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Trump/Kim Meeting Might Be Delayed According to POTUS


The way things stand right now the most anticipated political summit of the decade probably won’t happen. The meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un might be delayed, or even canceled according to the US president.

Trump said that North Korea needs to meet all of the requirements in order to have this meeting held on June 12th. NK stated that they are considering canceling the meeting if the US continues to insist on “unilateral denuclearization.” Trump didn’t discuss all the conditions they have prepared for the North but was adamant that “denuclearisation must take place.”

At the moment the summit is still ‘on,’ and it will take place in Singapore.

In mid-time North Korea allowed visas to the South Korean journalists that will oversee the dismantling of the North Korean nuclear test site. They will be accompanied by a team of international media members who will also pay a visit to Pyongyang. The demolition of atomic test sites is considered to be another sign of goodwill from the NK after they released three US pensioners earlier this month.


Talking about the upcoming summit, POTUS said: “We’ll see what happens. There are certain conditions that we want, and I think we’ll get those conditions and if we don’t, we don’t have the meeting. You go into deals that are 100% certain – it doesn’t happen. You go into deals that have no chance, and it happens and, sometimes, happens easily.”

President Trump also noted that North Korean president changed his attitude after visiting China for the second time.

On the other hand, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo adopted a more positive stance by stating that the US is continuing their preparations as the summit is going to happen. Pompeo also credited China for assisting in conversation with North Korea.


The entire talk about North Korea wanting to cancel the summit started when scheduled talks between the North and South were canceled because South Korean military held joint exercises with the US military.

North was further provoked when US national secretary John Bolton made a statement that what awaits NK is the “Libya model” of denuclearization. If you didn’t know, Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was killed by rebels sponsored by western countries after he gave up on his nuclear arsenal in 2003.

Even if the summit seems unlikely at the moment, it will probably be held on June 12th in Singapore as both sides have too much to lose if the meeting is canceled.


The U.S. Is Working on June 12th Meeting Despite North Korean Threats


Mike Pompeo, the Secretary of State, stated on Tuesday that the US Administration is dealing with preparation for the upcoming meeting between Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. In recent days there were threats from NK that they would withdraw from the summit.

Talking about the June 12th event, Pompeo said: “We are continuing to prepare both our team and the White House so that, in the event that the summit takes place on June 12, we are fully prepared with the mission statement having not changed at all. We are committed to achieving denuclearization and creating conditions such that the North Korean regime no longer threatens the world.”

These statements come as a response to the news that the chances are high that North Korea will walk out on the meeting. But, regardless of their claims, State Department is continuing with the preparations as the conference is going to happen as it’s scheduled.


In recent weeks North Korea had a U-turn in their foreign policy. The country that was isolated for decades said that it will cease its nuclear program and that president Kim is willing to negotiate the terms with the US president Donald Trump. As a sign of goodwill, NK released three US prisoners that were captivated in the north part of the Korean peninsula.

The 12th June summit was jeopardized when North Korea canceled scheduled meetings with their Southern counterparts because SK army conducted joint exercises with the US military stationed on their territory. NK officials claim that they will withdraw from the summit if Trump continues to insist on “unilateral nuclear abandonment.”

According to New York Times, Donald Trump has been consulting his allies whether he should meet with Kim because he has concerns that the meeting could be politically embarrassing. On the other hand, sources close to Seoul claim that the US-NK meeting will happen as planned and that chances of it happening are 99.9%.

Chung Eui-Yong, the national security adviser to South Korean President Moon Jae-In, stated: “We believe there is a 99.9 percent chance the North Korea–U.S. summit will be held as scheduled. But we’re just preparing for many different possibilities.”


How Desperate Is North Korea For A Deal?


The recent threats made by Kim Jong Un about walking away from the summit with Donald Trump may be just one colossal bluff. Apparently, the country’s economy is in shambles and unless a deal is made that will provide a massive relief, it will collapse and trigger food shortages all over North Korea.

