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The Curse Of Oak Island Season 7, Episode 8: What Will Happen In This New Episode

Loyal fans of the hit TV show The Curse Of Oak Island know that Season 8 of this great show is already on the run on History channel and they are impatient to finally see the hidden treasure that is somewhere at Oak Island.

Lagina brothers are trying to find the Money Pit, and they tried many things and found a lot of interesting facts and stuff along the way. Currently, they are digging a lot in hope that they are finally going to find something that will lead them to the Money Pit. But everything is on hold now and the whole story is a bit paused. The crew is finding more and more hints about the potential treasure and the whole situation is tenser than ever.


The new episode that is about the go-live after the Holidays is Episode 8, and if you want to know about the details of this episode, continue reading this article.

The previous 6 seasons were very interesting and people around the world loved them, but there were also some very disappointing scenes. There were moments when the crew thought they were just moments away from the treasure, but in fact, they were nothing close to it than they were before. But they do manage to find and dig up some rare and intimidating artifacts, like Knights Templar cross, Rhodolite Garnet brooch, iron spikes, a gold brooch, and many other valuable items.

What Happened in The Last Episode?

The previous episode was titled “Things That Go Bump” and in that episode, there were some fun and exciting moments. The crew was digging near Smith’s Cove, hoping they will reach the Money Pit, but they’ve found something else. While they were digging they discovered a new wooden structure. This wooden structure is a new lead and another step that got them closer to their final goal, the treasure.

There was a lot of digging and a lot of dirt, but the crew found a spike, while they were searching for Shaft 2. The Lagina brothers believe that this spike was used to build a boat pier. The brother also visited the Dartmouth Heritage Museum to see the 90 feet tall stone, which is at the back of the museum. They’ve had to crawl around a rhododendron bush to do it.

Another thing that they’ve discovered was a tar paper, which was used for construction in the 19th century. They believe that this was used for building the structure of Smith’s cove.

What Can We Expect in The New Episode 8?

The brand new episode that will be titled “Triptych” will again be full of digging dirt and going around a lot of mud. We can also expect for the team to find some interesting artifact again, that will hopefully lead them to the Money Pit. The official synopsis of this new episode isn’t out yet, so we will maybe see some surprises.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 7, Episode 8 “Triptych” – Release Date

The new episode of the Season 7 of The Curse of Oak Island, Episode 8 will air at the beginning of the next year. The exact date of the new episode is January 7, 2020. Before this episode fans won’t be able to watch anything that has to do with this show because there will be a two-holiday weeks’ gap. Everyone’s very much excited to find out how close the crew will get to the Money Pit this time, and will there be any sign of the treasure in the upcoming episode. So be sure to stay tuned for any updates on this phenomenal TV show, and it’s current Season 7.

The Curse of Oak Island Episode 4, Season 7 – Can the Team Really Find the Buried Treasure?

The latest episode of the reality TV series ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ was more than interesting!

Even though Rick and Marty Lagina have put in a lot of effort into finding the rumored treasure which was apparently buried in the Oak Island, they haven’t found it just yet. Up until now, they have discovered a few historical elements, but in the latest episode of the popular show, they have revealed that their search has moved further.


The reason behind this progress in the search is an antique brooch. This object resembles the symbol George Washington used for the famous battle flag. Also, the new evidence may indicate that the founding fathers in fact knew about the Oak Island treasure. Even though the evidence seems pretty convincing, the team passionately works on gathering more information in order to prove to their audience that they are right. The Lagina brothers are sure that this object is historically relevant and state that they will continue with further research.

Also, the focus of the episode is put on a piece of wood, dating from the 1700s, found in Smith’s cove. This discovery can be connected to the mythical flood tunnel, which could be another trace to the buried treasure. Apparently, this piece of wood used to be a part of the tunnel. The fact that this wood is thought to be 60 years older than the discovery of the money pit might indicate that the team is on the right track. However, the bothers state that they cannot be carried away with this assumption and that the search will, therefore, be continued at a slower and rational pace.


