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25 Crazy Tattoos With Which People Have Expressed Love for their Cars and Motorcycles

There are many people in the world who love their cars and motorcycles and do different crazy things to express their love for them. Many of them did tattoos and tied with their vehicles forever. For them, this is a lifestyle and culture, and they are very dedicated to maintaining and caring for their vehicles. The things that these drivers are doing is for great respect, because tattoos remain a lifetime and represent something of great importance to that persons. So, we are presenting you the 25 best and hottest tattoos from the world of cars and motorcycle fans.

25. Hidden meanings

It is certain that every tattoo has some significance for its owner. But sometimes it can be difficult to find out it.

24. A word on the artwork

Making tattoos is art and every tattoo is a little artwork. But the process of tattooing can require a lot of time, devotion and effort of the artist.

23. Gear head culture

Simply, car and motorcycle enthusiasts are fully committed to these vehicles. And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s culture and lifestyle.

22. Classic car tats

There is something very attractive with old classic cars. And, the tattoos with these cars on itself, are really incredible.

21. The first drive (1)

The first ride is an unforgettable experience and it’s something to remember for a lifetime. Then a connection between the driver and his vehicle has been created, and that can not be described by words. No matter what the vehicle is, it will remain forever in your memory.

20. The first drive (2)

Just like about cars, the same passion applies to motorcycles. This love for bikes has its origins in childhood, from the time we were all still riding bicycles.

19. The first drive (3)

Another tattoo that used to perpetuate the first car and the first ride. On this one, Chevrolet Malibu is shown.

18. The Ghost Rider

Here we can see the character from Marvel’s movie, “Ghost Rider”. The legendary comic hero, played by Nikolas Cage in the film, somehow represents the culture of motorcyclists.

17. Tattoo culture

When we say tattoos and tattooing, primarily, we think about bad guys, first of all on motorcyclists to whom they are proud.

16. Hand in hand

As we have already said, tattoos just go along with the bikers. When we say “motorcyclists” we can not imagine that there is no a single tattoo.

15. Some famous artists

One of them is Kat Von D who made a TV career and even had role in TLC reality show “LA Ink”.

14. Their “happy place”

Many cars and motorcycle enthusiasts have their favorite place where they can go and be alone. That’s why this tattoo is not weird.

13. Comedy relief

It’s definitely great when you combine passion for cars and love for jokes.

12. The Samoan culture and tattoos

Tattoos have the origins from ancient ages, and perhaps it is best seen on the people in Samoa. “The Rock” Johnson and Roman Reigns are famous Samoan people.

11. Famous celebs

Many famous people love tattoos, and we think of actors here before all. They could not sometimes be tattooed for different roles they play, but with the development of tattoo techniques, even this became possible.

10. “One cool dude”

If we compare the beginnings of many bikers, we can conclude that many are the same, respectively, they all started to ride a bicycle and imagined that they will have their own motorcycle in the day.

9. Misconceptions (1)

Although tattooing today can be regarded as art, it was sometimes not the case. Tattoos were unacceptable in society, but this has changed today, fortunately.

8. Misconceptions (2)

We have already stated that tattooing was once misunderstood and inappropriate, and luckily it is not so today.

7. More tattoos of a comedic nature

This happens when someone is completely crazy about cars. Simply, love is huge.

6. Influence from film

Certainly, the film has a great influence on the way of life and trends, and so on the tattoos. But it’s not good to imitate someone, because it still needs to be original.

5. Influential “car culture” films

As we have just said, the film has an incredible influence on today’s world. Some of the most influential movies in the world of car and motorcycles enthusiasts are ”Easy Rider” and “The Fast and The Furious” franchise.

4. The piece of history right on your arm

Classic cars have something attractive in themselves and this makes them ideal as an inspiration for tattoos. They will always be cool as well as tattoos inspired with them.

3. Stamp of approval

As much as love for your motorcycle or car is big , so is the commitment to the manufacturer of that vehicle.

2. The open road and what it signifies

Open road. I’m not sure if something needs to be explained here. Open road is a symbol of freedom for all drivers, but especially for motorcyclists.

1. First thing in the morning

I wonder, what other motorcycle and car enthusiasts are thinking about every morning when they wake up. So, what else would they thinking about, else than about their toys?

Motocross: All beginnings are hard, but it’s worth it!

Motocross can be a dangerous sport if you don’t know the basics. Therefore, it is important to have basic knowledge and to follow the rules. This can prevent serious injuries. Are you a newcomer and do you want to be safer and more effective when riding motocross? Here are some fundamental tips for beginners.


Standing or sitting, that is the question here.

Most of the sport is done standing up. However, it is not uncommon for beginners to sit down too often, in most cases due to insecurity. Make sure you know when to stand up and when to sit. Sitting is not the same as sitting – there are different types of sitting… Please be careful not to shift your weight too far to the back of the bike. A good sitting position is upright in the front third of the seat – where the seat touches the tank.

source: redbull

Mastering tight curves

Driving particularly tight corners is part of your motocross basic training. Always start the bend standing up. At the apex, you have to sit down and accelerate. The leg should be stretched out as far as possible, but ground contact should be avoided. Therefore it is recommended to always keep the leg close to the tank.

source: motosport

Look ahead!

Never let ruts or mud puddles on the ground distract you. You should always look where you are going. If you only look as far as the front wheel, you may not be able to react quickly enough to changes in the road surface.

source: motosport

Is there room? Not so fast!

Many newcomers make the mistake of looking back and trying to avoid it as quickly as possible when a faster driver approach behind them. Sometimes they cross the road just when the faster driver is about to overtake. This can lead to accidents. It is best to reduce the speed briefly and simply continue straight ahead in the same lane.

source: redbull

Last but not least…

Please pay attention to the right motocross accessories – helmet, boots, and protectors save lives and prevent serious injuries!

source: hellocross