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Can you Play Pokemon Go on PC 2020?

These days a mobile game called Pokémon Go is becoming very popular. The popularity of this game app shows that it has overtaken other players in just a short time. Actually, in this game, you have to catch the Pokémon moving in the real world. It has many levels, which is a very fun experience to cross.

When you go out for a walk in the real world, you will get an idea of ​​the direction according to the GPS on the mobile, the more Pokémon you collect, the further you play. You will also get an egg while collecting Pokémon, which you will also be able to train for battle after creating them. You can get to know more about it at

However, acquiring Pokémon is not that easy, because you are not playing this game alone. The other user who will be at your location and was also told the direction where you were told, then you will have to try to get them.

You must obtain Pokémon by fighting the opposing party on your device. If you win that battle then Pokémon is yours. After so much interesting information, you must have also started thinking about playing this interesting game by downloading it on your pc. So are you ready to get complete information about this fun game? We will show you what is unique about this game and how you can play it on your pc.

Nintendo and Nintendo Labs have created a new smartphone game Pokémon Go. According to data released by Digital Vision, this game was installed by 5.16 percent of Android users in the US just two days after its app launch, however, to date people struggle to play this game on their pc. The demand for this game is so high that its servers have crashed many times.

After installing the app, people have become very keen to catch the local Pokémon. From kids to grown-ups, this game app has become crazy. The number of users of this game is constantly increasing. It is also speculated that this will break the record of Twitter users in a short time.

Playing this game on a laptop or PC is quite easy. It just needs the appropriate way.  There are various techniques that you can apply in order to play Pokemon Go.  You probably need to calculate which method would suit you best.

However, let us look into all the methods by which you can play.

1. Playing ROMs on the Internet

This is the easiest way of playing this game as you do not need an emulator.

You simply need to go to the site which is free to download and it offers both emulators and ROM which is needed to play Pokemon Go.

You simply need to go to the top corner, type Pokémon Go, select your favorite game, and tap on it.  After that, tap on the “Play ROM online” alternative and the game gets started in no time!

This game can be played in the full-screen medium as well. You can even download your gameplay on your PC.

2. Use a GameBoy color emulator
  • First and foremost, what you need to do is, go to emulator games.
  • Select the option of BGB 1.5.3 (Windows).
  • After that, click the option for downloading the emulator.
  • Next, open the BGB zip file that you have downloaded and taken it out using WinRAR, 7-zip softwares or WinZip.
  • Finally, extract that file too in the desired place where you would want the emulator to be downloaded.
  • Make sure all the data stays in one single folder.
  • Next, download the option, “Pokémon ROM” from this popup.
  • Type on it and you will see Pokémon titles popping up for the Gameboy Color
  • Finally, download the zip file and draw it out.
  • Click the application called bgb.exe in order to function the emulator window.
  • Right-click on the displaying emulator window and click on the option called ROM.
  • Choose the ROM that you have downloaded and finally run it in your BGB emulator.

There you go! All set to play.

How to play this game?

The player creates his avatar upon logging in for the first time in the app. The player can choose his avatar from the given options. After the avatar is created, the player’s current location starts appearing with the map. Many places on the map are named Poki such as Pokéstops or Pokémon Gym. When you travel in the real world, Avatar will also follow you according to the game’s map. When the player and Pokémon encounter, you have to hold your camera in that direction and catch them.

The more Pokémon you have, the more levels you will pass. This game is a GPS-based mobile game played in Go Free. The game allows players to capture, fight, and train real Pokémon that appear in real life. Even though the game is free to play, it supports in-app purchases. Pokémon Go Plus will also be released sometime which will be available for Bluetooth support devices.

Tips to play it on an emulator


If you are playing on a Nintendo console and using an emulator, you can save your game progress. The emulator may not be able to play the ROM file using the resolution of your computer screen. The emulator will modify the size by configuring the standard resolution of the window console. This means that you may have to play the game on a small screen. If you maximize it, the graphics pixelate. Your computer keyboard will act as the control of the console. Depending on the type of emulator you download, the keys you use on the keyboard to play may vary.

In the words of Aaron Loeb, the online world big name and president of Worldwide Studios, “It’s the most viral thing ever. Nothing is more viral than this game.” The biggest reason for it being popular is because it is based on the popular anime series of Pokemon. This is a new way of using technology. For playing this game you use virtual reality. We have become accustomed to the technology used in it and this technique gives it a magical form.

Steps to Successful Mobile Game App Development

The market for mobile games has a lot of potential. However, mobile game development is no walk in the park. While successful games like Angry Birds, Candy Crush and Clash of Clans among others have spurred developers to step into this games development foray, most games, however, do not become profitable. However, that does not mean you cannot try your luck. To help you try and beat the odds, we have compiled the essential steps you need to take to successfully develop a great mobile game. These are simple to follow and designed with the major reasons for mobile game failures in mind. According to research, most mobile games fail because they lack creativity and innovation; they have no engaging features; they fail to use interesting monetization tactics and user acquisition techniques and finally, employ complicated gameplay. Below are steps and tips to follow to avoid falling victim to these mistakes.

Work on Your Idea

In the world of mobile game development, having game development skills without an idea is a recipe for failure. Ideation is the most crucial and most complex stage in the creation of a successful mobile game. To do this, game app developers need to think of something that is engaging and innovative. You can also improvise existing ideas such as in the case of Candy Crush.

Excellent Story Telling Technique


For a game to be successful, you need to give tour players a purpose or a goal for them to play and finish the game. Fortunately, unlike in creating an idea, telling your story is not hard and the formula involves identifying the hero and villain, their strengths and weaknesses, why they are at loggerheads and how the hero can become victorious. This will make your players intrigued and invested in playing your game.

Engage the Players

You would not play a boring game now, would you? Another step into the mobile game development success is to make your game easy, fun to play, addictive and with a lot of unlockable content. This targets user acquisition and retention.

A Great Platform

Finally, once you have your idea, story and way to engage and retain users, the next step is to identify the platforms your game will be based on. At this point in time, you probably have to choose between Android and iOS or even go for a hybrid model. This depends on your target market and where the most profitable players lie.

Design, Monetization, and Technology


This part is important as it involves the characters, appearance, and story. It can be flat, comic style or 3D but ensure the design weight is kept to a minimum without compromising on user experience. Then create a monetization strategy, whether in-app purchases, premium versions, or ads. Finally, choose between native, HTML5 and hybrid development processed as your main design tools. Once you have gone through these steps, you can then engage appropriate, experienced developers to work with in making your idea a successful mobile game.