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How to Find a Good Online Doctor 2020

Thanks to advanced technology, the things in the medical industry have changed a lot. We are not talking here about the improvement of equipment. Indeed, many ambulances have high-quality gadgets that can help people to defeat different diseases. Yet, here we talk about something else.

Internet technology allowed people to communicate with doctors differently. You do not have to spend hours in the waiting room. Now, you can do everything from the comfort of your room. There are two things that you need to have to visit an online doctor. Those two things are a stable Wi-Fi connection and a good camera. However, we are sure that most of the people already have these two things.


Indeed, the number of online doctors started to grow. Yet, are all of them equally good?

Your health needs to be your main priority. If you are not feeling well for some reason, then you should know how to find a good online doctor. There are a couple of steps that you need to go through to find the right one.

However, before we start, there is one thing that we need to say. For some things, you will truly need to visit a doctor in-person. Some health issues require medical treatment which you won’t be able to get online, right? Collaborate with online doctors only when you feel that there is no need to spend hours sitting in the waiting room.

Now, let’s start with the steps.

  • Go to Google


Okay, we will start with a basic piece of advice. The best place to look for an online doctor is Google. Type some phrases such as “best online doctors” or “online doctor for me” and see which results you will have.

Still, there is one reason why we mentioned this step. Many people do that, click on the first link, and they immediately contact the doctor. That’s not the point of this sort of research. You need to do an in-depth analysis before you hire someone. Because of that, the next steps are even more important.

  • Explore Telemedicine Jargons


Before you continue the research, it is necessary to understand what you are looking for.Telemedicine or online medicine uses some unique terms and phrases. Some people will not clearly understand the content of online doctors. Because of that, we suggest you find a glossary or do basic Google research on unfamiliar jargon. That will make your research a lot more effective.

  • Research the Doctor


As we said, researching a current doctor is crucial. Fortunately, you can now do the entire research with only a couple of clicks. Yet, people are not sure which things they need to research. That’s something you will find out now.

  • Check the Doctor’s Credentials


You probably know that each doctor needs to possess a board certification that is managed by the government. We are sad that we need to say this, but many doctors work illegally. Despite that, a lot of them will represent themselves as professionals for an area that is not their expertise. Just because they are doctors, that doesn’t mean they are experts for everything.

Fortunately, these things are easy for research. There is a website under the name where you can check the credentials of each doctor. You need to type the doctor’s name and the address of their practice.

Of course, you can do that directly. When you contact the online doctor, ask him to send you a copy of his credentials on your email.

  • Check the Law of Your State


Many states in the US indeed support online doctors. Yet, not all of them have unlimited possibilities. Some of them do not have the right to give you all types of prescriptions. All these pieces of information you can find in law.

  • Check Their Website


In the world of modern technology, almost everything is transparent. You can find out many things by just checking the website of the doctor. More precisely, you should focus your research on the reviews of the previous patients. Despite that, you can see the reviews of previous clients on Google as well. If the number of negative reviews is huge, then you should skip the doctor and look for another one. Yet, if the reviews are not visible, then keep in mind that something is wrong.

Still, the positive and negative reviews can sometimes trick people. That’s why the next step is even more important.

  • Find Objective and Independent Sources


Positive and negative reviews are not the main element that you should follow. There is a good reason why we say this. For instance, you should know that the competition in this field is huge. Because of that, online doctors use different ways to defeat their competitors. Some of them are not quite honest. That’s why they can organize a “negative review attack”. They can send people that have never been patients of a certain online ambulance to write negative reviews. Things can also go in a completely different direction. The online doctor can make fake positive reviews as well.

Anyway, because of these reasons, you should find an independent source to confirm the credibility of certain online doctors. There are some websites such as BetterDoctor or Healthgrades where you can see verified reviews given by professionals.

Despite that, if you know someone that has been a client of a certain online doctor, talk with him. See if that person was satisfied with the services that those doctors offered.

  • Be Careful with Alternative Medicine


We will leave to experts in this field to discuss this topic. Some people claim that alternative medicine is a complete mistake, while others believe that formal medicine is nothing more than a scam.

Still, some supporters of alternative medicine are offering completely wrong approaches. They use some treatments that are not scientifically proven. These people can only hurt your health even more.

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We are sure that many online doctors will completely satisfy your expectations. This industry improved drastically and many online doctors understand the needs of their potential patients. Yet, there is one that we would want to suggest. Our recommendation is to visit Yourdoctors.Online and check which services they offer. Their doctors are experts in different fields of medicine.

10 Most Common Flexible Metal Hose Applications

Today there are many types of metal hoses available in the market. Each of these metal hoses has its own unique applications. However, there are some situations that a solid metal or plastic metal hose cannot offer much-needed functionality. This is where flexible metal hoses come in. These metals actually have combined features that make them serve the purpose that ordinary metal hoses could perform and at the same time offer the same flexibility that plastic hoses could offer.

One of the questions we usually get is when flexible metal hoses should be used and what their main applications are. Today, we are going to state the ten most common applications of this type of metal hose. In most of the cases, metal hoses are used when no other type of hose can be used. This means they should be used as the last resort. The decision on what type of hose to use will depend on the application you intend to use it on.

Transporting steam and other hot solutions

Flexible metal hoses are able to endure temperature extremes whether extreme cold or extreme hotness. This is the reason why it’s considered in temperature extremes. So if the temperatures of the media you want to pass are extreme or even the temperatures of the areas you are going to pass this media are extreme, you should consider flexible metal hoses.

Transporting chemicals

The second application of this type of metal hose is the transport of chemicals. The fact is that flexible metal hoses can handle a wide variety of chemicals. If you are thinking that the hoses will be exposed to aggressive chemicals whether internally or externally, consider flexible metal hoses. These metals exhibit extreme resistance and will not be easily corroded by any of these chemicals.

