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5 Steps Before Creating Startup of Food Ordering Mobile App

It is hard to find a person who hasn’t ordered food online at least once. The food delivery business is thriving, even though other industries barely survive. More and more people choose to stay at home and enjoy their favorite meal instead of eating out.

This trend has fuelled the interest of entrepreneurs toward the development of food ordering mobile apps. In case you are also in search of a trusted developer, check this link — This will help you make an informed decision. However, before you rush to discuss your future mobile app, there is a list of preparation steps to consider.

How to make your future food ordering mobile application startup a success?

Explore the upcoming industry trends

To succeed as a startup, you need to be ahead of competitors. While they may focus on recent trends, you should try to predict the upcoming ones based on the data you possess at the moment. The most recent innovations are social media ordering and chatbots. It’s not a secret that many people spend a lot of time on their social media, and putting it to your advantage is a practical solution. Besides, telling a virtual assistant what to order for dinner and letting the bot do the rest is utterly time-saving and convenient. Food ordering giants like Domino’s Pizza and Grubhub have started this trend, and the customers seem to enjoy the innovation. Thus, their apps are twice as successful and profitable.

Decide upon the food delivery model

Chances are that you have rarely thought that there are particular delivery models. But they do exist, and what’s more important, they matter greatly. There are three main models to choose from:

  1. Order only
  2. Order+Delivery
  3. Integrated model

The first model is a good fit for startups. The order-only model allows clients to place orders through an app while the delivery is the restaurant’s responsibility. However, the competition here is fierce, while the income is considerably lower than with other models.

The order-and-delivery model speaks for itself. Even though it is also a widespread approach, it is considered more profitable when compared to the first one. Yet, it also requires significant startup capital. The primary profit here is generated via delivery fees and additional commissions.

The integrated option is a balanced version of both — order-only and order-and-delivery models. The only downside is that it is usually limited to only one food venue, so the menu is limited too. To put it simply, restaurants that accept food orders and provide delivery are using the integrated business model.

Define your audience

It may seem like an unimportant factor, but in fact, it’s a success-determining one. Why create a fancy multifunctional application if no one is going to use it? The better you know your targeted audience, the easier it will be to build a helpful app and make it profitable. The approach is a time-consuming one since you need to collect the following information:

  • What type of food is preferred in the area?
  • What is the age group you are aiming at?
  • What are the potential issues people face while ordering online?
  • What is your USP (unique selling proposition), and how can you improve it?

When you find clear answers to these questions, you will be able to successfully define your potential customers along with the features needed for your app.

Point out the primary features of the future app

It’s essential to remember that the fancier is not always the better. A food ordering application should be user-friendly and simple to use even for those who have no prior ordering experience. Still, the app should function well. So, regular maintenance and updates are to be added to the list.

Below are the primary features every food app should offer:

  • Sign-up feature. The more intuitive and less time-consuming the registration is, the better. Only necessary information should be requested. The easiest way to simplify the registration process is to let a customer use a social media login
  • Find-the-restaurant feature. Enable GPS so that users could find the closest local restaurants with their menus on offer. Additional features such as the type of cuisine, price range, discounts, and bonuses are optional.
  • Cart feature. The client should be able to add dishes to the cart. Also, let them delete the option in case they change their mind.
  • Food-tracking feature. It usually takes ages for the delivery to arrive. To ease the hungry client’s pain, it is a good idea to add a delivery tracking option in real-time.
  • Secure payment option. There’s no food delivery without accepted payment, right? While developing your food ordering app, it’s essential to integrate the most popular and secure payment options.

Choosing the app development company

The number of app development services is huge. However, not all vendors that offer their services online are to be trusted. If you haven’t cooperated with a development company before, there is a fair share of research ahead. Client feedback on a particular company is where you should start. After that, you can sort the companies depending on the sphere they are the most proficient in. Do not forget to browse through their portfolios and test the applications developed by the company. Lastly, consider the budget. It’s crucial to remember that neither the cheapest nor the most expensive services are suitable for a startup. Focus on average prices and extended project support instead.

