5 Reasons Why Cryptocurrency is Gaining Popularity Among Millennials

Millennials want everything accessible to them through their mobile phones. They want to keep themselves updated and involve themselves in everything. It can be a cryptocurrency investment because everyone wants to earn money and get massive profits in less time. Nowadays, digital currencies are gaining popularity among millennials, and it is hard to know the reasons behind such things.

You can click here to start trading your Bitcoin and earn money. In many countries, people have switched to digital money. They are considering them as a replacement for fiat money. With time, things are getting changed, and people are initiating digital payments.

As per the recent survey, it is found that more than 65% of millennials are involved in investing and trading virtual currencies. In the following write-up, we will discuss various reasons why the cryptocurrency is gaining popularity.

Relation Between Millennials and Virtual Currencies

Everyone is aware that we use digital assets for storing and exchanging some value. Nowadays, the youth operate devices and want everything digital. Therefore, they also like the payment system that should be secure and online.

They want to invest their money smartly without going anywhere. The main aim is to gain more profits in less time. They do not want to get stuck in complicated paperwork or other operations. In many countries, cryptocurrency is considered an alternative to the current financial system.

The market stays active all the time, and there is no specific time to make investments and get profits. Many factors are attracting our youth to this technology. They are looking for the best methods to earn money and get a satisfactory lifestyle.

Reasons Why Cryptocurrency is Gaining Popularity Among Millennials

1.   Quick and High Returns

When it comes to following ambitions, then no one can beat the youth. This generation is chasing after the investments with high returns. You might be thinking that it is relatively impossible to get quick and high returns on any traditional investment. But it is possible in the case of virtual currencies.

If you explore the market, you cannot find many assets available with high returns in less time. Bitcoin is one of the old virtual currencies with a high price, and it has risen from 2009.

Nothing has changed its value. In any condition, the value of the BTC is increased. Many other digital currencies are working well, like Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. After getting inspiration from other big brands, the millennials focus on these assets and want to earn more in their future.

2.   Retirement Portfolio Addition

Undoubtedly, digital currency is quite volatile and unpredictable. Anything can happen with time, and no one can control it. But if we talk about gains and losses, it can grow more than 100%. If you are getting high returns, the high risk is another side of it. Therefore, if anyone is involved in making investments in digital currencies, it can be a better addition to someone’s retirement portfolio.

Everyone knows that the youth generation cannot enjoy a pension in the coming years. Hence, they have to look for another better option. The pension is possible only in the government job sector that is not available for all. But if we talk about investments, then there is a possibility to get returns even if you get retired from your employment.

Another factor is that the youth generation is always ready to take risks to accomplish anything in their lives. Through such investments, they can gain a lot of experience. Hence, earn a lot of money when they become expert in it.

3.   A Perfect Alternative Investment

The youth generation looks for various ways of investment, in which cryptocurrency is known as an alternative one. You can also call it the non-correlated assets, which work quite differently than traditional assets. In many countries, people invest their money in gold to get better output in the future.

Gold is available physically, and with time, its price increases. The investment in virtual currencies is done digitally with no issue of storage as in gold. If anyone is looking for a long-term investment method, then cryptocurrency is the perfect option for them. Even if you are facing a financial crisis, you will be able to survive.

4.   Limited Supply

Even after the popularity of cryptocurrencies across the b globe, millions of people cannot access these virtual assets. Due to the limited supply, the youth generation becomes more curious to own it. There are many ways to get complete access to these assets, and young people know how to do it. Nothing matters where they live; they know how to invest their money in digital currencies.

Due to the limited supply, there is a high demand for Bitcoin, and everyone desires to own it. The price of cryptocurrencies keeps fluctuating, but still, there is a high demand for them. The youth generation is eager to make investments in different assets and multiply them in the future.

5.   Becoming an Owner

The millennials always want to stay independent, even if they are investing their funds. The cryptocurrencies provide enough freedom to become an owner of your account. No other person or authority can access your digital wallet without your consent.

All digital transactions are safe. Hence, it is better to invest your time in such a thing. When you become an owner of your account, there is no need to go anywhere for further modifications. The youth generation likes to be free and wants to keep everything in their control.

Final Thoughts

You must know all the mentioned reasons behind the popularity of cryptocurrency among the millennials. With time, the popularity keeps on increasing, and many people are initiating in making investments.

People are getting inspiration from various companies and individuals who are earning well from these investments. These reasons are enough to understand its growing popularity. You can also get inspired and focus on digital assets to make enough profits in your future.

Why Eyelash Extensions Are So Popular Among Millennials?

Every woman’s dream is to look perfect, and nowadays, there are so many types of equipment and techniques that have emerged to achieve a beautiful look. The most important and expressive parts of any human face are the eyes. Blessed are those women who have beautiful eyes and thick eyelashes.

