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Meghan Markle Believes That There Was a Conspiracy by Royal Family in Order to Ruin her Reputation!

Meghan Markle thinks that there might be a chance that someone from the royal family tried to ruin her reputation.

The 38-year-old ex-actress and the present Duchess of Sussex believes that the whole plan to discredit her began when she moved in to the Kensington Palace with Prince Harry back in 2018.

She thinks that someone wanted to break up their marriage by shaming her name.

Her friend said that she was so sure that there was a conspiracy that “she would self-isolate when they moved to Frogmore. “

Meghan’s friend added “I think that she felt like an outsider from the very beginning. It wasn’t the life she was used to and she wanted to get out of there.”

“She started to feel isolated and she missed her mother and friends from LA.”, her friend said.

Everyone is familiar with Meghan’s fight for female independence. It was particularly the issue which made her change her life as well. Her financial independence was the trigger of her and Harry’s decision to leave the royal family and to move from the UK to sunny California.

Meghan’s friend thinks that “Meghan was upset by not the fact that she didn’t earn money. She has been working for a long time and I think that she didn’t feel satisfied. Her wish for the financial independence was one of the reasons for leaving the UK.”

Besides the headlines that the couple is not having a good time in LA, it seems that they are doing just fine hanging out with Adel and Leonardo DiCaprio.

The editor of the E channel, Melanie Bromley said that she is convinced that the couple will develop an amazing social life on the parties and dinners around LA, as well as that they will meet many people whom they can trust.

This famous couple was quarantined for weeks due to the Covid-19 pandemic in the Tyler Perry’s mansion in California. They enjoyed their family time with their 1-year-old son, Archie.

How Meghan Markle Found her Prince

We all know how life in the royal family has been tough for Meghan! We all get to hear plenty of rumors regarding their life after marriage. But before all of this drama started… How did the couple actually meet? How did a prince from the royal family fell in love with a divorced actress? This is the story of how Meghan Markle found her prince. One thing the history tells us is that the royal family is very strict when it comes to marriage.

Take Prince Charles and Camilla Parker’s story, for example. Camilla was never accepted in the royal family because she was a divorced woman, even though Prince Charles loved her.

Take Lady Diana, for example. She was criticized for her free lifestyle.

So, marrying Prince Harry wasn’t a cup of tea for Meghan. Prince Phillip advised Harry not to marry Meghan Markle. She was a divorced actress who was also a feminist and American-African. He said horrible things to his grandson Harry: “Actresses are for dating, not for marriage.” This is what Prince Phillip had told Prince Harry. But Harry never had a doubt. The couple didn’t know each other until 2016.

Prince Harry met Meghan Markle on a blind date set up by a mutual friend. The friend thought they would make a beautiful couple. Meghan Markle didn’t know who Prince Harry was before they met. “Because I’m from the states, you don’t grow up with the same understanding of the royal family,” I didn’t know much about him. I didn’t ask much to my friend (who set the blind date). The only thing that I asked was, is he nice? Cause if he wasn’t kind, it just didn’t seem like it would make sense.

The two hit it off immediately. “I was beautifully surprised when I walked into the room and saw her. We met for a drink and then I think very quickly into that we said, well, what are we doing tomorrow? We should meet again. Things moved quickly from there. The couple went on a second date. Prince Harry then invited Meghan to accompany him on a trip to Africa just weeks later.

After 4 months of dating, their relationship became public. Everyone thought it was just a fling. But Prince Harry confirmed in public that it was serious. Harry knew how media is harsh toward the woman in the Royal Family.
He knew how his mother, Lady Diana, had suffered. When he expressed that he was serious about his relationship with Meghan,  the Queen became fully supportive of her grandson. She always had a soft spot for her grandchildren. She was “delighted to see Harry in a loving relationship.”

After months of speculation, Harry proposed Meghan in November 2017. Despite not initially being accepted by the royal family, Meghan stole Harry’s heart! And as we all know, no matter whether you are a royal or not, there’s always room for love.

New $18 Million Home for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on Beverly Hills

A massive Beverly Hills mansion has become a home for former royal couple Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. It is owned by Tyler Perry, an actor and moviemaker. According to some sources, the couple met Tyler through Oprah Winfrey.

