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Why Web Hosting Privacy Matters and 5 Places to Get It

You must worry about a myriad of things when considering web hosts.

Your privacy is one of them.

Well, depending on what you need a website for, it’s understandable if extra privacy isn’t top of your list. But who wants to leave their privacy to chance? Online privacy is an increasing concern for 53 percent of internet users worldwide.

So people are taking great strides to keep their digital residue down to a minimum.

If you read on, you’ll know why your web hosting privacy matters and five hosting providers that offer anonymous services.

Why Web Hosting Privacy Matters

According to professionals, the hosting service marketing is nearing $154 billion. Hence, it’s easier to find niche hosting providers that take your privacy needs seriously. If you need to host a simple personal blog, chances are you may prioritize design and ease of use over other features. But for users looking to remain private, that’s a different ball game.

In our digitally connected world, it only makes sense that you’d want to keep your personal information away from hackers, third-party brokers, and identity thieves.

But that’s not all there is to it. Hosting your website anonymously keeps you away from certain legal risks and limitations due to jurisdictions.

Technically, when you host your website in countries like Sweden, or Iceland with strong (and entrenched) privacy laws, you’ll be saving yourself a lot of trouble.

Another reason why web hosting privacy matters is because your government may spy on you.

Some countries’ governments make it difficult for people to air their views through:

  • Censorships
  • Regulations
  • Taxes, and
  • Criminalization

Individuals either stop running some kinds of businesses or risk jail time.

However, if you worry about leaving digital residues or hosting controversial content, you must be picky with your hosting provider.

Read on to see five hosting providers that offer you complete hosting privacy.

5 Web Hosting Providers That Offer Privacy

Some of the criteria to keep in mind when searching for anonymous hosting providers are:

  • A “no-logs” registration process. (by email alone)
  • Anonymous payment gateways through cryptocurrencies
  • Domain privacy protection.

The following hosting providers tick all the boxes and more.


Bahnhof is a web hosting provider and residential ISP based in Sweden. They provide clients with secure cloud solutions and maximum security against mass surveillance and data leaks.

Bahnhof powers its secure data centers with 100 percent green energy and flourishes under Swedish favorable data protection laws.

While Bahnhof caters to users with traditional data center needs, it also provides cloud alternatives with Virtual Data Center (VDC), Virtual Private Server (VPS), and colocation services.

Bahnhof has four customizable VPS packages on OpenStack. Small, Medium, Large, and Custom, which users can customize with the following features:

  • 1-24 vCPU
  • 1-128 GB VRAM
  • 5-2000 GB VHD SSD
  • Linux

Bahnhof is notable for hosting the infamous yet anonymous WikiLeaks. They also run a certification process for data centers that use renewable energy called Triple Green.



Tranquillity is an environment-friendly, no-logs hosting provider in Sweden. They live up to their “no-logs” feature and are cautious of leaving digital footprints on the internet.

You can make payments through Paypal and Bitcoin and contact them through secure channels like GnuPG and XMPP.

Tranquillity offers the following web hosting features.

  • VPS – €8 per month (VAT inclusive)
  • 100 Mbit(no traffic limits)
  • 1GB Ram
  • 30GB SSD storage
  • IPv4
  • IPv6
  • UPS

However, they charge up to €5 per month for extra storage. And €50 plus VAT for commercial internet connection.


OrangeWebsite is an Iceland-based offshore hosting provider, offering anonymous hosting solutions since 2009. They encourage uncensored speech and guarantee data privacy for users.

To show their commitment to privacy and freedom of speech, OrangeWebsite allows clients to host Tor relay and exit nodes on their VPS servers.

They require only an email address to sign up and receive anonymous payments via Bitcoin and Monero. However, they also accept payments via PayPal and bank transfers.

OrangeWebsite has three hosting solutions:

Shared (cPanel) Hosting

The shared hosting package has four hosting plans with the following features:

  • cPanel plus SSL security.
  • SSL-secured webmail.
  • Spam Assassin.
  • Green Site Seal.
  • osCommerce Shopping Cart.
  • Softaculous one-click installer.
  • WordPress, Boonex Dolphin, Drupal, and 330 other scripts.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

This hosting package has seven fully-managed hosting plans. It allows one dedicated IP address and root access.

It offers cPanel, Windows web servers, Encompass, Linux distributions, and other pre-installed control panels.

