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What Happens in Episode 21 (Season 7) of The Curse of Oak Island?

The famous history TV series The Curse of Oak Island has been intriguing the audience ever since it started airing. Throughout the seven seasons people could see the perfect balance between adventure, history and nature. Moreover, the constant investigation and willingness to succeed is one of the main qualities of the whole team who works on finding the hidden treasure.

When it comes to the seventh season, it seems that things are just starting to heat up. The team believes that they have managed to find a swamp which is man-made. Therefore, they think that this swamp will lead them to the treasure. This important discovery is apparently a huge step in the whole investigation. The situation is getting even more dramatic because now the team is fighting against the time. In other words, they have to do as much as possible now, since the winter is coming and their operations will be stopped. So, things are getting more dramatic than ever.


When and where can you watch the new episode of this show?

“A Leaf of Faith” is the title of The Curse of Oak Island’s new episode. It was announced that it will air on Tuesday, April 14, 2020, at 9/8c on the History Channel.

When it comes to watching the premiere, the best option for you is to have a cable connection. However, you can watch it even without one. All you have to do is visit History Channel site and you can watch all episodes there.

If you use Hulu platform, you can find six seasons of this show there. The seventh season will be available for watching once its airing is over on History Channel.

Also, Amazon offers you to buy episodes, so you can watch them in this way as well.

What happened in the previous episode of The Curse of Oak Island?

The new discovery which was presented in this episode was described as ‘spooky and spookier’ by Marty Lagina. What happens is that the team finds what they believe is the ‘original’ wood. This wood is believed to have been used in the traps in the Money Pit. This belief was confirmed by the blacksmith, Carmen Laggae.

One of the most interesting things about the wood is the notion that it was actually part of a construction which was used in order to trap the searchers. Therefore, it was used as a protection of the treasure.

The situation becomes even more fascinating once the team finds a part of the iron hinge. According to the team, this object might have been used in order to seal the treasure boxes. As we could see in Episode 20 of the 7th Season, the team is one step closer to finding the treasure. This step is an important turn in the whole investigation. Nevertheless, the team must not get carried away, since they have to plan the next steps rationally due to the fact that winter is approaching and they are running out of time.

The new course of events leads team to believe that they are closer than ever to the treasure and that by-no-means should they give up now.

Join in on April 14, 2020, at 9/8c to see how the discovery unfolds as the team proceeds with their investigation.

The Curse of Oak Island: Historical Artifacts that Lagina Brothers Discovered Until Now

For more than 2 hundred years, treasure hunters and researchers have been suffering from deciphering one of the most crippling mysteries in the Western Hemisphere: The burning riddle of Oak Island. In the year 1795, people believed that three men discovered a melancholy in the ground underneath a vintage oak tree on the island, leading them to the conclusion that treasure was buried there. For that reason, the island has been scoured and thoroughly searched. Despite no real treasure being found, they’ve discovered little parts of history tucked away on the island.

Marty and Rick Lagina have determined to take up the venture and search the island for themselves since 2014. The show, ‘The Curse Of Oak Island,’ is in its 7th season of the show. Even though Oak island is full of interesting they select to examine, the brothers pay most of the attention and spend most of the time around the ‘Money Pit.’

About the Money Pit

Money Pit is located at the east of Oak Island. It is a shaft, which is over 100 feet deep. According to the legends surrounding the island, it was found by a teenager, Daniel McGinnis, in 1795. He observed an indentation on the floor and started digging. With the assist of some friends, he found a human-made shaft featuring wooden platforms every 10 feet down to 90 feet. However, due to an expedition within the Nineteen Sixties that triggered clay, seawater,  and mud to crumble around the ‘cash pit,’ the shaft’s exact region has been obscured from sight. Just like treasure hunters earlier, the brothers have found numerous traps, and tunnels dug into the ground at numerous depths that are designed to flood the shaft with water.

Things found in the Money Pit?

While no real treasure has been found, the pit carries several tantalizing historical clues. The Lagina brothers have located other interesting matters on the island, which includes a lead Cross. Before them, treasure hunters have observed old parchment, stones, bits of china, portions of wooden and coconut fiber. Coins and stones have also been discovered.

