10 Best Netflix Movies and Shows that are Best Experienced with a VPN Installed

The path to holistic entertainment is often laden with pit stops. But then, you hardly need to bat an eyelid if you have access to a premium Netflix account. This OTT platform is easily regarded as a broadcasting marvel, with user interface, experience, and choice of movies and shows capable of outpacing even the likes of torrents.

Netflix is diverse. But it often comes with region-specific restrictions, something that can only be bypassed with a VPN. Also, despite every region you intend to experience Netflix in, offering a wide range of shows and content viewing options, you can never get the full stack unless you can modify your IP address to suit other countries and regions.

As much as it sounds complicated, a high-end streaming VPN with no capping on bandwidth can do the job for you. But then, you should know that if you plan on viewing Netflix on streaming devices, like Fire TV Stick, Chromecast, or anything else, it is better to have a torrenting app and a relevant VPN handy for faster downloads. Check out this latest post to find the best VPN for safe & fast torrenting.

This way, if the Netflix server malfunctions and you cannot access the preferred region-specific content, you can always download the names as torrents and P2P files. In addition to covering your region-specific streaming needs, a Torrenting VPN also helps downloading your torrents faster, thereby ensuring that you are never short of entertainment, regardless of the device you choose to use.

But then, there is no point wrestling about the choice of platform unless you know which shows to invest time in. Here are some of the curated suggestions that you might find useful:

1. Arrested Development

If you are into familial comedies spattered with a flavor of complexity, this US-bound Netflix Show is worth considering. Reviewed highly by the audience, this is a brilliant and fast-paced slapstick that is both dysfunctional and hilarious, all at the same time. But then, only consider it if you have it in you to tolerate irreverence.

2. Twin Peaks

Still in the US! I hear you and therefore, it is best to watch the surreal cult classic while you keep looking at TV shows that would keep you occupied. A David Lynch creation, this show is all about a murder investigation that is rife with dream sequences, sex, and violence. However, it isn’t for the faint-hearted as it is one of the more provocative shows to watch.

3. A Clockwork Orange

Here is a strange, dystopian drama-comedy that rests on the shoulders of dark humor. Plus, it is extremely thought-provoking, despite being a 1971-classic and abnormally cold.

4. Only Fools and Horses

Created by John Sullivan, this Sitcom is one of the more popular shows to experience, if you have a penchant for UK-centric content. A story about two brothers who survive the duels of the Peckham Estate and even go through a number of misinterpreted scenarios, Only Fools and Horses seems more like a tale of brazen misfortune, told humorously well.

5. Back to Life

Here is another Netflix UK exclusive that entails plush viewing but without letting go of the humor. As for the plot, Back to Life is about Miri Matteson returning to her hometown, where a dysfunctional family awaits her and tests her skills to adapt.

Also, if you cannot access a streaming VPN at this time, you can even download this show as a P2P file.

6. The Promised Neverland

If the horror anime genre interests you, Netflix Japan offers the intriguing, adequately scary, and character-driven, The Promised Neverland. Whilst leading with gore, disturbing imagery, and several jump scares, this show is immersive and indulgent. Plus, it creeps you out with its creeping atmosphere.

7. The Serpent

In case you cannot view The Serpent on your regular Netflix interface, it is better to get a VPN and get onto the Dutch bandwagon. This out-and-out thriller traces the events pertaining to the life of Charles Shobhraj and has been critically acclaimed by many.

As far as the detailed plot description is concerned, the real-life accounting of the thief, seductive masquerader, and murder is bound to keep you engrossed.

8. Pulp Fiction

Here is a Tarantino classic that is available on Netflix, albeit Netflix Canada. Featuring Laura Lovelace, Amanda Plummer, and Tim Roth in titular roles, Pulp Fiction is a mob table with a reputation of being quite a violent movie.

However, more than the violence itself, it is the treatment that threw most viewers off track. As people randomly get killed or rather executed to set the premise, the entire movie feels like a careless saga with dark humor as its muse.

