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Chris Petrovski Net Worth 2020 – Life, Career, Body Characteristics

Chris Petrovski is an actor born in Bitola, Macedonia on April 8, 1991. He is mostly known for playing the role of Dmitri Petrov in a TV show called Madam Secretary.

Life and career

Even though Chris was born in Macedonia he left his home pretty early in life, when he was an infant to be exact. His parents decided to move to New Zealand. While in high school over there he hired an agent managed to get a role as an extra in a production of Spartacus: War of the Damned. His high school education was at New Zealand’s One Tree Hill College and that’s where he got some practice for his acting career by being in the school’s Hamlet play. After that, he went on to graduate from the Unitec Institute of Technology’s acting program in New Zealand. He managed to receive a scholarship which enabled him to move to Los Angeles, California where he attended Stella Adler Acting Academy, from which he also got a degree. In 2013 he had a role in a movie called All Cheerleaders Die and in 2014 he got a role in the movie Coldwater. He has married since then.

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While working on the show Madam Secretary, Chris Petrovski played the role of Dmitri Petrov, he appeared in the second and fourth season while he was a guest actor in season 3 and 5. He played a 24-year-old Russian army captain who was enrolled in the National War College. The plot goes like this, Dmitri Petrov was recruited by Professor Henry McCord, but it wasn’t his idea, it was all the workings of the CIA. His objective was to become an American spy and as “thanks” for doing that his very sick sister would get the medical treatment, she needed in Stockholm, Sweden. Later on, in the show, he gets captured by the Russians and they use him yet again to make an exchange with the Americans for a different traitor of the state. After he was captured Dmitri Petrov starts feeling betrayed and abandoned by professor Henry and becomes quite angry and bitter towards him. Although he is somewhat lucky and gets placed into a witness protection program while also changing his name into Alexander Alex Mehranov. In season 4 the CIA decides to recruit him and he becomes an analyst there.

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Some other movies he worked on over the years were Live to tell from 2012, Finding Dad from the same year, Loss of Life 2013, Soledad 2014, Tourbillion 2016, In The Moment 2016, Barrio 2016, Breaking Brooklyn 2018 and National Justice 2018.

Net Worth

Chris Petrovski’s net worth is thought to be somewhere around $0.3 million dollars. Most of that money he made with his acting career and mostly with Madam Secretary, In the Moment and Coldwater. Even though he hasn’t really had many or any big achievements or awards, he’s still led a decent life and made a good living as an actor while having some good roles in TV shows and movies.

Body Characteristics

Rowing in Central Park #workout #summerscoming #sweat #tanning #lovelife

671 Likes, 28 Comments – Chris Petrovski (@cpetrovski) on Instagram: “Rowing in Central Park #workout #summerscoming #sweat #tanning #lovelife”

The actor could be considered handsome and to have an athletic build. He doesn’t have any tattoos on his body and he’s never smoked in his life, so he’s very healthy.

• Hair color – Regular brown
• Eye color – Brown
• Height – 175 cm
• Weight – 68 kg

Ariana Grande Net Worth 2020 and How Does She Earn Her Millions?

The 25-year-old is one of the world’s leading contemporary recording artists and she has recently released her latest single. In her latest single 7 Rings, Ariana Grande sings about some of her favorite things, such as diamonds, lashes, and ATM machines. The actress-turned-singer has recently performed at Coachella and brought Nicki Minaj, N*Sync and Puff Daddy on stage with her. Rumors have been swirling that this performance brought her $8 million. This led us and her fans ask how much is her net worth.

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Net Worth

It is estimated that Ariana Grande’s net worth is around $50 million. It is believed that during this year it will continue growing as there are many new releases, lucrative touring schedule, and endorsements set to happen this year.

Besides the clues, she gives in her latest single that he likes spending money at breakfast at Tiffany’s and on bottles of bubbles, Ariana also loves investing in real estate. Hence, she has recently bought a $16 million apartment in New York City. She briefly lived there with her former fiance Pete Davidson. Grande also spends a lot of time in her mother’s home in Boca Raton, which is worth about $2 million.

Grande also loves spending money on tattoos and she has more than 20 of them, including a crescent moon on her neck and a Spirited Away Anime character on her arm. Likewise, Ariana also has a pet collection, including her pet pig, Piggy Smallz, and nine rescue dogs.

How Does Ariana Grande Earn Her Millions?

When you read that a 25-year-old person has a net worth of around $50 million, the natural reaction is to ask how does she earn that money. Well, her net worth comes from her turn on a teen TV show, being part of the musical theatre world, and being a world-renowned pop star. She first started performing at the age 14 when she appeared in 13 the Musical on Broadway. She was part of the show Victorious, where she made $9,000 per episode. Grande also appeared in a number of other TV shows, such as Family Guy, Scream Queens, and Hairspray Live.