The latest episode of the popular show was truly fascinating, since it may represent actual progress in the search. Everything indicates that the team is actually getting closer to reaching their goal. More importantly, the viewers were left with questions such as ‘Are the theories in fact correct?’ and ‘Is it possible that the brothers will actually find something?’ One thing is for sure though – the team will continue with its search and do everything in their power to prove that they are right. Furthermore, they will try to provide the audience with as much evidence as possible in order to back up their claims.  All in all, we shall see what happens next when the upcoming episode airs on History Channel, on Tuesday at 9 pm ET.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 6 – Shocking End

The sixth season of The Curse of Oak Island left us with a huge cliffhanger, as the team receives the results of the seismic survey of the mysterious swamp area.

After setting 2,025 dynamite charges and 4,000 geophones, Eagle Canada’s team finally compiles the results of their seismic survey and is ready to present them to the treasure hunters. Alex Gauthier claims that on the scale from one to ten, his excitement about the result s is 11 and Lagina Brothers and their team can’t wait to see what has been discovered under the swamp.


The first thing they found is a tunnel under the highland next to the swamp, described as a stairwell to the basement. The second anomaly is even more intriguing. It represents an underground passageway connecting the highland to the Money Pit. But the last anomaly, found under the swamp is the greatest revelation. It is about 200 feet long and 40 feet wide on one end and 25 feet wide on the other. Based on its size and shape, there is little doubt in everyone’s mind that they are looking at the remnants of a ship buried underground.


It confirms the old theory Frank Nolan proposed, after finding pieces of ship’s mast nearby. Nolan claimed that Oak Island was, in fact, two islands, separated by a shallow channel and that a treasure galleon could have been sailed between the islands, before two dams are built on each end of the channel, creating the area we know today as the swamp. The ship, together with its mysterious cargo, remained on the bottom, but we will have to wait for the next season to see if the team has finally stumbled upon the treasure of Oak Island.

You can visit Oak Island easily and we are going to tell you how


The Curse of Oak Island is a reality TV show that you can watch on the History channel. In the past six seasons, they’ve been trying to solve numerous mysteries and to find the buried treasure on Oak Island. The main characters of the show are not the first ones to try that. Before them many tried, but also all of them failed, and some of those people who tried were Franklin Delano Roosevelt, John Wayne, and Errol Flynn.

The main characters of this show are the Lagina brothers, Rick and Marty. They are trying to solve the mystery of Oak Island and to find that famous buried treasure. Did they find anything yet, did they have any luck? We are going to find out now.

Where is Oak Island located?

The famous Oak Island is a small private island in Canada. To be precise it’s on the south shore of Nova Scotia, in Mahone Bay. The Lagina brothers are the owners of the most part of the island because they’ve purchased a controlling interest in Oak Island Tours.

Img source: thehiddenrecords.com

The company Oak Island Tours is organizing public and private tours of the island, and that means that anyone can go to the island and explore it through that tour. But don’t get your hopes up high just yet, because the tours are mostly sold out for the entire year in advance. So, if you want to go there you need to plan way ahead.

Did they find any buried treasure on Oak Island?

Rick and Marty Lagina are exploring the island for many years now, but unfortunately, they didn’t find any treasure yet. From the start, they are trying to find the entrance to The Money Pit, a shaft that was dug by some other explorers, and the place where they believe that the treasure is. For now, they’ve only found some artifacts.
There is a memo from 1862 that says that the pit was flooded with seawater when a second hole was bored by the Onslow Company. That was an expedition that was trying to find the buried treasure, but they’ve couldn’t find it, and instead, they’ve flooded the two shafts.

Img source: documentarytube.com

So, for now, there isn’t any trace of the treasure, but they’ve found some interesting artifacts. An antique copper and gold brooch was found in Lot 21, and the brooch was 500 years old. They’ve also found many coins, that are more than 200 years old and they’ve also found a lead cross, dating between 1200 and 1600 A.D. You may say that is nothing, compared to the time and money the brothers invested in the whole expedition, but they don’t see it like that. They still believe that the treasure is somewhere on the island, and they are not going to give up any time soon.

They think that every discovery they make takes them one step closer to The Money Pit and to the treasure. And they are very passionate about the whole treasure hunt, so every little bit they discover is good enough for them.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 7 – Will It Be Renewed?


The Curse of Oak Island is currently in its sixth season and going strong, with a dedicated fan base and steady ratings. The current season has started in November 2018 and yet there is still no news from the producers about the season seven, which has caused some resentment from the fans, who strongly believe that the show should be renewed.


