9 Simple Tips to Look Luxurious Without the Cost

If you believe that looking luxurious equals spending a ton of money on your outfits, you couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, some people do spend a fortune on clothes and still look cheap. If you wish to look high-end without buying pricy designer clothes, you have come to the right place. With these simple tricks, you will be able to look elegant and stylish without breaking the bank.

Complete your look with a long coat

Stand in front of a mirror in your jeans and a shirt and put your regular jacket on. Then try the same outfit, but this time combine it with a long coat. Which combination looks more expensive? The coat one, of course! Long coats always look more expensive and stylish than short and puffy ones, so wear those that at least hit your knee. Good, quality coats never go out of style, so this is a piece worth splurging on. If you wish to spend more money on your coat, look for wool fabric or something similar. If that is not in your budget right now, do not despair. Just make sure you find a camel coat or one in neutral tones. They look far more luxurious even when they do not cost a lot.

Wear tailored blazers

First of all, tailored clothes always look more expensive than baggy ones. They seem polished and fit well, and can help you look your best. Second of all, blazers go with everything. If you don’t own a pantsuit, a blazer can help you look professional. In case you are grabbing a cup of coffee with your friends, your sneakers and jeans combined with a blazer are the embodiment of casual elegance. Throw on a little black dress and a blazer and you are ready for your date. A tailored blazer will never steer you wrong and it will look fabulous with anything you wear.

Add tasteful accessories to your outfit

Accessories can make or break your outfit, so choose them carefully. Wearing too much jewelry can seem trashy, while not wearing any is not good either. Therefore, to look luxurious you need to find the right pieces. Avoid those that are made of plastic, and focus on gold and silver jewelry. Gemstone accessories are a great way to add a pop of color to your outfit and they come in all shapes and sizes. Just click here for more info on gem pieces and find ones you like. If you wish, you can treat a silk scarf as a piece of jewelry as well. Just tie it around your neck, your hair, or your purse, and you will look like a Hollywood movie star from the 50s.

Get a structured bag

If you want to elevate your look, just grab a structured bag before you leave your house. This accessory looks chic and more expensive than slouchy bags and backpacks. If you don’t have a structured bag, buy one with a minimal amount of hardware. Too many metal pieces can make your bag, and your outfit, look cheap. Expensive bags that do cost a fortune are minimal when it comes to color and design so that the material and shape can come into focus.

Put on your pointy shoes

Taking off your rounded-toe shoes and putting on a pair of pointy shoes can instantly change your outfit. Any designer can tell you that pointy shoes add extra polish to your look. If you are not comfortable in heels, do not despair. There are plenty of flats that have this shape. Keep in mind that you should look for well-made shoes that match your outfit.

Tuck in your shirt

In order to look more sophisticated, don’t wear an untucked shirt. Instead, tuck it in and you will class up your outfit in a second. Neutrals always look more elegant, so go with a simple tee in a neutral color. It will look effortlessly classy tucked into your pants. If you want, you can go the extra mile and add a belt to the combo. However, make sure that your belt is small and classic, not bulky and colorful.

Get a pair of fabulous shades

Even if you just rolled out of bed, with a pair of fabulous sunglasses you will look stylish and important, and no one will know that you are just using them to cover the bags under your eyes. If you have no idea which sunglasses you should wear, look for black ones with real glass, not plastic! If your shades look like you could wear them at the beach, they won’t help you elevate your outfit.

Look after your nails

You cannot look like a million bucks if your nails are all chipped and cracked, and your nail polish is half peeled off. Believe it or not, people pay attention to other people’s hands, and someone will be always looking at your nails, whether you are paying for groceries, shaking hands, or using a grab handle on the subway. Therefore, make an appointment at the nail salon or get your nails done at home. In addition, you simply cannot look fabulous with greasy hair, so make sure you wash it on time. When it comes to makeup, you don’t have to step out with a full face of products every time your leave your home, but covering those dark circles and putting mascara on can add polish to your overall look.

Tone it down

Bold colors, statement jewelry, and loud prints can easily get out of hand. Instead, tone it down and go with simple outfits. Don’t worry, they are not boring, they are classy and you will look much more luxurious wearing them. If you don’t believe us, just look at the French! They are known for their style and elegance, and yet they are always wearing timeless pieces in muted tones.

Looking elegant and stylish does not have to come with a cost. Just use these tips and create fabulous outfits that will make you look your best.

This Hottest Nail Fashions of 2021

Nail art has never been bigger or more popular than now – from the catwalk to the high street, and with even the UK’s young royals getting in on the polish action, maybe we all need to up our nail game.

There’s something about the impending arrival of a new fashion season that just feels energizing. It’s a great reason, if we need one, to look ahead, update our look and get out there to show it off! The most popular manicures vary from state to state and city to city, but nail art enthusiasts across the country can all agree on one thing – bold and bolder are the new pastels.

Runway glamor is about more than hair and makeup — it’s a trifecta that includes nails.