Threats were caused by the annual joint military exercise held by the United States and South Korea militaries. Pyongyang accused both countries of using this event to push them towards denuclearization. In the official statement, they said: “If the US is trying to drive us into a corner to force our unilateral nuclear abandonment, we will no longer be interested in such dialogue.”

The big question is, can Kim Jong Un afford to fulfill his threat and cancel the summit, planned for June 12th in Singapore.

According to professor Kim Dong-yup, director of research at the Institute for Far Eastern Studies, he probably can’t and that his regime is shaky at best.

“He has to choose between nuclear weapons and the survival of the regime. He has to shift his focus from security to the economy, otherwise, the North Korean regime will not survive,” he said for

The economic burden placed on the people of North Korea is getting harder to carry, as they become more aware of the world outside their borders and Kim may be forced to choose between nuclear weapons he so desperately developed and economic relief that can be only gained through the lifting of sanctions placed by the West.

“Given the context, that the North Korean people have access to five million mobile phones and numerous markets where they can access information, the regime simply cannot be sustained through control and oppression,” Professor Kim said. “The biggest thing Kim Jong-un is fearful of is not the pressure from the outside world it is his people. So he has made the strategic decision that by keeping nuclear weapons, he will not make his people happy and will not ensure his regime’s survival.”

Lee Ho-ryung, from Korea Institute for Defense Analyses, agrees with professor Kim, stating that regime can no longer survive the current economic situation.

“Under Kim Jong-un’s regime, unlike those of his father Kim Jong-il and grandfather Kim Il-sung, people have greater access to information and have experienced capitalism a lot. So if Kim Jong-un fails to address the economy, it will pose a grave threat to his regime,” Lee said.

Another point of concern is the possibility of President Trump going through with his threats of “fire and fury.”

“The worst case scenario might be if someone walks out of the negotiations. We would have no available diplomatic options,” Kim Yeoul-su, chief of the Security Strategy Office at the Korea Research Institute for Military Affairs, said. “It means we would have to rely on top-end sanctions — and military options. We have to be prepared for that.”

At the moment, all-out war against one of the most paranoid regimes in human history is a nightmare option, but if left with no other choice, it is something the United States is ready to consider.


Joint military exercise threatens the planned North Korea summit


Joint military exercise threatens the planned North Korea summit, scheduled for next month in Singapore. North Korea officials warned the US that they would “have to undertake careful deliberations about the fate of the planned North Korea-US summit in light of this provocative military ruckus.”

According to Yonhap News Agency from Seoul, Kim Jong Un’s government claims that the exercise is a just a preparation for the invasion of their country. This is standard rhetoric used by Pyongyang whenever such drills are conducted and it may just be a routine warning.

North Korea conducted a series of long-range ballistic missile teste last year which caused an uproar in the international community and triggered a new wave of sanctions against the rogue state.

Recently, the relations between Pyongyang and the West seemed to be going in the right direction, with Kim Jong Un becoming the first North Korean leader to visit South Korea in Demilitarized Zone. He was hosted by South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in, and they had pleasant and productive talks. The planned summit between United States President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un was another stepping stone in establishing a lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula.

The problem here is the joint military exercise that could jeopardize the meeting of the leaders of two states. The military drill in question is dubbed Max Thunder and it is held annually. It includes some 1.500 air force personnel from both the United States and South Korea and is scheduled to last two weeks.

The United States Department of State expressed surprise at the news of possible cancelation and claimed it has no information on the possibility of cancelation of the summit. Spokeswoman Heather Nauert advised patience. “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We need to verify it,” she said.

If the meeting, planned for June 12th in Singapore indeed gets canceled, President Trump’s foreign policy will suffer another blow, after this week’s debacle in Jerusalem, where protests against the opening of the new United States embassy have left almost 60 Palestinians dead and several thousand wounded.


North Korea Denuclearization Step-By-Step Process


We are still waiting for Trump-Kim summit, but ever since North and South Korea reached an agreement, we are more positive towards the upcoming meeting. However, don’t forget that it could still go wrong, no matter what has happened previously. The main topic of the summit will be the denuclearization of North Korea, and it can be divided into four major steps, according to The National Interest.