9. Merci Pour Le Chocolat

A French thriller with a lasting psychological twist, Merci Pour Le Chocolat is nothing short of a classic, best experienced if you are willing to head France with the VPN. While the setting of this movie is at par with any French classic, the intricate plots keep you tied to the screenplay throughout.

Often touted as a true Chabrol mystery, it is the plot progression that keeps the viewers invested. Also, at no point does the narration get too pushy and maintains a natural tempo, much like the piano recitals involved within.

10. The Hunt

If you ever end up strolling casually onto the South Korean interface of the Netflix OTT platform, do spare a few hours for the classic, The Hunt. Frankly, this is one of the best dramas that you would ever get your hands on, especially for the tragedy that leads to an eerie screenplay.

A story where a Kindergarten teacher is accused by a young student, despite no fault of his own, is worth living and participating in.

Each of these shows and movies projects a wide range of human emotions, whilst offering the best possible content viewing experience. Also, these selections are completely region-specific and wouldn’t find most on your standard Netflix interface, unless you plan on getting a high-end VPN for the job.

How the Future of TV and Streaming has been Reshaped so far


Online streaming has taken the whole world by storm. 2020 was the breakthrough year because different media networks launched their own video-on-demand streaming services such as HBO Max, Quibi, Peacock, etc. to turn the pandemic situation in their favor.

As expected, people gleefully accepted all these streaming services in huge numbers since they were forced to follow different restrictions like social distancing, self-isolation, and others appropriately.

However, this trend did not do justice with the cable TV companies because they are dealing with various issues like customer retention, innovation, advertising, etc.

Sadly, these issues will increase with the passage of time since people have already replaced their traditional TV viewing habit with online streaming.

The whole scenario indicates that traditional TV companies will need to transform themselves as quickly as possible to successfully compete with online streaming platforms in 2021.

At present, the future of TV companies does not look quite promising because they have not been able to innovate themselves as per the requirements of their subscribers.

But if we discuss the future of online streaming, it is progressing in the right direction. Continue reading this post to know how the future of TV and streaming has been reshaped overall.

How the future of TV and streaming has been reshaped so far?

As we all know, users prefer to subscribe to Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney Plus in the first place. But, they can also access other media services like YouTube TV, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, TVPlayer, Hostar and many more on a wide range of devices from anywhere as revealed by howtowatchinaustralia to fulfill their streaming needs under their budget.

In a nutshell, all these above-described services have changed the viewing habits of viewers globally. Apart from this, different factors like personalized packages, interactive content, live TV, etc. have reshaped the future of traditional TV companies significantly.

Personalized packages

The good thing about online streaming is that it has forced TV companies to offer customized TV packages in near future. It means consumers will not have to buy the entire package of channels to watch their favorite media content.

Interestingly, they will have the luxury to include their preferred channels in their subscription packages.

Interactive content

Interactive content is the new concept but has already been implemented by a leading online video on demand streaming platform, Netflix. The famous streaming service has allowed viewers to change the plot and dialogues in one of the episodes of Black Mirror.

According to this notion, viewers can participate and change the possible outcome of their favorite shows. Therefore, traditional TV channels or media networks will have to work on the same lines and broadcast such shows in the future to engage and entertain their viewers.

Live TV

Live TV has become an important part of online streaming these days. This trend has changed people’s traditional TV viewing habits and will continue to do so in the future.

When you tune into your conventional TV set, you have to sit in front of your TV screens to watch your favorite TV show or movies. Luckily, this is not the case with online live TV streaming services. For Instance, you can subscribe to Hulu + Live TV package and watch 60+ channels on your desired devices as per your preferences.

How is the online streaming industry changing the viewing habits of consumers worldwide?

The online streaming industry is using different tactics to transform viewing habits of their subscribers globally. All these tactics will certainly impact the future scenario of the TV industry.

For example, streaming platforms offer original content in the shape of TV shows, movies and documentaries to their subscribers regularly. Sadly, you cannot avail such an amazing feature when watching conventional TV channels.

Besides, you can enjoy tons of exciting features like offline viewing, simultaneous streams, virtual party, etc. on your preferred devices if you have subscribed to popular streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO Max, Prime Video, and others.