Transporting gas

Plastic and many other types of hoses raise permeation concerns. This is the ability of the gas to escape to the atmosphere through the walls of the hoses. The best decision to take in this case is to consider flexible metal hoses for transporting gases. The main reason being metal hoses don’t allow permeation but only when they are fabricated the right way.

Moving chemicals, water, gas or other solutions in areas with high catastrophic risks

Many companies will also consider this type of metal hoses for transporting chemicals, petroleum, gases, and many other substances in high-risk areas. The main reason is that these metal hoses are strong, possess other features such as corrosion resistance, and can expand and contract even on areas that have large cracks. If a sudden catastrophic even occurs unexpectedly, there will be fewer worries.

Abrasion and over bending apprehensions

If you have wanted to reduce cases of abrasion and over bending, then flexible metal hoses are your perfect match. With that in mind, it’s supposed to reduce any risks of such worries.

To reduce fire anxieties

Many types of hoses that companies and individuals previously used pose the risk of fire. In most instances, these hoses will melt when they are exposed to the fire which is not the case with flexible metal hoses.

In areas that require little maintenance

The use of metal hoses is advantageous in areas that require little maintenance. While many hoses will collapse with time and reduce the size of the vacuum, flexible metal hoses will maintain a full vacuum for a long time. They are stronger and also have the ability to handle a full spectrum.

Use in the Petroleum industry

In the Petroleum industry, metal hoses are used for connections on cracking units. It is also used in gas and oil burners because it can withstand extreme heat. It’s also very easy to find them used in petroleum transportation from the tank to the station.

Power generation industry

Flexible metal hoses are found in many areas, especially those that employ steam or combustion. In this case, they are used to counter the effects of temperatures and also to transport fuel and heated air. You are likely to find them also in vehicles and other big machines. Usually, a bulk metal needed for projects like this come from metal manufacturers like Aero-Flex.

Use in the heating, ventilation and conditioning systems

These hoses are used in high-rise buildings and in factories. You can easily spot them used as pump connections because they can withstand heat and expansion when in use. They are also perfect because of their corrosion resistance.

Use in the chemical and medical industry

The flexible hose pipes are very strong and can withstand aggressive chemicals which is the reason why they are used to move corrosive solutions such as acids and other chemicals around a laboratory or in other areas. You don’t have to worry about the loss of power due to poor piping because these pipes possess all the needed features

Medical device security conference to emphasize the need for proactive cybersecurity

The US is starting 2019 with unprecedented threat levels in cybersecurity. Some argue that the government shutdown is not helping to reduce that. It is therefore that the 2019 Archimedes Medical Device Security 101 Conference held in Orlando Florida will take place under a completely different set of circumstances. With a plethora of reasons for increased threat levels, as discussed below, the medical industry is undoubtedly one of the most critical and sensitive industries to pay attention to.

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How healthcare providers are taking action:

It is well-known that medical devices can easily be hacked in an interconnected world, whether from actors abroad or locally in the US. This is significant not just because of personal data – but due to the very fact that it can lead to the loss of life. Recently, in an industry briefing, Christian Espinosa, the CEO of Alpine Security, stated the following: “For various reasons, not limited to the shutdown, the US government may operate at unpredictable levels this year. This is yet another reason why cybersecurity for private healthcare providers is now a key priority”. Alpine Security is also a significant sponsor of the annual Archimedes Medical Device Security conference, alongside large corporations like PWC. Sponsors seek to raise awareness and reassure stakeholders that good countermeasures can be adopted.

Through a variety of actions, ranging from budget approvals to cybersecurity training, system engineering, and penetration testing, multiple stakeholders are acting to tackle cybersecurity issues in medicine. These include Chief information security officers, Directors of product engineering, System engineers, VPs of global product security, IT security managers, Physicians, Chairs of medical device security standards bodies, Security researchers – and Front-line engineers from clinical facilities. Suddenly, the tendency is for cybersecurity become one of the highest paid jobs in America, as the industry commits the necessary resources.

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The backdrop of cybersecurity threat levels:

To consider “what could go wrong” is a common question. IBM recently asserted that on average, a data breach costs $3.86 million, given that the average value per record is $148. Yet not everything is measured in monetary terms: there are issues of national security at stake, key infrastructure such as the power grid – and then, sensitive industries such as medical and self-driving cars, where death is a very real risk.

The increased likelihood of cybersecurity problems occurring is the real issue at stake. Whereas previously, external actors may have simply looked to gain access to information: such as patents, technology transfer, and data that could be used for the purpose of cyberextortion, we now face a different landscape. The threat levels really evolved to the point where malicious actors may have the intention to inflict damage to critical infrastructure, loss of life – and indeed, the chaos that could damage the reputation of other countries, especially the US. Why? Because countries who are affected by trade wars and sanctions, realize an economic detriment – and are looking for ways to retaliate. Such countries may be unlikely to differentiate between government and corporate IT infrastructure, as they see corporations as a source of revenue for governments.

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Prominent speakers at the 2019 Archimedes event:

A good indication that the medical industry is taking cybersecurity seriously, is the participating medical organizations. For example, notable key speakers will include Dr. Christian Dameff, Emergency Medicine Physician and Researcher at UCSD, Dr. Suraj Kapa who is a Cardiologist at Mayo Clinic, Dr. Seth Carmody, the Cybersecurity Program Manager at the FDA, and Colin Morgan, Director of Product Security at Johnson & Johnson.


Whether or not governments around the world increase trade tensions, we live in an environment where too many actors can be underhanded, for too many reasons. Industries are not at the late stages of this phenomenon, but rather at the beginning. Organizations that have the best interests of their patients at heart, will no doubt need to demonstrate leadership in the area of cybersecurity.