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SOVREN Receives $1,150,000 Funding To Launch Regulated Blockchain Securities Platform


On Friday 7th of December, Sovren announced that, led by Chaintechplc (a blockchain fund) they have raised $1,150,000 through a Seed funding round.

What is Sovren?

Sovren is a London based startup company that is building a challenger platform. Platform’s function is capital funds raising for Enterprises on Blockchain and AI technologies. Through this app, you can access to anyone, wherever they live in the world, you can trade, 24/7. Sovren gives access to billions of untouched Stock Exchanged wealth. This way, it also eliminates “the middleman” and financial structures that interfere with the listing of securities. Sovren also gives equity issuance control to companies through smart contract technologies. This app allows you to buy and sell stocks and Tokens. Use Sovren E-Wallet to pay wherever you find yourself. Without liquidating your investments, you can borrow money against your portfolio. And finally, with emotionally intelligent Va Zova, you can trade with confidence.


“Our mission is to make the trillion dollars of illiquid assets, liquid and available to the global trading market. Blockchain and AI technologies will streamline fund raising and investment businesses that to date have seen very slow progress for innovation, specifically when it comes to making use of the best technologies to make investment more accessible to a global audience to build and create wealth. “ said Avijeet Jayashekhar, founder and CEO of Sovren.

“My main motivation for launching Sovren was driven out of the fact that I have always felt investment and wealth building was an exclusive market controlled by the few. I entered the Blockchain space as I felt it will break this mould, for the first time wealth was being built by global communities of investors, investing in projects they believed in, not controlled and distributed by the few “ said Wynand de Jager, founder and CTO of Sovren.

Through Blockchain based mobile app, stocks and STOs, Sovrens goal is to produce a secondary Security Token market so that you can trade safely and securely.

Sovren founders are happy to announce the next step in their continued growth. They hope that, by appointing Mr. Peter Kudera as a new member of the board, who had a long and successful career as a businessman (and in Blockchain), with his plethora of experience in business, will help Sovren with their ambitious aim becoming a reality. On what Peter Kudera added, that the global market is ready for the beginning of a new financial evolution era. “It empowers business owners to raise funds through innovative regulated products other than just traditional equity or debt issuance”. Then adds how traditional Stock exchanges will be shacked by fund raising, trough fractional ownership of security assets. Mr. Kudera is looking forward to working with Sovren, and being part of their mission to regulate digital markets.

In the near future, Sovren will be raising another $2 million. They hope it will close present investment round and increase the business growth. With that kind of funding, mainstream investors will have accessible financing and investment with the full suite of products.

You can check more about their work on their webpage:

Are You Broke This Weekend?

As I age and experience more of the world, money, not having it, spending responsibilities and managing my work/free time are becoming more important to me.

Starting a new business and currently being short of funds, I’ve realised there’s not a great deal to do with no money. What’s worse is even once you get your hands on a small amount of money, it is quickly assigned someplace and gone.

Do you have weekend plans? How much money will you spend this weekend on simply trying to enjoy your free-time away from the office?

Here in the UK, many are experiencing shifts in spending, costs, and wages. Most simply find that the money coming in is swiftly going out again.

For example, the price for a family of four to go to Alton Towers will cost you over £200. That is for a Saturday daytime entry – Minus refreshments and you’ll have to travel to the park also of course.

Your weekend plans may not include a wiz around the towers of Alton but even a night at the movies for a family of four could come in at more than £50 and a nice dinner for you, and your spouse may approach £30 or more. Finding an economical way to spend a weekend is tough.

Of course, you could borrow money from friends and family, use a credit card or options like a payday loan for the weekend are available across the Internet.

However, even weekend lender SimplePayday advise against borrowing money or using loans at the weekend for frivolous things.

Your finances are really up to you. But when the Sun is shining, and you’ve been working all week, it can feel like a necessity to detox from the week at work.

But we’re in the Winter I hear you say.

So, you don’t want to take a weekend loan or bash your credit card, but you’re broke. What can you do?

Go on a Walk

Sure, that’s not very creative, but walking is the cheapest form of exercise and the together time you get with your family is priceless. When was the last time you found a new path, trail, or community to walk through? Don’t walk around your neighborhood. Go somewhere else. I’m extremely lucky in London we have an array of parks. Regents Park, Primrose Hill, and Hampstead Heath all clustered around my abode in Camden.

A weekend stroll in November may seem like a leap. But wrap up warm and keep your nearest and dearest close.


Here’s how you do it 21st-century style. Find a park that has a clear view of the sky in an area where there aren’t a lot of lights. Take some bug spray, a blanket, and your phone or tablet with you. There are some really cool stargazing apps that allow you to aim your phone or tablet to the sky and identify constellations and other features. 21st Century is stargazing at its best.


Most larger communities have a summer concert series that take place outside. They’re almost always free and happen a couple of times per month. This is your chance to listen to music that you’ve not explored in the past. Don’t know much about orchestral or jazz music? Go anyway. You might just like it.