Offline viewing is one of the most crucial features that allow users to watch TV shows, movies and other media content without using an internet connection. They need to download content on their devices be it Windows, Android, or iOS.

Wrapping Things Up


There is no denying that the COVID-19 crisis has significantly reshaped the future of cable TV and online streaming to a certain degree. In this age of digitalization, people have options galore when it comes to online streaming. They can easily subscribe to their favorite streaming services from anywhere accordingly.

This is one of the major reasons why users are preferring online streaming services over cable TV providers. As far as cable TV providers are concerned, they are facing hurdles in retaining their customers due to tremendous growth in online streaming viewership.

Therefore, we can expect that online streaming services will continue to improve in terms of customer base, content quality, and additional features. On the contrary, cable TV providers will have to enhance their performance on different fronts like content quality, pricing, etc.

Otherwise, video on-demand services will definitely replace a conventional cable TV package sooner or later.

5 Best Netflix’s Original Series to Watch in 2021

As the year rolls on, we are likely to lose track of time. However, Netflix tends to keep us entertained every night. This is due to its stretchy list of TV series.

Recently, the streaming giant promised to offer endless and much-needed entertainment to its users. This alone ensures we are always regaled throughout the course of 2021.

The best part is that we have that favorite TV series that we watch every night. And Netflix never disappoints; it does deliver. Besides, it has remained dedicated to providing even more content throughout.

Sometimes, you may have no idea what to watch and end up scrolling aimlessly. These are times when you need to find out the best TV series to uplift your night. That said, having a list of the best TV series comes in handy.

Be it true crime documentaries or classic films, there’s always something for everyone to watch. With that in mind, this guide gives you the best 5 Netflix original series to never miss in 2021.

A note to get any Netflix version anywhere

Though Netflix has a vast library, much of the content is geographically restricted. This is because of copyright agreements that limit selected TV shows and movies in individual countries. When this happens, using a VPN can resolve this issue.

Setting up a VPN creates a connection to other servers, enabling you to access your preferred Netflix version. As per our research, NordVPN and ExpressVPN are great options to enjoy any Netflix version anywhere. If you are in need, this article explains exceptionally well in more detail.

Enough of the useful fundamentals? Let’s jump right on to our list.

The Netflix’s Top Original Series to Watch in 2021

Pretend It’s a City

With each installment running for about 30 minutes, Pretend It’s A City is a great TV show to consider in 2021. The documentary stars Martin Scorsese and Fran Lebowitz giving viewers a glimpse of New York City.

The series involves various interviews hosted by Martin Scorsese. Legendary writer and humorist Fran Lebowitz fuel conversations with great insights about New York City.

Also, there are Q&As from the audience and prior interviews – with people like David Letterman. This provides a comprehensive overview of the city.

Scorsese includes various scenes like walking in the streets. These scenes break the monotony of one-on-one interviews on stage. Besides, there are scenes where Scorsese provides her views of the city to the viewers.

Throughout the TV show, Scorsese and Lebowitz highlight roasts and celebration of the city. These include New York’s crannies, quirks, and foul smells.

It is a great document to keep you awake while learning about New York City. Besides, it has endless humor and prints a smile on your face.

Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer

The Night stalker is among the most petrifying serial killers in American History. These predators often follow a particular pattern, making them predictable. But with Richard Ramirez, things were completely different.

Ramirez terrorized the West Coast in the mid-1980s. With a string of murders, rapes, kidnappings, burglaries, and assaults, he is one of the notorious night stalkers ever known.

With this rampage reported worldwide, the Netflix series “Night Stalker: The Hung for a Serial Killer” retells the story. The TV show involves detectives, people impacted by Ramirez’s crimes, and reporters.

Because his actions spun for about a year, the reframed story is entirely worth watching. It is an interesting true-crime series, mostly with a start setting the tone for Los Angeles. However, the story changes abruptly with a dark side harbored within the city.

The docuseries stars detective Gil Carrillo and the legendary Frank Salerno. The two give the series a better view of the investigation to the audience. Notably when Carrillo had to send his family to hiding until when the Night Stalker was caught.

