have a cable connection, you will be able to watch the new episode easily. But if you don’t have one, don’t worry, there is a solution for you too. You need to go to the History Channel site and watch the show there; you can stream every episode whenever you want.

The latest episodes can also be watched on Sling TV, Fubo TV, or Philo TV. And if you are a Hulu subscriber, you can watch the entire Season 6 there, and hopefully, the Season 7 will also be added.

If you don’t want to wait and you are willing to spend a bit of money, you can buy and stream the whole show on Amazon Prime.


What happened in Season 7 Episode 19 of ‘The Curse of Oak Island’?

In the latest episode, the team had a fantastic find; they managed to uncover an excitingly designed ring from the 1700s, in the swamp. They believe that the ring might be from Spain, but despite being a thrilling discovery, they need to speed up their quest because the winter season is coming.

That was not all that happened in Episode 19; Rick Lagina explained what’s the difference between treasure hunters from the early history and the ones that are currently researching and studying Oak Island. He said that previous people loved adventure, travel, and they’ve tried to find valuable things. And today, people that are investigating and researching treasures are experts that know a lot about history, people, and the locality, and they want to know even more. He also stated that he and the team didn’t find any treasure yet, but they have discovered some significant historical artifacts and information. They’ve found a lead cross, iron pikes that can are probably from a ship, and they’ve even found fragments of human bones.


Another thing that they’ve uncovered in Episode 19 is a part of a keg. They believe that the treasure was kept in kegs that were on a ship. And a minor discovery was a piece of stray wood, but that was all they’ve found.

They need to make a new strategy and to figure out the artifact that they’ve found by now because only then will they be able to put all of the pieces in one big puzzle.

They are going to explore another island after they’ve checked Dave Blankenship’s documents. We are excited to see what they will find in the next episode.

Here’s what Happened in the Season 7 Episode 19 of ‘The Curse of Oak Island’

The team managed to find something fascinating in the last episode of ‘The Curse of Oak Island’, and they believe it’s the closest to the treasure they’ve been.

It’s the perfect time to watch this epic TV show

Due to the lockdown and the pandemic that has pressed a pause on our lives, you have a lot more spare time. You can use it to watch all the episodes of ‘The Curse of Oak Island’, that you’ve haven’t managed to before. It will brighten up your days and make you forget for a second about everything that’s happening around the world currently.


In Episode 19 that was titled ‘Lord Of The Ring’, the team found more than one interesting thing

Just like the title says, they’ve found a ring with a sophisticated design. They are not sure from which decade is the ring they found in the swamp, but they assume that it’s an ornate Spanish ring and that it’s from the 1730s.

They now have new and better technology with them, and they are full of hope that the treasure is near. The team with Lagina brothers leading them found many artifacts like a lead cross, iron pikes, things from ships, and they’ve even found fragments from human bones. Everything indicates that the treasure is somewhere near and that ships are at the bottom of the swamp.

In ‘Lord Of The Ring’ episode, the team found a part of a keg and a piece of wood. They automatically concluded that the treasure is Spanish and that it was kept in kegs. Even if it sounds a little bit unreal, they have proof of that.

What’s next for the Lagina brothers?


The brothers need to come up with a new tactic and to connect the dots of their every single discovery. They have been reading and researching Dave Blankenship’s documents, and they’ve agreed on excavating a new site on Oak Island. That means that some fresh and new adventures are coming their way.

To find out more about the adventures on Oak Island, be sure to follow the upcoming episodes. Because you never know when the brothers and the team will find something.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 7 Episode 16 – What’s Happening Now?

‘The Curse of Oak Island‘ is undoubtedly getting more and more amusing in Season 7. Even though the Lagina brothers and their crew did not find any treasure, they still made some exciting discoveries. Precisely, the last episode shows some iron artifacts that have been found. They could belong to an old ship, which could be carrying the treasure.

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The swamp is at the center of the attention, and no one is prepared to give up before they find something concrete. Are you curious to find out how the latest episode of ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ shapes up? We can help you. Also, we will reveal when and where you could watch the next episode.