All in all, it’s safe to say that coming up with a well-developed and profitable application is not easy, no matter the sector you are aiming at. The food ordering industry is snowballing. If you are looking to launch a project able to cover the expenses and generate profit in the long run, you’d better turn to industry experts. App development companies with a flawless reputation are always ready to lend you a helping hand.

7 Things To Know Before Developing Your First Mobile App – 2020 Guide

The world of technology is a world of diversity. Technology has evolved so much that wherever we turn it offers us opportunities, today and through time backward. From the first computers, the Internet, mobile phones, and their development into smartphones, to all that smart technology for the home and the workplace. The smart lifestyle provided by smart technology is a novelty of the century. It makes life easier for us, makes us relieved, and gives us the opportunity to dedicate more time to ourselves. How? With the help of smart technology.

The most common representative of smart technology is the smartphone. The smartphone has become an integral part of everyday life. It is some kind of personal assistant who thinks of us all the time. It is thinking about the time spent sleeping, the amount of water we drank, the steps we took during the day, but also it is caring for our entertainment. Smartphones are real friends. They solve everyday problems with the help of applications that have a specific purpose. The purpose of the smartphone application is determined by the developer himself, but before that, a detailed study of the needs and opportunities in the market is needed. The difficulties that people live with should be considered to alleviate them. But on the other hand should also consider the reliefs that people already have and whether they can be made even easier. To make things easier, there are the application developers.

Developers are creatives who see opportunities in every problem. According to them, opportunities are all around us and should be used. Are you a creative developer or are you still in the process of learning to develop? Then this is the right article for you. The desire to work as an application developer is important, but it is also important to see the real possibilities of the environment, of companies as of the place you come from. According to KitelyTech, there is potential all around us, and it is up to us to locate it, to see it in our way. From that, you are supposed to create a new smartphone application. But be careful! For more success in designing apps, in the continuation of this article, we bring you the 7 most important things that you should pay attention to before creating a brand-new application:

1. Work alone or in a small group

Small work groups are always a great option when it comes to creating content, but it is not bad to work alone. Everything has a reason! Working in a small group brings storms of ideas, offers the opportunity to complete the set tasks faster, and brings success, but can often lead to disagreements and tension in the whole process. Therefore, if you prefer to work on your own, start from the very beginning, and if you need advice and opinions, contact a colleague or expert in the field and help yourself.

2. Take a closer look at the problems and opportunities

We suggest you set aside a whole day to see the possibility of a problem. Our suggestion is to spend a whole day around the streets and buildings in your place, to buy the daily press for that day, to browse all the news, to browse the social networks, the online forums. We are sure that you will find at least one problem from which a solution can emerge, and the solution is for you the opportunity to design a smart application. That application will solve the problem. Development is still a circle, isn’t it?

3. Think and create your plan to follow

Indeed, unplanned steps often bring success, but it is still better to follow some pre-planned steps. Take a few sheets of paper or open a Word document and write down your thoughts, ideas, and steps that you think are correct. Then prioritize and arrange them as you think they will help you function best in making the application. Finally, review the plan and approve it, yes for yourself! Our suggestion is to often open that plan, to check the course of activities, and to change points that are no longer attractive to you and you do not like. All plans have changed, this one will also suffer, but in the end, it will bring success! Believe me!

4. Learn more about app store terms

There are a number of platforms and operating systems for smartphones that offer the opportunity to be the developer of applications in their store. So far, the most popular is the Apple App Store, the Android Play Store (Google), and the Huawei App Store called App Gallery. Read carefully the conditions they have set, look at all the obstacles in their conditions, and think. If you see that all three stores suit you, then we suggest you make an application that will be compatible with all of them, with similar or the same capabilities, and publish it in each of them. This step will prove to your customers that everyone is equally important to you.

