North Korea

Kim Jong Un’s Expensive Properties

The Dictator of North Korea lives a very lavish lifestyle, profiting off of his nation’s poverty and misery. These are some of his most expensive investments in Pyongyang:

  1. His Own Private Island

Even though the location of this island is unknown, an American celebrity who visited the island claims that it is vast.

  1. Ski Resort

Masikryong Ski Resort fashions a hotel with 120 rooms, and its building was ordered by Kim Jong Un himself. It was built on top of the Taehwa Peak, 1360 meters tall.

  1. Golf Course

It is said that the Dictator owns the best golf courses in Pyongyang, with many employees who maintain the grounds.

  1. Ryugyong Hotel

This pyramid hotel, located in the middle of the capital took 26 years to complete. It is the tallest structure in Pyongyang, being the main feature of its skyline with 105 floors.

  1. Kumsusan Palace of the Sun

This palace was dedicated to Kim Il-Sung, frequently referred to as his mausoleum. It is also his resting place – a clear glass sarcophagus with his embalmed body.

Who Will Lead North Korea After Kim Jong Un?

The information that the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, is near death after heart surgery shocked people around the globe. The public from all over the world was surprised to learn that Kim Jong Un is in a vegetative state after the surgery. As the information about his death started to spread all over the world, people started to ask themselves who will be the next leader of the country, after his alleged death.

His family is ruling over North Korea for 70 years, ever since his grandfather Kim Il-sung established the country back in 1948. Since Kim Jong Un didn’t decide who will be the next leader of the country, the question of interest is who will be his successor. According to the information published by Bloomberg, his children are too young to be in this position, but there are several candidates that can inherit his position. Let us see who are the possible candidates.

Kim Jo Jong

Kim Jong Un’s sister, Kim Jo Jong is one of the closest advisors and collaborators of her brother. At the same time, she has a high position in the party. Since she is half a representative of the family and her brother’s close advisor, she is one of the most likely candidates for the position. She became the deputy chief of the party’s politburo. It is a question of, since she is a woman, has the qualification to be the next ruler of the country since all of the previous presidents were males.

Kim Jong Un’s Son

It looks like Kim Jong Un’s son would be the most logical solution. The reason is that all members of the family who inherited the positions were sons of the previous one. This was the case for every ruler of the country. Back in 2009, Kim Jong Un married a singer Ri Sol-Ju and is thought that they have three children together. However, these rumors are not confirmed. Allegedly, they have a son, who was born in 2010. Dennis Rodman, who spent some time in the country, confirmed that he has a daughter. It looks like one of his children will be the successor after they grow up.

Kim Han Sol

Maybe it would like the best chances for becoming a successor of Kim Jong Un go to Kim Han Sol. He is a cousin of the North Korean leader. He is a son of Kim Jong Nam, who is Kim Jong Un’s half-brother. However, his chances are slim. The reason is that his father fled North Korea and went to Macao back in 2017. According to Chinese Police, it looks like Kim Jong Un ordered his cousin to be killed because he allegedly was mixed into some kind of conspiration that would result in the death of Kim Jong Un. As of today, his whereabouts and status are not known to the public.

Kim Jong-Chul

The only living brother of the North Korean leader is Kim Jong-Chul. However, according to several sources, the chances of him being the next leader of the country are pretty small. The reason is that he is not interested in politics and that he prefers to be a musician. The public is aware of this fact because one of the diplomats of the North Korean embassy in London, Tae Jong Ho, stated that the leader’s brother doesn’t have any kind of status in the country. He is just considered to be just a gifted guitarist.

Kim Jong Un Net Worth 2020 – Who Will Inherit the Great Fortune?


Many of know Kim Jong Un from the frequent mind games he is playing with Donald Trump and other world leaders. He is best known for his haircut, eccentric behavior, and often treats to rival countries such as the United States, Japan, and of course, South Korea. However, people mostly don’t know much about his personal life, family, and net worth. Here are some of the most interesting facts related to the leader of North Korea.

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Personal Life, Family, and Career

Kim Jong Un is a 36 years-old leader of North Korea, and he is married to Ri Sol-Ju. Two of them have a daughter Ju-ae. He is 1.7 meters tall, with 130 kilograms. Moreover, we know about his habit as a smoker and how he is struggling with hypertension and diabetes.

He became the leader of North Korea in 2012 when he succeeded his father, Kim Jong-il. Before that, he was a general from the year 2010, and after the death of his father in 2011, it was clear what his future position is going to be. After 2014, when he became the Supreme Leader of the People’s Assembly and the leader of National Defense, North Korea continued with her strategy to develop nuclear weapons.

Furthermore, he was awarded several times in his country. Besides being a leader and main person responsible in North Korea, he also has the title of the general in the army, Supreme Commander, Director of the State Affairs, Central Military Intelligence, and the President of the leading political organization.