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un will meet on June 12 in Singapore. This was science fiction just a few years ago, even a few months ago, but this is happening. The United States has been on the brink of war with NK, but now the tables have turned, and finally, something positive is occurring at the world scene. We are not so sure why this summit is taking place at this point. Trump’s military threats could have forced Kim behind the table, but he was threatened before by Obama, and he didn’t want to discuss the matter. On the other hand, leader of the rogue state has built an incredible nuclear arsenal, and this confidence might be the reason he wants to meet with POTUS. There is more than just one factor, but the important thing is that the meeting will be held.

As we have already said, this summit could be the utter failure, and there is a possibility that Trump might accept a poor deal for the United States. Although the US will request nothing else but the complete denuclearization, don’t expect the North Korean leader to agree with it and get nothing in return. Kim will have requests as well, and it is probably something America will not adore, but a compromise needs to be made. For North Koreans, the nuclear program is something that has kept their country safe, and it is a legacy passed on from one generation to another, from Kim’s grandfather to Kim’s father and now to Kim.

We believe that Kim is entering the talks because he is an intelligent man. He recognized that none of the other leaders survived the war with the United States, but also none of the leaders, such as Gaddafi or Saddam Hussein, had nuclear bombs. The people and the US government needs to be aware that denuclearization is a process and it will take some time for North Korea to implement it. America needs to be careful not to give too much to Kim because, in the past, North Korea exploited the deals and agreements they signed. The entire process of denuclearization can be divided into four significant steps, and they are listed below:

Freeze testing – The first phase of the process is crucial. Pyongyang needs to freeze the testing as well as the production of the nuclear arsenal, and they have agreed to do so in Kim’s meeting with the South Korean president earlier in the year.
Cap arsenal – In the second stage, North Korea needs to stop with the production of highly enriched uranium and plutonium as well.
Dismantling infrastructure – All nuclear infrastructure is to be dismantled. This is a crucial step because, without it, North Korea will not be able to produce enriched uranium and plutonium and to further improve the long-range missiles.
Disarm – Last, but the most important step is the actual denuclearization. During this stage, North Korea is to extract all of the missile materials out of the country, and nothing must be kept.

There is no better way to approach the problem. Asking North Koreans to immediately give up their nuclear weapons would be a suicidal mission, and they would most likely refuse. Currently, we are at the stage one which has been achieved partially, and that is why America needs to be careful. The process of denuclearization is underway, and they must not rush it at any cost and create a counter-effect. The further we go regarding the four steps, the better it will be for the world. We would consider the mission to be successful if first three of the mentioned steps would be completed. Trump could leave the ultimate disarmament for later, mainly because North Korea would lose much of their power when they reach that point.

Let’s not be fooled – the United States needs to be generous and offer something to the Koreans at each stage of the denuclearization. What should it be? How far will Trump go? Trump has a difficult task of striking the perfect balance between giving too little and too much. And here is what Trump should offer at each stage.

For starters, the US doesn’t have to give too much. Considering that the freezing stage is underway, Trump needs to maintain the positive atmosphere and not do anything which would aggravate Kim. Many criticized the US president for being too complimentary of the North Korean dictator, but perhaps that is not so bad after all. The second phase is the large one for the Koreans, and America would have to step up. North Korea would have to shut down all of the existing nuclear facilities, and the inspectors would enter each and every one to supervise this process. Of course, some of the facilities could be hidden, but let’s hope that this would not happen. Also, we would like to point out that this is not the permanent dismantling of the sites, which is why America must not be too generous. They need to offer something that is reversible if Kim decides to be courageous and discard the deal. Instead of eliminating sanctions, the US can withdraw them for several moments so that they can be imposed again if something goes wrong.

