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What Happens in Episode 21 (Season 7) of The Curse of Oak Island?

The famous history TV series The Curse of Oak Island has been intriguing the audience ever since it started airing. Throughout the seven seasons people could see the perfect balance between adventure, history and nature. Moreover, the constant investigation and willingness to succeed is one of the main qualities of the whole team who works on finding the hidden treasure.

When it comes to the seventh season, it seems that things are just starting to heat up. The team believes that they have managed to find a swamp which is man-made. Therefore, they think that this swamp will lead them to the treasure. This important discovery is apparently a huge step in the whole investigation. The situation is getting even more dramatic because now the team is fighting against the time. In other words, they have to do as much as possible now, since the winter is coming and their operations will be stopped. So, things are getting more dramatic than ever.


When and where can you watch the new episode of this show?

“A Leaf of Faith” is the title of The Curse of Oak Island’s new episode. It was announced that it will air on Tuesday, April 14, 2020, at 9/8c on the History Channel.

When it comes to watching the premiere, the best option for you is to have a cable connection. However, you can watch it even without one. All you have to do is visit History Channel site and you can watch all episodes there.

If you use Hulu platform, you can find six seasons of this show there. The seventh season will be available for watching once its airing is over on History Channel.

Also, Amazon offers you to buy episodes, so you can watch them in this way as well.

What happened in the previous episode of The Curse of Oak Island?

The new discovery which was presented in this episode was described as ‘spooky and spookier’ by Marty Lagina. What happens is that the team finds what they believe is the ‘original’ wood. This wood is believed to have been used in the traps in the Money Pit. This belief was confirmed by the blacksmith, Carmen Laggae.

One of the most interesting things about the wood is the notion that it was actually part of a construction which was used in order to trap the searchers. Therefore, it was used as a protection of the treasure.

The situation becomes even more fascinating once the team finds a part of the iron hinge. According to the team, this object might have been used in order to seal the treasure boxes. As we could see in Episode 20 of the 7th Season, the team is one step closer to finding the treasure. This step is an important turn in the whole investigation. Nevertheless, the team must not get carried away, since they have to plan the next steps rationally due to the fact that winter is approaching and they are running out of time.

The new course of events leads team to believe that they are closer than ever to the treasure and that by-no-means should they give up now.

Join in on April 14, 2020, at 9/8c to see how the discovery unfolds as the team proceeds with their investigation.

Marty Lagina Net Worth 2020 – Biography and Career

Marty Lagina is famous for being the part of the crew of the reality TV show ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ on History Channel, but he is also a businessman and a vineyard owner. We can say that he is a very mysterious character because there isn’t any information about him on the internet, but we are going to talk about his net worth in 2019.

Early Life

Marty Lagina was born and raised in Kingsford, Michigan. But the details about his birth date are not available. Another thing that we can be certain about is the information about his schooling. There is no information about the high school or the university where Marty went.

Earlier in his life, he was an engineer, and that was his career. But then he joined his brother Rick with his idea of a show that is now known as ‘The Curse of Oak Island’.
Marty Lagina is married for decades with Olivia Lagina and they have two children Alex and Maddie. His son Alex went on his father footsteps and became an engineer. And other family members are involved in their family business of Mari Vineyards.

Marty Lagina’s Career

Marty was first an engineer and he had a career in the energy business. But when his brother Rick presented him the idea of a show that is now known as ‘The Curse of Oak Island’, after he got the support from Prometheus Entertainment, Marty decided to work with his brother. The two of them started the show and the show became very interesting and very popular. Brother also became popular on a national level and they’ve started earning money from it. His brother was one that was obsessed about treasure hunt and he got the idea for this one once he read about a supposed treasure on Oak Island in the issue of Reader’s Digest. The article was about a mysterious treasure that is buried somewhere on Oak Island. They’ve got the support from the production and they got on their treasure hunt. The Oak Island is an island on the shore of Nova Scotia, in Canada. They’ve got the access to the island and now they own most of the island. Their life is all about finding that treasure. They have a team of experts that are helping them find it.