5. Browse application content

It is very important to keep in mind what might go as application content. If it is related to news, think of a concept on which the news will be written and published. If it is for music, think about which songs you will attach and whether it will be possible to return one song more than once. But if it is for babies, think about animations and drawings will there be lullabies. Your imagination and most importantly, so turn on the storm of ideas and devise a concept of content, and if you already know someone who has content, invite him for a chat and draw up the first cooperation agreement.

6. Think about the design and colors you will use

This is a very important moment for an application to be attractive. According to marketing, each color expresses a feeling, describes a condition, or tells us something important. That’s something you have to pay attention to. You also need to think about the design, whether it is simple or offers many options. If you have difficulty making a decision, feel free to consult a marketer or graphic designer, and gather new fresh ideas.

7. Predict the test period and the way the application will be tested

At the end when you have the final product, you need to test it and avoid any kind of mistakes. The longer you test the application the better it will be. Frequent updating of the application can often annoy users, so our advice is in this direction. And of course, do not forget to identify a group of people who will test it and report your error. Get involved in testing yourself and be self-critical, let success be an integral part of your application.

The beginnings are always difficult, especially those when you create a final product like a smartphone application, but fortunately, you do not have us. Try to follow these steps and you are ready to release your first successful application. Good luck!

5 Common Mobile App Development Mistakes to Avoid – 2020 Guide

Been thinking of a good idea for a mobile application is easy these days. The market is massive. There always be a type of customer that will be interested in a certain kind of application. But, thinking innovating something unique or thinking of an idea is not actually be hard part creating an application. The hard part is the mobile app development or finding someone that will do that part of the process for you. There are so many common mistakes that a lot of developers make when creating a mobile app.

When talking about common mistakes, there are probably thousands of them. One way or another, you will make those mistakes. But, that is not always a bad thing. The best way to learn mobile app development is if you make mistakes along the way. That is completely healthy and normal for any business. But, there are some mistakes or problems that can set you back financially and with time. Considerable setbacks that are very difficult to come from. Especially, if you are working with a tighter budget or if you have a start-up company.

To help you make this part of this entire project a little less stressful and smoother, I decided to write a 2020 guide for the most common mobile app development mistakes that you have to avoid. Make sure you read through the entire article to understand why avoiding them is so important.

Making the UI similar to a desktop program

Whenever I download applications from the PlayStore, I noticed that developers always make that same mistakes that ruins the experience for me. Obviously, this is my personal experience, but I also believe that objectively has an impact on the experience of an average user.

You are creating something that needs to be optimized as much as you can for a small device such as a tablet or phone. Everything you know about desktop UI, you can forget about that. Of course, there are some elements that are the same or very similar between these two platforms, but most of them are not.

So, if you want a smooth UX for everyone, I would suggest focusing on creating something that will be functional for phones and not for larger moderators such as computers or laptops.

Copying the website design/style/UX

Online websites are very useful but only when you are working from a laptop or a desktop. Once you open up the website from a phone or tablet, the whole experience is much worse. It is not too bad, especially the website has been optimized for phones, but it can never be good as an application.

Applications are made for users that prefer or completely rely on mobile devices. The entire point of these programs is to make the access toward certain services and products be easier for customers that try to buy from their phones.

Have you ever tried to check out on any kind of website on your smartphone? If you have then you probably know that the entire checkout experience is not exactly smooth.

However, when trying to make the user experience smoother and better by creating an application that will completely replace the website for certain devices, it is very important not to copy the websites UX, its design and style. In fact, you should aim to make it as different as possible from your webpage.

People are coming to use this app because they hope it will provide better UX. They did not download it to be greeted by that same UX and the same design.

If you are having trouble getting creative and creating an application that will be a lot more unique and different from your website, you should probably consider hiring a professional team that can help you develop an iOS, Android, or a web app as suggested by EGO Creative.