But, what about those who have thin eyelashes? How do they add volume to the eyelashes? Simple! They can easily opt to wear eyelash extensions. They are an essential part of the beauty regimen and act as an alternative to mascara. Head over to to buy high-quality eyelash extensions.

Millennials’ obsessions with fake lashes have increased to a great extent. Younger women have embraced this beauty enhancement very fast, and they have adopted the innovation much quicker than was expected. Eyelash extensions allow them to free up some of their time and simplify the beauty regime. Also, it enhances their overall look.

Saying that a growing number of millennials are getting fascinated with eyelash extension will not be an exaggeration. While the older women are yet to follow up on this trend, the younger women have embraced these beauty enhancements wholeheartedly.

It is not a surprise because the younger people are the first to adopt any innovation. Still, what is about these eyelash extensions that have made it so popular among the millennials? This article will discuss why these eyelash extensions are so popular among millennials.

Millennials Have Instantaneous Exposure to The Beauty Trends

Back in the day, people had to read beauty magazines to keep themselves updated with the latest trends. However, with the advancement of technology, people will know about trends as soon as they emerge in the market.

Social media has provided people with an outlet to follow all the beauty trends in real-time. The fashion trends started by celebrities are broadcasted around the globe daily. Such exposure has a significant impact on how the millennials process information about the latest trends.

Millennials Are Confident to Try Out New Trends

It might sound a bit cliche, but the millennials belong to the confident generation. They are not afraid of trying out anything new, and they carry every trend with style.

They have grown up in a more liberal and tolerant society that readily accepts diverse ideas and general preferences. It is something which was not there in the past. Back in the 60s and 70s, people did not accept new trends and ideas like they are doing today.

The millennials of today’s generation love to embrace who they indeed are. That is one of the many reasons why young women do not think twice before wearing eyelash extensions. They can confidently wear the beauty enhancements, and they do not need anyone’s acceptance for that.

Eyelash Extensions Are Easy and Safe to Use

Eyelashes play an essential role in enhancing the beauty of the eyes. But many women are troubled by the fact that their eyelashes are small. They use extensions to make their lashes look thick and beautiful.

Experts believe that these extensions do not harm natural eyelashes and are entirely safe to use. Also, the millennials belong to a busy generation. They readily embrace anything that removes the clutter from their lives.

While the older generation might have applied mascara and other beauty enhancement, millennials view things differently. These extensions allow them to free up their time and simplify their beauty regime. People need not take much time to wear mascara and fake lashes.

Eyelash Extensions Are Waterproof

You cannot wash your face while wearing mascara and other makeup products. However, that is not the case with eyelash extensions. Experts believe that you can wash your face even after wearing an extension without worrying about them falling off.

Apart from this, you can also go for swimming lessons and take a shower. However, you should always clean the eyelashes once a day with an oil-free cleanser and avoid using saltwater on them.

Precautions While Wearing an Extension

Who does not like thick and beautiful eyelashes? Many types of cosmetic products are used to enhance the beauty of your eyes. But nowadays, these extensions are becoming very popular among women.

Eyelash extensions provide an easy way to make eyelashes thick and beautiful. Nowadays, synthetic, mink, and silk style lash extensions are in trend. They are applied to the natural eyelashes to add volume to them.

Many people also steer clear of these extensions because they fear that the process of installing them is quite dangerous. They fear that wearing them might damage their eyes. It is anything but true. However, it would help if you were careful while using them.

1. Do Not Rub Your Eyes

Do not rub your eyes, or it will cause your extensions to fall out. Also, if they are longer than your natural lashes, you can choose to cut them according to your lashes. It will ensure that your extensions do not look artificial.

To pump up the drama more, you can choose to wear waterproof and smudge-proof mascara. With that, you are good to go to a beach and swim with your extensions.

2. Change the Extensions Regularly

These extensions generally last from six to eight weeks. After that, they naturally start to fall out, just like your natural lashes. If you wear them beyond this period, there are chances of developing alopecia. It might damage your natural lashes and will affect their growth. Thus, make sure to get new extensions after every eight weeks.

Final Thoughts

Eyelash extensions will save you from the trouble of sticking false lashes and wearing mascara every time you step out. With the rise in popularity of permanent makeup, eyelash extension is becoming quite popular among millennials.

It is non-invasive, pain-free, and significantly cuts down the makeup time. Also, they are entirely safe to use. Moreover, they are waterproof. Thus, while wearing them, you will not have to worry about stepping out in the rain or going for your swimming lessons.

What do millenials want from the Health System?

No generation before was that independent and critically thinking like us — Millennials. After all those years of following historical events and social-political conflicts, we have developed serious trust issues towards government and public services. More than ever we can feel that we’re on our own with our struggles.