Season 7 Episode 16 Release Date: When Will it Premiere?

‘The Curse of Oak Island’ Season 7 Episode 16 will release on Tuesday, March 10, 2020, at 9/8c on the History Channel. Surely, we will see the crew finding new clues in an attempt to discover the treasure.

How can we watch The Curse of Oak Island Season 7 Episode 16 Online?

‘The Curse of Oak Island’ is on the History Channel, so the best way to watch it is with a cable connection. However, if you don’t have it, go to the History Channel site and stream the episodes. Cord cutters have plenty of options available such as Fubo Tv, Sling Tv, and Philo Tv, to stream the newest episodes.

In case you are a Hulu subscriber, you can watch up to Season 6 of the show. Besides, there is a good chance that Season 7 will be added to the platform when it finishes airing on the History Channel. Also, Amazon Prime users can buy and stream the show’s episodes.

Recap of The Curse of Oak Island Season 7 Episode 15:

‘Surely Templar,’ is the title of the episode. It starts with the team questioning how Daniel McGinnis was involved in the investigation of the depression near the oak tree in 1795. They believe he was searching for something, and the Templar theory comes back. The crew is convinced they are connected to the 200-year-old mystery.

The search leads them to Sir William Alexander, a Freemason. This grabbed everyone’s attention as the Freemasons seem to be inextricably connected to the history and stories about Oak Island. Besides, the team members are searching the McGinnis Foundation.

Back at Smith’s Cove, it seems that the crew has found something that looks like a tunnel. They think it is part of a flood tunnel. Their discovery of coconut fiber that could be used to booby trap the tunnels, and a pike pole that may have come from a ship excites us.


It looks like the team is closing in on a few mysteries that are on Oak Island.

However,  we must wait and see how close they truly are to the treasure, and if they can get to it before they become hopelessly entangled in a web of clues that takes them deeper into the history of the island.

The Curse of Oak Island: Historical Artifacts that Lagina Brothers Discovered Until Now

For more than 2 hundred years, treasure hunters and researchers have been suffering from deciphering one of the most crippling mysteries in the Western Hemisphere: The burning riddle of Oak Island. In the year 1795, people believed that three men discovered a melancholy in the ground underneath a vintage oak tree on the island, leading them to the conclusion that treasure was buried there. For that reason, the island has been scoured and thoroughly searched. Despite no real treasure being found, they’ve discovered little parts of history tucked away on the island.

Marty and Rick Lagina have determined to take up the venture and search the island for themselves since 2014. The show, ‘The Curse Of Oak Island,’ is in its 7th season of the show. Even though Oak island is full of interesting they select to examine, the brothers pay most of the attention and spend most of the time around the ‘Money Pit.’

About the Money Pit


Money Pit is located at the east of Oak Island. It is a shaft, which is over 100 feet deep. According to the legends surrounding the island, it was found by a teenager, Daniel McGinnis, in 1795. He observed an indentation on the floor and started digging. With the assist of some friends, he found a human-made shaft featuring wooden platforms every 10 feet down to 90 feet. However, due to an expedition within the Nineteen Sixties that triggered clay, seawater,  and mud to crumble around the ‘cash pit,’ the shaft’s exact region has been obscured from sight. Just like treasure hunters earlier, the brothers have found numerous traps, and tunnels dug into the ground at numerous depths that are designed to flood the shaft with water.

Things found in the Money Pit?


While no real treasure has been found, the pit carries several tantalizing historical clues. The Lagina brothers have located other interesting matters on the island, which includes a lead Cross. Before them, treasure hunters have observed old parchment, stones, bits of china, portions of wooden and coconut fiber. Coins and stones have also been discovered.

The 90-Foot Stone

According to the legend, the treasure hunter Jotham B McCully wrote a letter in the mid-19th century, saying that a mysterious stone was found in the pit in 1804, at a depth of about 90 feet. It was around two-three ft long and 12-16 inches wide. The wasn’t like any other rock. It bore cryptic symbols, which have brought heated dialogue and debate. Those symbols meant to represent English letters. According to one translation, it read: “FORTY FEET BELOW TWO MILLION POUNDS ARE BURIED.”