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Marty’s brother Rick is all in the treasure hunt business, but Marty has also another business. He has a vineyard in Michigan, that is called Mari Vineyards. His business is very successful because he managed to grow a specific kind of grapes that you can’t find anywhere in Michigan. His vineyard produces several red vine options and they are distributed all across the country.

Awards and Achievements

Marty Lagina is well known and respected in many industries and business lines. He is very successful in every point of his business life. He is successful with the show and is very famous all across the world because of it. His vineyard business is going really well. And his first energy business was also very successful when he sold it before he started the treasure hunt show with his brother. Now he has another energy company called Heritage Sustainable that is probably going to be the largest producer of wind energy in Michigan because they are currently trying to produce 60 turbines.

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Marty Lagina’s Net Worth

When it comes to Marty, he is a jack of all trades. He was an engineer, he had his first energy business, then another one. He managed to make a great vineyard business and he is a popular reality TV show star. His company is on a path to become the number one producer of wind energy in Michigan, his vineyard business is growing producing great quality grapes and red wines and he is getting more popular every day with his role in the reality TV show ‘The Curse of Oak Island’. His current net worth is $100 million.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 6 Episode 22 – Lost and Founding

The creators of The Curse of Oak Island have packed several exciting discoveries into the season finale. The episode starts at Dave Blankenship’s house when the crew comes to consult with Dave. In an effort to solve the Oak Island mystery that has baffled explorers for 223 years, brothers Rick and Marty Lagina have discovered that the slipway built in Smith’s cove dates back to 1769, 25 years before the Money Pit was dug out. To do this, they send log samples to the University of Saskatchewan and their expert on dendrochronology, who was able to date the samples with 99.99% of accuracy.


Lagina brothers and their crew have spent months digging in Smith’s cove, trying to find out more about the stone tunnels that connect the ocean to the Money Pit but have found several man made objects instead.

After the meeting with Dan, Rick and Marty returned to Smith’s cove, where the rest of the team was busy digging. With winter fast approaching and less than a week before they have to shut down until spring, the crew is frantic about getting some answers before they wrap things up for this season. On top of that, their permits are expiring, and the entire team is exhausted. As they plow on, the team discovers another structure, made of wooden boards and packed with clay. They can’t discern the purpose of this wall and so they decide to follow it and see where it leads them. As the day ends with them no closer to a solution, experts from Eagle Canada finish their preparation for the exploration of the ground beneath the triangular swamp. By using seismic testing, they hope to find any large structures that may be hidden below the swamp. To that purpose, they have placed 2,000 explosive charges in regular intervals across the area and they are ready to start measuring the results of those explosions. Each charge consists of 20 grams of dynamite and the resulting echo is captured with geophone recorders. Marty is certain that there is some large structure below them and Eagle Canada is confident that their technology can discover it.


The next day begins with a meeting in the war room. The meeting reveals some exciting new evidence suggesting that French who have been on Oak Island are connected with Knight Templars. Not only that, but there is a clear connection between the son of the French admiral who led the expedition to Nova Scotia in 1746 and Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin. The team speculates that if the French told the Founding Fathers about the treasure, some of it could have been used to finance the American Revolution.

That theory would also explain the origin of the treasury, connecting it to feeling Templars who could have escaped to the New World from the French king Philip IV who disbanded them in the 13th century.


Another thing that seemingly connects Founding Fathers with Oak Island is a carving found on a stone resembling the Appeal to Heaven flag created by George Washington.

In the meantime, Eagle Canada has finished its seismic survey, but the team will have to wait six weeks for the data to be processed and the final report created.

The team digging in Smith’s cove continues to discover mysterious structures, and they can’t decide who made them, the people who made the Money Pit or earlier treasure hunters in an effort to block seawater from entering Money Pit. The unfortunate reality is that there is simply no time to dig further, as winter is upon them.