With the help of a professional team, I am sure that you will not make these common mistakes.

Long animations

Almost every developer I know loves the idea of creating animations that are satisfying to look at, smooth, and very stylish in some unique way. They believe that such a complex animation makes for a better UX. And sure, that is true. Well-designed animations make users happy.

However, there is a certain threshold that should never be overstepped. This is not my opinion or something subjective, this is entirely subjective. That threshold is about the length of animations. Sure, they are pretty, but if they are too long, they can easily become frustrating to users, especially when they are applied to mobile applications.

That is why it is so important to avoid making animation that lasts too long. Otherwise, you might actually lose a lot of your clients just because of this.

Developing only for Android or only for iOS

These days, I regularly see that developers are planning to build an application for either one or the other platforms. Not often do you see someone planning to push the release for both Android and iOS. I know it is probably less work to build apps for two different platforms, but you also have the possibility to obtain twice the number of customers.

So, if you do have a plan to release on both of these operating systems, I would suggest that you do it at the same time. You should not prefer one operating system over the other because that might have an impact on your customers. Everyone deserves the same treatment.

Too many features

Most developers want to make their own mobile application with rich with as many features as possible. But, in reality, there is no need for them. Cluttering a nap with unnecessary features will only make it slower and very unresponsive. So, keep it simple and if there is a need for such a feature in the future, you can always add it later.

As you can see, there are a lot of jumps and hoops that you need to get through during app development, but if you avoid these mistakes, I am sure that everything will go smoothly.

AI and the Next Big App

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its growing impact on businesses and individuals alike have become a major talking point across not only the tech sector, but also in healthcare, finance, and the service industries. 

From virtual assistants such as Alexa and Siri, to chatbots being employed by the world’s biggest banks to improve both efficiencies as well as service, AI is having a considerable impact on how consumers interact with the business.

The number of consumers who engage with virtual assistants is expected to exceed one billion globally this year. This should come as no surprise as AI-powered technology is within reach of nearly one-third of all North Americans. Visit to learn more about how AI is having a transformative effect on every industry from food delivery to banking and finance, through DVAs and other tech-centric consumer products.

Customer Service Automation

As advances in natural language processing continue to open up how machines and humans interact, consumers are finding it more and more difficult to distinguish between a chatbot and an actual living, breathing human customer service representative. 

Thanks to improved abilities to recognize emotional shifts through tone, chatbots are able to resolve customer issues without human intervention — often without the customer knowing they were talking to an AI-assisted application.

How to Capitalize

So how does your business harness the power of AI? With the right virtual assistant or chatbot app, of course. The right mobile app development company can help you to integrate the right AI into your virtual assistant app to maximize the overall user experience, whether that’s through creating advanced AI responses to consumer queries, tailoring product recommendations, or mobilizing user data to personalize their time on the app.

Look for a mobile app developer that 

  • Sees itself as a partner and not merely a service provider
  • Believes in a lean process, cutting task bloat to bring you a more efficient design process
  • Understands the fact that less bureaucracy means faster turnaround times

With the right developer helping you realize the vision of your app, you’ll rest assured knowing you have a strong team there every step of the way from ideation to wireframing to launch to quality assurance after the fact.

The App Store

Once you’ve designed and developed your app with the help of the right company, you’ll need to get it into the hands of users.

A great place to start is with the app’s description in the app store. It might seem obvious, but with nearly four million apps available to Android users and more than two million for Apple users, you need an enticing description at the app store if you want any chance of standing out from the crowd.

Explain the key features that make your app unique. Tell them what problem your app can solve for users, and how can it simplify their lives. Clarity about the benefits of your mobile app will encourage users to go with you over the myriad competitors out there.

If you have the next big idea for an app that harnesses the power of AI, make sure you find the right developer and understand how best to display your app on the app store. You’ll be glad you did.