During the third stage, North Korea would be giving up too much. Even though they would have the right to keep the warheads, they would give up on investments which are worth billions of dollars and this would be a huge slap to the country’s economy. The US sanctions need to stay in place, while the UN sanctions are to be lifted. As the third phase is gradually heading to completion, the UN needs to lift sanctions accordingly. Once the entire process has reached the finale, should the UN lift all of their sanctions. In the end, we have reached the final fourth stage of the denuclearization. North Korea will ship the warheads out of the country, and they will no longer pose any threat to the world. As a reward, the US will lift the sanctions, freeing the country and allowing them to engage in trade with the rest of the world. This would also create room for major loans and grants from World Bank and the US Agency for International Development.

After the denuclearization process, which will last a long time, North Korea will engage in serious economic changes and their borders will be more open to the world. After that, Trump, or any other American president at the time should initiate talks about human rights. It is another topic which needs to be addressed, but we are going one step at a time. North Korea would finally have a chance to become the part of a free world and develop without any restraints. What is your take on the topic? Could this four-stage denuclearization process be the right thing for the world?


Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy Decisions Disregard Future


The US moved its Israeli embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in a move that almost went unnoticed by world media but could have profound consequences on both Israel/Palestine relations and America. This step should be considered to be a historic one which could change the future of this region.

But, what’s important it will also change the future of the United States of America. This move is one of those that we are getting accustomed to seeing regarding President Trump. The decision seems justified right now if you look at what Trump’s supporters think but in the long run it’s going to affect US foreign policy, and it’s already causing diplomatic headaches.

Trump’s foreign policy can be described with a phrase ‘buy now, pay later.’ Most of his moves don’t have an immediate effect, but in the years to come, they could be costly. The moving of embassy to Jerusalem is another classic Trump decision. He claims that the cost of moving is not $1 billion as some of the staff members suggested, but closer to $400,000. This is true only in the short run. The value of $400,000 is just for moving to the temporary building, while the complete move to a whole new embassy will cost $1 billion. But, while the embassy gets completed, Donald Trump will be gone from the office, so this move and its cost don’t concern him too much.


What POTUS is looking at are the immediate costs of his foreign policy decisions. He’s either not aware of what some of his actions will cost in the long run, or he simply doesn’t care.

One of the things that every US presidents states as their agenda in the coming years after their appointment to the office is the normalization of Israeli/Palestine relations. But since stepping to the White House Trump didn’t show his plan for peace in the Middle East, and after moving the embassy to Jerusalem, Palestine ceased to communicate with his administration.

The Monday move coincides with the date of declaration of Israel independence and will cause massive protests among Palestinians. The moving of embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem shows that the US is not actually neutral regarding conflicts in the Middle East and now thanks to Trump’s decision many countries in this region are opposing their presence. The leading country is Iran, who is not satisfied with the manner in which Donald Trump pulled the US from Iran nuclear deal. At the moment it looks like Trump is deciding without regard for the consequences. If something goes wrong, Trump has no plan B, and that’s becoming obvious.


On another front, President Trump is working on the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. While this move is being applauded by world media, it won’t come cheap. Even if Kim Jong Un accepts US terms on this subject, they will want something in return. NK will most likely ask for regional security guarantees and large economic support. Many analysts doubt that this deal can work. All of the other agreements with North Korea failed, and Trump showed that he has little respect for the contracts signed with other countries which he proved with Iran deal.

What Trump seems to be doing with matters of foreign policy is to tailor them to his needs regarding domestic support. What’s he’s working on is preparing the turf for another election and is gathering support. Instead, he should look to lead this country to safe future with smart foreign policy.


This is the opposite of what Barack Obama did. He looked to make decisions that will influence US foreign policy in the years to come rather than focusing on the immediate opinion of his supporters. An approach that was smart compared to today’s rushed and short-term plan. What Trump is buying cheap right now might be expensive for him and especially for America in the future.