The mystery surrounding Lagina family and the alleged The Curse of Oak Island Season 7 buried there has been captivating the imagination of the people for almost two centuries now. It is no wonder that many people tune in every week to follow the adventures of Lagina brothers as they try to find the treasure they believe is located somewhere on the island. The trill of the treasure hunt is still present in humanity, even in the 21st century. Names like Money Pit, Nolan’s Cross, and Smith’s Cove have become household names among those who follow the show religiously.

One of the evidence of The Curse of Oak Island popularity is the number of episodes, which has bee steadily increasing with each season. Starting at just five is Season 1, it has gone up to 10, 13, 15, and 18 respectively in seasons 2,3,4, and 5 and reaching 30 in season 6. Not many of those remain unaired, yet the producers have been silent about the possibility of season 7.


Naturally, this has led to some angry emails from the fans, who demand more of the Oak Island treasure hunt. From the business point of view, it would make perfect sense to renew the show, but there are plenty of examples that even popular show can get axed for no apparent reason. The Curse of Oak Island has one advantage, though. The point of the show is to find the treasure and it would be logical to keep it on air until it is found or proven beyond a doubt that it doesn’t exist. One thing is certain, fans will await the producers’ decision with anticipation.

The Curse of Oak Island – The Financial Consequences of Finding Treasure

‘The Curse of Oak Island’ continues fascinating fans season after season. The Lagina brothers and their team are truly ambitious in their endeavors to discover the legendary treasure of Oak Island.

So far, the only treasure they have discovered a couple of historical artifacts with questionable value and a gold nugget. Moreover, everyone wonders whether the curse is really a curse and if anyone will drop dead while filming the show. One other question which also remains is the potential tax ramifications of the find.

Moreover, the equipment and the time they spend on this quest costs money and the tax factor can be notable.

Likewise, the taxation rules of Oak Island are interesting and vague and the issues regarding taxes have been overlooked. The main point is whether the Lagina brothers will have to pay taxes and do they pay taxes on all of the findings. Another question then appears, which findings are taxable and how will the value of the findings be determined.


According to the Oak Island Treasure Act, which was passed in 2014, there are rules on every discovery. So, every finding must be reported to the Minister of Natural Resources in very specific detail, including when it was found, the type of the treasure, and the procedure used to find it. This is the first step, but there is more to it. The Minister should be able to physically see and identify the treasure, which officially confirms the discovery.

Likewise, the name of the place where the treasure is kept should also be included.

So, as soon as a certain treasure is identified and the value is assessed, the royalty has to be paid according to the Oak Island Treasure Act. However, the amount is unknown. Then, a license is issued where the amount of the royalty payment due is directed. The Minister is the one who arranges things about the taxation area. Thus, this seems to be more of a political issue rather than a financial one.

The Minister is able to grant the holder of the treasure the right to use it for proper purposes or sell it. The license comes with a number of details which set the limits for the type of find and the legal holding of the find. However, it doesn’t contain the assessment of the valuation of the find.


Not until the value of the find is determined, the value of it can be established. Moreover, if each find needs an individual license, the valuation process can be time-consuming. The Lagina brothers seem to be aware of all tax strategies when they discover a major find. Nevertheless, this is when it gets interesting. What happens if the taxes are charged on the basis of an initial valuation, but a higher valuation gets established a few months later. So, this is what happens with the Lagina brothers, who can pay fewer taxes due to the initial valuation. This all seems to be under the direction of the Minister under the Act.

The Curse of Oak Island Recap of the Latest Episode

The latest episode of ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ aired on February 19, 2019. However, if you didn’t get the chance to watch this episode, you must be wondering what happened. Thus, we decided to share the recap of the most recent episode of ‘The Curse of Oak Island’.

Rick and Marty discuss their findings with Matty Blake, the host of the talk show ‘Drilling Down’, an after-show about ‘The Curse of Oak Island’. The findings they discuss are antique jewelry, stones with strange carvings, pieces of parchment and leather binding, ancient human bones from Europe and the Middle East, and the mysterious Lead cross.

The Lagina brothers believe that the most significant and meaningful item they have found so far is the Medieval Lead Cross. The cross was found by Gary Drayton and Rick in Smith’s Cove. The Medieval Lead Cross originated from the 14th century from Southern France. It’s an area of Knights Templar influence. The cross was tested with a laser abrasion at the University of New Brunswick and the results showed that it doesn’t originate from North America.  Later on, it was discovered that its area of origin areof two mountains, the Cévennes, and the MontagnesNoires, in Southern France. Thus, this cross is one of the most historic finds in North America.

