North America

CMM Machines: the Secret Engine to the Factory’s Evolution

Evolve or perish — these are the options in business, and for years North American factories were uncomfortably close to perishing. After decades of dominance, the North American manufacturing sector faced its first mega challenge when globalization subjected it to competition from factories in countries that benefited from cheaper labour and fewer regulations.  Factories around

If Donald Trump Breaks NAFTA, North America Will Connect Through Sports


The World Cup is underway, and Mexico surprised everyone by defeating Germany, the reigning champions. The people in Mexico City celebrated the victory, and they created a small artificial earthquake, and this tremor was registered on seismographic sensors. Meanwhile, the United States national team didn’t qualify for the World Cup, but there were celebrations in

John Casor – The Case Of The “First Slave”

John Casor was legally declared a slave for life on March 8th, 1655, thus becoming the first person ever to receive this treatment. Indentured servants Britain’s first colony in North America was Virginia. There, the officials of this state offered land for free to those colonist who would bring more colonists to Virginia. Many people