You can also get a dedicated CPU core, advanced DDoS protection, and a secure external backup service for an extra charge.

Dedicated Servers

This package has four dedicated server plans with these features:

  • Four dedicated IP addresses
  • Quad-core processor
  • Root access
  • DDoS protection
  • Pre-installed control panels
  • Free setup
  • 24/7 support.

Your options will vary based on RAM, disk space, processor, and bandwidth.


FlokiNet is another provider that offers friendly, anonymous hosting. Like OrangeWebsite, they’re also based in Iceland and accept payments in Bitcoin, Monero, and Paysafecard.

The company also has encrypted data servers in Finland and Romania, offering secure, flexible, and autonomous hosting solutions since 2012.

They provide a unique set of tools and features to help you build websites and maintain your privacy without cutting on performance.

FlokiNet provides shared hosting, virtual private servers (VPS), and dedicated servers as hosting solutions. These solutions come with the following features:

  • Installation of a desired operating system
  • SSH access
  • SSD storage
  • SSL certificates for all domains
  • 9 percent uptime
  • Free migration assistance
  • DDoS/firewall protection(in Romania only)
  • Softaculous app installer
  • Requires only email to sign up
  • Legal adult content (on Finnish and Romanian servers)
  • Accepts several cryptocurrencies and other payment options

FlokiNET also offers services like penetration testing, Team Speak, and secure VoIP to protect your IT infrastructure and allow smooth digital operations.


Greenhost is an eco-friendly web hosting company based in the Netherlands. They support DNSSEC and specializes in encryptions and open source applications like:

  • GlobaLeaks
  • Etherpad
  • VPN/Viper platforms
  • Zimbra mail and collaboration server and more

Greenhost offers three hosting plans – Basic, Professional, and Premium packages. And a Virtual Private Server with Ceph, SSD, and Xen as pillars.

Points to Remember

Aside from primarily paying with cryptocurrencies and offshore data centers, an anonymous web hosting plan works like a regular or local hosting plan.

Typically, the features vary according to the services each package offers. But, complete data privacy, site performance, and reliability are set-in-stone features, you must look out for when looking for a web host.

To learn more about host performance visit

Bulk SMS: 6 Reasons Why You Should Be Using It Now

One thing that separates pro marketers from amateurs is that the pros carefully select the marketing channels they’re going to use and ensure that they’re fully integrated into a coherent marketing mix that is designed to hit various KPI’s.

It doesn’t matter how many marketers I talk to when I ask them about SMS I hear nothing but crickets.

Yes, even though bulk SMS delivers 98% open rates, that doesn’t seem to even “click” for them, according to

I get it. SMS (short message service) is not the sexiest marketing tool out there, far from it.

Look at Facebook, you can use images, videos, carousels, etc. you can get super granular on who you want to target and once you get enough conversions you don’t even need to target anymore your pixel just goes out there brings in fresh new customers – it’s amazing.

The downside of course are the ad policies, they’re incredibly strict and are designed to satisfy the political correctness crowd – I’ll save that rant for another article.

In this article, I want to share with you exactly why I think Bulk SMS MUST be a part of your existing marketing mix moving forward.

1. SMS Is Not Saturated

One thing that we marketers are always on the lookout for are channels that are underexploited.

This simply means finding a place to advertise that has super low competition with a large audience reach.

SMS is one of those channels.

The great thing about SMS is that when send a text message to a mobile phone your only competition is grandma asking Shirly if she’s coming over for a family dinner on Sunday evening.

In terms of direct competitive threats, you will find virtually none.

And when they read your text there are no distractions, with ads, landing pages, and even emails there are links and flashing images all over the place tempting the recipient to go down a rabbit hole – with an SMS message it’s just characters and maybe a link.

2. Bulk SMS Isn’t SPAM

One of the main reasons why business owners haven’t taken to SMS messaging is because they think their customers will complain about being spammed but if you follow the rules of SMS this will never happen.

The rule with bulk SMS is to always get permission so people know that they are going to receive SMS messages from you.

Never just slam all of you customer mobile numbers into your online SMS contacts book and start sending text messages.

3. SMS Is Cheap

People love email because it’s “free” it’s not.  Email subscriptions can be incredibly expensive especially when you get into the thousands of subscribers.

The problem with email subscriptions is that you pay based on the number of subscribers you have whether they’re active or not.