Then, Ariana Grande shifted her focus to music and in 2013, she released her debut album, Yours Truly. After that, she released another album, My Everything, which sold 169,000 copies in its first week. She quickly became a pop star and embarked on The Honeymoon Tour throughout America, Europe, and Asia. The eight-month tour brought in $40 million.

This was followed up with Dangerous Woman and a tour which brought her $71 million. Grande has done plenty of brand endorsements, such as ones with Reebok and Lipsy. She has released her own perfume collection, which grossed $150 million in retail sales.

Moreover, Grande has been nominated for six Grammy Awards and won three American Music Awards, including Artist of the Year in 2016, and two MTV Video Music Awards.

Ariana Grande was born on June 26, 1993, in Boca Raton, Florida and her parents are Edward Butera, a graphic designer, and Joan Grande, a businesswoman and an owner of a company that makes military communication equipment. Ariana has a brother, Frankie Grande, who is an actor and he also starred on Big Brother show.

Kate Hudson Net Worth 2020 – Biography, Career

Kate Hudson is a very popular American actress. She acted in many movies and TV shows, and she got very popular after her role as Penny Lane in the movie ’Almost Famous’. Many of her movies were commercially successful movies. She had her best roles in romantic-comedy movies. She is known as a Buddist and she likes to practice transcendental meditation. Millions of fans across the globe are loving her charming and fabulous personality. Besides being an actress she is also an author of a book she released in 2016. She also co-founded a fitness fashion brand called Fabletics. If you want to know about Kate Hudson’s life and her net worth, you should continue reading.

Kate Hudson’s Early Life

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Her full name is Kate Garry Hudson and she was born on April 19, 1979. She was born in Los Angeles, California and her parents are famous actors Bill Hudson and Goldie Hawn. But she grew up in Pacific Palisades, Colorado with her brother Oliver Hudson.
She went to Crossroads School in Santa Monica and she almost went to New York University. She was accepted at the university, but she decided that she doesn’t want to go to college and she started working on her acting career.

She got married to a singer, Chris Robinson in 2000. In January 2004, two of them had a son, named Ryder Russell Robinson. But the couple didn’t stay together, and they divorced in October 2007. Four years later, in 2011 she got engaged to a musician, Matt Bellamy. She had a son with him, Bingham Hawn Bellamy. But the two of them never got married, and they ended their engagement in December 2014. Nevertheless, they ended their relationship in good faith and now they are co-parenting their son.

Kate Hudson’s Career

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Kate began her career many years ago in 1996 when she appeared in an episode of ’Party of Five’. Next year, in 1997, she had a guest appearance in a TV show ’EZ Streets’. She had many more appearances in shows like ’Jamie & Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast’, ’Saturday Night Live’, and ’Running Wild with Bear Grylls’.
In 2013, she appeared in a TV movie ’Clear History’, and in 2012 and 2013 she played Cassandra July in a very popular TV series ’Glee’.
Before that, in 1998, she had roles in the movies ’Desert Blue’ and ’Ricochet River’. But her big breakthrough was in 2000 when she got a lead role and she portrayed Penny Lane in ’Almost Famous’. Other movies that she acted in our ’About Adam’, ’Gossip’, ’The Four Feathers’, and ’Alex and Emma’. Also, she appeared in movies ’Bride Wars’, ’You, Me and Dupree’, ’How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’, ’Deepwater Horizon’, and ’Nine’. She also gave her voice for the ’Mei Mei’ character in an animated movie ’Kung Fu Panda 3’.
She released her first book in 2016 and she co-founded a fitness clothing line called ’Fabletics’.

Awards and Achievements

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Kate Hudson got many nominations and awards throughout the years. In 2001, she was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress and for BAFTA Awards. She won a Golden Globe Award in 2001. She won the Blockbuster Entertainment Award, Golden Apple Award, Online Film Critics Society Awards, Satellite Awards, and People’s Choice Awards. And in 2008, she won the Alliance of Woman Film Journalists Award.

Kate Hudson’s Net Worth

It is not strange that Kate Hudson’s net worth is estimated to be more than $45 million. She made her fortune by having many roles in commercially successful movies. The movie ’Bride Wars’ where she had one of the leading roles, grossed over $114 million. And she was also the producer of that movie.

