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How to Play Call of Duty: Mobile on PC

Call of Duty: Mobile, a step forward!

Humans have always been in search of something special that relieves them from the effects of the hectic life. Although there are different ways adopted by people for relaxation, here I want to enlighten the biggest leisure time activity of the young generation and that is playing games. Thanks to the designers who are developing these games and the platforms such as LDPlayer that are supporting them.

Side Effects of Mobile Gaming

There are two ways one can enjoy the all-new Call of Duty: Mobile. One is through the mobile app on a smartphone and the other one that is mostly preferred is through emulator like the LDPlayer. Playing on mobile app although have some advantages including a good resolution and enhanced frame rate, the disadvantages can never be ignored. The biggest one we can see is it affects mobile performance badly. It is a huge sized game and if you are not playing it on a top-notch smartphone, your smartphone will eventually start lacking in performance.

Even if you are playing it on a flagship device, your battery health is being reduced gradually due to its intense graphics and high frames per second. Playing a game continuously for hours on a few inch device not only damages your eye side but also it affects your posture badly. At first glance, this mobile game is very appealing but in the long run, it is deadly for your health as well as the device.

LDPlayer Emulator, Revolutionizing Gaming!

Indeed, there is a need to ponder upon a solution to this. Thanks to the emulators specifically – LDPlayer that has solved this problem for us. We can enjoy this wonderful Call of Duty: Mobile on a computer or a laptop using an LDPlayer. Not only you are saving your precious health by playing it on a laptop or PC but also you are preventing a shorter life and less optimized performance of your smartphone.

Even if we look at the quality of the game on the emulator, it is really difficult to witness a noticeable difference in the game performance and quality as compared to mobile. The difference in resolutions and graphics is just easily neglected due to their minor effects. It is undoubtedly a great relief to play the game with the same experience on a bigger and better screen size than on a few inches screen with major effects.

The Humble Beginnings!

Having already witnessed the pros of playing this game on an emulator such as LDPlayer, the next question that arises in mind is How to Play Call of Duty: Mobile on PC with Keyboard and Mouse Controls? You don’t have to think about it for a single minute as LDPlayer has already made it very simple and quick. Just follow the simple steps given below and get the game on your PC.

1 – Download LDPlayer from the official website.

2 – After it is downloaded, open the setup and install it on your PC following some simple steps. It may hardly take a few minutes.

3 – Search Call of Duty: Mobile on the built-in LD Store or Google Play Store.

4 – Download the game through LD Store or Google Play Store. This step might take some time.

5 – As soon as the installation finishes, you are all ready to enjoy this amazing game on your PC.

The First Impression

You are set to witness some of the best resolutions of Call of Duty: Mobile on the LDPlayer simulator. Once this game launches you will be asked to sign in your account. If you have one of the accounts mentioned there with you, just enter the credentials and you will be taken to the lobby. If you are not having an account to sign in, you should click on create an account and follow the steps. It won’t take more than a few minutes to set up an account from scratch. After creating an account, you will also land in the lobby where you have the same interface in front of you that is present on mobile. You can see different tabs, game modes, load-outs, invite friends tab and settings. This is the place where you invite your friends to join you for this amazing game match.

As soon as you have completed your team or you want to play alone click on the Start tab placed in the lobby. Soon after you will witness that matchmaking has been started and players from around the world join in to complete the required strength, you arrive in the match. Here the adventure starts. You have to apply your extraordinary attacking and defense skills to reach to the end and win the game. You have every minor thing under your control. Your skills are going to determine how far you reach in the match.

How to play COD: Mobile?

The question How to Play Call of Duty: Mobile on PC with Keyboard and Mouse Controls? It is very interesting and generic. As far as your keyboard and mouse controls are concerned, you can easily customize each control according to your ease and prior experience. For instance, if you prefer to walk through arrows or if you navigate in the map using alphabetic keys you can adjust it accordingly. Similarly, the mouse controls and sensitivity are also adjustable. For all these controls, you need to click on the settings icon in the lobby or during the match you can use escape key. Hence everything is under your control.

Why LDPlayer?

LDPlayer has served as a prominent player for gaming. You can enjoy every mobile game on your computer using this emulator. It is crucial to discuss what makes LDPlayer a top performer in the Android emulator industry. From key mapping to multi-instance feature, key mapping, the fastest performance, and extra High Definition graphics, all these aspects make LDPlayer is a supreme choice among the gamers.

I hope I would have addressed the basic theme of this topic How to Play Call of Duty: Mobile on PC. Happy Gaming Season!

The freemium model leaves many people looking for cheats – but there’s an alternative

Mobile gaming is a rapidly growing industry, and there’s no sign of the growth slowing down anytime soon. The mobile gaming industry reached revenue of almost $135 billion in 2018. This means that mobile gaming now makes up almost 50% of total revenue in the gaming industry. This is a dramatic shift in only a few short years.

Since most mobile games monetize their games through the use of the freemium monetization model, there’s a large segment of gamers that feel a lot of mobile games are rather pay to win.

The reason they feel this way is because in many freemium titles players can get huge advantages by pulling out their wallet. This means that the playing field is completely uneven between players who are able to shell out hundreds of dollars on in-app purchases and those who don’t.

As a result of this, these people have started looking for ways to bypass the in-app purchases in order to keep up with people who have more money to spend on the games they play.

Oftentimes, the way they attempt to do so is by looking for cheats or hacks for their favorite game. However, these people usually end up on websites that do not have their best interest at heart.

The websites that they often find when looking for cheats offer so-called generators or hacks. The sites claim that they can give the user an unlimited amount of resources with the click of a button. Of course, this is very tempting for people who are looking for ways to obtain free resources in their favorite mobile games.

However, as showcased by most of these hacks and cheats do not work at all. They’re merely a ploy by the administrators of the sites to obtain revenue through advertisements. TapTapGaming tests these websites out to reveal the truth regarding hacks for mobile games.

Take for example their post on Golf Clash Cheats. In it, they reveal that the sites that offer cheats for Golf Clash will not really give the end user the gems and coins that they’re looking for. In addition, they offer their readers a legitimate method of obtaining the coins and gems that they’re after.

They’ve written many posts revealing the truth about hacks for over 75 mobile games. This number seems to grow rapidly.

The rise of websites like this is a welcome development in a space that desperately needs it. It tackles both sides of the problem. It tells people who are looking for cheats the truth about websites that offer hacks. In addition, it offers gamers a legal alternative that they can use to obtain the free resources that they’re looking for.