One final meeting is called in the war room to hash out everything they did and discovered, especially in Smith’s Cove. The team is trying to determine if there enough evidence to justify the continuation of the hunt. One key evidence is the timber dating, which sets it in 1769, but they can’t decide whether the structure was made by treasure hunters or treasure depositors. Majority of the team agrees that there is still something worth looking for on Oak Island, but the one dissident voice is Marty Lagina. He isn’t totally convinced and is mulling over pulling the plug on the entire operation. In the end, the majority view prevails and the team goes to the winter breaks with plans to return in the summer.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 6 Episode 21 Recap


‘The Curse of Oak Island’ season 6 episode 21 aired last night and it was titled ‘Seismic Matters.’ In case you missed the episode, we’ve got your back! Here is a quick recap of everything that happened in the penultimate episode of the sixth season.

The team has only two weeks to go before they leave the island for the winter, but there is no activity whatsoever at the Money Pit area. However, the excavation in Smith’s Cove continues. In the War Room, Rick and Craig are meeting with Marty via a video conference in order to make some important decisions. So, they agree that they have to make sure they have searched the swamp properly and finish Smith’s Cove.


Back at Smith’s Cove, the rest of the team continues the excavation and they discover another possible shaft. Hence, it is very likely that the Laginas and their team have to make a breakthrough discovery.

So, Rick Lagina and Craig Tester alongside other members of the team meet Chris Donah, a researcher, and Oak Island, theorist. Chris was the one who contacted Rick regarding the mysterious triangle shape swamp. The newest research considering the upcoming seismic test could prove very valuable for their excavation. He shares his belief that constellation Virgo is a map revealing the Oak Island treasure. He connects the meaning to Freemasons and FDR.

The team heads to the swamp for some seismic testing. Hence, they drain the swamp and lay out a sheet of plywood. Then, they place 2025 charges and they detonate few of them. Gary performs some metal detecting of the swamp spoils and discovers a button, which they believe is over 300 years old and a possible coin.

The rest of the team is at Smith’s Cove together with Terry Matheson, a geologist, and Liard Niven, an archeologist. While excavating beneath the beach there, Alex Lagina and the rest of the team have just made what could be an important discovery. They believe they are very close to the convergence point.

As the day comes to an end, the team gathers for an important meeting in the War Room. They receive great news about the slipway. Rick and Marty Lagina and their team reveal that some of the mysterious wooden structures at Smith’s Cover were built decades before the original discovery of the Money Pit. The news offers an extraordinary breakthrough and it means that all of the money and work invested was not done in vain.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 6 Episode 21 – What to Expect?


The fans are both impatient and eager to see what would happen in the latest, i.e. 21st season of The Curse of Oak Island. The entire team, which is headed by Marty and Rick Lagina, has been working diligently in order to prepare this episode which takes place on an island that ha 57 hectares and which is private ownership. The island is situated in Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia. A lot of items have been discovered, and it is questioned whether the treasure has been found.

War Room

This is the place where Rick Lagina, Marty Lagina, and Craig Tester have been discussing what is going on and what to do since there has been a problem with crane operators who have made the decision to stop workings so that they can have their payments increased. Despite this, the tri has made a decision to continue with working since it may happen that the strike may last even up to three weeks.

Wooden structure

During their excavations and investigations, they have discovered a structure made of wood and they believe that this is probably the part of an old tunnel that was used as a flood system. They have also been considering that this may be the reason why the previous flood at Money Pit has been stopped. All this may show them the way to Money Pit shaft.

James McQuiston

He is a very important figure and he has been introduced by Rick in E20. He is an expert on the Knights Templar, and, apart from this, he is also a historian and he also writes and researches. According to him, it may happen that there are 500K USD hidden and buried somewhere on the island.

Winter season

Both Marty and Rick on one side and the audience on the other side are aware that winter season is near and all of them are aware that the works are to be done much faster. Why? Well, their doings and activities may be obstructed when the adverse weather comes.

The latest episode would be broadcast on the 16th of April at 9 p.m. on History Channel. It would be also available for watching on the app of this channel.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 6 Episode 20 Recap

The Curse of Oak Island season 6 episode 20 aired yesterday and was titled ‘Short Days and Tall Knights.’ As winter is coming and days are getting shorter, the Lagina brothers and their team are short of time. However, if you didn’t get the chance to see the latest episode, keep reading. Let’s see what happened in season 6 episode 20 of ‘The Curse of Oak Island.’