Connection with Celebrities

While we all know him mostly for bad relations with the United States, he is often showing some great interests in the American culture. The best example is his friendship with ex NBA star Dennis Rodman, and we have a chance to see them many times together when Rodman goes to him for a visit. From other famous people, we have to mention Damon Albarn from band Gorillaz, who was in a visit to North Korea in 2015.

Besides that, a popular European rock band, Laibach, managed to organize a concert in North Korea in 2015, which is another indication that he is not so closed to the European and American culture as everybody thinks. Some of the popular people who visited this country were Mohamad Alli and Michael Palin.

Net Worth

While his country is known for high poverty, poor infrastructure, and low salaries, he surprisingly has a net worth greater than 6 billion dollars. Therefore, he is known for living a luxurious life, expensive vehicles, alcohol, and cigars. According to some reports, his annual income is over 600 million dollars. When it comes to his habits, his favorite cigars are Yves Saint Laurent, while he usually enjoys a glass of Johnie Walker. Also, we can see that he knows about being classy, especially because of his vehicle, a Mercedes Benz 600.

He is in the Top 50 chart of the most popular leaders in the world. However, his popularity is high due to his lack of respect for human rights, critical relations with other leaders, and many violations of international agreements.

North Korea Wouldn’t Stand a Chance in Air Force Combat

Since we can agree that North Korea bears more similarities with Asian monarchies than it does with any former Eastern European country, we must not discard the possibility of their air forces acting like Japanese kamikaze in the Second World War. During the War, Japan used kamikaze quite effectively, and although airplanes like J-5 or J-6 cannot do serious damage in combat, when equipped with bombs they would be a tremendous threat. Of course, not all of them would reach their target, but a handful would satisfy the government officials and military leaders.

As you can imagine, KPAAF which stands for the Korean People’s Army Air Force or officially as Air and Anti-Air Force Command does not appear to be among the best air forces in the world.

Nevertheless, the army of North Korea believes in their president Kim Jong-Un and his regime and would do anything for their country. If they want their country to survive, the goal of North Korean forces is to maintain Kim Jong-Un’s regime which shares more values with a Confucian monarchy than Soviet communism. In that respect, who knows what kind of extreme war tactics KPAAF would use in combat.

North Korea has obsolete planes that can still be put to good use in the hands of extremists. The Shenyang J-5 is one of the oldest and out-of-date models in their air force. More than one hundred units, 106 to be exact of this Chinese copy of the Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-17 Fresco manufactured in the 50s are expected to be in their possession. Another Chinese copy of the Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-19 Farmer, the Shenyang J-6 is also at their disposal with 97 supersonic fighters ready for combat.

Even though the J-5 and the J-6 cannot be effectively used as fighters nowadays, they could serve as a tampon zone for American missiles and South Korean airplanes. This might be the best use for these antique fighters because the ammunition for AIM-120 AMRAAM and other similar weapons is expensive and the supply is short. In case of war, J-5 and J-6 would be shot down, but they would still be responsible for the decrease in enemy’s interceptor missiles.

In the event of North Korea attacking South Korea, J-5 would be easily destroyed, but the allies would suffer a significant financial loss as one Patriot PAC-3 missile stands at more than three million dollars. If we take into account that those missiles are usually fired in pairs, the U.S. would be relieved of six million dollars and a set of missiles that could serve a better use in protecting the country from a more dangerous weapon- a ballistic missile. More than a million dollars would cost to fire an AMRAAM missile in air-to-air battle particularly in the case of late model AIM-120D.

Nonetheless, the U.S. and South Korea would have to defend their territory and people in case of war. Shooting the planes down would be crucial because the allies wouldn’t know if North Korea’s target is a military base, or other facilities or even civilians. Dealing with these flying bombs is even more problematic if we take into account that the plane might be equipped with some kind of chemical or biological weapon.

So, the fact remains that North Korea might approach the war as Japan did in WWII. Even though their air force is weak, with a fanatical mindset and undoubting attitude to obedience North Korea poses a serious threat.


In a late-night tweeting session, Trump praises North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, hints at another meeting


North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has apparently fulfilled his promise made to President Trump in Singapore at their meeting in July and sent the remains of the US servicemen who died in the Korean War. Kim and Trump pledged to “commit to recovering POW/MIA remains, including the immediate repatriation of those already identified.”

President of the United States was quick to express his thanks to Un.

“Thank you to Chairman Kim Jong Un for keeping your word & starting the process of sending home the remains of our great and beloved missing fallen!” POTUS said on Twitter. “I am not at all surprised that you took this kind action.”

He also hinted at another meeting between two leaders, after the historic summit they had in Singapore.

“Also, thank you for your nice letter – l look forward to seeing you soon!” Trump tweeted.

