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Tom MacDonald Net Worth 2020, Biography and Career

Tom MacDonald is a Canadian rapper, songwriter, producer, and also a social media personality. Currently, he is living in the US with his girlfriend. MacDonald rose to fame after releasing a song named ‘Helluvit’. He is an eccentric persona with peculiar tattoos all over his face and body.

Those wanting to know more about his life, career, and how much did he manage to earn in the past few years should keep reading this article.


Early Life and Personal Life

Tom was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, in Canada, on 21 September 1988. Tom has a sister, but for the rest of his personal life and history, he managed to hide it away from the public eye. He is very close to his family, though, and he often shares photos of them on his social media platforms.

He was interested in music and singing for his whole childhood, but he never got formal education on that. He did go to a Local school in Vancouver and graduated from it.

Currently, Tom is in a relationship since 2017, with Nova Rockafeller, who is also a rapper and a producer.



Tom started his rapping career more than ten years ago, in 2009. His songs are a mix of rap and hip hop, and for many years Tom struggled and tried to make a breakthrough in the industry.

He finally did it, and in May 2014, he released a song on his YouTube channel called ‘Wannabe’, that became popular among people. That same year he also published another song titled ‘Tom MacDonald – Rappers’, and people loved it.

He continued to work hard and release music albums and singles. Some of his hit singles are still very popular, and one of the most recent ones is the single titled ‘Coronavirus’. He also recently published another music video in cooperation with rapper Dax, which he filmed in his house during the lockdown. The song he collaborated with Dax on, titled ‘Blame the Rappers’, was released in April 2020.

Tom’s girlfriend, Nova, is a producer, and he helps him a lot when it comes to filming music videos. The two of them alone managed to shoot the entire music video for the song ‘Blame the Rappers’ while being in isolation, due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus.  They’ve used their house and backyard for filming.


MacDonald has more than 200K followers on his Instagram page and 870K subscribers on his YouTube channel.

He got nominated for the respected Leo Award for his songs that reached the global within a short period.

Net Worth of Tom MacDonald

MacDonald is a hardworking man, and he set his mind on making himself a great career. He had a few significant accomplishments in his career by now, but the future is undoubtedly bright for him.

His net worth is currently around $700 thousand, and he gained this amount through his career and investing in properties and cars.

Kim Jong Un Net Worth 2020 – Who Will Inherit the Great Fortune?


Many of know Kim Jong Un from the frequent mind games he is playing with Donald Trump and other world leaders. He is best known for his haircut, eccentric behavior, and often treats to rival countries such as the United States, Japan, and of course, South Korea. However, people mostly don’t know much about his personal life, family, and net worth. Here are some of the most interesting facts related to the leader of North Korea.

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Personal Life, Family, and Career

Kim Jong Un is a 36 years-old leader of North Korea, and he is married to Ri Sol-Ju. Two of them have a daughter Ju-ae. He is 1.7 meters tall, with 130 kilograms. Moreover, we know about his habit as a smoker and how he is struggling with hypertension and diabetes.

He became the leader of North Korea in 2012 when he succeeded his father, Kim Jong-il. Before that, he was a general from the year 2010, and after the death of his father in 2011, it was clear what his future position is going to be. After 2014, when he became the Supreme Leader of the People’s Assembly and the leader of National Defense, North Korea continued with her strategy to develop nuclear weapons.

Furthermore, he was awarded several times in his country. Besides being a leader and main person responsible in North Korea, he also has the title of the general in the army, Supreme Commander, Director of the State Affairs, Central Military Intelligence, and the President of the leading political organization.

Connection with Celebrities

While we all know him mostly for bad relations with the United States, he is often showing some great interests in the American culture. The best example is his friendship with ex NBA star Dennis Rodman, and we have a chance to see them many times together when Rodman goes to him for a visit. From other famous people, we have to mention Damon Albarn from band Gorillaz, who was in a visit to North Korea in 2015.

Besides that, a popular European rock band, Laibach, managed to organize a concert in North Korea in 2015, which is another indication that he is not so closed to the European and American culture as everybody thinks. Some of the popular people who visited this country were Mohamad Alli and Michael Palin.

Net Worth

While his country is known for high poverty, poor infrastructure, and low salaries, he surprisingly has a net worth greater than 6 billion dollars. Therefore, he is known for living a luxurious life, expensive vehicles, alcohol, and cigars. According to some reports, his annual income is over 600 million dollars. When it comes to his habits, his favorite cigars are Yves Saint Laurent, while he usually enjoys a glass of Johnie Walker. Also, we can see that he knows about being classy, especially because of his vehicle, a Mercedes Benz 600.

