Are Men More at Risk from Coronavirus than Women?


The newest reports are that over 300 thousand people have been infected with COVID-19 and more than 13 thousand have died from it. Spreading rapidly, corona has become a serious threat to humanity. Predictions are that 2/3 of the global population will be infected, but in most cases, it’s going to be a just a mild infection.

WHO (World Health Organization) has conducted an analysis in China and the results put people over the age of 65 at the highest risk, especially those with a chronic illness.

Coronavirus is infecting men, women and children equally, the difference is in how those groups are able to fight off the virus.

WHO claims that men get sick from COVID-19 significantly more often than women. According to the statistics from China, in the month of January the mortality rate among men was 2,8%, while it was 1,7% among women. The statistics were similar for both SARS and the flu.

The reason for this is that women have stronger immunity. The hormone estrogen plays a big part, as it helps increase the function of an immune system and works hard to fight off infections. On the other hand, testosterone in men blocks the immune system.

Genetics have a huge role, too. Genes relevant to the immune system and responsible for revealing the cause of diseases are coded on the X-chromosome. Women have two of them, while men have only one.

Another factor is the difference in lifestyles, as men tend to have more unhealthy habits than women. Men smoke more than women and the lungs of smokers are more prone to viruses.

It was first believed that children cannot get infected with coronavirus. However, this was disproven. Children can get the virus and spread it to other people, having mild to no symptoms themselves. There is no scientific explanation for this yet.

General Shaving Tips for the Men

Visually the process of shaving looks as simple as ABC but in actual it is not that simple. If you are shaving for the first time or you have any problems related to the skin than shaving can be the worst nightmare for you. So, it is recommended for you to follow some useful pieces of advice before, during and after the shave.

A famous website recommends taking care of all these points that are going to publish. The reason is that the people who don’t follow the shaving tips are more likely to suffer from skin irritation and razor bumps. Here we are going to discuss the shaving tips that are easy to follow for everyone.

Pre- Shaving Tips

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The tips that should be followed before the process of shaving are known as pre-shaving tips. So, let’s discuss them.

Before handling a razor, just wash your face with the mildly warm water. By doing this you can soften your hair. Also, use a good face wash or scrub with that water. It can clean your skin from the excess of dirt and oil. Although many of the men ignore this factor that should be done to have a smooth shave. After washing your face just use a towel to dry your face. I will recommend you to keep a small towel separate for this purpose.

Tips During Shave

The first question is about the decision of an electric or manual razor. For me, both of them are fine but can vary from person to person depending upon the circumstances. If you are having sensitive skin then go for an electric trimmer or clipper. Manual razor is fine for the people having normal skin (not sensitive) type.

After selecting your equipment, just hold the razor in your hand and try to shave in the direction of your hair growth. Don’t use a razor in the opposite direction of your hair growth during the first attempt as it can hurt your skin very badly and can give you some extreme skin irritation problems.

Some of the people with the old school of thought still keep on saying that no shaving cream is necessary for the process of shaving. Alternatively, you can use any soap or just use the razor directly on the skin. Well, I disagree with that point because for me shaving cream is the most important thing that can give you a close and smooth shave. Its ingredients also have some antiseptic properties that can keep your skin away from the germs and dirt. Moreover, cream or gel can soften your facial hair for a better experience.

Post Shaving Process

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Should you use aftershave or just washing the face with the normal soap is fine? Well, this point is also debatable for many of us. Personally, I will recommend you to use a good aftershave as I also like to use it for myself. An aftershave with natural ingredients can protect your skin from various things including irritation, razor bumps, and allergies.

General Tips That Everyone Should Follow to have a smooth, close and comfortable shave

Here are some other shaving tips that the people of all ages and all types of skin can follow

Check Your Razor Before Every Shave

If you are using a disposable or manual razor for shave than make sure to change it frequently. Most of the blades are made up of stainless steel that does not perform well when they get old. Usually, I recommend to use a manual razor for 10 shaves and after that, you can switch to a new one.

Go for natural Shaving Cream/Gel and aftershave too

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I have already discussed that most people do not like to use shaving cream, gel or foam with the manual razors that is the biggest mistake in my opinion. My recommendation is to choose a shaving cream that is made up of natural ingredients. These ingredients can contain coconut oil, Aloe Vera, organic white grape juice, hemp oil, vitamin E and much more. As these products are natural. So, they are not harmful to any skin. People who have sensitive skin and suffer from skin problems should choose the products that contain these types of ingredients.  I have also seen some people who claim that organic shaving creams are not made for straight or manual razors. They also say that these products are not made for delivering close shaves. Well, all these claims are baseless and are not true. Companies are manufacturing different types of products for the needs of people.