Some 55 boxes of what is believed to be remains of US soldiers arrived at Washington last week. Identifying those remains will be a daunting task that may take several years. Last time North Korea made a similar gesture by returning the remains of an RAF pilot shot down in the Korean War, it turned out that they sent animal bones to London.

The letter President Trump mentions is another mystery. The last known such letter from Kim Jong-un was the one he sent in July in the aftermath of the Singapore summit. It is unclear whether POTUS refers to that one or did Un sent another letter to the White House.

Hints about the second meeting are also baffling, especially since the first one accomplished so little. Despite the promises he made, Kim Jong-un has failed to disassemble North Korean nuclear facilities or start the process of denuclearization. Both leaders exchanged invitations for visits to their respective state capitals.

“The two top leaders gladly accepted each other’s invitation convinced that it would serve as another important occasion for improved DPRK-US relation,” the Korean Central News Agency, North Korea’s state-run propaganda outlet, said in their statement after the meeting.

If President Trump does visit Pyongyang, it would be the first time in history that a sitting president visited North Korea. After the threats and insults, Trump and Un exchanged in 2017, it would pose a dramatic shift in the two countries’ relationship.


Trump is Delusional About His Relationship with Kim Jong-Un


When US President Donald Trump returned from Singapore from the long-anticipated summit, he tweeted: “Everybody can now feel much safer than the day I took office. There is no longer a Nuclear Threat from North Korea.” It has been three weeks since the summit, and there is no evidence at all that North Korea started doing anything regarding the issue.

To make matters worse, it appears that North Korea is improving its weapons and is adding more to the pile. Just in the last week, thanks to the satellite imagery, we can see that the nuclear facility in Yongbyon is being upgraded and according to The Wall Street Journal, Kim has expanded a key solid-fuel missile facility.

According to the US intelligence officials, and as reported by the Washington Post, North Korea was doing everything to hide the nuclear weapons from any future inspection. They are going that far that they want to hide everything, including the existence of the uranium-enrichment site that is known as Kangson. The NBC was also one of the outlets that reported this and one of the officials warned: “Work is ongoing to deceive us on the number of facilities, the number of weapons, the number of missiles. We are watching closely.”

Those who were skeptical about the meeting between the two presidents are not surprised. Jeffrey Lewis, the director of the East Asia Nonproliferation Program at Middlebury College, said: “Kim Jong Un is not offering to give up his nuclear weapons. The North Koreans have never—not once—offered to disarm. That should be a clue.”

Meanwhile, the White House refuses to accept the simple truth. Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is avoiding questions about the human-rights abuses in North Korea whereas National Security Adviser John Bolton doesn’t want to speak in public about denuclearization. According to Axios, some of the White House officials are pumped up about the talks that they are looking forward to another Trump-Kim summit that would take place in September. If this were to happen, the further dialogue would be held in the United States, which would be Kim’s first visit to the country.

The White House believes that things are moving in the right direction. As Bolton put it: “We’re very well aware of North Korea’s patterns of behavior over decades of negotiating with the United States. There’s not any starry-eyed feeling among the group doing this.” He pointed out that before any potential meeting between two leaders, North Korea would have to show some progress.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo claimed that North Korea could denuclearize in two and a half years, but Bolton accelerated the process, saying that Pompeo “will be discussing . . . how to dismantle all of their W.M.D. and ballistic missile programs in a year.”

In the meantime, Jeffrey Lewis was not so optimistic: “The administration is just trying to bluff its way through this, making promises that it can’t deliver. Maybe we’ll let them get away with that because no one wants to go back to 2017. But the moment the U.S. gives Kim an ultimatum on disarmament, the process will collapse.”

The elephant in the room is the lack of agreement over the terms of denuclearization. Kim sees this as a possible option and he never committed himself to do it while Suzanne DiMaggio, a senior fellow at the New America Foundation says of the Washington side: “U.S. negotiators pressed the North Koreans to include at least a common understanding of what ‘denuclearization’ means in the Singapore document, but they were not able to get there.”

She also added: “The fact that Trump has declared North Korea is no longer a nuclear threat hasn’t helped. It signals that there is no urgency,” she told me. “This was always going to be a long process, and the administration’s approach is reinforcing Pyongyang’s preference to play a long game.”

Pompeo and Bolton have been trying to justify Trump’s words ever since the president returned to the United States. He said that North Korea is no longer a threat, Pompeo was trying to explain that the threat is not as grave as it used to be. Also, Trump claimed that Pyongyang had returned the remains of 200 US service members killed during the Korean War. However, Pompeo said that America is optimistic and that the remains should arrive shortly, but the US hasn’t received anything by now.

Donald Trump obviously has some issues when he tries to make a difference between fantasy and reality. The process of denuclearization is far from certain, and even if North Korea agrees, the process would be long and tiring for both sides.