He is in the Top 50 chart of the most popular leaders in the world. However, his popularity is high due to his lack of respect for human rights, critical relations with other leaders, and many violations of international agreements.

Nyakim Gatwech Net Worth 2020 – The Impact of Young Instagram Model


Nyakim Gatwech is one of the most famous Instagram models of today. The significance of this model is hugely important in the modern world. She has proven that the color of the skin has no meaning and that we are all equal. This is the reason why many young black girls look up to her.


Even though she is only 24, she is already paving her way in the modeling industry. Born in Ethiopia, her childhood was not easy. Her family had to move very often because of the conflicts within the country. Being a refugee has been one of the most important factors which influenced Nyakim’s life. Eventually, her family immigrated to Buffalo, New York, and she had to adjust to the different way of life.

She opened up about her self-esteem in an interview with CBS News. She said “I was fine with my self-esteem and I started being torn down by society, and I started looking at myself.”


She worked on her confidence and self-love when she was in high school and college. During those times, she learned to be proud of herself and to love every aspect of her looks. All of it led to her getting into modeling.

Today, Nyakim Gatwech has 688,000 followers and net worth of 4 million dollars. She does many campaigns for the famous companies like Fashion Nova. More importantly, through her work, she promotes body positivity and self-acceptance. On the top of that, she is a role model for young girls all around the world.

Gatwech talked about her impact and her relationship with her niece with whom she is very close.

“She is black girl [excellence], she is me and I am her. My beautiful niece is the reason I do what I do so she doesn’t look at herself in the mirror and see anything else but beauty. In a world that tries every day to tell us we’re not the beauty standard, I remind her and all the little black girls out there that they are drop-dead gorgeous, intelligent, brave outstanding and much more.”


It is clear that this young girl is a necessary figure in our society. Not only does she promote positivity, but she also encourages young girls to be themselves and to keep on dreaming and achieving their goals.

Jojo Babie Net Worth 2020 and Hottest Pictures of Instagram Beauty

Jojo Babie is a well-known American Instagram Star. She was born on November 7, 1988, in Kansas, United States of America. She originates from Asia, but her nationality is American.

The stunner grew up in Los Angeles. When it comes to her family, it is known that her mother is from Laos, but other information about her parents and academic background isn’t revealed.

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Her shimmering career started when she worked as a model and fitnes trainer. She later created a website where she sells T-shirts and Posters. After she started her modeling career in 2013, she received a huge amount of followers.

In 2016 she collected about 3.5 million followers on her Instagram account, and then in 2020, she gained over 9.7 million.

Jojo Babie’s Net Worth

This curvaceous beauty is earning $thousands from her Instagram career. Her net worth is around $300,000, but her salary is around $16,901-$28,168.


Boris Johnson Net Worth 2020 – Career and Biography

Boris Johnson won the general election in 2019, in December and became the new Prime Minister of Britain. He won with the most significant Conservative majority, and something like that didn’t happened in decades.

If you would love to know more about Boris’s life, what are his hobbies and after all what’s his net worth, keep reading this article. You’ll find out what the PM loves to do in his spare time, and how did he earn all of his money.

Early Life of Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson was not born in the UK, he was born in New York City, but his parents were British. He was born on June 19, 1964. His parents were living in New York because his father was studying Economics at Columbia University at that time. Because of that, Boris had two citizenship, both the UK and the US. But in 2017, he decided to gave up his American citizenship.

He got his education at Eton College and Balliol College, Oxford. While being a student at the University, he was a member of the very infamous Bullingdon Club. This club is an exclusive all-male dining club, which would be reasonable if the members were not famous for being aggressive and destructive. It was alleged that the club members trashed many bars and restaurants all around Oxford. The members of the club are known for being very rich and wearing blue tailcoats and mustard yellow waistcoats.

It’s interesting that both Boris Johnson and David Cameron, the former UK Prime Minister, were members of the club in 1987. They even have a picture together with other members of the club.


Boris first started working as a journalist at The Times. He also worked at The Daily Telegraph, as a correspondent for Brussels. While at The Daily Telegraph, Johnson became the assistant editor and was at the position for five years. He then worked for six years, until 2005, as the editor of The Spectator.

Johnson was always interested in politics, and he first made a bid for a spot in Parliament in 2001, when he was elected for Henley. He was an MP for Henley until 2008, and after that, he’s been an MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip since 2015.

The Londoners get to know him when he was elected to be the new Mayor of London in 2008. He was re-elected in 2012, and he was at that position for eight full years.