Some other scholars think that its purpose was to forge a connection with the Knights Templar.

In the upcoming episode of ‘The Curse Of Oak Island,’ brothers and the team will show some evidence that the boy in 1795 did not come across the depression near the oak tree by chance.

Oak Island Treasure Dream Job Became A Reality

Many children fantasize about what they want to be when they grow up and what their dream job would be like, but not many of them get to fulfill those dreams once they grow up. Scott Barlow is an example of a grown up who made proud the child in himself, because of a phone call he received in 2018, which changed his life. „How often does somebody call you up and say: ‘Hey, you want to be part of a treasure hunt?’“, Barlow recalls.

As many of you may know, The Curse of Oak Island is currently airing its seventh season on The History Channel, and during the most of 2019, Barlow worked as a project manager of Oak Island Tours, the company in charge for digging for the legendary lost treasure of the island. He could be seen in the show, often digging through the dirt or scrutinizing and serving survey data and historical records.

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At the age of 12, Barlow read Joan Clark’s adventure novel The Hand Of Robyn Squires, which is linked to finds in the alleged Money Pit on Oak Island off the coast of Nova Scotia. The whole story was very interesting to Barlow as he explained: „Since then, I was hooked.“

Oak Island History

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Oak Island mystery has aroused the curiosity of people around the world, and also inspired many to dream of becoming treasure hunters.

There aren’t many verified information about early treasure-related activities on the island, but the stories about it go back to the late eighteenth century.

The original story about the treasure follows a dying sailor from the crew of Captain Kidd, who decides to burry the treasure worth £2 million. All that has gained a plot twist in 1795, when four teenagers found the decayed oak-log and an unusual pulley system. After digging as much as they could and finding no treasure, they decided to give up. However, they found more tunnels around the island, which are believed to be part of a sophisticated system of traps designed to flood the main shatf with water, which would prevent anyone to get to whatever lies at the bottom.

Various items were found there over the years, including ancient coins, stone carvings, coconut fible, and a lead cross. After all those discoveries, scienties, historians, and writers have been coming up with different theories about what might have happened on Oak Island. Those theories range from pirate treasure, to Shakespearean manuscripts. Some believe that the Holy Grail or the Ark of the Covenant, have been burried there by the Knights Templar.

Several attempts to find the mystery of the Oak Island have been inspired by legends, rumors, and unproven theories. The treasure hunt have cost millions of dollars. The curse of the island states that seven men will die in the search for the treasure before it is found. To date, six men have died trying to find it.

The Arrival of Internet

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Barlow was very keen on reading and learning anything he could find about the Oak Island mystery from books and articles that were available to him. In 1990s, when the internet arrived, the informations and community of people with the same interest like his, were much more available.

After finding out about the announcement from The History Channel, about plans to air a show based on the mystery of Oak island and the search for its treasures, Barlow felt overwhelming happiness.

„Information was hard to come by, and a lot of people who do that kind of work, they don’t really make a public report every day of what they find. You were always going on bits and pieces and scraps and hearsay, and all that stuff. At least the show gives you a little insight.“

Thanks to Internet, and their mutual interest in the mystery of Oak Island, Barlow met a historian and Oak Island researcher, Doug Crowell. In 2018, Crowell decided to call Barlow and ask him to help with the treasure hunt and solving the mystery of the island. And that is when Barlow’s transition from fan to treasure hunter became real.

A year after that, the Lagina brothers, Rick and Marty, who own most of the Island, offered Barlow the project manager’s job of Oak Island Tours. Till then, the brothers had co-ordinated most of the work themselves.

The Work

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Barlow said that part of his job is to be a co-ordinator between the Lagina brothers and their partners.

„(I was) kind of the go-between guy between the contractors and the owners. It was my job to make sure everything was moving forward.“

Thanks to his unique set of skills and his knowledge about the island, Barlow is the great addition to the team. Rick Lagina agreed with that, saying: „Scott brought a valuable set of skills to Oak Island. His calm demeanour, critical analysis and mechanical expertise are invaluable. Scott proved daily he was invested, sincere and committed and we are all extremely appreciative of his participation and friendship.“

Barlow’s combination of plumbing, mechanical and electrical skills are helpful for his company Mechanical Solutions too.