The 90-Foot Stone

According to the legend, the treasure hunter Jotham B McCully wrote a letter in the mid-19th century, saying that a mysterious stone was found in the pit in 1804, at a depth of about 90 feet. It was around two-three ft long and 12-16 inches wide. The wasn’t like any other rock. It bore cryptic symbols, which have brought heated dialogue and debate. Those symbols meant to represent English letters. According to one translation, it read: “FORTY FEET BELOW TWO MILLION POUNDS ARE BURIED.”


Some other scholars think that its purpose was to forge a connection with the Knights Templar.

In the upcoming episode of ‘The Curse Of Oak Island,’ brothers and the team will show some evidence that the boy in 1795 did not come across the depression near the oak tree by chance.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 7 Episode 15 – New Evidence Supporting Nolan’s Theory?

The upcoming episodes of The Curse of Oak Island are going to bring more information about the unresolved details from the previous episode. The 14th and the 15th episode will be merged, so the fans of the show will be pleased to learn more about the shocking details the Lagina brothers have discovered.

In the 13th episode (Bromancing the Stone) we could see the course of events after the Hurricane Dorian. The Lagina brothers got back to the island and continued their research. They decided to drain parts of the swamp where they were digging earlier. What surprised them was the state of affairs after the cleaning – the rock formation was leveled even after the storm. After a geologist said that he also didn’t understand why the rocks were there, the team was surprised. All of this led them to believe that the pathway was in fact man-made and dating from a couple of centuries ago.

What happened with the 90-feet stone?

Apparently, there are two theories about the mysterious 90-feet stone. According to one theory, it potentially has inscriptions which could lead to the Money Pit. On the other hand, it is believed that the stone contains the instructions of how to shut down the flooding tunnel and therefore avoid the trap which is created in order to stop the treasure hunters.

The team searched for it in the backyard of Dartmouth Heritage Museum, but they did not manage to find it. Nevertheless, the Rick Lagina said that this will not discourage them and that they will keep searching.

Fred Nolan’s theory is true?

When it comes to the 15th episode of the show, the fans know that its title (Burnt Offering), and the description published on History says: “Hard evidence suggests that Fred Nolan’s theory that a ship was buried in the swamp centuries ago, may be true.” As it can be concluded from the description in the new episode, the viewers will see that new and significant evidence has emerged, and that Fred Nolan might have been right. Also, if the theory is accurate, it will significantly influence the course of events in the future. In other words, the investigation will perhaps turn into that direction.

A new discovery of the lot 16

As it can be seen from the preview of the episode, the lot 16 was apparently discovered via metal detector. They found two coins, from the years 1673 and 1694, which are believed to be English, because they have the face of King Charles II as well as the word Carolus (Charles in Latin).

Also, the team believes that they found something which could tell us a lot about the history of the Oak Island. It seems that there was some French activity even before the discovery of the Money Pit. So, it could be possible that, centuries ago, the pirates were interested in the island.

The upcoming episode of The Curse of Oak Island, which will premiere on February 25th at 9 p.m. on History, will reveal many fascinating details and how the investigation is going so far.

The Curse Of Oak Island Season 7 Episode 13 – What are the New Scientific Evidence that the Crew Have Found

Some episodes in our favorite TV show The Curse of Oak Island have some breakthroughs and others don’t. But Episode 13 of Season 7 was very interesting because the crew has found some very convincing evidence that has been lying on this enigmatic island.

We know that the team had some hard times considering the hurricane Dorian that struck the island, but they’ve managed to get overcome that and now they are again where they need to be, trying to find the infamous Money Pit.

The latest episode ‘Bromancing The Stones’ the team unearthed the swamp trying to find the mythical 90 feet stone, that’s supposedly located at the Dartmouth Heritage Museum.

Another interesting moment was when Rick Lagina went to Louisberg, Nova Scotia to visit the fortress from 1713. This fortress was built by the French and Rick learned more about it, about Duc D’Anville who was allegedly involved in the creation of the Money Pit. When visiting the fortress they’ve tried to see the resemblance to the tunnels they’ve found on Oak Island.

Previously the team came to the conclusion that the swamp was man-made, so they’ve tried to unearth the rocks around the swamp. The team believes they are very close to the Money Pit, but it isn’t certain because they’ve believed that many times in the past.

