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AI and the Next Big App

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its growing impact on businesses and individuals alike have become a major talking point across not only the tech sector, but also in healthcare, finance, and the service industries.  From virtual assistants such as Alexa and Siri, to chatbots being employed by the world’s biggest banks to improve both efficiencies as… Keep Reading


Ways On-demand Economy is Uplifting Retail Business

From getting instant access to video streaming on Amazon Prime and Netflix to enjoying immediate cab booking services, every second thing is becoming available on-demand. People are enjoying this opportunity to get whatever they want and whenever they want. They are ditching the brands that are still following the traditional processes for those entering into… Keep Reading


How to build your Own Real-Time Chat App like WhatsApp?

Communication can come in many forms. From talking over the phone to the letter by snail-mail, humans are finding different ways to communicate. In recent years, there have been technological innovations that have changed the communication game and significantly increased the pace of human communications. All over the world, people are looking for convenient and… Keep Reading


Top 5 Ways You Can Generate Money From Your Mobile App

While building a new app can be fun, it can also be an excellent business opportunity. Regardless of whether you build apps full time or just part time on the side, you can potentially earn a lot of money from each one you create. In fact, there are multiple means from which you will be… Keep Reading

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