Cobra Kai

Another best 2021 Netflix TV show to watch is Cobra Kai. It is on its third season and based on the original Karate Kid films. The series hit Netflix in January and gave viewers a closer look at this martial arts comedy-drama series.

Cobra Kai creates a balance between evident nostalgic entertainment and unique dramatic plotting. The series shows humanity from its original context and obsessed with The Karate Kid films. It challenges viewers, primarily on their notion towards the entire story.

The series casts Ralph Macchio, William Zabka, Payton List, and Xolo Mariduena, among others. The third season begins with a high-school-wide battle royale. Daniel LaRusso (Ralph) become fearful of the attack from the Cobra Kai dojo.

The series delivers a complete story and is likely to have the fourth season. It is an excellent TV show for those who love The Karate Kid franchise. So, catch up on the first two seasons and enjoy the third one on Netflix.


Netflix’s Lupin is the first French TV show to feature in U.S. Netflix’s Top 10. It is a thriller following a muscular 6’3” frame gentleman thief, Assane Diop (Omar Sy). The Senegalese immigrant living om Paris looks to clear his father’s name.

Assange’s father was incarcerated – accused of stealing a priceless neckless of Mr. Pelligrini (Herve Pierre) – and later died. He began engaging in various robberies after that. Assane got inspired for his heist by a fictional gentleman thief from a novel.

The good old-fashioned heist series is suspenseful and action-packed. Yet, it is full of emotions and smart, giving viewers something to enjoy. In January, Netflix introduced Part 1 of Season 1, with Part 2 expected during the summer.

There’s plenty of action in the first six episodes already available on Netflix.

Fate: The Winx Saga

If you need an aged-up fantasy reboot, then Fate: The Winx Saga is what to watch on Netflix. It is a 2021 drama TV series portraying teen fairies, violence, and love life.

Fate: The Winx Saga is a recreation of the Nickelodeon 2004 animated fantasy series, Winx Club. It involves a 16-year-old Bloom (Abigail Cowen) – who discovers she has fiery powers. Headmistress Farah Dowling (Eve Best) summons her to a magical boarding school to study.

At the school, she meets other teens with magical powers but from legacy royalties. Bloom also meets specialists training how to control their powers. Over time, she also trains despite dangers within the school continue to grow.

The adaptation of the teen’s fantasy series gives it a taste of the Harry Potter franchise. It also comes with darker these features. This makes it both exciting and shows girl’s empowerment is strong.

If you prefer teen series, Netflix has this TV show to keep you up throughout the night. The end of these six episodes will undoubtedly make you await the second season.

Bottom line

Netflix never disappoints, and 2021 is another year with an endless list of TV shows. Yet, it is crucial to keep track of what to watch during your nights. Above are some of the top Netflix’s Original TV shows to watch.

If some TV shows are unavailable in your country, you can choose a reliable VPN to use any Netflix version.

How to Choose the Best TV Streaming Service – 2021 Guide 

People use different methods to make their free time entertaining. Some people would choose to go outside and spend time with other people. However, others would rather spend their free time inside of their house. Fortunately, the Internet technology gave us many opportunities that we can use.

Some of us would remain for the entire day in front of the computer or laptop. We often choose to spend time on social media chatting with other people, watching videos, etc. A certain group of people needs action and that group usually plays different genres of the game online. Yet, the purpose of free time is to completely isolate and relax from the world. Because of that, some people only want to watch different movies/tv-shows in peace.

It happens all the time that we change dozens of TV channels to find a quality movie. But, most of us do not find anything that would grab our attention. Well, the solution comes in the form of different TV streaming services. There you can find different types of movies or TV shows. Even better, if you do not like them, you can easily move to another one.

All these benefits attract people to subscribe to streaming services like Netflix, HBO Nordic, etc. The good thing is that you have a wide range of options when we talk about this subject. However, how to choose the best TV streaming service?

Each one seems like the perfect match when you enter their websites. But, different services offer different benefits and advantages. The right choice would be the service that meets all your requirements and expectations.