Exaggerated eyeliner, the shadow in neon flashes and floral headpieces may have attempted to grab our attention during the S/S 2019 shows, but much of the drama was happening below the neck. So many gorgeous nail creations pulling our attention away from the new look fabrics and clothing designs, these shows in New York, London, Paris, and Milan were all about the nails. This is where most inspiration stems from, and thanks, too, to Instagram – we have no shortage of ideas.

Bringing these ideas onto the high street, there are two main trends that appear to be polar opposites – uber-minimalist designs, usually applied over a bare nail, and extreme appliqués and embellishments that stand out even from a distance. However, both trends stem from the same root – boldness. The boldness to go bare, and the boldness to go … well, bold!

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Coffin Nails

A square nail is usually a more serious one, but once it obtains length it actually becomes one of the most dramatic shapes, especially when flat ended and embellished with appliqué. Mimicking a coffin, or ballerina shoes, this shape is great if your stiletto nail breaks, or you just want a slightly less fragile yet still extreme nail shape. On the runways, we saw a lot of long press-on nails finished with a coffin mani.

Eye-catching and classy in the extreme, long coffin nails look awesomely dramatic, but whether you have short ones, or just don’t want long fake ones, they still look great worn in a shorter style if you need an on-trend, but understated, look. With a larger space to create your art, you can really go to town if you wish. French tip ombre styles look amazing, matte black coupled with a delicate 3D accent embellishment are increasingly popular, and the catwalk favorite – holographic and polished chrome, look supremely stylish.

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Lee Nails

Advertised as the nail accessory in the 80’s by We Heart Nails, Lee press-on nails are making a massive comeback in 2019. Mimicking the look of real nails, with today’s improved durability and adhesives, they can generally be kept on for up to three weeks, and are massively versatile in terms of style and length.

As we saw on the catwalks, the trend is to wear press-on nails ultra-long and in their raw form without applying color. This follows the path of clear PVC trends – from the inoffensive transparent handbag to the less inoffensive equally transparent clothing ranges that, thankfully, haven’t filtered down to the high street – yet!

The always unique Vivienne Westwood used super long press-on nails, keeping the tips clear, and applying a metallic shine to the nail beds, whereas Fashion East’s show had painted talons in opaque and matte shades.

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Ombre Nails

Now, this is a style that we can really get behind. Gradient color schemes are trending right now in a big way, and there are infinite variations on the theme.

You can get creative with the number of colors and the directionality of your gradient – lighter at the cuticle with a darker shade towards the tip, or vice versa. The fun part is adding your secondary, or even tertiary, shade.  

While you’re still perfecting the art, choose colors that are similar to each other as these can disguise any mistakes, for example, light blue to teal, or light grey to a darker shade.

How do you achieve the ombre look?

  • Cut a makeup sponge into strips
  • Apply your base coat
  • Apply a thin coat of the lightest chosen color
  • Paint on horizontal stripes of colors onto the surface of the sponge
  • Tap or roll the sponge onto your nail – this takes some practice and blur where the colors meet. You’ll need to add more polish to the sponge after a couple of nails
  • Repeat this until you’ve achieved the desired effect
  • Add several top coats and cure

You can, for a different effect, use brushes rather than the sponge, and this gives a better finish for gel polishes.

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Diamond Nails

Whilst having the real thing on our nails might be affordable for celebs, most of us have to plump for faux diamonds – they are much more practical after all!

Big and bold are the watchwords for 2021’s diamond nails, and although the idea of nail design with diamonds may seem complicated or expensive, it really isn’t.

Diamond nails have been increasing rapidly in popularity due to the classy shine and sparkle that they add to basic designs.

You can opt to go all out and coat entire nails in diamonds or go for a simpler accent look – customization options are endless. Don’t feel limited to a single color, shape or size of diamond either because variety can contribute create different looks. Area’s show, for example, embellished the tips of a long-nailed French manicure with immaculately straight rows of tiny diamonds – stunning!

Even the most complicated design can be done by yourself, at home, and here’s how:

  • Apply several coats of gel polish in your chosen color, and dry them under a curing lamp as normal.
  • Apply a top coat, and before curing, gently add the gems using tweezers or a specialist applicator.
  • Cure
  • Using a thin brush apply another layer of the top coat between the rhinestones, without covering them completely, but pushing up to their edges.
  • Remove any residue over the gems before curing.
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SNS Nails

SNS stands for Signature Nail Systems and it’s a powder based effect. It really is awesome – take it from us, and the millions of fans who’ve fallen for this ultra-long lasting, supremely glossy finish. Seriously, the stuff doesn’t chip off – ever, and only needs removing when the regrowth becomes too obvious.

After a clear base coat is applied, dip your nails into the fine powder pigment, which will stick to the still-wet base. The process is repeated to build thickness and color intensity. Finish it off with a gentle buff, then apply a top coat – and that’s it! No lamps, no curing, no overpowering polish aroma. Your nails can even be decorated, or embellished with gems – exactly the same as you would with regular polish.

SNS Nails are rapidly changing the face of the manicure and is hailed as a healthy manicure. The powder formula contains calcium, magnesium and other nail nourishing minerals, so can actually help your nails to remain strong and in great condition.