Rebecca Black Net Worth 2020 – Famous YouTuber

Rebecca Renee Black is an American YouTuber who became famous for her song Friday. It was released on social media sites and YouTube in 2011. After that, she also released a song Saturday which gained popularity as well. She currently uploads videos on various topics and for that, she gained many followers and views. If you want to know her net worth in 2020, keep reading.

Rebecca’s early life and career

Rebecca was born on 21st June 1997 in Irvin, California. Her parents are Georgina Marquez Kelly and John Jeffrey Black, and they are both veterinarians. Her father comes from Iowa while her mother comes from Mexico.

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First, Rebecca used to go to private school, but then in sixth grade, she switched to public school because many kids were bullying her. Then, she joined the musical theatre program in her new school. Later on, in 2011, she decided to be homeschooled to avoid taunts of the other children. That year she had a very busy schedule, so she failed the English subject.

Rebecca’s personal life

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She revealed that she is a big fan of Justin Bieber and that she wanted to record a duet with him. She signed for the Maker Studios on YouTube channel in 2012. She also promoted 4G service of a company Telstra. For her song Saturday, she did a collaboration with Dave Days. She appeared in many TV shows as well. An interesting fact is that she decided to keep her boyfriend and personal life private.

Rebecca’s career, awards, and nominations

Her song Friday was written by Ark, and when it was released on YouTube, it gained only about a thousand views. However, a few months later it went viral. The song became one of the most discussed songs on social media sights.

Rebecca’s net worth and earnings

Rebecca’s net worth is around $2 million. During her childhood, she suffered a lot because she was bullied. She became recognized when she worked on an album that was produced by her mother. The song Friday was one of the most hated songs in the world, but it made her famous anyway.

After 2011, Rebecca’s music journey started, and after that, she released various videos. Despite being bullied, she managed to develop a great personality.

Jay Park Net Worth 2020 – Popular Artist

Jay Park is a multitalented man, dancer, singer, songwriter, rapper, model, actor, choreographer, and record producer. He has American- Korean ancestry, and at the moment he is a part of the Art of Movement. This band is in Seattle.

If you want to find out everything about the net worth of Jay Park continue reading this article.

Early Life

He was born on 25th April in 1987, and raised in Edmonds, in the Seattle. His full name is Park Jae Beom. In his early age, he showed interest and huge talent for break dancing and hip-hop music.
He finished Edmonds Woodway High School, where he did pay attention only to dancing and writing the par songs. From 2003 he is the important part of the group Art of Movement. In 2004 he went to Korea, where he started Dankook University.

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He also went to audition for JYP Entertainment while he was in Korea. Jay Park improved his rapping, singing, and dancing in Korea.


At the beginning of the career, he was the leader of the band 2 PM, and his first single was 10 Out of 10. After a couple of years, he left the band because the audience demanded that, even he apologized for his bad words towards Korea.

He continued his career and living in Seattle when he moved from Korea. His YouTube channel Jayaram is very popular, and if you want to find out all about this talented man you should check it. The song Nothing on You in his interpretation collected 2 million views less than 24 hours.

Awards and Achievements

Jay Park has many awards and achievements for his choreographies and songs. He won Golden Disc Award for the song Take a Deeper Look in 2012. The next year he was the winner at the category Male Musician of the Year in Korean Music Awards.
His album Everything You Wanted was declared for the Best R&B Soul Album in the Korean Music Awards.

Eight years ago he got Mashable Award for the song Nothing On You in the category named Best Web Video. He also won Popular Artist Award who gave Asia Model Awards. Five years ago he got Best Hip Hop Music Video by SBS MTV Best of the Best Award for the song So Good.

Net Worth of Jay Park

The estimated net worth of this amazing artist is around $2 million, and most of his income came from his songs. He also was an actor on a little screen. He was a member of two bands, Art of Movement and 2 PM.

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His covers of other musicians are very popular on his YouTube channel. He also has his record label called AOMG, and H1GHR. He signed the record label with Roc Nation and that puts him at the number one on the list of Asian artists who do that.

He ended up on the Forbes list 30 under 30.

At the moment he is single, and before that, he was in the relationship with one Korean girl.

He is the role model for many boys at the moment.

Charlie Chaplin Net Worth 2020 – An English Comic Actor


Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin, better known as Charlie Chaplin, was an English comic actor, filmmaker, and composer. He is one of the most important figures in the film industry. Let’s learn more about his life, career, and earnings.

Early Life

On 16th April 1889, in East Street, Walworth, Hannah Chaplin and Charles Chaplin Sr. welcomed their son Charles Spencer Chaplin into this world. Both of his parents were music hall entertainers. He spent his childhood in the London district of Kennington. He attended the Norwood Schools, just like his brother. The Norwood Schools is an institution for children of the poor. When he was just nine years old, Charlie had to work to feed his family. On 25th December 1977, he died in his sleep after suffering a stroke.