The episode starts with a tense and critical moment as Rick and Marty Lagina and their partner Craig Tester have called an important meeting in the War Room. The reason for this meeting was to discuss a troubling new development. The crane operators went on strike in an effort to secure higher wages which means that the team cannot dig. Hence, they have to decide how to make the best use of the time they have left, especially if the strike last for three weeks. Therefore, they decide to continue working at Smith’s Cove and deal with all the facts they have.

A wooded structure was discovered at Smith’s Cove two days ago and they continue excavating around it. The team believes that it might be somehow connected with the flood tunnel system. The Lagina brothers believe that this structure was made to stop the flood at the Money Pit. Could this old wooden shaft have been dug by the legendary searcher, Robert Restall, more than 50 years ago? Could this lead them to the original Money Pit shaft?

Later that day, Gary Drayton and Jack Begley head to the island’s western shore to an area known as Lot 1. They are hoping to find more artifacts similar to the gold broch. Gary and Jack discovered old pottery which has the same blue color that was found in the Money Pit. Moreover, as they continue searching, they discover a military button, just like the one they found in the Money Pit two years ago.

In the War Room, Rick Lagina and the other team members welcome an important visitor, James McQuiston. James is an author, researcher, and historian who specializes in stories which connect the legendary Knights Templar to their possible history in North America. He shares his beliefs that the Knights Templar came to Nova Scotia, especially New Ross. He claims that there might be about half a million dollars buried on the island. James has helped the team understand more and connect one fact with another fact.

Hence, the day after the meeting Marty and Gary Drayton go to lot 16 in order to follow up on possible new connections. They decide to investigate a recently discovered stone well located near the Money Pit. They remove the cap of the well and scan the inside of it using a metal detector. They get a strong sound and a new possibility appears of what could have been buried there.


Marty Lagina and Gary Drayton continue the next day working on that spot. They unearth a piece of decorated leather. Could this piece be connected with the other artifacts discovered and could they all be connected to the Knights Templar?

Marty and Gary have decided to stop their excavation for now in order to develop a new strategy which will allow them to conduct a more thorough search. Then, the Lagina brothers go to Smith’s Cove with Laird Niven to apply a scientific method in order to determine the age of the wooden structures which have recently been found.

We are all eager to find out what will the test discover, while the team is very hopeful to put closure to their efforts.

The Curse Of Oak Island Season 6 Episode 19: Will The Team Discover Something Big Right Before Winter Break?


Next week the new episode of The Curse of Oak Island will be aired. It is an episode from the 6th season of the show, and it is titled Striking Distance. The show’s previous episode titled Heavy Metal showed viewers several operations on finding treasures hidden on the island. In the 19th episode, Lagina brothers will be digging in Smith’s Cove. Rick and Marty Lagina wish to speed up the exploring.

„With the days getting shorter and only a few weeks remaining before the fellowship must suspend operations for the winter, the team is determined to excavate under the giant crane pad in Smith’s Cove,“ is what official synopsis for The Curse of Oak Island Season 6 Episode 19 reads.

The winter weather will make the team suspend their operations. It is very important to keep the excavated areas dry, and the importance comes from safety. That won’t be possible during the winter season, so Lagina brothers agreed that maintaining safety is more important than continuing the excavation-work.

Once they get permission to leave the dam standing, the team plans on dismantling the wooden crane pad. They discovered a handcrafted oak timber. It is believed that those are the debris from the tunnel collapse.

On 2nd April, on History Channel, The Curse of Oak Island Season 6 Episode 19 will air.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 6 Episode 3 Recap


Oak Island has been hiding a treasure for more than 200 years. So far, the Lagina brothers have found a stone slab strange symbols carved into it, mysterious fragments of human bone and a cross,which origin may stretch back to the days of the Knights Templar.

To date, six men have died trying to solve the mystery and according to legend 7 people have to die so that the treasure can be found. It is a day of great anticipation for brothers Rick and Marty Lagina and the other members of their Oak Island team. In case you missed the new episode, here is what happened!

