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How to Choose the Best Belt

Dress to impress that is what they say. Such a short but meaningful saying is genuinely a guideline to the look we want to have and the picture of ourselves we wish to present the world. The first impression matters and that is why you need to work on it – and the first thing people notice is how you look. In personal experience, it can make a huge difference when you are searching for that someone special to find, and in professional life as well – whether you will be called again for an interview and eventually get a job or not. Either way, the understanding and recognizing the way we present ourselves is a certain everyday task that should be approached with more consideration. The results would be most satisfying in each department of your daily activities, according to the experts


The complete look has to be combined with the right style that makes you stand out from the crowd. To do so, you will have to pay attention to small details. When dressing in the perfect suit, there is one item that can and does unite the shirt, shoes and the outfit together. That is the belt.  It has the visual and subconscious power to make you look handsome and desirable. Making a statement with such a small detail is irrelevant to the majority of people, but the ones who know this, your belt can be a powerful tool. But if you are thinking that a belt is only crucial to hold your pants, you have much more to learn then. You can take a look at Daily Top Ten Lists to see for yourself the parameters form which to grade and correct your current visual state.

Knowing the size of the belt is crucial to whether it will look good or not. The belt has to be fitting, with a few inches more to push through your remaining loop, wrapping around your waist.  When it is too long, it will look like a rope on you. Even worse, when it is shorter, it makes the complete outfit look smaller. The right size in inches for your waste is S – 29″(27-31), M – 32″(30-34), L – 35″(33-37″), XL – 38″(36-40″), XXL – 41″(39 – 43″).


Belts are made from different materials and which one you select depends on your preferences as well as your styling for the day. The leather is a safe bet no matter what the occasion is. The casual look with the belt is dependent on the variety of materials and textures which give a new dimension to the whole outfit. Think about different material and the colors before you choose the right one

When choosing the color of the belt, our suggestion is black or brown. There are easy to put together with and casual, formal and elegant look. These two colors are safe to choose from and they will fit with everything you decide to wear.