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Personal Life

Charlie Chaplin was married four times, and his wives include Mildred Harris, Lita Grey, Paulette Goddard, and Oona O’Neill. He had eleven children.


As it was previously said, Chaplin had to start working at the age of nine to feed his family, but his career as an actor started when he was 19 years old. He moved to the United States to act. In 1914 he appeared for the Keystone Studios. He gained popularity through his development of the persona of The Tramp. In 1919, Chaplin founded his own distribution company, and before that he used to direct his own movies.

He enjoyed making silent movies, and some of his feature-length are The Gold Rush, The Kid, The Circus, and A Woman Of Paris.

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Charlie Chaplin was awarded numerous times during his lifetime. In 1975 British New Year Honors, he was appointed as Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. He was awarded three Academy Awards and a special Golden Lion Award. The University of Durham and the University of Oxford invested him with honorary Doctor of Letters degrees. In 1972 he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The same year he was given the lifetime achievement award by the Lincoln Center Film Society. And the year before, the French Government appointed him as a Commander of the National Order of the Legion.

Net Worth

At the time of his death, Charlie Chaplin’s net worth was estimated up to $50 million. Most of his earnings came from his silent movies. The TIME Magazine put him on the list of the 100 Most Important People of the 20th Century.

Travis Scott-American Rapper, Singer, Songwriter And Music Producer – 2020


Jacques Berman Webster II known by the artist name of Travis Scott is an American rapper, singer, songwriter and music producer. In addition he plays synthesizer instruments and electric drums.


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He was born in Houston, Texas on April 30th. 1991. Until the age of six, he was living with his grandmother in southern Houston. Afterward, he moved with his parents to suburban Missouri City. He enrolled at the University of San Antonio but did not complete it, and wanted to devote himself fully to his music career. He was not supported by his parents, and he nevertheless decided to follow his dreams by moving to New York.

He has been in a relationship with American reality star Kyle Jenner since April 2017. It was from that love that their daughter Stormi Webster was born on February 1st. In 2018. He does not use his real name in public. Travis took his name from his uncle and Scott was his nickname.


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Together with his friend Chris Holovey in 2008 he made his first mix. The following year, he formed a band called “The Clasmate” with OJ Chesm, which unfortunately did not last long; they broke up in 2012 mostly due to financial reasons. Shortly after, he left New York and went to Los Angeles with no money and a secure roof over his head. Things got better when he was contacted by T.I., who recognized his talent and offered to cooperate.
On March 22, 2013, he released a video for the song “Quintana” and five days later, American hip-hop magazine XXL placed him among the best young musicians for the year.

He released his second mix called “Days before rodeo” in 2014. It was a great introduction to his first album and concert tour, which he planned to hold in the US.

He released his “Rodeo” debut album on September 4, 2015. Apart from him, the album also featured other musicians such as Giusi Jay, Kanye West, Justin Bieber, Wikend … etc. The album ranked # 3 on the Billboard 200 list of most popular albums and sold over 110,000 copies in just the first two months of its release.

He has produced songs and albums for Kanye West, Jay z, Drake … etc. Along with the Weeknd and SZA musicians, he wrote the song for “Game of Thrones.”

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In May 2016, he revealed the names of his second and third albums. The second album was released in September 2016 and the third in August two years later. The third album was named after an amusement park in Houston that was unfortunately demolished in 2005.

It has been sold in more than 537,000 copies and has been nominated for best rap album at the 61 Grammy Awards.
On one occasion he stated that his musical role models were Bon Iver, Kid Cudi, Т.I., Kanye West and Thom Yorke.
At the beginning of his career, the music he wrote was quite dark, aggressive and had a faster rhythm. Lately, he’s been known to use multiple instrumentals in just one song. However, in the end, when we look at all his works, “Astroworld” is considered to be his most significant release.

He even tried on fashion. His so-called street clothes are quite popular. On his official Astroworld website, the clothes are sold out, and for those who are interested and have not had a chance to buy them, they can be found on Amazon.

In addition to music, he has been successfully collaborating with sports brands like Nike and Air Jordan for several years. He has styled several exclusive sneaker models with them so far. According to unofficial information, one pair of Jordan sneakers should sell for $ 175.