The house is located ad exclusive gated community at the back of Beverly Ridge Estates. It has 24,545 square feet, sitting on an 828,000-square-foot property, with eight bedrooms and 12 bathrooms It offers one commodity Harry and Meghan are desperate for, privacy for themselves and their son Archie.

The conditions of their stay are still unclear. The last change of ownership over the house, built in 2012, has been in 2004 when Tyler Perry bought it for $4.3 million. The county assessor assessed it at $18.29 million in 2020.

According to the New York Post, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are ready to spend between $15 and $20 million on their new home, so this would fit right in their budget.

Real estate agent Rochelle Maize says that the community is rather small, with only 14 homes. The rent would be between $20,000 and $40,000, which is to be expected in this area.

Oprah Winfrey Gave a Book to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s son Archie for his Birthday

With his birth as the son of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, baby Archie became famous. Born into such a family, he received many famous friends from his parents.

Gifts from famous faces accompanied his birthday, and the little prince received the most unusual award for his first birthday, no less and no more than from Oprah Winfrey.

Meghan Markle, the mother of this little boy, delighted all the fans on Wednesday by hanging a video in which she reads the popular children’s book, Duck! Rabbit! to his son.

Those who paid better attention to the book that a mother reads to her one-year-old child noticed a sticker that reads “Archie’s Book Club.” Oprah Winfrey does the same with her books in her reading club.

Shortly after this adorable video, Oprah’s rep rang out and said that she gave the book to the little prince when he was born.

In addition to celebrating little Archie’s birthday, this video also aimed to help Save the Children’s Save With Stories campaign. In this campaign, celebrities read books to their children and encourage viewers to donate money to this organization.

On its Instagram page, the organization wrote below Meghan’s video: “helping us to raise urgent funds for our coronavirus appeal.”

All members of the royal family, Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Charles, and Queen Elizabeth II, have posted this adorable video on their pages.

Royal Women’s Strict Beauty Rules

Do you want to look like a princess? Well, it’s tougher than it looks. There are many privileges that come with being part of the British royal family, like having a royal jeweler and traveling the world. But the position also holds many responsibilities. Members of the royal family must follow strict protocols for every aspect of their lives, especially when they’re attending public events.

For Queen Elizabeth II, Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle, and every other female royal, there are a series of royal beauty rules they must obey to the letter. It’s against protocol to use red, orange, bright pink, or any other hue of bright-colored lipstick. Ideally, they should only use neutral and subtle shades, like nudes or pale pink. This makes them look more natural, avoids the hassle of retouching their lipstick, and helps steer clear of committing the faux pas of lipstick-stained teeth.

There’s a similar rule for manicures. Royal women are not allowed to paint their nails in dark or bright colors. They’re one of the Queen’s biggest pet peeves. They can only wear subtle, neutral shades or a glossy finish. That’s why Queen Elizabeth has been wearing the same shade of soft pink since 1989. Doesn’t she get sick of it? Essie’s shade called Ballet Slippers is said to be the Queen’s favorite. Although this is a huge trend among modern-day celebrities, the royal ladies must avoid it at all costs.

The protocol requires them to look natural and never overdone, so using blush is more than enough. No matter how long an event is, if it’s held outdoors or if it requires physical activity, royal women are forbidden to touch-up their makeup in public because it’s not considered classy. And finally, the hairstyle each woman of the royal family chooses must be approved by a special committee. They must always be simple, polished, and flattering. In addition, they also have regular hair appointments to keep their hair looking perfect because unhealthy hair is never an option. They must also trim their hair frequently, avoid major changes to their look, and regularly dye unwanted grey hairs. Pretty strict, right?

Meghan Markle’s Ex-Husband Finally Moved On

Meghan Markle‘s ex-husband and his new wife are expecting their first baby.

Trevor Engelson, who used to be married to the Duchess of Sussex from 2011 to 2013, confirmed this news on his Instagram account on Wednesday.

The 43-year-old posted a photo of his second wife, Tracey Kurland, 33, displaying her baby bump, sharing that they are having a baby girl in September.

In the picture, the couple wore face masks as he was putting a hand on her bump.


