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8 Famous Celebrities who are Big Gamers


The world of gaming is enormous. It is pure addiction. Where some people consider gaming a reason behind obesity, it is no secret that people who play games can’t find any other hoppy. It is a pure indulgence because of which the gamers forget everything. Gaming is not just popular among children and teens. It is also hugely popular among adults. It is a way to forget about the rest of the world. It is a source of entertainment. You might see adults playing games with their friends. It is their idea of having fun. Although playing games have mixed reviews, one thing is for sure. Gamers don’t seem to find anything else that satisfying.

If you think those, who have nothing to do play games you or wrong. Even the busiest person can find time for it. For instance, take celebrities. Many celebrities find time from their busy schedule to play games. provides all the information regarding those who love playing games and everything you need to know before starting one.

If you feel bad for spending so much of your time playing games, here is a list of famous celebrities that are big gamers as well. I am sure you will feel better.

1. Henry Cavill

Can you imagine lost in the gaming world so much that you almost end up giving up a career-changing role? Yep, that happened with our very own Henry Cavil. He is not just a handsome face with a fantastic body, and he is a geek when it comes to gaming. He was so lost in gaming back in the day that it nearly cost him his roll in Man of steel.

However, it didn’t stop him from playing games. He particularly loves War of the Witchcraft and RPG games like Skyrim. Either way, we are glad that he shares the gaming geekiness with a majority of his fans.

2. Mila Kunis

Who says women can’t be gamers? Here is a name to prove. You might know Mila Kunis from impeccable acting over the years. But one thing you didn’t realize was the fact that she is addicted to gaming. She openly talked about her hopeless addiction to games like War of the Worlds.

Furthermore, she also loves playing Call of Duty so much that she spends all of her free time playing the game. And when she doesn’t, she thinks about it. Quite a love affair, isn’t it?

3. Zac Efron


This Disney star seems to be a cute guy next door helping you out with groceries and everything. But in reality, he has a gaming side to himself as well. in fact, we came to know about his love for gaming when he hosted a launch event for Halo 3 in Los Angeles. He was so much into gaming that his girlfriend in 2007 gave him a serious ultimatum to get rid of his Xbox or leave her. Well, time tells us that he isn’t with his then-girlfriend anymore, but he is still playing his favorite games.

4. Megan Fox

Another actress who is no stranger to the gaming world is Megan Fox. You might know her from her beautiful eyes and gorgeous face, but that’s not all that is to this actress. In fact, she is a huge gamer as well. In the start, she didn’t reveal her love for gaming because she thought gamers were thought to be funny and weird. So, she kept her gaming history and spirit a secret until, in one interview, she revealed that she is addicted to the games by the Halo franchise. Either way, we are impressed how a beautiful woman can be a good game as well.

5. Ben Foster

Now Ben Foster is a name that genuinely indulged in the gaming world. Because of his nature, he likes to get things to wash over him. He is among those actors who believe in a lot of research and really get into the character. And the exciting part is, he wasn’t always a gamer. His gaming career begins as a single-player for three weeks and soon turned in to a group play. So much that he would play non-stop for 18 hours a day, now that’s pretty heavy!

6. Michelle Rodriguez


We all know Micelle Rodriguez for her tough characters on the screen. Whether it’s Avatar or fast and furious, her characters are a force of nature. Therefore, it is not surprising at all if we tell you that this American actress is a gamer as well. She is a huge fan of Halo and Call of Duty. In fact, she is said to have drawn inspiration from game characters for playing roles. Pretty hardcore, eh?

7. Matthew Perry

We all know him as Chandler from the epic Friends. However, he has a lot more than the sweet character profile. He is addicted to games as well. You might find it difficult to believe, but his addiction to games caused him serious problems as well. For one, he got his hand injured during the Fallout 3 marathon session.

Furthermore, he developed carpal tunnel syndrome due to his long gaming sessions. He is even the voice behind Fallout: New Vegas’ character Benny. Now that’s a good reward for the hard work!

8. Robin Williams

Now, this might be shocking to you, but the person responsible for making our childhood memorable was a huge gamer. It is said that he was head over heels in love with the Nintendo classic The Legend of Zelda and World of Warcraft. He was so obsessed with the game that he paid it homage by naming his daughter after the game’s Princess Zelda. Quite strange, eh? But this didn’t end there. He was just as popular in the gaming world as he was in the world of entertainment. In fact, when he passed away, the World of Warcraft game gave him tribute by naming a non-player character after him.

Is Mila Kunis the reason for Macaulay Culkin’s downfall?

Macaulay Culkin was known for his role in Home Alone movies. He started dating Mila Kunis at the age oh 21. Mila was only 18 at that time. The couple stayed together for eight long years from 2002 to 2010. So why did they break up?

Mila Kunis was always private about her love life. She is married to Ashton Kutcher right now.

Similarly, when she was in a relationship with Culkinhe, she wasn’t very public about it.

Although the couple stayed out of the limelight, Culkin was too famous to avoid the spotlight at that time.

“He was huge, and you couldn’t walk down the street with him.”

“He always had this weird attraction, his fans just screamed when they saw him!” “They did not know how to react. It wasn’t like a normal response to a celebrity”.

So was Culkin’s fame the reason behind their split in 2011? Apparently not. It was Mila Kunis’s attitude problem that the couple broke up. Even she blames herself for the “horrible “breakup, “I was a jerk in my 20s, and I’ll be the first to admit it, and that’s something that took me a long time to come out”.

“When I got to be a single, I said, I just need to figure myself out.” “I genuinely need to know why I did what I did and like, regroup myself as a human being.”

After the breakup, Mila focused mainly on her career. After some time, she bonded with Ashton Kutcher, who was just out of a divorce at that time. He had just divorced Demi Moore in 2013.

In 2015 Mila and Ashton married. The couple has been strong together ever since. And it looks like Mila has changed as a human after the breakup with Culkin.

But where is Culkin now? He has stayed away from the spotlight ever since the breakup. Hollywood doesn’t even cast Culkin anymore nowadays. But what really happened to him? With growing fame Culkin, on the other hand, adopted some bad habits. He became addicted to illegal substances. He kind of lost his way in Hollywood, while the breakup motivated Mila Kunis to focus on her career. It had a reverse effect on Culkin’s career. Was breakup with Kunis the main reason behind Culkin’s downfall? We’ll never know.