The general public got to know him in the Brexit Vote Leave campaign. He was the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, and when Theresa May resigned, he made a bid for Prime Minister. Boris won the UK General Election in December 2019 and became the new Prime Minister with an outstanding majority of votes.

Some Interesting Facts about Boris Johnson

Boris had a temporary hearing loss when he was a child, and he had to wear a grommet, which is a small tube surgically implanted in the eardrum to drain the liquid that filled up the ear canal.

Johnson loves to paint and make models of busses and other things because it helps him relax after a stressful day.

In one interview, Boris even explained the whole process of how he makes the busses, how he paints them, and how he also puts passengers in them. He said that the passengers are enjoying themselves on the wonderful busses he made.

Boris Johnson Net Worth 2020

Boris Johnson worked a lot in his life before he became the UK Prime Minister, and he managed to collect a quite amount of money.

First, he worked as a journalist, and he certainly managed to save some money up. He also earned as an MP, and in 2018 he even returned to The Daily Telegraph. He was working there part-time, writing a weekly column, for which he was paid annually £275,000. While he was doing that he was still a member of the Parliament and he was earning an annual salary of £79,568, that is the basic salary for one member of Parliament. Still, it’s double the average salary in the UK. But if you are a member of the Parliament, you don’t qualify for maternity pay, holiday pay, or sick day pay.

Today it is believed that the total net worth of Boris Johnson around astonishes £1.6million. He had a marital home that was worth around £3.7million, which he recently sold because he divorced. After that, he bought a new home where he is living with his new girlfriend Carrie Symonds, which is reportedly worth £1.3million.

Dominic Raab Net Worth 2020 and everything you did not know about him?

Who is the man to replace Boris Johnson while he is fighting with coronavirus?

Downing Street No. 10 announces that Raab will now replace Johnson as prime minister “when necessary.” Boris Johnson is still at the head of the government, but his substitution is Dominic Rabb.

British diplomacy chief Dominic Raab, a member of the Conservative Party’s new Guard of Politicians, will officially replace Prime Minister Boris Johnson as he battles a coronavirus at the St Thomas’ Hospital intensive care unit.

A confident Eurosceptic, a third-day black belt in karate and an amateur boxer, Raab, 46, succeeded Johnson as Foreign Minister.

Dominic Raab is “solid and sharp-witted. He is not a person you can intimidate,” said his former boss, former British Brexit minister David Davis. “He’s loyal and disciplined,” he states.

It is representative of a new generation of conservatives who have entered parliament in the last ten years.

Raab is the son of a Jewish refugee from the Czech Republic who arrived in Britain in 1938. Dominic’s father died of cancer when he was just 12, and his mother raised him in the Anglican faith.

He studied law at the prestigious universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

As a young lawyer specializing in international law, he took a job at the law firm Linklaters and later joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where he tackled terrorism at sea, said in reports.

His biography also states that in 2003 “he was appointed to the diplomatic team of British lawyers who investigated the war crimes of Slobodan Milosevic in The Hague.”

In 2003, he was appointed to the diplomatic team of British attorneys who investigated the war crimes of Slobodan Milosevic, Radovan Karadzic, and Charles Taylor in The Hague.

Between 2006 and 2008, he was Cabinet Chief David Davis, then the Conservative shadow interior minister.

He was first elected to the British Parliament in 2010. Five years after, he first entered the executive branch, when he became the Deputy Minister of Justice in the government of James Cameron.

A year later, on the crucial eve of the Brexit referendum, he had already become an activist in the EU exit campaign.

He returns to government in 2017 first as Justice Minister and then Housing. Teresa May appointed him Minister for Brexit following the resignation of David Davis in 2018. Still, Rab did not hesitate to leave the office for three months after being dissatisfied with the Brexit agreement that May had made with Brussels.

After Theresa May’s resignation, he ran for president of the Conservative Party, but dropped in the second round, or finished sixth. He then endorsed the later winner, Johnson, who retaliated by appointing him, the foreign minister.

He is also married to two sons, Peter and Joshua.

Dominic Raab Net Worth

Dominic Raab boasts a political career of more than 15 years, and all his income comes from here. He has held various senior positions for essential government institutions. It is worth more than $ 11 million is considered.

Rajinikanth Net Worth 2020 – Famous Indian Film Maker

Rajinikanth is one of the most famous and popular actors, screenwriters and film producers in India.  His work is appreciated both by the critics and the audience. Due to his success he is also one of the most talked-about persons both in India and worldwide. People are often intrigued with the big amount of projects he has been a part of. Therefore, they often ask themselves how it is possible to achieve such great success and work on high-quality movies at the same time. If you are interested in reading more about this Indian celebrity, including his bio, personal life and net worth, take a look at the article below.