The Cofferdam Construction

It was the first day in the construction of an enormous 525-foot long cofferdam at Smith’s Cove, one of the most intriguing and mysterious places on the island.It would just gradually start coming together over the next couple of days. When completed, the confer dam will effectively wall off ocean water to the comb.


Using a powerful hydraulic hammer approximately 120 interlocking steel sheets will be driven some 25 feet into the ground this will allow the water to be drained and then the entire area searched for important clues. And these are the clues that might help the Laginas solve a two hundred and twenty three-year-old treasure mystery. It may also help them locate an elaborate system of booby-trapped flood tunnels that afforded searchers from exploring the so-called honey pen, located some 170 yards away.

“Every time Smith’s Cove has been searched in the past it’s been just an earthen cofferdam more or less similar to the bladder system we used last year. And there’s so much seepage under there through the sands and the gravel and whatever underneath there that was working in constant flooding. So this time we’re gonna drive sheet piling no 23 feet and interlock it that should stop the bulk of the water, “said Marty Lagina.

What is realistically the closest timeframe to when we start being able to dig an excavated Smith’s Cove?This is one of the questions raised and answered by the team. One of the members said: “This year, we’re anticipating about three weeks work from the time we started today until we can probably turn it over doodles right on schedule basically and then we can get started and see if there’s anything else hiding down in Smith’s Cove”

Journey that would pay off


As the team from Irving Equipment Limited continues with their operation at Smith’s Cove brothers Rick and Marty Lagina along with Craig Tester, Dave Blankenship and Charles Barkhouse are travelling some 2,300 miles west of Oak Island to the City of Calgary in Alberta, Canada.

They are on their way to the headquarters of Eagle Canada, a geophysical exploration company which over the past two weeks has conducted a major seismic imaging scan of the money pit site. This revolutionary process involves the detonation of literally hundreds of explosive dynamite charges. These charges send powerful shockwaves down into the earth which are then measured and recorded, allowing for the creation of a virtual three-dimensional map which in turn could reveal the precise location of everything from old searcher tunnels and booby traps to underground treasure vaults.

Included in the seismic scanning operation was another search area known as the mega bin located some 600 feet north of the money pit site. It was here in the early 1970s that veteran treasure hunter Dan Blankenship and his company, the Triton Alliance drilled some 40 exploratory bore holes searching for tunnels that Dan believed were connected to the money pit.

“We’re going to get a look at the seismic results which were very excited to see,” said Marty, while Rick added: “I do have high hopes for them being able to see vertical structures. We have our own little version of what that might be. You know, mental image of what that might be but in any event this is the first time we might get some scientific imaging of what’s going on under growling both at the money pit and over there on the hillside.”
When Jeremy started showing the results, the entire team was sitting at the edge of their seats: “There’s your megabit right there,” he said.“This is definitely the largest anomaly in this data set so far. It’s roughly 50 meters long so you’re in 150 to 175-foot length. The distance between the top and the base is 7 to 12 feet.”
“What’s interesting is things are draping on top of it so it is a confident structure whatever it is,” Jeremy pointed out. He was asked whether that was consistent with a chamber with a roof and a floor. And his answer was positive.

Anmind-boggling discovery

A 175 foot chamber located at a depth of approximately 50 feet – it sound weird, don’t you think? Could this discovery finally be the proof the Laginas and generations of other treasure hunters have been trying to find for more than two centuries? The man-made structures really do exist beneath the surface of Oak Island. This was something the Laginas have been searching for years. It is a breakthrough discovery.

A large void low at a depth of 160 to 170 feet and adjacent to the c1 and h8 bore holes that Rick and Marty dug in the money pit? “That’s where a lot of odd stuff came out of!” said Rick.

The Oak Island team found compelling evidence of what they believed to be the so-called Chappell vault, the 7-foot tall wooden box first discovered by William Chappell and Frederick Blair in 1897. It was while searching the spoils from this same hole that the team also made a number of incredible discoveries, including pottery bits of parchment and leather bookbinding and even pieces of human bones, which when tested or determined to be the remains of two individuals one from Europe and the other from the Middle East. Each was estimated to be more than 400 years old.
Unfortunately when the team attempted to penetrate the suspected vault with a 60 inch wide drill the object was pushed into muddy ground. Could this large chamber located near the h8 shaft be were the elusive Chappell vault is now located?

