Daughter of Dwayne Johnson, Becomes the Youngest Person Ever to Sign with WWE!

Everybody knows Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson by his roles in movies such as The Tooth Fairy. His career in the entertainment business is truly successful. Furthermore, even the younger audience is familiar with him, because Dwayne borrowed his voice to a god in Moana. However, not many people know that he started off as a wrestler. Well, now his daughter Simone (18) is taking after her father’s steps, and she signed with the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). On the top of that, Simone is the youngest person in history who signed with WWE.

Simone might be familiar to you from the 2018 Golden Globes. She was the first “Golden Globes Ambassador”. This position requires onstage assistance Globe winners and making sure that everything is fine both onstage and backstage. Well, the days of assistance are over for Simone!

The proud dad made the announcement during his interview with Jimmy Fallon on Friday. He said that his daughter has been in the ring since she was 16 years old. He also stated how proud he is of her achievements so far: “She’s 18 now, at 16 she was working her ass off quietly under the radar, in the ring getting thrown around, you know, all the bumps and bruises that go with pro wrestling. But she hung in there, and I’m very, very proud of her.”

Dwayne is not the only one who is proud with this event. Levesque stated that “Not only does Simone now have an opportunity to cultivate and display her passion for WWE within the Performance Center, but she’ll carry on the tradition of her incredible family lineage while creating her own impact as WWE’s first fourth generation Superstar”. WEE announced that Simone is a part of their team on February 10th. The young wrestler is training at the Performance Center in Florida.

Dwayne Johnson reached out to a girl with Down’s Syndrome

Hollywood actor Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) has sent an empowering message to the little girl with Down’s Syndrome, and we are really touched.

Besides being known for his action movie roles, the star also contributed to many children’s movies, such as Moana, in which he voiced Maui.

Jason Kneen is a father of five living in Wiltshire in the UK, who starting posting pictures of his daughter Rosie who has Down’s Syndrome on Twitter, not expecting it to go viral.

He posted a beautiful picture of her smiling with the caption “My child has Down’s Syndrome, what can I expect? This. 100 percent this.” After some time he posted another picture of her wearing a towel, and both pictures gained huge popularity, precisely over 88.000 likes.

Kneen also wrote about Rosie’s love for Moana and the difficulties that he had when he found out the life of his child had already been previously planned.

Rosie also had a difficult life, she suffered bronchitis badly in 2015 and spent a lot of time in the hospital, after which she also suffered pneumonia.

Kneen posted pictures of them watching Moana and added how watching this is like oxygen for her, since she wants to watch it every single day. He also thanked Johnson for teaching him all the songs.

After his tweets went viral, Dwayne himself sent a very emotional response.

“Look at this lovely cookie. Stay strong Rosie! Uncle Maui loves ya. What caaaan I say except you’re welcome”, he wrote.

Kneen said that this meant a lot to their family, and a lot of people supported them and thanked him for sharing his story.
Kneen described his life as difficult and unpredictable as everyone’s is. But he says it’s all worth it when Rosie smiles.

5 Best Dwayne The Rock Johnson Movies (Bonus Best Scene Video)

Dwayne The Rock Johnson is the highest paid actor for, and it seems he isn’t stopping any time soon as he is able to smash every box office. This former NFL wrestler is a top star actor, with a successful career and incredible salaries for his roles. He is also a prosperous businessman and an American producer.

You can not imagine cinemas without Dwayne’s movies, he is a real show-stealer. In the article below you can read about his top 5 films.

5. The Mummy Returns (2001)

The Mummy Returns is not Dwayne Johnson’s best movie, of course, but it is one of the most famous. This is the reason why this title is on this list. Johnson’s Scorpion King is the film with the worst special effects in recent history, and you need to look very carefully to recognize The Rock in the movie in a few scenes. Computer-generated image of Dwayne is ridiculous; like someone took his picture from some PlayStation 2 game.

4. The Other Guys (2010)

This is a classic cop movie with loyal partners, Dwayne Johnson and Samuel L. Jackson. They represent an awesome cop duo that solves crimes catching toughest criminals, and it seems that nothing can stop them. This two New York’s detectives want to show off in the brightest way but like in every other cop movie things don’t go as they planned at the beginning. Their position is later on taken by Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg.

3. Moana (2016)

Moana is animated children musical, and Johnson plays Maui, the Polynesian half-god. Maui, is a brash and arrogant character who pulled the islands from the Pacific Ocean. Because of his Polynesian heritage, this was the perfect role for The Rock. In this adventure animation, a beautiful Polynesian girl seeks out Maui and asks him for help.

2. Get Smart (2008)

This comedy action is a remake of the film from 1965 and tells us a story about secret agents. Dwayne Johnson is playing a handsome, cool, model, secret agent named Agent 23. With Steve Carell, a clumsy analyst who is promoted to a field agent, and that is the time “party” started. In the main female role as Agent 99 is Anne Hathaway.

1. Fast & Furious 6 (2013)


The fans and critics were excited when Fast & Furious 6 released and Dwayne Johnson returned in Hobbs role. Six sequel follow-up Fast Five and the plot is very interesting because Hobbs is forced to call upon Dom to help him with a criminal gang led by former British Special Air Service Officer Owen Shaw.