We do not know exactly which expectations you have. Because of that, it would be good to analyze TV streaming services one by one. Logically, we will talk about those that are the most popular ones among Internet users. After reading our article, you might want to check They also provide some useful tips that might make things easier. Making good conclusions is easier when you hear different opinions.

Enough talking; let’s find out certain tips together.

Binging Old TV Shows

It often happens that we do not have time to check different TV shows because of lack of time. In most cases, we usually delay to turn on the first episode. But, when the free time comes, we are ready to watch 10 episodes in a row. Well, if this is the problem that you have, Netflix might be the right choice.

As you probably know, Netflix is a veteran streaming service. Older generations probably remember that subscribing to this streaming service was quite different before. When you subscribe to it, it means that you ordered a DVD to your home address. Many years later, advanced technology allowed us to subscribe with a couple of clicks.

Anyway, the new seasons on this platform usually come at once. Yet, we usually watch all the entire season for one afternoon/night. After that, you will have to wait for months (sometimes even years) to get the next one. Because of that, it is considered that Netflix is a better choice for older TV shows. They are all released on this platform and you can check all the episodes at once.

The users have the option to choose between three different packages – basic, standard, and Premium. Logically, pick the one that would satisfy your needs completely. They are all affordable and spending money will pay off in the end.

Streaming Newer Movies

Well, some people simply want to follow the trend in this industry. More precisely, they are always looking for ways to check the newest movies. In most cases, movie enthusiasts and passionate lovers would pick this option. Well, that means that you need to find a platform that will give you that opportunity. The streaming service that would be great for you is Amazone Prime Video.

First of all, you will have to subscribe to Amazon Prime. You will have to pay 13 dollars per month. However, this rule does not count for everyone. If you are a student, the subscription will cost you $6.5 per month. Well, subscribing to that platform will give you access to Amazon’s streaming service. Here you can buy or rent the newest movies of all kinds. Watching them is completely free for every Prime user.

We do not want to say that each movie you find there is a blockbuster. However, we are sure that the catalog you see will be interesting to you.

Disney and Marvel Movies

Some people like to relax differently. Let’s say that you have kids at home. Logically you sometimes need an hour or two to completely relax. However, kids rarely understand that their parents are tired. Because of that, you need to find a way to make their time interesting. One of the ways to do that is to ensure tv streaming service that offers a lot of cartoons. Well, Disney Plus might be the right choice in that case. This platform offers all Disney production cartoons as well as the collection of Marvel movies.

Well, kids are not the only ones that like to watch cartoons. Some grownups are young at heart and they like watching this type of movie in their free time. If you are one of them, we are sure that you will be satisfied with the content that Disney Plus offers.

Keeping Up with Current Shows

We all like to watch current shows that make our time more entertaining. However, sometimes we do not even have to turn on the TV to check them. You can all find them in one place on some platforms such as Hulu. The episodes of current shows are uploaded to this platform daily. You get the chance not to miss a single episode of your favorite show.

Despite that, Hulu offers a Live TV option as well. Thanks to this package, the users get the option to watch episodes in real-time. Still, we need to mention that certain seasons of some shows might not be available. In that case, you might have to find them on some other platforms.


Once again, the main priority should be to meet your expectations. In that way, it is not possible to make a mistake. Of course, read a couple of guidelines more before picking one of the tv streaming services. Check the website that we attached above for more information.

Ashton Kutcher Net Worth 2021 – The life of the true celebrity

When we are talking about Ashton Kutcher we need to mention that this man is an actor that is extremely famous and known all over the world. He has been acting for quite a long time and he has been involved in some of the best films that were made during the last twenty years. Apart from making films, he has also been very active on TV and in sitcoms. Furthermore, we can now see him in Netflix productions. This is not everything that he does since he is also known to be an investor in many start-up companies. Apart from these, he also has shares and stocks in some of the most known technology companies in the world.