“If it is real it could answer a lot of stuff it could explain where we pushed that vault down to, you know, if there’s a cavity over there that has been breached then maybe that’s where the stuff went. Maybe it is the bottom of the old money pit,” confirmed the Laginas.

Forming a New Strategy


In Alberta, Canada brothers Rick and Marty Lagina along with members of the Oak Island team have just been given the startling information that seismic scanning has revealed the existence of underground points in the money pit area, voids that appear to surround the borehole known as H8.

A flood tunnel located at a depth of approximately 100 is what they believe they have come across. They started discussing what the best way was to use the data but one thing was for sure – they were ready to explore.
While Rick Marty and members of the team eagerly make their way back to Oak Island Jack Begley, Gary Drayton and area geophysicist Mike West head to the beach on lot 26 located upon the island’s South West Shore. They have come here in hopes of finding historical artifacts like the gold covered brooch Gary and Rick Lagina discovered just one week ago and which was estimated to be as much as 700 years old.
They covered the ground with metal detectors which had different characteristics and therefore, they made a detailed search.

A Bit of History

During the American Revolution in 1783, Captain James Anderson was a privateer who pledged his allegiance to the United States. However, after being given command of his own ship called the Betsy he became a spy for the British and fled the US taking his ship and the valuable cargo it was carrying with him. Facing charges of treason levied by then-governor Virginia Thomas Jefferson Anderson escaped to Nova Scotia where he purchased lot 26 on Oak Island.

Back to it!

To assist them in their search Mike will use a metal detecting device known as the E/M 61. Unlike conventional metal detectors which are generally limited to an average scanning depth of between one and three feet, the E/M 61 is equipped with powerful transmitter and receiver coils allowing it to sense metal objects buried up to 20 feet deep underground. It also features a GPS device which will allow the team to record the exact location of any targets too deep to be dug up by hand.

And what they found was a spike.The spike was believed to date back to 1700s and it came from the ship. Could have been part of a dock or boat slip once used by Captain James Anderson? But that was not all they found…
They have also come across a hook.The hook used for unloading cargo from ships and found on land once owned by the 18th century pirate captain James Anderson!


The James Anderson Recall

Last year, members of the Oak Island team traveled to the home of Steve Atkinson a direct descendant of James Anderson where they were shown one of the infamous Buccaneers. Just in addition to the chest was a ring of four mysterious keys.Could the hook that the team has just found on lot 26 be evidence that at least one of the legends concerning Captain James Anderson is true? Was the potential treasure from the ship buried all over the island?

The Meeting

As another Sun sets on Oak Island brothers Rick and Marty lagina have called a meeting in the war room. They are eager to share with their team the incredible results of the seismic testing that they received earlier that day from the technicians in Calgary.


Money Pit Rumors

Over the years there have been many Oak Island theorists who believe that the money pit was constructed as a decoy designed to thwart the efforts of would-be searchers and keep them from finding the actual treasure vault. It was their belief that after the money pit was done and then booby-trapped with seawater another more secret tunnel was constructed which branched off from the fabled shaft and then led to a treasure vault located safely above sea level.

“I have always felt that the theory proposed by others that the money pit was dug as deep as could be dug at the time and then there is a tunnel that goes off from it somewhere and in a relatively shallow depth that created a chamber underground. And that makes so much sense because it would be absolutely no way to find that with 300 year old technology unless you knew where it was,” said one of the brothers.

Could the shallow anomaly as indicated on the 3D seismic map and located some 600 feet north of the money pit be evidence that this incredible theory is true?Afterwards, the team designed a simple strategy and they shared the roles. Once again, everyone knew what to do, so they were on it.

Previous Smith’s Cove Excavation Attempts

In the early 1970s Oak Island treasure hunter Dan Blankenship played his own attempt to excavate Smith’s Cove and locate the flood tunnels which he hoped would lead him directly to the fabled treasure vault. Unlike Laginas, he constructed a large copper dam around Smith’s Cove made of large boulders packed with earth unfortunately harsh weather plagued his efforts. And before he could locate the flood tunnels Dan’s cofferdam was washed away but not before he made an amazing discovery.