The most interesting part of the episode was when an ancient tool was found by Gary Drayton. Some scientific evidence concerning Money Pit has come to the surface and now the team needs to calculate where the Money Pit is exactly located and how deep the pit is buried.

Many puzzles and secrets are hiding at the Oak Island and the Lagina brothers are trying to discover them all and decrypt them. Along with the team, we can enjoy their adventures on the road to finding the infamous treasure.

You can watch new episodes of The Curse Of Oak Island every Tuesday on History Channel at 9 pm.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 7 Episode 13 Release Date

If you are a fan of Rick and Marty Lagina in TV series The Curse of Oak Island, then you are surely interested in what will happen next. In episode 13 of the seventh season, they will continue to look for the Money Pit. Season 7’s episode 13 is set to premiere on the 11th of February on History Channel.

It seems like they have found some new evidence about French being on Oak Island before the discovery of the Money Pit. Also, in the upcoming episode, they are going to try to get to the swamp and drain it after the flood caused by hurricane Dorian.

The name of the latest episode is Bromancing the Stones. In this episode, you will see the Discovery of Gary, who has found some antique accessories for tunneling in the mud, and that there might be evidence of the location of Money Pit.

Furthermore, Rick and Marty have found some old machinery in the swamp, and they think about how it could lead them to the Money Pit. Also, as some experts are saying, there is no way for some formation of rocks in the bottom of the swamp, to have their shape without human assistance. All of the clues are leading to the point that the whole swamp was created by humans.

Nonetheless, Rick went to Louisburg in Canada to see a French castle from the year 1713, which represents the biggest reconstructed famous monument in North America. The name of that castle is Duc d`Anville, and it looks like there is some connection with the structure of tunnels beneath it and the tunnels in the Oak Island.

Besides, in episode 7 of season 13, you will see the latest discovery of Gary Drayton. The mechanics for tunneling, and a spike for ships. It is determined that these objects were made somewhere between the 18th and 19th centuries.


Also, in the latest episode, Gary, Marty, and Dave have found some evidence of a pirate ship, which made them call an archeologist Laird Niven to make a further study. The archeologist said that the spike looks like it was from a dock, rather than a shipwreck. The main question is, why did they need a dock, and was its purpose for loading off the treasure, and burring it in the Money Pit?

The Curse of Oak Island Season 7 Episode 10 – Synopsis Has Been Revealed

The brand new episode 10 of The Curse of Oak Island, that has yet to be aired is titled ‘Gary Strikes Again’. Gary uncovered something very interesting and the whole team is more than excited about the discovery.

If you’ve seen the previous episode or previous episodes, you know that the Lagina brothers and the team are digging a lot. And that’s not going to change in this new episode, they are going to continue digging even more. We don’t want to spoil the fun, but they didn’t find the treasure yet, so there won’t be a big reveal in the new episode. Still, they have found some clues that will possibly guide them to the treasure.

In the previous episode of this season, we saw that it seems like the team is close to the infamous Money Pit. They’ve discovered Shaft 2 and said that they believe that the Money Pit is very close, approximately 14 feet away from them. And another thing that was discovered in episode 9 of Season 7 is that the swamp is actually man-made, so the treasure can be hidden.

The synopsis of the new episode 10 titled ‘Gary Strikes Again’ says that excitement abounds when Gary uncovers what could be a friend of the cross.

There is no doubt that this new episode of The Curse of Oak Island Season 7 is going to be exciting. The Lagina brothers alongside their team are going to try and find the 14-foot tunnel that will lead them to the Money Pit. In the official preview of the new episode, a bit is revealed and you can hear that someone is shouting that they’ve found the tunnel leading off from Shaft 2.

Also, the title of the next episode, episode 11 of Season 7 is revealed and it’s called ‘The Eye of the Storm’ and it seems that it’s going to be something completely different than the previous few episodes. There will be some natural disaster and there’s a possibility of the team’s hard work being erased. The synopsis says that with a dangerous hurricane approaching the team is scrambling to find evidence of what might be buried beneath the swamp before the storm can wipe out their efforts.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 7 Episode 10 that is titled ‘Gary Strikes Again’, will air on Tuesday, January 21, 2020, on History Channel. Don’t miss this exciting episode and a chance to follow the team’s journey before the storm.