Some interesting things about Travis Scott:

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-His music is everything in the world to him. Even when he was in high school and had no money for the musical instruments he needed, Travis sold his bed without thinking. He slept in his chair for months.
– He’s a man of action, he doesn’t mind people brawling during his performances.
– He is very dedicated to the business, and on one occasion stated that he did not have much free time. He usually catches up with his loved ones through social media.
– Prior to Kyle Jenner, the media had written about his tumultuous relationship with famous singer Rihanna, but their relationship never worked. He did the song “Bitch Better Have My Money” for her.
-To this day, Travis still claims that he does regret not finishing college because he was never interested in school anyway.
-He loves the city he grew up in and considers himself a leader in music culture.
-Rappers have been known to show no emotion in public, this is not the case with Travis.
-For a long time he fought with his parents, trying to convince them how much he really wanted music and what it meant to him.
-Travis is a young man who is only 25 years old, with so much success behind him. He is a father and he has many videos and successful concerts …

Travis Scott net worth:

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Between September 2017 and September 2018, Travis earned $ 20 million. That was enough to make him one of the 15 highest paid rappers in the world. He earned $ 60 million between June 2018 and June 2019. On his most popular tour, Astroworld grossed about $ 65 million.

Finally, one thing to keep in mind, Travis’s career is just beginning, this $ 20 million figure will slowly but surely increase as time goes on.

The secrets of his success:

1. No need to compete with the others;
2. You should never give up on your goals even though you are always facing obstacles;
3. If you see that you can do some things yourself, do it, don’t always wait for help from someone;
4. It is very important to connect and keep in touch with people who are doing the same thing as you;
5. Give your maximum in what you do, just get out there and give a 110%;

Bob Dylan Net Worth 2020 – Famous Singer

Bob Dylan is an amazing songwriter and famous singer, everyone in the world knows this talented performer. He is even talented for painting and writing book, and a few years back he got a Nobel Prize in literature. His career is more than five decades long, and he published several albums. He plays more than five instruments, including the guitar and keyboards. If you want to find out everything about the net worth of Bob Dylan in 2020 you should continue reading this article.

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Early Life & Biography

Bob Dylan was born and raised in Duluth, Minnesota in 1941, on May 24th. His full birth name is Robert Oallen Zimmerman, his father`s name is Abram, and mother`s name is Beatrice Stone. He finished high school at Hibbing and made a few music bands in the school. He showed a talent for music in his early age, and he was a part of various clubs in the school.

Personal Life

Bob Dylan was married twice in his life, the first time was in a marriage with Sarah Dylan, and the second time he has married Carolyn Dennis. From his first marriage with Sarah, he has four children, Jesse, Jacob, Samuel, and Anna, and from his second marriage, he has a daughter. After the second divorce, he has had a relationship with Suze and Joan Baez. In the 70s he converts into Christianity.

Career, Awards, & Nominations

In 1962 Bob Dylan published his first album and made a huge success. His second album he named The Freewheeling, and it got a platinum certificate. From the 60s he published many albums, and all of them bring him a big success. Albums names are: Bringing It Back Home, The Times Are Changing, Highway 61 Revisited, Nashville Skyline, Blonde On Blonde, Nashville Skyline and Another Side Of Dylan, Saved, Shot of Love, Knocked out Loaded, Infidels Down in the Groove, Empire Burlesque, Oh Mercy, Time Out Of Mind, Under The Red Sky, and World Gone Wrong.

His latest albums are Modern Time, Tempest, Fallen Angels, Together Through Life, Shadows in The Night and Triplicate. He released 85 single songs, 14 compilation albums, and 13 live albums.

In his long career, he won many awards, more than many artists in the world. Bob Dylan won an Academy Award for Best Original Song, Golden Globe Award in 2000, and GMA Dove Award. When we think of Grammy Awards, he got 11 of them. He is the member of the Rock Hall Of Fame. Bob Dylan also won a Popular Music Prize, Tom Paine Award, National Medal of Art, Presidential Medal of Freedom, and Prince of Asturias Award. He also won a prestige award for literature, a Nobel Prize.

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Net Worth & Earnings of Bob Dylan

This talented musician is on the stage or over 50 years, and for that time he accumulated a net worth of more than $200 million. His income came from the music industry, from the sale of his albums and singles.

He published 22 box sets, 26Eps, and 38 albums in his long career. Bob Dylan gathered money from his concerts and tours, and for his songs, which he writes for many musicians. Part of his earnings comes from the sales of the books because he is a very successful writer and songwriter.

He is one of the most influential people in the music industry, and he made in music what many performers wish to achieve. He has the most successful music career in the whole world. At the moment he is very active in the music field, and we can expect something good and something new from this talented singer and songwriter. The future is bright for these amazing musicians, and he will change the music industry in the coming years. We can only wait and see, what will future bring for Bob Dylan.

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