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“The Curse of Oak Island” Cast Member, Craig Tester, Is Selling His Mansion

Craig Tester is a very successful businessman who became very popular for being part of “The Curse of Oak Island” show that airs on the History Channel. Craig’s net worth is estimated to stand at around $5 million and he has fans from all over the world.

So, he has recently decided to sell his spectacular Michigan mansion. By listing his mansion for $3.75 million, Craig has obviously decided to part with his own piece of treasure.

Craig’s Michigan waterfront home is a special 5,048-square-foot property. The mansion features plenty of windows which provide an incredible West Bay view from every room you look from.

The estate was completely custom built. Hence, starting from the front doors to the sleek kitchen and the spiral staircase. Craig’s home looks very special mainly due to these unique details. It features exceptional floors, tiles, chandeliers and finishes. The Michigan mansion is a work of art.

The sleek and futuristic kitchen comes with Miele appliances, as well as, Snaidero cabinets in a lilac shade and speckled slate countertops.

The mansion features four bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. Each room in Craig’s home for sale comes in a different style. On the bottom level you can find two bedrooms, a second kitchen, a spa and a pool. It’s the perfect place to own throughout the whole year, especially during the cold Michigan winters.

The reason why Tester has decided to sell his incredible mansion is still a mystery. One of the possible reasons might be that he’s moving to Nova Scotia. Nevertheless, the next owner of the Michigan mansion will enjoy having a unique home.


The Curse of Oak Island Season 7, Did Rick and Marty find Money Pit?

‘’The Curse of Oak Island’’ season 7 is definitely improved, but both the Lagina brothers and History Channel did not confirm filming yet. Many fans are convinced that filming is happening at the moment on the island in Nova Scotia because a few photos leaked and showed activities on the island. The work on the famous island is probably on since the photos were published online.

If you watched previous seasons, you saw that Rick, Marty and their crew discovered and recorded many amazing things. The most interesting was the last two seasons. They found unique artifacts and even change the course of history. All artifacts are from the time long before Christopher Columbus.

Is the crew one step closer to finding Money Pit?

Every true fan is expecting the Money Pit because the Lagina brothers are discovering more and more structures in the Smith’s Cove, but we don’t have the official information that the Money Pit is found, and on TV is not shown yet. We know for sure that Rick, Marty and their team are back at work and there are exploring the caves and underground tunnels.

The photos were posted on the Oak Island From the Other Side of the Causeway Facebook’s page. That page is managed by Karen Publicover, the local inhabitant. She also posted many photos of tricks and equipment from The Curse of Oak Island crew, being moved in and out of the island. This is the real proof that season 7 is already filmed.

The shrunken ship


We also want to know what happens with the scan from the previous season, which can be something similar to a shrunken ship. They have probably filmed the underwater navigation to confirmed is there a ship or not.

At the end of season 6, we saw the whole crew sitting in the room and discussing the mentioned scan. They all agree that the scan has an anomaly, and if this ship holds a treasure they wanted to find, this will be the proof that Money Pit is a ship full of treasure.

There is no official air date for The Curse of Oak Island’, season 7, the only thing we know that it has 36 episodes. We are prepared for the long season and many surprises and discoveries.