Ways On-demand Economy is Uplifting Retail Business

From getting instant access to video streaming on Amazon Prime and Netflix to enjoying immediate cab booking services, every second thing is becoming available on-demand. People are enjoying this opportunity to get whatever they want and whenever they want. They are ditching the brands that are still following the traditional processes for those entering into the On-demand economy.

In such an environment, it is not enough to remain confined to how mobile apps can add value to your retail business. It is necessary for a Retail store to look into On-demand era to meet the customers’ expectations, deliver them instant gratification and gain the limelight in the marketplace.

Taking the same thought forward, we will look into different ways On-demand technology will revolutionize the Retail industry in this article. But, let’s have a quick recap of what does the term ‘On-demand Economy’ actually means.

On-demand Economy

The On-demand economy is termed as an economic activity built by the digital marketplace and tech companies to cater to the needs of customers via instant access to goods and services. Also called the ‘Access economy’, it offers a convenient method to supply goods and services to all those who are looking forward to it in the marketplace.

With this attended to, let’s dive deeper into the retail industry and see how the on-demand economy is revolutionizing the Retail sector:-

  1. Higher Sales

In the present scenario, the users either check for products online and purchase them from the nearest local store. Or they place an order online and wait for the estimated time of delivery. In both cases, the customers have to compromise with their urge of getting quality products instantly and have to go through the typical process of making a purchase.

Because of this, around 60% of the users abandon their shopping cart or get into the store with no idea if the product is available or not. This eventually results in lower conversion and lower sales.

On-demand technology, in this scenario, enables retailers to gain a higher outcome by streamlining the shopping process and make products available at the same day of shopping, which is enhancing the sales of the retail store.

  1. Better Customer Satisfaction

There was a time when customers were ready to compromise on immediacy for grabbing the best deal. But the scenario has changed. Now, they look forward to getting everything instantly and in the best quality. This blend of immediate yet effective services has emerged out as a parameter of determining the level of customer satisfaction, implying it has become crucial for retailers to hire an On-demand app development company.

  1. Lower Competition

Though On-demand is proving to be the new face of the industry, many retailers are still hesitating to invest in this economy. In such a scenario, making your retail business accessible on-demand means facing lower competition for getting the attention of a wider audience.

  1. Blend of Online and Offline Sector

Many users still prefer offline shopping over online facilities because of convenience and instant delivery. But, with the advent of On-demand feature, the online retail stores are also offering the same kind of services, implying the gap between online and offline retail business is shrinking. Now, shoppers can get the same level of convenience and services from both modes of shopping.
  1. Forecasting Future

Thanks to same day delivery option, retail businesses are able to target those customers as well who used to abandon their shopping cart. This helps them to get a clear idea of the demand for any particular product in the market which is eventually empowering them in forecasting the future. Now, they can easily determine which retail product is highly in demand and focus more on promoting that product rather than adding efforts into selling all the products and services equally. And thus, gain higher profits.

Now as you have seen the benefits of entering into On-demand economy, it is predictable that you would be looking forward to investing in the technology. So, look forward to considering these pointers when planning to embrace On-demand technology for your retail business needs:-
  1. Be an Early Bird

Considering the new buyers choice, many retailed have already entered into the On-demand mobile app economy. They have started giving same-day delivery service. And as per the market statistics, the number of retailers planning to add On-demand services into their business plan is going to cross 65% by the end of this year, which means waiting for the right time would not be a great idea.

  1. Hire a Reputed On-demand Application Development Agency

Though it is necessary to embrace On-demand technology at the earliest, it is required for all retailers to pay attention to whom they are selecting has their app partner and why. It is a must for them to look into different factor associated with the hiring process and get in touch with a recognizable agency so as to get successful outcomes.

  1. Look into Cost Factor

Last but not least, avoid being ready to pay any amount for getting an exceptional On-demand app development services. Rather, understand how the app cost differs and what factors bring an impact on the cost value, implying get an idea of the app cost so as to not fall into the claws of a fraud.