Furthermore, it’s easier than ever to establish your own company, there appeared many opportunities to start a startup business. We don’t see a point in being stuck in an unstable company with an unfair boss upon us. Why would we, if we can become the boss of our own?

This sudden rush of independence and healthy skepticism reflects not only in our professional life attitude but also from the point of view of the healthcare system. We’re extremely cautious and resourceful. It’s surprising how drastically different our generation’s approach from our parents’ is.

What’s so characteristic of our needs and expectations towards healthcare? Has technology progress had its influence on the situation, as well? Are we more health aware than the generations before us? With we decided to take a closer look at what makes us so picky and demanding!

In The Digital World

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The technological progress is as natural as human evolution. With every new invention, we develop our technological intuition and digitalization tendencies more and more intensively. Each small change is the beginning of dozens of new tech ideas and improvements. It’s no different with the health and well-being areas in our lives.

It started with food delivery apps, then we could make the hairdresser appointment the same way. Lately, there appeared even Sex Education applications that enable young people not only learn about sex, their bodies and contraception methods but also getting in touch with medical specialists.

In our mobile app stores, we can already find apps that help us take better care of our health and getting to know our minds and bodies. Menstrual cycle tracking, mindfulness, diet planning — it’s often that our mobiles know more about ourselves than our doctors.

Medical apps that would connect us with the network of needed specialists and fellow patients sharing candid reviews are something we’re looking for. Accessible and trustworthy healthcare system information right on our phones!

Let me check that first!

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It’s a common ambivalent phenomenon of Millenials that on the one hand, we take the best care we can of our mental and physical health. While on the other, we don’t trust the doctors as we used to. One family doctor for decades? No way!

Instead of making a medical appointment right away, we’d rather check the symptoms online, first, consult the situation with our friends and do a thorough medical and healthcare system research.

Even after the visit, we tend to question the doctor’s advice and prescriptions. Why?

All The Fuss About Pharmaceutical Companies

Another tonsillitis this month plus another dose of antibiotics from your doctor? I went to a psychiatrist with stress issues, went out with tons of prescribed antidepressants? We’ve all been there. And I’m sure most of us neglected similarly extreme prescriptions at least once.

And that’s because we simply don’t want to get ripped off when there’s no distinct need. Or more precisely — when we don’t really feel the need of taking all the meds. When we think we know better solutions or want to take a second opinion before starting a treatment.

Of course, we can say that the growth of pharmaceutical companies and the rising consumption of various medications is nothing more but a conspiracy theory. But we’re not here to assume or judge. The bare fact is following — it’s one of the most influential aspects that affected our attitude toward the medical world.

Give Us Equality And Transparency!

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The battle for equality is an age-old, never-ending story. The same issue we’re facing when it comes to the healthcare system. The richer you are, the faster you’ll get help. Effective help.

It may be an extremely ideological approach, but isn’t healthcare a basic and common human need? We all are getting sick, we all are struggling with more or less serious health problems. Shouldn’t we all have an absolutely equal healthcare system? Regardless of our marital and financial status, age and origin? These are the questions that are bothering us — Millennials.

Another thing that causes us many sleepless nights — the cost of our potential treatments. We want our medical treatments to be possible to put into our budget plans precisely. The lack of cost transparency is a huge catch. How many of us got to go to the hospital and left with an unexpectedly big bill? Some of us have been repaying the service in installments for years already. Isn’t that right? The fear of getting sick is pretty common among our generation.

Older generations call us lazy and spoiled. But because of the technology boom and exhaustion from the mass problems, we just see the world differently. We have different needs and set higher standards when it comes to our well-being.

With the article, we wanted to highlight the aspects that differ Millennials from the previous generations, and bring to your attention the issues that had a significant impact on the shape of our health awareness.

As usual, we can’t wait to get to know your opinion and stories. Don’t hesitate to share your experiences with us!

Kidless Generation: That’s Why Millennials Don’t Want Kids

Millennials (born 1981-1999, aka Generation Y) have already broken so many rules. They are the first generation that doesn’t want to invest in property, hold a lifetime career, or get married. More than that, nowadays, experts call Millennials a ‘kidless generation.’ In fact, according to data provided by PDPlay, one-third of young people in modern society don’t want to become parents. A few decades ago, people who didn’t want kids were called ‘childfree.’ In 2019, they don’t need a particular term since they are in the majority now.

Every case is individual. However, there are a few common points that help Millenials make this choice.

Economic uncertainty

The latest study reveals that the cost of living has gone up during the past years. Despite the expanded job market and higher education, a lot of Millennials have low-income jobs and can barely make ends meet. Also, young people are struggling to pay off their student debts. Forty-four million Millenials owe $1.5 trillion in total. An entrepreneur and Forbes journalist Zack Friedman called the situation a national crisis.