Dennis Rodman On Human Rights in North Korea


Dennis Rodman, the former controversial basketball player, was interviewed by TODAY’s Megyn Kelly. He said that his relationship with Kim was strictly social and that he didn’t discuss the human rights with the North Korean leader. Also, he brought a present to the host – a basketball that features the faces of Rodman, Trump, and Kim with the message for peace. What else did Rodman say?

Famous basketball player, who has been arrested 17 times in his life has now become an international diplomat. He is thankful to be in this position, and he has been trying to connect the two countries. Kim has been accused of multiple crimes, but Bulls #91 said that he was always kind to him. Moreover, Dennis claimed that all those accusations could be false because nobody saw those things happening.

He then started talking about the Singapore summit and the fact that Trump and Kim shook hands. He wants to see the USA avoid nuclear war with North Korea at any cost. Rodman also pointed out that he didn’t have any role with setting up the summit.

Interestingly enough, ex-basketball star was in Singapore during the long-anticipated summit. He acknowledged that he would be going back to North Korea soon, but we might also see him in the White House as well. At one point during the talks between Rodman and Kim, the North Korean leader made him a promise. This is what Kim said, in Rodman’s word: “No matter where you are in the world; we love you and we will make sure you are ok.”

The basketball legend has taken a lot of heat over the years for his relationship with Kim. Kelly went on to ask Rodman whether he could do something about human rights in North Korea. He explained he couldn’t do it all and that human rights problem is something that the White House should tackle with and the people who are experts.

At the end of the interview, he gave Megyn Kelly the basketball with faces of him Trump and Kim, proposing peace and love and not war. What do you think of the friendship between Kim and Rodman?

The US Expects Full Denuclearization Before Sanctions Are Removed


According to the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, the United States will remove the sanctions when full denuclearization occurs. However, the North Korea’s view of the process is somewhat different, and they believe that everything will happen in stages and that both countries will do their part, step by step.

The United States President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un met in Singapore at a long-anticipated summit about the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. In return, Trump and the United States are “committed to provide security guarantees.”

After the meeting in Beijing, with his Chinese counterpart, Pompeo said that the States had “made very clear that the sanctions and the economic relief that North Korea will receive will only happen after the full denuclearization, the complete denuclearization of North Korea.”

According to the US Secretary of State, Japan, China and South Korea, all acknowledged that the world has moved from a standstill on the Korean Peninsula, but all of these countries said that the sanctions were not to be removed. After the summit, China recommended that the international sanctions imposed on North Korea should be lifted.

“China has reaffirmed its commitment to honoring the UN security council resolutions. Those have mechanisms for relief contained in them, and we agreed that at the appropriate time that those would be considered,” Pompeo said, standing next to the Chinese government’s top diplomat, the state councilor, Wang Yi.

Wang said that China also wants to see North Korea denuclearized and they would continue to play “a constructive role” in the entire process. He also pointed out that the matter was complex and it couldn’t be solved overnight. Meanwhile, after the Tuesday meeting with South Korean President and Japan’s Foreign Minister, Mike Pompeo said: “We are going to get complete denuclearisation; only then will there be relief from the sanctions.”

On the other hand, North Korean media reported that both leaders recognized the importance of “step-by-step and simultaneous action” to achieve ultimate goals. However, at the summit, we haven’t learned anything about whether North Korea would eventually give up the nuclear program and how they were planning to dismantle the missiles. The skeptics of the summit once again said that the North Korean leadership sees the nuclear program as a shield against the alleged US plans to unite the two states on the Korean Peninsula, effectively removing Kim Jong-un from his position.

Moon Jae-in, the South Korean President, disagrees. He recognized the importance of the summit, saying that the world had escaped a war. Moon told Pompeo: “What’s most important was that the people of the world, including those in the United States, Japan, and Koreans, have all been able to escape the threat of war, nuclear weapons and missiles.”

Meanwhile, Pompeo keeps saying that North Korea was willing to give up their nuclear program, but that this would “be a process, not an easy one.” Once again, he pointed out that they would do this quickly and that they were aware that the reward would be the relief from the UN sanctions, which will come after “complete denuclearization.”

Besides the talk of denuclearization, North and South Korea had military discussions as well, for the first time in over ten years. This was a follow up after the inter-Korean summit which took place in April where the two leaders agreed to do everything to ease tensions on the peninsula.

Speaking of the military talks, the US president said on a news conference that he would end the US-South Korean military exercises. Japan opposed this and pointed out that such exercises were crucial for the security of eastern Asia. One of the US officials, who wanted to remain anonymous said: “Make no mistake, we are going to maintain the readiness of our forces in South Korea.” The US has 28,500 soldiers in South Korea, that is technically in a state of war with the North since the Korean War ended with a truce.

In the meantime, Vladimir Putin pleaded North Korean official Kim Yong-Nam to invite Kim-Jong-un to visit Russia in September.


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