So, this was all that retailers should know about On-demand economy and reap better outcomes from its growing popularity. To know further, leave a comment below.


The Advantages Of Paying Bills Via A Mobile App


Bills. It seems like Benjamin Franklin forgot those when he said only death and taxes are inevitable. The end of the month comes and it is time to get things straight and pay off your bills. Now, nothing about the process is fun but it has to be done – and if you knew how to manage your budget effectively it shouldn’t be a problem to pay the bills immediately and get rid of further stress. Some people even decide to go for instant loans when the end of the month comes, but we recommend that you implement habit changes and long-term strategy that will allow you to save money on time and instead of forming a debt-related behavior.

Now, even if you have enough money to pay off your bills the process of writing those checks can get pretty boring and time demanding. Luckily, the technological revolution allows for a more effective bill handling as well. How, you might ask? Well, with the use of mobile payment system. Apart from the SMS and NFC Payment, numerous mobile apps have been developed with the same goal – to allow an average user to get everything settled in a matter of a few minutes.

How Does It Work

Img source:

It is as simple as connecting your debit or credit card to a mobile payment app. The Doxo bill-paying app is a great example of how a well-developed app, that is easy to use and navigate, can change what would normally be a boring routine of paying bills.

The Benefits Of A Mobile Bill Payment App

1. Well, first and foremost, it is convenient. Instead of having to go to the office and pay your bills by a credit card or cash, you will be able to do that from the comfort of your home or wherever you are currently at. In a matter of a few clicks, you will settle the bills and stay stress-free for the next 30 days.

2. Along with that, such a payment way is more secure than a traditional way for a few reasons. First and foremost, there is no risk of losing cash and credit card while you are on your way to the office. On the other hand, the app itself is very well encrypted and secured which means that the risk of a hacker entering the program code and stealing your personal information I of close to none. Why? Because instead of a real number of your credit card, the app gives you a random token, so even if a hacker manages to break through the system chances are he will not find anything other than useless information.

Img source:

3. Not to forget, using a mobile bill payment app is probably the fastest way to get done with an inevitable task such as bill paying. It will take no more than a few minutes for you to type in the password, relevant amount and recipient and send out the payment. Compare that to at least a few hours that you would spend doing it the traditional way.

4. And last but not least, one of the biggest benefits of such an app is that you can pay at any given moment. What does this mean? Well you aren’t limited by the work hours of a certain office – instead even if it is 1 AM and you finally managed to settle down and check out the bills, you will still be able to get it done; on the other hand, if you were paying the bills the traditional way, you would have to wait for the next day and an open office.


You are tired and stressed about the upcoming bill statement – we get you; no one enjoys the process of paying bills, and going through all the unnecessary formalities. And that is why a mobile bill paying app is there to save the day – in a matter of a few minutes you will clear of everything and get moving on!

How to build your Own Real-Time Chat App like WhatsApp?

Communication can come in many forms. From talking over the phone to the letter by snail-mail, humans are finding different ways to communicate. In recent years, there have been technological innovations that have changed the communication game and significantly increased the pace of human communications.

All over the world, people are looking for convenient and real-time channels they can use to send messages to other people, no matter where those people are located in the world. Reports say that an average smartphone user sends at least five text messages a day. Additionally, most of these messages are sent from chat applications like WhatsApp and Messenger.

Chat apps are soaring in popularity. Because of their popularity, these apps are increasing worldwide communication and are bringing in a large amount of revenue for the developer.

Despite the fact that the industry is controlled by big players like WhatsApp, Messenger, and Viber, there are still opportunities to take advantage of the chat app market. While it is a great idea to create an app similar to WhatsApp, using the right technology might be all you need to set the ball rolling.

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Chat Apps have Fierce Competition

It is worth noting that chat apps are not easy to come by. It takes resilience to stay put in the market. WhatsApp had started off on a good note. Facebook was also able to realize the considerable acceptance of WhatsApp and saw this as a threat to its chat app, Messenger.