Donald Trump Set the Date For Meeting With Kim


Finally, after weeks of speculations, we learned when the meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un will happen. The date and location are both set. It’s Singapore, on July 12th. The first, and historic summit between the two leaders will revolve around the subject of denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

In one of his tweets, POTUS wrote: “The highly anticipated meeting between Kim Jong Un and myself will take place in Singapore on June 12th. We will both try to make it a very special moment for World Peace!”

Donald Trump will be the first US President to ever meet with a leader of North Korea. NK is a country that was created in the summit of WWII and rose to power during the Cold War. Its work on the nuclear weapons during the last twenty years was a major threat to world security in past decades.

This summit is attracting the attention of global media as both presidents look eager to make this deal happen. But, many are still doubting Kim’s resolve to say goodbye to its nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. Talking about this subject David Rothkopf, a scholar at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace said: “Can they get along? Yes. I think it’s highly, highly unlikely that Kim Jong Un actually gives up nuclear weapons.”

Donald Trump’s tweet finally closed a story that started on March 8th when Mr. President announced that Kim accepted his invitation to a meeting. But, POTUS also said that if North Korea declines to end its nuclear program, he will talk to China and other Asian countries and persuade them to stop economic aid to NK.

On Wednesday, Mr. President talked about the upcoming summit: “A lot of things can happen. A lot of good things can happen. A lot of bad things can happen. I believe that … both sides want to negotiate a deal.”


In a build-up to this summit trump changed his opinion about NK leader, and started talking about him with respect. In the past, he wasn’t shy calling him names, one of them being “little Rocket Man.”

The relations between two countries have stabilized in past weeks, and Pyongyang even released three US citizens that were held there as prisoners. In addressing following this event, Trump said: “Kim was really excellent to these three incredible people. My proudest achievement … will be when we denuclearize that entire (Korean) peninsula. This is what people have been waiting for a long time. Nobody thought we could be on this track in terms of speed.”

Talking about the possibility of visiting North Korea POTUS said that “it could happen.”


Donald Trump Greets Three Men Released By North Korea


Tony Kim, Kim Hak-song, and Kim Dong-Chul were released from North Korea shortly after Mike Pompeo’s visit to that country ended. Three of them arrived in the United States late in the night and were greeted by Mr. President Donald Trump.

All three of them exited US government airplane, showing peace signs to the gathered crowd. Another thing that waited for them was a huge US flag hung between the two trucks to make them feel that they are home again.

Talking to the gathered press, POTUS said: “I want to thank Kim Jong-un. I think he wants to do something and bring that country into the real world. We didn’t think this was going to happen, and it did. It was very important to all of us. The true honor will be if we have a victory in getting rid of nuclear weapons.”

On Wednesday, Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo flew to North Korea where he met with Kim and arranged the release of three men. One of the prisoners, Kim Dong-Chul, said: “It’s like a dream, and we are very happy. We were treated in many different ways; I had to do labor.” After landing all three of them were taken to a hospital for a health checkup.


One hour before Mike Pompeo was set to leave NK the freedom of these three men was secured. The photo of Pompeo shaking hands with Kim was published in Rodong Sinmun, which is the official newspaper of the ruling party of North Korea.

Tony Kim, Kim Hak-song, and Kim Dong-Chul were released after a short legal ceremony. For this occasion, North Korean officials also issued a statement which goes as following: “You should take care that they do not make the same mistakes again. This was a hard decision.”

The release of three men happened as a sign of goodwill from Kim Jung-un before the meeting between the leaders of NK and America.


Upon their release, three prisoners issued a joint statement: “We would like to express our deep appreciation to the United States government, president Trump, secretary Pompeo and the people of the United States for bringing us home. We thank God and all our families and friends who prayed for us and for our return. God bless America, the greatest nation in the world.”

In addition to trying to save the three prisoners, Pompeo was also in the NK in order to negotiate some of the details of the Kim/Trump meeting. The named summit will happen in the next few weeks.

After showing sign of goodwill towards the US, South Korea, and Japan are expecting the same because NK holds six South Korean citizens and eight Japanese. Seoul and Tokyo are also looking to work on their release.