It is true that with the straight razors, traditional shaving creams are used for most of the time. But you can also use organic products along with manual or disposable razors. As they also give a good result.

Secondly, don’t miss using good quality aftershave. If you are reluctant to use alcohol-based aftershave than go for a natural one. But the point is to just use them on your skin. It can protect your skin from various problems.

Follow a Fixed Routine

Most people like to have a shave on a daily basis while others do it once in 48 hours. Well, there is no hard and fast rule about that and its totally your choice. I just want to say that follow a fixed shaving routine instead of doing that on irregular intervals. This technique is also recommended by men’s fashion experts and dermatologists. I have opted for the choice of doing a shave within 48 hours instead of a daily basis.

Our Final Conclusion

I know that selecting the right equipment for your skin type is more than important. But choosing the right equipment is just the half task that you have done. Along with the proper razor, it is necessary to follow the proper shaving tips before during, and after the completion of the shaving process. These small tips can save you from severe pain and bad experience. I hope you will find these tips beneficial. Feel free to follow them irrespective of your skin type as they are generally published for every man.

How Men Can Reduce the Visibility of Acne Scarring through Laser Therapy

Dealing with the breakouts that accompany acne can be challenging enough. The scars that follow can cause even more frustration for men who are tired of dealing with recurrent skin issues. Generally speaking, there are two categories of acne scarring; hypertrophic and atopic. While there are over-the-counter products designed to address scars, they may not be able to offer a vast improvement in the visibility of the scars.

Laser resurfacing procedures can allow men to see an improvement in the texture and overall aesthetics of skin that has been damaged by acne.

An understanding of laser resurfacing

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This is a non-invasive procedure that is designed to help boost both the tone and the texture of the skin. According to the information found at ManCaveSydney, laser therapy works by using high-intensity visible light pulses to remove layers of damaged skin slowly.

There are two considerations prior to undergoing laser resurfacing, including the depth of skin that is being addressed and the method that is being used to resurface the skin. During your consultation, the extent of the scarring damage will be evaluated so that a treatment plan can be devised. 

How does laser treatment reduces the appearance of scars?

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Laser treatment removes the outermost layers of the skin, which will work to minimize the visibility of scars. The light pulses created by the laser generate heat that will target the scars without resulting in damage to the surrounding tissue. The treatment will also stimulate the body’s natural collagen and elastin fiber, which will then encourage the natural healing process.

What to expect after treatment?

While this is a non-invasive procedure, there are some minor side-effects from the treatment to be aware of.

After treatment, you are likely to see some minor swelling and inflammation, but it should pass within 48 hours. There may be some itching in the treated area, but it should pass within 72 hours of treatment. You may see the skin peeling for up to a week, but this is a very normal part of the body’s natural healing process.

The area of treatment can have an impact on healing time. Generally speaking, however, it should take between 10 and 21 days for the process to complete. Once the treated area has been allowed to heal completely, there are some steps that you can take to continue to see an improvement in your skin.

Avoid exposing your skin to the sun as much as is possible, and use a broad-spectrum sunscreen product if you will be going outdoors. Be sure to use a moisturizer that has been tailored to meet the needs of your skin type. Despite what some may think, acne-prone scarring can quickly dry out. This can lead to additional inflammation and scarring if not addressed.

Who is the ideal candidate for the procedure?

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Laser treatments are not the right choice for every person with acne scarring. There are some considerations to determine whether you’ll be a good candidate for treatment, including the following.

  • Active acne flare-ups may need to be cleared up prior to undergoing treatment for scars.
  • Taking certain types of acne medication can disqualify you from treatment.
  • Having an autoimmune disease may also be an area of concern.
  • Having a really dark complexion and being prone to keloids.

It may be necessary for you to undergo multiple treatments in order to see the results that you are hoping for. Be sure, to be honest about your aesthetic goals so that your treating doctor can understand what your treatment steps should be.

How to Style a Leather Jacket

There are some fashion items that are a must for the discerning man’s wardrobe. The leather jacket is one, and you’re bound to have at least one in your collection. They come in a wide variety of styles – we can’t think right now of another garment with so many different styles – which is why we are going to talk about how to style different types.

To talk about every type of leather jacket would require a longer article than we have space for, so we’re going to concentrate on the more popular types. Let’s start with the absolute classic – the Biker jacket.