Img Source:

Personal life

Ashton was born on the 7th February in 1978 as Christopher Ashton Kutcher, and he is 4o at the moment. He was born in Lowa, the USA, and it should be also added that he has been brought up in the Catholic family. He has two siblings, a brother named Michael and a sister named Tausha. As far as his education is concerned, we should mention that he attended Washington High School. When he was in his final senior year, he decided to enroll at Creek Amana High School. It should be mentioned that he used to make a lot of problems when he was in high schools. More precisely, he was even arrested one because he broke into the school. All this resulted in a sentence that made him spend three years in prison. When he got out of it, he decided to enroll at the University of Lowa. However, he did not finish it since he decided to try himself in modeling and acting business.

Img Source:

Love life

The first time Ashton got married was in 2005 when he decided to get married to his colleague Demi Moore. After more than a decade, the couple realized that they need to get separated and they decided to get separated in 2012. The divorce was officially finalized in 2013. The reason for this divorce was another actress, i.e. Mila Kunis. Mila and Ashton started dating in 2012 and they spent three years together before they decided to tie the knot in 2015. They have been married since and that got two children during their marriage, a son, Dimitri Portwood, and a daughter, Wyatt.

Img Source:


As we have already mentioned it, he started his career as a model, and he was a very good one. Next Modelling Agency signed him and he appeared in several commercial form famous brands, such as Calvin Klein in 1998. The first time he got a serious and more prominent role as an actor was on a TV sitcom called That 70s Show. This TV series was aired from 1998 to 2006 and it was a hit which brought Ashton a lot of fame.

Img Source:

His film career started to get better and better and he acted in a lot of hits. Some of the best-known films where he acted as a lead actor are Dude, Where’s My Car? from 2000, Just Married from 2003, The Guardian from 2006, Valentine’s Day from 2010, Killers from 2010, No Strings Attached from 2011, The Long Home from 2018, these are just to name a few. It should be also mentioned that he decided to get back on TV in 2011 when he started acting Two and a Half Men, which a planetary famous sitcom. He did not give up acting on TV since he has been acting in The Ranch since 2016.

Img Source:


As we have already said, he has a lot of investments in modern technologies, and he even has shares in Skype, Airbnb, etc. He is also famous for having an Italian restaurant called Dolce.

Img Source:


He has been having a very good and fruitful career and all this brought him a lot of recognition. He has won 2 Golden Raspberry Awards, 1 Hollywood Film Award, 1 People’s Choice Awards, and 15 Teen Choice Awards.

Img Source:

Net worth

As of 2021, he is 220 million USD net worth. A part of this money comes from his modeling and acting career but more and more money is coming from his investments in modern technology companies and start-ups.

Img Source:

The Best Pandemic Movies on Netflix

There is something about pandemic movies that gets you way involved in the film without even realizing. Perhaps it’s the natural thought that you could be in a similar situation someday, apart from that the Covid-19 virus has played a special role in increasing peoples interest in pandemic movies.

It is maybe the fear of the entire world being effected by a pandemic and the human race coming to the point of extinction. There are many fears and uncertainty that cloud the mind, however, these movies also provide a simulation like situation where you get to face the horrors of a pandemic and how to live with it. Thankfully Netflix has a ton of pandemic movies and despite the low number of titles on Australian Netflix you can access the American library through

Best Pandemic Movies on Netflix

Here are some of the best pandemic movies on Netflix, try not to get paranoid though!


Contagion is one movie that rose from nowhere to one of the most watched movie lately. The reason why the Contagion suddenly got so much attention is that it mimics the events of the ongoing Corona pandemic. It is so much like what’s happening right now in the real world that it feels like someone used a time machine and saw the entire events of the current times and made a movie out of it.

It is highly recommended to watch the film as it does a great job on educating the general masses about the nature of a virus and how it is transmitted. It also teaches what precautions are to be taken and how to live during a pandemic.


Outbreak made a pretty good name for itself, if you ask someone about a pandemic movie, chances are that Outbreak will be the first name you will get. The movie has an amazing cast consisting of Dustin Hoffman, Rene Russo, and Morgan Freeman. Cuba Gooding Jr., Patrick Dempsey, Donald Sutherland, and Kevin Spacey. The best part is that you will find all the characters deeply involved in their roles and everyone just fits in right! The movie is about an Ebola-like virus that spreads from animals to humans and becomes a threat to the existence of the human race. The movie focuses more on frontline workers like doctors, nurses and the military and is inspired from the novel “The Hot Zone”.