This was why Facebook decided to make an offer to the developer. Later on, WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook for USD 22 billion. So, it takes every bit of effort possible to make a chat app popular. WhatsApp’s developer became a billionaire a few years after launching his app.

You can achieve even more than the developer of WhatsApp if you take your time and follow the steps of creating a creative, sustainable chat app. In spite of the fierce competition and established brands such as Messenger and WhatsApp, knowledge of specific technologies is enough for a keen app developer to beat the records set by previous chat apps. First of all, you need to hire the right app development team which can help you convert your app idea into reality. You can check this blog post which has covered the important points to consider before developing an app. Let’s get started with the important things to consider before developing an app like Whatsapp:

Master the Basics

Before you set on the journey of developing an app like WhatsApp, it is important to master the features users would like to see. WhatsApp stepped up the game with file sharing and end-to-end encryption. Apart from this, there are other features that should be integrated into your chat app.

User Interface – Users won’t like to go through stressful processes when exchanging messages. The user interface (UI) should be kept as simple as possible. A good UI gives rise to amazing user experience (UX) which will keep your chat app a cut above the rest.

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Data Storage – Believe it or not, chat apps are not just tools for communication. WhatsApp proved that these apps could also serve as storage devices. Before setting about the task of building a chat app, set up a backend architecture that will contain users’ data. If you can lay your hands on file storage service like Amazon S3, that would be a great way to start.

Push Notifications – Chat app users always want to know when a message drops into their inbox. A push notification feature will do your chat app a whole lot of good and will also increase the chances of its integration into the everyday lives of users.

Security – Despite being a faster way to communicate, chat apps are like “secret boxes”. So security features must be a priority. Integrating end-to-end encryption, which keeps away messages from third-party affiliations, should be the first step in creating a secure app experience.

Quick Search – It is a great task surfing chats to locate a particular message. WhatsApp reinvented chat apps with a search feature. With the right keyword, messages can be found in real-time. This should be a must-have feature when building a real-time chat app.

Technical Stacks – What Happens under the Hood of Chat Apps

Popular chat apps like WhatsApp and Messenger have underlying architecture. Building a chat app requires specific technologies which will cover major features like database and storage.

For instance, WhatsApp uses the Mnesia database and the XMPP protocol. In addition, it was written with the Erlang programming language and has Ejabbered as a server. On the other hand, Viber uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) as its server.

Before setting about the development of a chat app, specific frameworks must be put together. This not only improves the app but also makes user experience worth the time. So, do some research, speak with fellow developers, and find the best combination of technology stacks for your chat app.

Img source:

Contus Fly has Amazing Architecture

An average amateur developer believes app development is a tedious task. Writing codes are distasteful to such developer. What they want is a tailored solution to build a chap app. So, with ease in mind, Contus Fly has the best of technologies that make chat app development less stressful. Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and begin building a chat app like WhatsApp? Great! Thankfully, Contus Fly got you covered.

Contus Fly has architectures which allow you to develop chat apps similar to WhatsApp. It has become the latest solution to build a chat app like WhatsApp. Here are some features offered with Contus Fly as the app architect:

Amazon hosts the Web – Chat apps built with Contus Fly are free from hosting limitations. The ever-efficient Amazon Web Service (AWS) takes control of the hosting operations.

Optimum Security –The platform (Contus Fly) has different security features which provide rock-solid security of users’ data. In the light of this, the end-to-end encryption, HMAC, and AES security options are some of the security features you can find on Contus Fly.

Interface – The BEAM interface supports multi-core messaging. It also handles memory management. The interface is managed by the Erlang-powered virtual machine.

Voice and Video Calls – Contus Fly use the built-in WebRTC signaling for iOS and Android chat apps. The feature makes cross-platform voice and video calls possible.