For example, most of your emails will likely end up in the spam folder if you’re using it to send promotions which means most of the subscribers will not see it which means they will not unsubscribe which means your list will continue to grow which means your monthly subscriptions costs will continue to grow.

With SMS you only pay when you send an SMS AND that SMS is received by the recipient, if it is not delivered then that money goes back into your online SMS account.

4. SMS Is Cheap

Yes, I’m repeating point no. 3.

Have you noticed that your paid advertising always seems to go up in price? The reason for this is that more and more businesses are using paid advertising channels each and every year which naturally drives up the pricing because there is only so many impressions they can sell.

This is bad news for small businesses with tight marketing budgets.

SMS on the other hand has actually reduced in price over the years because there are more bulk SMS providers entering into the market all of the time making this a fantastically cheap way to reach customers for only a few pennies per SMS.

5. Gary Vaynerchuk Is Using SMS

Recently Gary Vee was videoed talking to a small group about SMS as a way to reach customers and followers. Not only does he recommend SMS but he has invested his own money into two bulk SMS companies.

Gary mentioned that he is getting a big fat 98% open rate along with 90% engagement rate.

Show me another social media platform that is delivering anything close to those numbers.

You can’t.

Because it doesn’t exist.

As far as I’m aware there are no paid or free marketing channels offering anything close to these kinds of numbers.

If you are astute then you’d be asking yourself, why are these numbers so important?

This brings me to my next point.

6. SMS Has Huge Open Rates

Why is it that marketers obsess over the perfect subject line, the perfect clickbait YouTube title and image, the perfect paid ad headline, etc.

Why do they spend sometimes up to 80% of their attention into this part of the campaign?

Because they need to get those open rates.

They need people to watch the video, see the promotion, etc.

If they don’t get the click then they don’t get the money.

While a lot of marketers will say that the offer is the most important part of a marketing campaign, I disagree, I think the open rate is most important because if the campaign doesn’t get opened there’s no money…zip.

Give me high open rates and a mediocre offer and I’ll make money all day long, give me high open rates and an excellent offer and I’ll retire rich.

Bulk SMS gives you a massive 98% open rate without A/B split testing, without digging around for the perfect headline, without any work at all you will get higher open rates than the most advanced Brainiac marketers on the planet just because you’re using SMS.

This allows complete marketing noobs to outperform their bigger competitors who have teams of marketing specialists.

All you need to do is put together an offer and click send and you can be sure that you’re going to have close 100% of your subscriber list open and read your message.

What Are the Largest Pharmaceutical Lawsuit Settlements?

GlaxoSmithKline paid the largest pharmaceutical settlement in U.S. history in 2012, with a total payout of $3 billion. The period from 2009-2015 saw several lawsuits with settlements in the billions of dollars and many others in the hundreds of millions range. Much of this was due to enforcements of new and existing laws targeting deceptive practices, unadvertised side-effects, and kickbacks.

While these cases represent the extreme for pharmaceutical settlements, they do show what it is possible to obtain from this type of lawsuit. After all, pharmaceuticals are a trillion-dollar industry that is ostensibly supposed to be in the business of helping people. Deep pockets, combined with a lack of morality leading to harm and even death, can result in very harsh judgments.


In 2012, GlaxoSmithKline pleaded guilty and was forced to pay $3 billion as part of a civil and criminal case regarding deceptive business practices around many of their products. The company faced $1 billion in criminal fines due to their failure to disclose the safety data for several of their products and off-label promotion of them for unauthorized uses.

The company also paid $2 billion in civil fines relating to its kickback program and false and misleading statements for one of their products. They also got into hot water for underpaying the MDR Program.

Dangers of Unauthorized Medicine Usage

This case, along with several others at the time, showed the potential dangers that pharmaceutical companies could pose to consumers. Someone could take a medicine based on the recommendation of a pharmaceutical company for a condition it did not have FDA approval for, placing the health of that person at risk.

Taxpayers were also not properly compensated by the pharmaceutical companies for programs such as Medicare. Consumers could face individual health risks and financial losses from taking a medication that was not authorized for their specific use case.

Other Cases That Broke the Billion Dollar Barrier

To most people, $1 million seems like a lot of money. Which, of course, it is. But to a big pharmaceutical company, $1 million is nothing. Paying out a million-dollar settlement does not set them back more than a night on the town does for most people. Less actually. One billion dollars, on the other hand? Now that one hurts.