Having A Dream Job

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„The work has been a challenging and rewarding experience. There are lots of days there where you leave and you’re right at the top of the world. You had a great day. Then there are other days where things didn’t turn out the way you hoped. It’s an emotional rollercoaster,“ Barlow explained.

Some days are hectic and the crew has a lot of job that needs to be done, while other days are more about brainstorming and coming up with where the next digging should take place, or theorizing about the mystery.

Barlow talked about being on the show, saying: „One of the toughest parts of the job was getting used to all the TV cameras and crews trailing along behind as you worked.“

He also explained that the viewers see the results of their efforts, but not all the things that happened before that, including days of fruitless search. However, the show has the accurate representation of the work, it is just that it is more compressed.

Barlow is very happy to be part of all of it. He doesn’t want to reveal what will happend next, because he wants fans to see it for themselves. He said: „Last year was our biggest effort yet in terms of the work done. We had some major strides forward in terms of learning things. We have (gained) a better understanding, in the last year, of some of the island than people have had ever … and of course, in typically Oak Island fashion, you find one thing and it leads to more questions.“

The Curse of Oak Island Season 7 Episode 15 Preview

“The Curse of Oak Island” became a show that is considered a true treat for people who are into hunting and who have a love for history. We can think of Lagina brothers as some kind of Indiana Jones. Naturally, they don’t have to encounter villains like Harrison Ford’s character, but nonetheless, there are some parallels that can be drawn between this show and a popular movie. With their crew, brothers are looking for a treasure hidden on Oak Island and discovering a very interesting history of this beautiful island and people who previously were on the same task as them.

We are currently in the seventh season of this popular show. Presently, the crew is looking for the Money Pit. Even though they’ve encountered some difficulties that didn’t make their task any easier, they managed to come up with some exceptional discoveries. We witnessed that a swamp they’ve discovered is most likely man-made. At the same time, Rick Lagina uncovered some clues that were present at the Dartmouth Heritage Museum. If you are watching the show, then you know that all of the public that follows it are ecstatic about what will happen in the next episode.

When is it Going to Premiere?

The next episode o this popular show is going to premiere on the 3rd March 2020 on History Channel. The name of the episode is “Surely Templar”. The name refers to the Templar theory that Travis talked about in the previous episodes.

Where can You Watch it Online?

As you know, this show is an exclusive for the History Channel, so the simplest way you can get to watch it is through a cable connection. On the other side, if you don’t have cable, you can stream all of the episodes on the website of the History Channel. Also, you can look them up on Philo TV, Fubo TV, and Sling TV. When it comes to streaming services, you can try Hulu. There you can watch the first six seasons. There are good chances that season 7 will be available on Hulu after the broadcasting on the History Channel finishes. If these options are not good enough for you, you can always subscribe to Amazon Prime, and stream all of the episodes on this popular platform.


What Happened on the Previous Episode?

The 14th episode of season 7, titled “Burnt Offering” turned out to be one of the most intensive episodes of the show even though no treasure has been found. The reason for this intensity was that many iron artifacts have been found in the swamp. After careful examinations, the team established that these artifacts were originally on some centuries-old ship. The team even called Carmen Legged to provide some theories that surround these artifacts.

Even though these iron artifacts sustained significant damage from a fire, it is obvious that they originated from some kind of a pirate ship. This theory leads the team to the understanding that there is some kind of pirate ship located at the bottom of the swamp. Furthermore, this ship could be either blown up or burnt. As you could presume, the swap is now the center of attention. The highest number of highlights from this episode is regarding the unusual discoveries made in the swamp.

The team’s conclusion is that some wooden structures found in the swamp are connected to the stone box drains that were used to feed the tunnels. Like usually, Lagina brothers are looking determined to find the treasure of Oak Island and they are convinced that it is located in the swamp. Further episodes will uncover if they are on the right track, or not.

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