How to Wear a Leather Biker Jacket

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The classic biker jacket is an old favorite, and it has found its way from being a garment for on the road to one that is a mainstream fashion choice. It’s not just for men, either, as women look great in a biker jacket.The biker jacket, which has its origins in the early part of the 20th century in the USA, is designed to be strong and easy to wear and has an image that is all of its own. This is a jacket that will always get noticed, and one that looks great as part of a simple, casual outfit. In fact, perhaps the best way to wear a biker jacket is with blue jeans and a white t-shirt – that is the essential biker look! If you want to go the full distance, why not get yourself some leather boots too – a pair of Chelsea type boots will look great with a biker jacket and the above ensemble, and you have the perfect outfit for a casual night out.

How to Wear a Leather Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket is another type that was designed with a practical purpose in mind, this time for airmen in the First World War. The style has persisted and is now one of the classics of men’s outerwear, and is a great choice for a casual look or a smart-casual style. It looks great worn with your favorite jeans and a sweater or a t-shirt and gives a sort of retro-look style that is always great to see. Unlike the biker jacket, which is generally seen in classic black as is expected, the leather bomber jacket perhaps looks best in brown – and even suede – as it offers a more modern and up to the minute style. Remember that the bomber jacket is essentially a short garment, so be prepared to wear it that way, and shop around as there are many designer brands with some excellent versions to choose from.

Other Popular Leather Jackets

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While the biker and bomber are by far the most popular and familiar types of leather jacket, we shouldn’t forget that there are others. For example, many men like to wear a fitted, blazer-style leather jacket, as it is a very stylish look that is great for smart-casual occasions.  Then there’s the throwback to American 50’s street style: the varsity jacket. Maybe not so popular these days, however, it’s making a comeback, but this type of jacket is very much a statement and can look good on the right person, and in the right setting. If you click here you will see examples of these and more, and some great ideas on what to wear with leather jackets and other outfits.

Choosing a Leather Jacket

As the above confirms, choosing a leather jacket is not the work of a moment! There are so many different styles, types, and colors to choose from. The question to ask is what do you want it for? If it’s for casual wear, then there’s no doubt the biker jacket and bomber style are the way to go. They are easy to wear with just about any outfit, and you’ll have a great choice of options from designer brands and high street stores. Allsaints and Boda Skins (see this outfit) are two very good recommendations. For the more formal look, why not check out tailored leather jackets? They are very stylish, timeless and can look surprisingly elegant. Leather is a great material to wear and also keeps you warm, so add a leather jacket to your wardrobe now.

Men’s Grooming: Ultimate Guide of Grooming On Wedding


In many occasions, if grooming is just left to men, nothing much would be accomplished. More so, many wedding planners ingenious pay much attention to the bridegroom and forget that the groom is also part of their wedding plans. For your big day to be great and be an immaculate experience, you need to come up with a to-do list that involves all forms of men’s grooming.

Many men think that donning the best outfit as well as having a bath is what defines great grooming. Many men can’t follow a simple beauty routine, and it is wise to have an ultimate guide for wedding grooming from Men grooming has evolved over the years and many men are mastering the art.  

The good news is that millions of men are these days spending large sums of money to stay in tip-top condition, as well as purchase the best grooming products in the market. Wedding grooming is an important part of the wedding preparation procedure, and every man should get it right.

What Men Wedding Grooming is all about?

If your big day is approaching, don’t only get excited about what to wear, the car model you will be driven in, but also think of the best ways you are going to make yourself look sharp. Here are incredible grooming tips that every groom should know and embrace. Have a look;

Get a professional shave


Are you ready to become the star of your wedding? There is no better way to achieve such as feat than getting a classic straight-edged shaved from the best barber. Seeking the services of a professional barber will give you the confidence you really need during your big day.

A cool haircut will help you make a bold statement, and will give the power to bring out your personality and make an impression than your cosy wedding wardrobe. Make sure the barber will get your hairstyle right and match your face shape, as well as keep your hair type in the best condition.

Go for best manicure and pedicure

Don’t bring you skanky nails and toes to your wedding. You don’t want to get embarrassed as you dress for your big day as a result of foot odour. You can imagine fitting in your expensive wedding ring into a shabby and skanky finger. According to you will definitely disappoint your partner and loved ones. 

Keeping your fingernails clean and properly cut is a wedding necessity that you should keep in mind always. There are many spas that offer manicure and pedicure services. Just visit a trustworthy and reputed expert and enjoy the best manicure and pedicure services.