What kinds of problems do you have in your life? There’s something therapeutic about helping others, and for some reason, it makes your problems feel a little more manageable. We’re wired as giving people and using that will send you away feeling refreshed. It does for me.

Dress Rehearsal

Want to see a play, musical, or concert but don’t want to pay for it? Go to a dress rehearsal the night before. Call first, but many companies allow you to view dress rehearsals for little or no money.


You might remember these strange places called libraries. Before entire libraries could be viewed through the internet, libraries were much more popular than they are now. Publishers of books and magazines still have to make money, so you’re not going to get all of the content for free. Head to your library and read the magazines, check out a book, or take home a recording.

Community Classes

Speaking of libraries, check out their offerings of community events. Classes about money management, insurance, writing, and just about anything else may be offered at your library or community center for free. If you have expertise in a certain area, consider giving back and teaching a class.

Car Boot Sales

You don’t have to buy anything to make a day of garage sales. Not only will you meet some interesting people, but you’ll also find that some people’s junk has value to you. You probably have expertise in some area where you’ll find a valuable item for cheap. A treasure hunt is always fun!

Find a New Blog

The internet is full of interesting blogs and other websites, but we often stick to our comfort zone and don’t explore new sites. Another fun activity may be to start a family blog of your own. There are plenty of sites online that allow you to set up a blog for free.


It doesn’t matter how old you are, there’s always something fun to do at a playground. Don’t be the person who takes your children to the playground and sits on the bench while they play. Get some exercise and some quality family time by playing with your child.


The key to finding low cost and fun weekend activities is to go outside of your comfort zone and try something new. We’re creatures of habit and if your habit is to shell out big money each weekend, try something new this time around.

Best Ways To Get A $5,000 Loan: Personal, Business And Bad Credit

Well, in the end, if these activities are not good enough for you, there is always an option of taking a loan. Just have in mind that you will need to return all that money, so be very careful with what you chose.

How To Survive A Recession

The trade war has spooked investors with the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunging by around 480 points. This was a result of the increased pressure placed on top trading partners. Markets have already been under pressure with fears of earnings waning when the next quarter results come in. Fortunately, there are ways for you to navigate these stormy waters and the best solution is to follow the 3 D’s. This is to get defense, get disciplined and get deep.

Get Defensive

There is an old saying which states that there is always a bull market somewhere. This saying is so well known because it is actually truer than you might imagine.

There are a lot of investors who are not aware that major stocks actually made money during the 2008 financial crisis. Investors in McDonald’s were handed a return of 8.54% that year along with Walmart investors which rallied 20% on total-returns while the rest of the financial markets were in meltdown. The discount retailer Dollar Tree also saw a surge in that year of 60.8%. The one thing that these stocks all had in common was that they were defensive.

image source:

When a market turns from bull to bear, the stocks that are generally hit the hardest will be the most speculative ones. The risk-off environments which make the issues that work best for speculators are also the ones who will be hit the worst when there is a flight to quality. This means that low-interest rate environments and dividend payers will be the best way to get defensive.

This is due to the fact that dividends are a positive contributor to your total returns even when there are plunging prices. Of course, you need to ensure that you do not own stocks where dividends are unsustainable in any difficult conditions. This is due to the fact that dividend cuts will get punished when the market crashes.

After 2008, there are many investors who have remained defensive in their portfolio allocations over a prolonged period of time. By getting back to the defensive position in your portfolio, you will be able to protect yourself against the next market crash.

This will mean that you underperform during the last stages of a rally when the speculative best surge higher. However, the statistics are clear that taking less of the drawdown by being defensive will outweigh the missed upside of the full market cycle.

Get Disciplined

When the market crashes, your emotions will be your enemy. Research done by Dalbar has found that emotions cause retail investors to underperform against the averages across all timeframes. This is due to the fact that we as humans are made to buy when the asset-bubble tops and to sell when the market bottoms. This is why being disciplined will be key to surviving the next market crash.

Being disciplined means that you should hold onto good stocks even when they move lower. You should also avoid any compulsion to make speculative and risky bets to get back to even. A key part of being disciplined is to have a systematic method to quantify when an investment is worthwhile.

image source:

There are a number of tools that you can use to determine if a stock is actually attractive. The critical aspect is that the yardstick you are using should not change when the market conditions change.

Get Deep

The best time to buy is when there is blood in the streets. This is an investing concept that has held true for centuries and is still true today. When the market crashes, investors will generally be presented with amazing opportunities in oversold stocks. To find these opportunities, you need to get deep into the stocks’ valuations.

The market will generally overcorrect to the upside as well as the downside. This means that stocks can trade for valuations during market crashes which do not actually make sense. This was the case in 2009 when many companies were still throwing off cash despite trading for tiny multiples. By following the first 2 of the D’s, you will have enough dry powder to take advantage when you get deep.

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