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How can a young woman want to start a family knowing that she needs to pay off the loan that has topped six figures (it is actually a case for 1.1 million people in the United States)? That’s another reason why Millennials delay marriage. They don’t want to take responsibility for paying off someone else’s debts. An interesting fact is that there is a high percentage of young people who believe that they will die with debts.

It is important to mention that a lot of Millennials gave up hope of ever retiring. Finance experts have calculated that Social Security will run out in 30 years. It means Millennials will keep working till the very end in case they don’t manage to save some money while they are still in working age. That’s why having a baby is not a part of the plan in most cases.

In 2018, the journalists of The Street Journal calculated how much it costs to raise a child in the United States. According to their data, raising a kid from birth to age 18 would cost one family over $240. 000, let alone babysitters, medical insurance, and higher education. As you can understand, most Millennials can’t afford to have ‘another mouth to feed.’

The best-educated generation

It is a slippery slope, but it is worth mentioning that Millennials are more educated than previous generations since technology has increased their access to information.

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The best thing is that young people have an opportunity to keep educating themselves and enhance their careers. In Western countries, modern women are not prevented from pursuing higher education. Furthermore, society doesn’t judge those who choose a job over the family like it was in the 60s. The list of successful childless women includes Oprah Winfrey, Betty White, Kim Cattrall, Ellen Degeneres, Julia Gillard (Australia’s first female Prime Minister), and Elizabeth Gilbert. Avoiding awkward questions was difficult in the 80s, but Generation Y will never question their choice.

Education gave freedom of choice. Western society overcame slavery and forced marriages, allowed abortions, and gave the right to sexuality. Not having babies is just another choice that Millennials are allowed to make. And no authority could influence that decision.

New lifestyle

Modern young people are focused on their own satisfaction, and it makes them unique. The previous generations were in constant need during the war, famine, and financial crises. Now we are relatively safe and can cover basic needs on our own.

Young people have endless opportunities, and they don’t want to miss anything. Millennials want to have the job they love, travel, and gain experience. Most of them think short-term; that’s why they rent, change jobs all the time, and don’t invest in the future. According to the latest study conducted by the National Institute on Retirement Security, more than 60% of people between the ages of 21 and 31 don’t have savings at all.

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Millennials want to live outside of the system and be truly free. In the pursuit of their desires, they don’t want to take responsibility for children. They want to break a pattern that previous generations had and simply be happy. There is no answer, whether it is selfish or not.

‘We have time’

Millennials have better medicine compared to their grandparents. It is not a secret that life expectancy continues to increase with each generation. Some women can have a healthy pregnancy in their 40s. In 2017, the world’s most admired companies such as Facebook, Google, and Apple offered their female employees the chance to freeze their eggs, so that they could delay childbirth and focus on their careers.

That’s why it would be more reasonable to ask Millennials about kids in their late thirties. It is wrong to speak for the whole generation since there are a lot of young people who would love to have a family. They are just not ready yet.

Tips for Living in NYC as A Millennial – Use Loftey

Contrary to popular belief, many Millennials today do not have any problem leaving the nest. In fact, many of them are leaving their small town and headed for the big city. New York City is popular among Millennials because it is a thriving area that has plenty of opportunities. However, there are several things that you should know if you want to move to NYC.

Wear a Fanny Pack

Fanny packs are making a comeback. They are extremely popular among New Yorkers because they are a safe and convenient way to carry all of your belongings. You will be less likely to be a target for pickpockets if you carry your belongings in a fanny pack.

Riding the subway is a Way of Life

New York City is one of the few places in the United States where you can comfortably live without a car. That is why many people opt to take the subway. However, there are several things that you will need to do in order to make sure that you get the most out of your subway experience.

You should get a subway app so that you will be able to see what time the train is coming. You should also avoid getting on an empty Subway car. It is better for you to get on a crowded one.

It is also important to note that there are local and express trains. Express trains will skip a lot of stops so that you will be able to make it to your destination in a shorter amount of time. A subway is also a better option than the bus if you are in a rush to get somewhere.

Reevaluate Your Budget


New York City is one of the most expensive places in the country to live. That is why it is a good idea to set a budget before you move there. Keep in mind that even if you are making a great salary where you currently live, it will be harder for you to stretch your dollar if you live in NYC.

For example, you currently make $40,000. You will likely have to make $80,000 a year to maintain that same standard of living.

Invest in a Good Coat

New York City has cold winters. In fact, it is common for the temperature to drop below freezing in the winter time. That is why you want to make sure that you invest in a good coat.

Use Loftey for Apartment

Your housing will likely be your biggest expense. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible for you to find an affordable apartment in NYC. You just have to know where to look. You can use Loftey to streamline the process for finding NYC apartments for rent.

Loftey is a company that has over 10,000 apartment listings. You can use it to search for apartments based on size, the number of bedrooms and what your desired rent range is. You can also choose when you want to move. Loftey will help you save money on your new apartment.