Get facial trim and cut

To keep your hair smooth and free from any blemish as well as keep your facial hair moisturized, you need to schedule facial and skin treatment before your big day. You can opt for specialized facial treatments like anti-acne, deep-cleansing, de-tanning as well any facial treatment that will suit your needs.

Get best body spa


A visit to your favourite spa will help rejuvenate your body and mind and aid flush out toxins from your skin, as well as regulate your blood flow. You need to stay healthy and relaxed during your big day, and it all starts by visiting your best spa. Massage is a great wedding prep for every groom out there. Make sure the spa you visit uses the best massage oils and exceptional procedures that are rewarding.

The Bottom Line

Grooming is not all about looking good. It involves making sure you seek the services of professionals, as well as use the right tools or equipment for every procedure that you undertake. To look great during your big day, you need to make sure your hair looks great, your teeth are as white as you wish, your body is in the best shape, and your overall appearance is impeccable. Simply, upgrade your look and be a well-groomed groom, and make your wedding a dream come true.

Rock A Beard That Complements Your Style

Beard. It has quite a wild history behind it. At first, beards were seen as a trait of masculinity and most of the man went ahead to grow one – it was thought that the bigger your beard is the stronger you are. And who wouldn’t like to be strong right? Still, as time passed and European countries became more developed and sophisticated, a beard was seen as a symbol of rural men while a clean shaved face became more attractive. And in the 18th century, a beard in countries like Russia and France was non-existent among the nobleman. At this point, no one would have thought that beards will get back in trend once again – but here we are, around 300 years later, with men praying to grow a full beard that will complement their style.

The lumberjack style became a big hit a few years ago, and know we can see millions of men trying to dress and look according to that trend. Still, not all men have the same genetics for growing a good beard, or it suits everyone’s face. And that is why, if you want to get the most out of your beard look, you will have to choose a style according to your facial contours and potential to grow a full one. On top of that, you definitely need to take a proper care of your beard and only the best beard growth products should be used.

How Shape Of Your Face Affects Beard Style

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We would all want to rock a perfect beard right? Well in order to reap all the benefits of such a trend you should look up for a type that will complement your face shape.

1. Rectangular face. If you have a rectangular face shape there are a few beard styles that might complement it but we recommend that you go for a short beard that you would be able to grow in a matter of 1-2 weeks.

2. Round face. Now, with a round face, your goal is to achieve a narrow look, and that is why a short beard like the one mentioned above wouldn’t go well. On the other hand, your best bet is either rocking a full beard (if you can grow one) or going for a goatee (in fact, a round face is the only type where a goatee can look quite good).

3. Square face. If you have a square face shape we recommend that you let your beard grow wherever it wants and once it achieves a certain length clip it close to the face.

4. Long narrow face. Last but not least is the long narrow face shape, and this one calls for somewhat better styling. The thing is, you don’t want to narrow your face even more and that is why careful and regular trimming around the chin with high-quality beard accessories is a must!

The Most Popular Beard Types

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By now, you should have an idea what kind of a beard might complement your face shape. Still, there are hundreds of beard types, and you don’t have to stick only to one in order to achieve that perfect look. Let’s go ahead and take a look at the most popular facial hair styles!

1. Now, one of the most popular beard styles is a stubble – and although some people don’t consider it a beard, it still is a facial hair so no one can deny it. It will take you no more than a few days to grow, and in case you want to rock a sporty beard, that goes well with almost any style, a stubble might be the right choice.

2. On the other hand, if you think stubble is close to a no beard, but you still don’t want to or aren’t able to grow a full beard, a short beard is your best bet. It will take a few weeks to achieve its full potential, and since there it is up to you to regularly maintain and style it. Such a beard will add to your masculinity without covering your face with facial hair.

3. For some men, only full can be considered as a perfect beard, and everything else is an alteration. Still, some men aren’t able to grow one and that is absolutely fine – genetics are something that we can’t have an influence on. But if you are a serious man and you have a beard growth potential, it will perfectly complement your style. Yes, it requires regular maintenance, but nothing more than a light trimming every 4-5 days and regular hygiene.

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4. One of the most sophisticated beard styles out there a Garibaldi one is hard to grow but if you are capable to you should absolutely go for it. It will give you a unique look that not all men are able to achieve, and people will think of you as a big star from Vikings!


While a beard can complement you it still is not something that you should take for granted. Do some research, figure out your facial contours, use beard oil and go for a style that will perfectly reflect who you are!