For 223 years, people have been searching for treasure on Oak Island, but the Lagina brothers have found several compelling clues. Nevertheless, one cannot help but wonder whether there is something otherworldly which is safeguarding this undiscovered treasure. Thus, Matty Blake takes over to discover and explore the most mysterious and strange events which have happened on the island and whether there is a curse on Oak Island.

Hence, Matty meets the Lagina brothers in the war room and they discuss the possible curse of the island. After the profound talk and the stories Rick and Marty shared, Matty is even more convinced that the curse is real.

So, Matty does on and meets Dave Blakenship who shares his experience and all the strange things he has seen while working on the island. Matty has collected many details from the Lagina brothers and their team about the strange things they have experienced on Oak Island. However, he looks back in the past where these scary stories only scratch the surface.

Matty invites a parapsychologist, Brian J. Cano, on the island who will tag the phenomenon by using thermal, infrared and electronic voice phenomenon. This is when the episode gets more exciting than ever. It gets even more interesting when they get to Money Pit to investigate paranormal activity.


Finally, Matty sits down again with the Lagina brothers and he is eager to see what they think about all the evidence he has collected. They suggest giving the tape to an audiologist to tell them what it is they heard. Rick and Marty claim that there are definitely many things they can’t explain. Moreover, they can’t say whether there is actually a curse on the island, but the island itself and the intrigue around it have been a curse for many people. In fact, it has intrigued many young minds to become interested in archaeology and maths. Whether there is a curse or not, they can’t say, but there is certainly a chance to do positive things.


The Curse of Oak Island S6 Episode 13 – Recap

The most recent episode of the reality television series, ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ has aired last night and you must be wondering what has happened. The episode 13 of the 6 seasons was titled ‘The Paper Chase’ and it was all about the stunning structure uncovered in Smith’s Cove. The Lagina brothers and their team have found evidence which has left them more perplexed than ever. In fact, they believe that the evidence discovered at the Money Pit suggest that they might have actually found the legendary box believed to contain the Oak Island treasure – the elusive Chapple vault. So, for all of you who didn’t get a chance to watch the latest episode, which aired on February 12, here is a recap for you.

‘The Curse of Oak Island’ Season 6 Episode 13: Recap

The mysterious concrete wall contains no metal and it’s set under the low tide level, the team believes that it might have contained engineering techniques first used in the 3rd century BC by the Ancient Romans. The team has also uncovered rubber pipes, which possibly date from the mid 19thcentury when Charles Goodyear refined the substance. Could these pipes date back from the 19th century or is it yet another mystery the team has to solve?


Later the same day, Rick Lagina calls a meeting in the war room to update his brother about the newest developments at Smith’s Cove. The team struggles to understand the meaning of the two pipes in the concrete wall. So, they have to continue with the excavation in order to find the answers they need.

Moreover, they decide to consult Dan Blankenship, who they believe can provide answers to their questions. Nevertheless, Dan isn’t able to provide an answer, so they end up having more questions than answers.

Back at the Money Pit, the team continues with the excavation at the shaft which they believe intersected the original Money Pit. They also hope that the Vault might also move back into its path. They discover wood which might, in fact, be the legendary box which contains the treasure. The team gets excited by the possibility that they might have located the Chapple vault.

The team finds an important clue which could prove that they are closer than ever to the mysterious vault. So, the team goes to see two historians and talk about their recent discoveries. One of the parchments seems to be leather, while the other is a piece of old paper.

The next day, while the team is on the spot continuing the excavation, a special guest, Randall Sullivan, arrives. He gives the Lagina brothers the first two copies of his new book and they have a very interesting discussion. Sullivan suggests that he believes that is another flood tunnel on the south shore.


The rest of the team discovers a piece of bone and another parchment which suggests that old books can be part of the Oak Island treasure. If the piece they found ends up being a bone, then they can test who was there.

In a nutshell, the team’s effort is all about a search for truth and solving a mystery by applying real science. One thing is for sure, the Lagina brothers and their partners don’t wonder anymore whether something of historical significance happened on Oak Island. As their search continues, we cannot help but wonder what they will find.