Superbowl Winner Treats Coronavirus Patients

He took off his helmet, and he put it away until the arrival of the better days as he decided to dedicate himself to the fight with the coronavirus on the frontlines. They call him the Bruce Wayne of the NFL – except, instead of the superhero mask and cape, he puts on a white

NFL week 8th Preview and Predictions

Fans around the world are warming up for the NFL week 8 events, so here is a glimpse into what we are looking at; Dolphins (4-3) at Texans (4-3) Opening line: Texans -7.5 The Texans may be on a four-game winning streak, but they will be worried about their weaknesses at covering the spreads. Still, the Dolphins are historically

Donald Trump Will Not Welcome Philadelphia Eagles in the White House


US President Donald Trump decided to cancel the visit of the Super Bowl winners, Philadelphia Eagles to the White House. The reason for it is the controversy over kneeling during the National Anthem that marked the previous NFL season, according to Trump. In a statement, POTUS said: “The Philadelphia Eagles are unable to come to

NFL Owners Terrified Of Trump


No matter how wealthy you are or how popular your business is, you definitely don’t want to anger president of the United States. This especially is the case if that man is Donald Trump, even that he hasn’t been in the office for a long time, he is already known for his, sometimes hard to