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Will Trump’s Deal with a Dangerous Company be Blocked by Congress?


Donald Trump did what no other president before him could do. He started denuclearization talks with North Korea, and instead of welcoming him to his country as a hero, the Congress awaited him with criticism. Both Republican and Democratic senators agreed to counter his decision to save the Chinese telecommunications company ZTE. Donald Trump is

Trump-Kim Summit Happening On Sentosa Island


Knowing what is at stake and what we could hear from both current and previous leaders of the U.S. and North Korea, it isn’t hard to understand why the summit that will be held on Singapore’s Sentosa Island is characterized as historic. While most details about June 12 meeting are not confirmed it has been

Putin Invites Kim Jong-un To Russia


Reports coming from Kremlin suggest that Russian President Vladimir Putin has invited Kim Jong-un, leader of North Korea, to Russia. The purpose of the visit isn’t clear nor with whom the rogue state dictator will meet. What we do know is that he will most likely travel to the far east city of Vladivostok in

Trump-Kim Summit Still Under Question


In the past couple of weeks, many things happened between North Korea and the US. Historic meeting was announced then canceled, then again confirmed after which it was dropped and so on. During the last few days, it seems that the officials are on the same page and the talks about the Trump-Kim summit are

Russian Foreign Minister to Visit North Korea


According to the Foreign Ministry, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is going to travel to the North Korean capital to talk about the country’s nuclear program. Another topic will be bilateral cooperation. In a statement on Wednesday, the Foreign Ministry noted: “Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s official visit to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

High North Korea Official Kim Yong-chol To Visit US


During the last few weeks, we went from war to becoming friends in America and North Korea relations. It would be great if it could stay that way, but the things are going back and forth with two leaders proving not to be quite adequate to deal with the situation. First, we had a meeting

Stock Market Reacts To Trump/Kim Summit Being Canceled


The United States stock index finished lower than usual after Donald Trump canceled his meeting with Kim Jong Un. The entire market dropped after the announcement, but energy companies whose stock fell the most managed to recover the largest part of their losses. The drop in energy companies and oil futures happened because the market

Cancelling of Trump-Kim Meeting Helps Only China


President of The United States, Donald Trump, decided to cancel the meeting with Kim Jong-un that was scheduled for June 12th. The news was a disappointment to some of America’s allies in Asia, but one particular country will be pleased with this development – China. This announcement will stop the planned denuclearization of North Korea,

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