This Chris Pine film was shelved for a few years before the actor hit it big with his appearance in Star Trek, it was then when Paramount decided to release this low budget film. Despite being a low budget virus flick it’s an interesting movie to watch. The premise of the movie is pretty much similar to what virus movies are like, two brothers and a couple of friends try to reach a safe haven in a world which is falling apart. Some rules are made but as the situation comes, it is realized that rules are made to be broken. Carriers is straight out frightening and does not come off as a cheeky movie with a couple of lads.

Train to Busan

Most of the times zombie movies go over the top and turn out to be senseless slashing on the screen. However, Train to Busan is an exceptionally well made film which will definitely give you an adrenaline rush. The movie is wrapped around the scary spread of a virus and the failed attempts to contain it somehow. It is one of the greatest zombie films ever made which doesn’t rely on violence like other zombie movies. The characters are trapped in a high speed train and as the train speeds up so do the characters actions in containing the virus and isolating the infected ones. This Korean masterpiece will surely keep your eyes glued to the screen from the start till the end and will leave you with a sense of exhaustion by the end. Korean film makers definitely do a great job when it comes to the cinematic effects which really give life to a film in their own way!


While most pandemic movies focus on the main character trying to protect themselves from the virus, Cargo is all about a father trying to find a safe place for his baby daughter. The lead role is played by Martin Freeman, who has definitely given life to the movie with his spectacular performance. The events of Cargo take place in Australia where Freeman lives with his family on a houseboat, hitting the shore only when supplies are needed. However, when things go wrong Freeman takes a long dangerous journey with his daughter and heads to wherever he can call home. The movie successfully does a great job in creating emotions in the audience’s heart for Freeman’s mission to save his daughter from the deadly virus.

Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak

This Netflix Docuseries shows the efforts of the frontline workers such as doctors, nurses and Special Forces in the battle against influenza. It also showcases how different organizations are trying and putting in efforts and resources and preventing a global outbreak. On the other hand it also tells us about the dirty politics involved and the involvement of big pharma companies in generating profit out of diseases.

It is a documentary that focuses on the real work done by incredible saviors of humanity globally, rather than a “how to survive a pandemic” guide. You will see and feel the compassion, dedication and sacrifices made by doctors, nurses, politicians, scientists, emergency aid workers and volunteers even if it is to save the life of one person. The docuseries bagged 8/10 on IMDb and is a must watch!

More Pandemic Movies

  1. It Comes at Night
  2. 93 Days
  3. 12 Monkeys
  4. I Am Legend
  5. The Cassandra Crossing
  6. World War Z
  7. The Andromeda Strain
  8. The Maze Runner series
  9. Monty Python and the Holy Grail
  10. Cabin Fever
  11. Containment

Top 7 Best Netflix Movies for a First Date

Meeting someone you click with on a dating platform is always exciting. The virtual medium presents such a relaxing platform, somewhere you can shed any inhibitions and start getting to know a potential partner. After developing a rapport you can start chatting about activities for your first date. One of the most popular of all is enjoying a Netflix movie. had asked their users and based on this poll they’ve come up with seven of the best that will make your first date a guaranteed success.

The Other Guys

Comedies are always a terrific icebreaker for any date night. In this offbeat example, the typically overly-wacky Will Ferrell tones his performance down to play a pen-pushing and browbeaten NYPD detective, Gamble, who is partnered with the more headstrong Hoitz (Mark Wahlberg). Plodding along from day to day, Hoitz, itching to get back out onto the street, pounces when a minor case quickly develops into something much bigger. Sidesplitting chaos ensues, but the heart of this action-comedy is the rapport between the two leads. They grow to respect each other, while proving to their colleagues they are far from the pushovers everyone thought they were. Chemistry between partners? Perfect first date entertainment.