Proud father-to-be Trevor captioned the photo: “Future mother of the year and girl dad way outta his league! Best thing I’ve ever produced hands down.

“Baby girl, So excited to meet you in September.”

He announced his engagement to Tracey, an heiress, only two weeks after Markle married Prince Harry in 2018.

They got married in a gorgeous ceremony at the Rosewood Miramar Beach resort in Montecito, California.

Meghan and Trevor began their relationship in 2004 before she became famous in Suits.

Trevor owns a production company called Underground and produced films such as Robert Pattinson’s ‘Remember Me’, which Markle starred in.

Apparently, Meghan’s sudden rise to fame contributed to the end of their love story.

The actress was filming Suits in Toronto, Canada, while he stayed at their home in Los Angeles.

Markle started dating Prince Harry in 2016, and they were married in 2018 before they welcomed their first son Archie in May last year.

Also, last month the couple officially stepped down as senior royals after they moved to Los Angeles.

Half-sister of Prince Harry and Prince William – Who is Laura Lopes?

There is no doubt that the royal family of Great Britain is the most interesting monarchical family at the moment in the world. In recent months, the media has been intensely interested about members of this family. About a year ago, the birth of Prince Archie Harrison was of great interest to all media, as well as previous preparation for his birth. After that, the news that shocked the whole world was about the abandonment of duties and royal functions by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Let’s be honest, no one expected it.

However, the coronavirus pandemic has overshadowed all of this and has become a major issue. But, a departure from royal roles and duties has made us recall a member of the royal family who may fill their place. It’s Prince Harry’s and Prince William’s sister. While this may be just speculation, we believe that it is very possible for this lady to assume certain royal duties in the near future. However, since she does not appear as much in the media as many of her family members do, we believe you don’t know much about her.

Below you can read what her name is and what she is currently dealing with.

Half-sister of Prince Harry and Prince William-Who is Laura Lopes?

So, the name of Prince Harry and Prince William’s half-sister is Laura Rose Lopes. Her mother is Camilla Parker Bowles, which means that her father, Andrew Parker Bowles, is the first husband of the Duchess of Cornwall. When Camilla married Prince Charles in 2005, Laura became his half-daughter. Like we said, she doesn’t appear too much in the media, at least not as much as her half-brothers.

However, royal family fans probably know that she was born on January 1, in 1978. Also, Laura has a brother named Tom Parker Bowles. He is a food critic. 42-year-old Laura Lopes has been married to Harry Lopes since 2006 and the couple has three children, Eliza, Louis and Gus.

We mentioned that her brother Tom is a food critic and is quite successful, but not so much is written about him. Laura, on the other hand, is an art curator and has already successfully managed several art galleries. According to some sources, she even has her own gallery located in London.

So, as successful in her job, Laura proved that she might at some point replace Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Of course, if this is necessary and if Queen Elizabeth decides to grant her royal duties. Therefore, we will see if something like that going to happen.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry go Hiking in LA During Coronavirus Pandemic

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been photographed out hiking in a rare public outing in LA during the city’s lockdown.

The outgoing couple sported color-coordinated blue bandannas over their faces so they would be protected against coronavirus while walking two dogs in the city, which is now their home.

Harry and Meghan had settled in Canada in an £11 million Vancouver Island bolthole after they left the royal family.

However, they relocated to California, near Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland.

Markle can be seen holding a bottle of hand sanitizer as she and her husband walked with beagle, Guy, and black labrador, Oz.

They both had face coverings in line with the Californian regulations.

At one point, the beagle became overwhelmed in the sunshine city’s heat, so Meghan had to pick it up and carry it.

Harry and Meghan left Archie at home as they took an outing at a local path.

Harry, 35, wore a baseball cap, sunglasses, a t-shirt, while Meghan, 38, was dressed casually in a t-shirt, white trousers, and trainers. She also carried her iPhone with a gold case.

A source said: “Harry and Meghan seemed in very good spirits and the dogs were clearly over the moon to be out and about.

“They were hiking for over an hour, and when they got back to the car, the dogs looked exhausted.

“Meghan even had to carry the beagle back because he was so worn out from the heat. There was one security guard with them during the hike.”

The couple put their pets into the boot of a silver Kia car before they headed home.

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