He was born on December 12th 1950 and he was given the name Shivaji Rao Gaewad. While he was young he was very interested in sports and education. Furthermore, he was also interested in learning about math and spirituality.

Upon finishing his school education, Rajinikanth has done many types of jobs. One day, he got the opportunity which will change his life. The playwright Topi Muniappa offered him a role in his mythological play. This event led Rajinikanth to enroll into an acting course in order to study as much as possible about this industry.

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Since then, he has come a long way. Today he is the author of many notable films. His first lead role was in the movie called Chilakamma Cheppindi (1977). Up to this day he has been a part of over 150 projects. Some of the most notable and famous ones include movies Kaali, Chilakamma Cheppindi, Sivaji, Paayum Puli, Kabali, etc.

Personal Live

Rajinikanth is married and has two children. In 1981 he married Latha Rangachari. When the couple met, she was a student who interviewed him for a collage magazine. Their daughters are named Aishwarya and Soundarya.

Rajinikanth Net Worth

The estimated net worth of this film maker in 2020 is around 70 million dollars. The majority of his incomes is from his engagement in the film industry. He earns both from acting and producing.

He is known as a big fan of cars and owns different types and brands of them. Also, even though he lives in a luxurious bungalow, he says that he respects the true values of life and that he leads the simple life.


Rajinikanth is one of the most famous figures in India. Besides his big success he is down to earth and hugely respected. Not only is he very philanthropic and been a part of numerous humanitarian activities, but he has also been awarded for numerous performances. Due to the fact that his popularity doesn’t seem to decrease in India, everybody is eager to watch his works of art in the future.

LeBron James Net Worth 2020 – One of the Best Basketball Players Ever

LeBron “The King” James is a professional American basketball player who plays the forward position for the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association. He is widely considered as one of the best basketball players ever, and in his 17th season in the NBA continues to play dominantly and lead the league in many categories.


LeBron Raymore James Sr. was born on December 30, 1984, in Akron, Ohio, USA, to a mother who was 16 years old. He never knew his father who left his mother alone, and had a criminal record. His childhood was rough and his mother did everything to provide for her son.

It was soon obvious how talented he was for basketball, especially while he attended the St. Vincent – St. Marry High School in his hometown. During his time there, he became a country-wide sensation and everyone waited for the day he would come into the NBA. He did, straight out of high school at 18 and was the first overall pick in the 2003 NBA Draft selected by the Cleveland Cavaliers, his home state’s team. From his first pro game, it was evident that he is meant for greatness.


So far in his career, LeBron has won an incredible amount of trophies and awards. He was the NBA Champion in 2012 and 2013 with the Miami Heat and in 2016 with the Cleveland Cavaliers, earning three NBA Finals MVPs.

He was the NBA MVP in 2009, 2010, 2012, and 2013. He was an All-Star 15 times, and is about to be again this February, and an All-Star MVP 3 times. He was in the All-NBA First Team 12 times, and in the NBA All-Defense Team 5 times. LeBron led the league in scoring in 2008, and was the 2004 Rookie of the Year. He also won two Olympic gold medals with the USA Men’s Basketball team, in 2008 and 2012.

Currently, he ranks fourth on the all-time scoring list, and has a real chance of being the first. His last big career wish is to play an NBA game alongside his oldest son, LeBron “Bronny” James Jr., 15, who is eligible for the 2024 NBA draft. With his high school sweetheart and wife Savannah Brinson, 33, he has two more children, Bryce, 13, and Zhuri, 6.

LeBron James Net Worth

As of the start of 2020, the estimated net worth of LeBron James is more than is $450 million. He is currently the fourth highest paid basketball player of all time, just behind Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant, and Michael Jordan on the list of total career earnings.

His contracts include an $87 million contract with Nike in 2003, which was upgraded to a $1 billion lifetime deal in 2015. He will earn the $1 billion by the time he is 64. His other endorsements and investments include McDonalds, State Farm, Beats by Dre, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Dunkin Donuts, Baskin Robins, KIA, Samsung, 2K Sports, and many others. He even owns shares of Liverpool F.C. He is set to star in “Space Jam 2”. He earns more from his endorsements deals each year than from basketball. In 2019, he was the eighth highest paid athlete, and earned $89 million in that year alone, and only $36 was from basketball. He is currently in year two of his four-year $154 million contract.