Img source:

Text Translator – With Contus Fly, you’re on the way to building a cross-border language chat app. Contus Fly architecture supports multilingual text translator. Users can utilize this in translating hundreds of languages into their native language.

Multiple Chat Channels – The architecture also allows for the creation of multiple chat channels. There are supports for broadcast messaging, group messages, and one-to-one conversations.

Protocols and Programming Language – Contus Fly Laravel, Ejabbered, and strophe.js protocols increase the performance of chat apps built with the Contus Fly architecture. Erlang is the main programming language and PHP makes navigation with Android and iOS devices possible.

Wrapping Up

Building a chat app is completely possible with the right tools. With a platform like Contus Fly, the process gets easier. Contus Fly has impressive features that a developer can use to create chat apps which can beat the set by WhatsApp. While it’s true that app development is an investment of time and money, that doesn’t mean you should skip the opportunity to become the developer of the next successful chat app. Your app has the potential to become as big, if not bigger, than WhatsApp. Take your time, be thorough in your app’s development, and watch it grow with every user download!


Top 5 Ways You Can Generate Money From Your Mobile App

While building a new app can be fun, it can also be an excellent business opportunity. Regardless of whether you build apps full time or just part time on the side, you can potentially earn a lot of money from each one you create.

In fact, there are multiple means from which you will be able to earn money from your app, and each are fairly simple to do.Here are the top five ways that you can easily generate money from your mobile app:

1 – Advertising

One of the simplest ways to make money from your app is to create in-app advertising.

How this system works is you will basically allow advertisers to display ads on your app, and then you can earn money each time an ad gets a click or an impression. This goes for both banner ads and video advertisements.

Now granted, you’re not going to earn very much money per click (only a few cents, most likely), but the idea is that if you have lots of people using your app and clicking the advertisements, it will add up quickly.

One thing to take note of, however, is that for users ads can undoubtedly be annoying and ruin the experience of using the app. This is why some app designers will offer a paid upgrade to an advertisement free version of the app (more on this later).

2 – Pay To Use The App

Here’s an even simpler option: charge your customers to download the app. A price point of $0.99 to $2.99 to $4.99 should be very reasonable.

That being said, if you are going to charge users up front to download the app, then any additions and updates need to be free. Otherwise, people are going to feel very ripped off.

As a result, this means that you can’t really create a repeat revenue system from your existing customer base. In other words, charging users to buy and download your app up front is not always the best system.

3 – Charge For Upgrades

If you decide to make your app free, you can still make money from it by charging people for upgrades. The idea is that they will be more likely to download your app if it’s free, and if they enjoy using the app, they’ll be more likely to buy things from it later.

As Buildfire states very clearly, “charging just to download your app will turn people away.” Yes,  it may mean that people will be more likely to use your app if they buy it (who would buy an app and then not use it, but you’ll still have a much smaller customer base and as was discussed previously, you will also have little to no opportunity for repeat revenue.

4 – Subscription Service

The subscription service option can also work, but only depending on your app’s model. Your app really needs to deliver on value if people are going to pay money to use it each month.

If you do go with the subscription option, it is absolutely imperative that you give people a free trial period of around one to two weeks. Once this period is up, the user will be blocked unless if they buy the subscription.

5 – Get A Sponsor

This is easily the least simple option for generating revenue with your app, but getting a sponsor is another way to make money.

What you will need to do is to seek out a sponsor in the same target market as you (a local business, such as a local restaurant, is an example of a sponsor you could seek out). You can even then adapt the design of your app to the brand of the sponsor, or you can take things further and build a niche app for the customized users of the sponsor, and then launch the app on their behalf.

To earn money, you can either split revenue with the sponsor, or you can charge them a monthly fee. Either way, the best thing about the sponsorship method is it will be a win-win situation for both parties.

Generating Money From Your Mobile App

All in all, these are the top five easiest ways to generate money from your app. By using several of these money earning strategies, if not all of them, you will be able to maximize revenue and profit.