Bird Box

First date choices will tend to focus on romcoms or thrillers, but sometimes an out-and-out horror film is just what’s needed to get the adrenaline rushing. There aren’t so many jump scares in this post-apocalyptic science fiction drama, no vampires or seriual killers, but it’s the unseen evil that makes this much, much scarier than any monster movie. A mysterious force has decimated humankind, with the survivors clutching the knowledge that they are safe as long as they can’t see the entity. Sandra Bullock, a highly versatile performer who might be more familiar from her sexy but slightly kooky rom-com persona, is perfect as a mother determined to protect her children. With potential danger lurking around every corner, they embark on a perilous river journey, made more trecherous by the fact they need to stay blindfolded to survive. With every twist and turn, you and your partner will be snuggling closer together.


Here’s an unusual movie to tie in with your date, as you keep the remote control in one hand and your refreshments in the other. Michael (Adam Sandler) is an architect who stumbles upon a fantastical remote control. This does so much more than change the channels on a TV set. It has the power to fast-forward or rewind to different parts of his life. Essentially, this is taking the premise of the hugely successful Groundhog Day – what would you do differently if you could control time – and giving it an even more potent twist. Sandler may be the movie equivalent of Marmite – some of his roles are cringeworthy, others side-splitting, but here he tones down the trademark gurning and goofy voices to make the most of the simple but brilliant plot device.

Ant-Man and the Wasp

Are Marvel movies ok for a first date? Isn’t it an assumption that the person you are getting to know better is guaranteed to be a superhero fan? You don’t need to fret – this feature, starring the ever-likable Paul Rudd as the titular Ant-Man, and Hope van Dyne as Wasp, is a standalone feature you can get engrossed in without having to appreciate the lengthy back-story of so many similar films. Unlike a lot of these movies, that can be over-reliant on jaw-dropping special effects at the expense of 3D characters you can truly invest in, Ant-Man is grounded in more basic emotions. Sure, the central storyline is about humans magically shrunk to the size of insects, but as well as introducing a whole new universe – literally, at everyone’s feet – it has a lot of heart. The female lead character is also foremost in the action, a definite bonus in a superhero universe so often dominated by testosterone and alpha males.

When We First Met

Sometimes the best Netflix movies for a first date are the good, old-fashioned romances, although this feature also involves a bit of time traveling! Noah (Adam deVine) meets Avery (Alexandra Daddario) at a party one Halloween. He falls for her, only to be friend-zoned. Fast-forwarding three years, Avery has become engaged to someone else. Noah has the power to go back in time and influence events to try and engineer his preferred outcome. Altering time has become a familiar trope, introducing so effectively in the aforementioned Groundhog Day, and more recently, in About Time. But here you can’t help but fall for the blend of laugh-out-loud moments, and the sparkling chemistry between the actors. Emotions frequently run high, which is perfect for your viewing experience.

O Brother, Where art thou?

Over the years, Ethan and Joel Cohen have unleashed a whole series of memorable, thought-proking comedies. This is one of their best. It’s the USA in the mid-1930s, at the height of the Great Depression that caused so much hardship. The plight of the three main characters, Ulysses (George Clooney), Pete (John Torturro), and Delmar (Tim Blake Nelson) is worsened by the fact they form part of a prison chain-gang. Managing to escape, the loveable trio embark on a true odyssey (the screenplay is based on Homer’s classic fable), with Clooney and friends singing joyous bluegrass songs, and encountering sirens,and an actual one-eyed Cyclops (John Goodman as a Ku Klux Klan leader, overseeing his racist numbskulls performing an elaborate dance routine during one gathering).

Step Brothers

What better way to conclude a choice of date night flicks than an over-the-top comedy, starring Will Ferrell and John C Reilly as Brennan and Dale, two spectacularly lazy and incompetent man-children, living and leeching off their parents? When their Brennan and Dale’s respective parents move in together, the sworn enemies clash at every opportunity. At one point Brennan tries burying Dale in the garden, which exemplifies the intensity of their antipathy. But slowly, grudgingly, friendship and love are kindled. Ideal for your blossoming relationship!

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