Located just off shore and some 10 feet underground Dan found the remains of an elaborate wooden structure. Because of its unique shape Dan dubbed it the u-shaped structure although its intended purpose, as well as the identities of those who constructed it,has remained a mystery.

The Sonic Drilling

Later that day as work continues at Smith’s Cove, Rick Lagina along with his nephew Peter Fornetti, Craig Tester and other members of their team gather at the Oak Island Visitor Center.They’ve scheduled a meeting with representatives a drilling company that specializes in a process known as sonic drilling.

Unlike regular air or mud rotary drilling which uses powerful drill bits to literally grind beneath the ground,the sonic one uses vibrations to create a high-frequency sound which can literally pulverize obstacles. It has been used to extract samples of earth and objects from areas as much as five hundred feet deep.Everybody was excited to see it being put in use.

“I’ve always been against just guessing. I mean the whole point of the seismic program was to find anomalous features underground in the money pit well they’ve targeted an area that’s worth investigating and thus we’re gonna drill it,” said the Laginas, referring to the idea of scanning the ground.

Using last year’s geo-tech grid as a reference, the team has decided to dig their first hole at a location known as D6. Here, they hope to find not only a possible system of tunnels some 100 feet deep but also a 30-foot wide chamber at a depth of approximately 170 feet. It is also in this chamber that the team hopes it will locate the mysterious Chappell vault in which bits of gold and a piece of parchment was recovered more than a century ago shortly before it sank further beneath the ground.

After collecting samples at intervals of up to 10 feet, the samples are transferred into plastic sleeves for thorough inspection of any potential artifacts or treasure.And the team hopes to find interesting items. Are there any?


Why Finding Wood Matters?

While examining Spoils excavated from borehole D6 at the money pit Oak Island partner Craig Tester and geologist Terry Matheson have just made what they believe could be an important discovery.And it was wood they found! Is that a wood from a tunnel? But from which year it is? Could it be little more than the remains of a searcher tunnel one of the dozens that had been dug on the island over the years or could it be physical evidence from an original underground structure one that may have been put there centuries ago? Why the people who came to the island looking to hide an incredible treasure?

“This is the heart of that anomaly right where we’re drilling a tunnel, could be there, it could have been one of the other tunnels coming off the money pit we’ve encountered what we believe to be a tunnel in an area or we got a target based on the seismic data but we don’t know what that means it could be original work, we don’t know, and that’s what we’re trying to decipher. It’s exciting. It can’t be just a coincidence,” says Rick.

A Crossbow

The discovery of a possible tunnel directly connected to the money pit offers exciting news for the Laginas and members of their team. It means that the seismic data they received was able to accurately pinpoint the existence of a structure located some 93 feet below ground. It also means that as they continue to drill down deeper the team may also be successful at finding another critical proof- the one which they believed might contain the legendary Chappell vault. As the sonic drilling operation continues in the money pit area, Jack Begley,Gary Drayton and Mike West returned to lock 26, property that was once owned by the 18th century pirate and privateer captain James Anderson.

While searching for artifacts on lot 26 located on the island south west shore, the three of them have made a curious discovery – they found a crossbow. But the team is not quite certain how it got here. Dating back to as early as the seventh century BC the crossbow was a powerful long-range weapon and favored for its accuracyand ability to pierce through heavy armor. They were also widely used by individuals of high status throughout the militaries of medieval Europe until they were replaced in the 16th century by gunpowder firearms. Could what Gary’s identified as a possible crossbow fault really be evidence that members of the Knights Templar visited Oak Island centuries ago?

After examining it, it is believed that the crossbow dates back to the 1300s or perhaps even earlier. It was the discovery everyone love and it will motivate them for a further search.

Following a week of intriguing revelations and exciting new discoveries Rick, Marty and the Oak Island team are convinced that they are closer than ever to solving this 223-year-old mystery. When will they find the Oak Island treasure?