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Jessica Alba’s Net Worth 2019

Jessica Alba is an actress best known for her role of Max Guevera in the series Dark Angel. Here you can find out how she makes her money. How she became famous Jessica Alba started her career in the 1994 film called Camp Nowhere. Then, she appeared in four episodes of the series called Secret… Keep Reading


Why watching movies is good for you?

Do you know anyone who has no interest in watching movies? At least, we have not come across someone who is so weird. People may have different interests, genres or likings of film. Someone may prefer watching movies at home, some at cinema halls or theatres or vice versa. Do you know there is many… Keep Reading


Comedies You Probably Never Heard Of But You Must See

It’s Friday night, and all you want is to stay in after a long week and chill. We’ve all been there, and we know that trying to find a movie to watch can be pretty frustrating. If you think you’ve already watched every worthwhile comedy we might have to stop you right there with our… Keep Reading


The 4 Must-Have Apps For Jailbreak Firesticks

The Firestick is an invention by Amazon that is revolutionizing the way we stream movies and TV shows. Amazon with Fire TV and Firestick are strong contenders for the best streaming devices award. Of course this isn’t a real award; however, people tend to use that which is best at something, in this case, Firestick… Keep Reading


Top Scary Movies From Around The Christmas Time

Horror movies during Christmas aren’t usually the thing. It is the most beautiful and festive time of the year and who would want to get horrified during all that joy and happiness, right? But yet, there are people who do. And also there are people who don’t want to, but were in that kind of… Keep Reading


The Most Iconic Jewelry Pieces in Movies

Besides a captivating plot, some movies are remembered thanks to the ingenious work of costume designers and jewelers. Some jewelry items worn by movie characters are just amazing! Looking at such pieces we are wondering if those stones are real or whether these are gold earrings. Wouldn’t it be interesting to find where they bought… Keep Reading

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