The Curse Of Oak Island Season 7, Episode 8: What Will Happen In This New Episode

Loyal fans of the hit TV show The Curse Of Oak Island know that Season 8 of this great show is already on the run on History channel and they are impatient to finally see the hidden treasure that is somewhere at Oak Island.

Lagina brothers are trying to find the Money Pit, and they tried many things and found a lot of interesting facts and stuff along the way. Currently, they are digging a lot in hope that they are finally going to find something that will lead them to the Money Pit. But everything is on hold now and the whole story is a bit paused. The crew is finding more and more hints about the potential treasure and the whole situation is tenser than ever.

The new episode that is about the go-live after the Holidays is Episode 8, and if you want to know about the details of this episode, continue reading this article.

The previous 6 seasons were very interesting and people around the world loved them, but there were also some very disappointing scenes. There were moments when the crew thought they were just moments away from the treasure, but in fact, they were nothing close to it than they were before. But they do manage to find and dig up some rare and intimidating artifacts, like Knights Templar cross, Rhodolite Garnet brooch, iron spikes, a gold brooch, and many other valuable items.

What Happened in The Last Episode?

The previous episode was titled “Things That Go Bump” and in that episode, there were some fun and exciting moments. The crew was digging near Smith’s Cove, hoping they will reach the Money Pit, but they’ve found something else. While they were digging they discovered a new wooden structure. This wooden structure is a new lead and another step that got them closer to their final goal, the treasure.

There was a lot of digging and a lot of dirt, but the crew found a spike, while they were searching for Shaft 2. The Lagina brothers believe that this spike was used to build a boat pier. The brother also visited the Dartmouth Heritage Museum to see the 90 feet tall stone, which is at the back of the museum. They’ve had to crawl around a rhododendron bush to do it.

Another thing that they’ve discovered was a tar paper, which was used for construction in the 19th century. They believe that this was used for building the structure of Smith’s cove.

What Can We Expect in The New Episode 8?

The brand new episode that will be titled “Triptych” will again be full of digging dirt and going around a lot of mud. We can also expect for the team to find some interesting artifact again, that will hopefully lead them to the Money Pit. The official synopsis of this new episode isn’t out yet, so we will maybe see some surprises.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 7, Episode 8 “Triptych” – Release Date

The new episode of the Season 7 of The Curse of Oak Island, Episode 8 will air at the beginning of the next year. The exact date of the new episode is January 7, 2020. Before this episode fans won’t be able to watch anything that has to do with this show because there will be a two-holiday weeks’ gap. Everyone’s very much excited to find out how close the crew will get to the Money Pit this time, and will there be any sign of the treasure in the upcoming episode. So be sure to stay tuned for any updates on this phenomenal TV show, and it’s current Season 7.

Curse of Oak Island Season 7 Episode 4 – Tuesday, November 26 at 9 p.m

Season 4 of The Curse of Oak Island is out from November 5 and there have been three episodes for now. Fans are waiting for the new episode, and they can’t wait to see it.

The last episode of our favorite TV show, The Curse of Oak Island from Season 7 ended with an announcement that the Lagina Brothers are so close to discovering the flood tunnels. And if you have watched the previous seasons you know what these tunnels are. These tunnels are supposed to lead to the mysterious Money Pit.


Fans are now eager more than ever to see what the new episode will bring because the team is so close to the treasure.

The next episode will be titled ‘The Lucky Thirteen’, and this title is very promising. The synopsis that has been revealed says that the team believes that they have found the mysterious flood tunnel and that it will lead them to the Money Pit.

Gary Drayton, the metal detector expert, discovered a strange artifact and he believes that this artifact is linked to the Founding Fathers. We hope that we will learn more about this in the new 4th episode of the reality show. The artifact is a stone structure embedded in the swamp.

The brothers also got proof that the swamp is very young and probably man-made. The experts thought that a ship lies beneath the swamp, but now that’s changed. It is believed that the swamp is from the 14th century, and what they’ve found in Season 6 was not a ship.

There are going to be some interesting turns in Season 7 and be sure not to miss any new episode. ‘The Lucky Thirteen’ will air on Tuesday, November 26 on History. Prepare yourself for an adventure.

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