To date, there have been six cases that resulted in a pharmaceutical company having to shell out over $1 billion, including the GlaxoSmith Kline case.

The other five cases are:

  • Takeda Pharmaceutical – $2.4 billion
  • Pfizer – $2.3 billion
  • Johnson & Johnson – $2.2 billion
  • Abbott Laboratories – $1.5 billion
  • Eli Lilly and Company – $1.4 billion

Takeda Pharmaceutical

The big payment for Takeda Pharmaceutical came in 2015 in relation to its oral diabetes medication Actos. The $2.4 billion settled around 8,000 separate lawsuits against the company concerning the substance.

Takeda marketed the medicine as a safe alternative to Avandia (one of the substance named in the GlaxoSmithKlein settlement). They advertised the product as lowering blood sugar without an increased risk of heart attack or stroke. However, they failed to disclose that the medicine could pose a risk of bladder cancer.


In 2009 Pfizer paid $2.3 billion for illegal promotion of pharmaceutical products. Pfizer marketed several of their products for off-label use and paid healthcare providers to prescribe their medications off-label.

It is legal for a doctor to prescribe a medicine for a reason other than that approved by the FDA, as long as there are credible studies that make them believe the product can benefit their patient in another way. But it is illegal for a medicine company to ever promote off-label or for a doctor to prescribe off-label for reasons of profit.

Pfizer also submitted false claims to government healthcare programs. $1 billion of the settlement money was used to pay Medicare, Medicaid, and other government health insurance progams.

Johnson & Johnson

Here we have another case of off-label marketing, as well as understating the health risks of certain medical products. In 2013 Johnson & Johnson paid $2.2 billion over these and other misconduct charges. $1.72 billion was for settlements while they paid $485 million as a criminal fine.

Abbott Laboratories

After pleading guilty to the unlawful off-label promotion of the prescription product Depakote, Abbott Laboratories ended up paying $800 million in civil settlements along with $700 million in criminal fines and forfeitures.

Eli Lilly and Company

Yet another case of off-label marketing Eli Lilly found itself in trouble for unlawful marketing of its anti-psychotic medicine Zyprexa. In 2009 they were forced to pay a $515 million criminal fine in addition to $800 in civil settlements.

When Can I File a Pharmaceutical Lawsuit?

You may qualify to file a pharmaceutical lawsuit if any of the following describes your situation:

  • You suffered an injury from a medicine
  • There was a defect in the medication, or it lacked a warning for your potential injury
  • Your injury is directly related to your use of the medical product
  • You file a claim within the statute of limitations

In some instances, you may qualify for a claim even if there were warnings for certain side effects. The medicine injury lawyers at Pintas & Mullins advise that when taking medication one should exercise caution, even if it was prescribed by a doctor. The medicine could have effects that the doctor is unaware of, either due to manufacturing defects, a lack of testing, or misrepresentation by a pharmaceutical representative. You can click here and find more information about this topic.

What Types of Product Liability Lawsuits Are Open to Me?

There are several different types of product liability lawsuits available to you, depending on your circumstances.

  • Defective Manufacturing: If a product was improperly manufactured, such as with the wrong formulation or through improper storage, you might qualify to sue on this basis.
  • Complications and Side Effects: You may be able to sue if you are experiencing complications or side effects from the medication. Your case will be stronger if these were unlisted on the product’s warning label.
  • False or Inaccurate Marketing: If a medicine was marketed to you falsely or with misrepresentation, you may be able to file a claim.

Should you suffer an injury or face another kind of hardship as a result of your use of a medication, and you meet the requirements to file a lawsuit, it’s important to do so as soon as possible. Any injuries you receive from a medicine can last a lifetime and can impact your future earning potential. A lawyer experienced in pharmaceutical lawsuits can help you seek out the maximum award, either through a settlement or by taking the company to court.

How to Start a Digital Creative Agency

Creating something from scratch is never easy, and this is also the case for those who want to start and develop their own marketing business. It may not seem or be simple for everyone, but with the right ideas and first of all, a good starting point and an excellent working plan, you can achieve your marketing goals, express your creative side, and put your agency on the worldwide marketing map. In this article, you will find out everything you need to know and do before starting your digital creative agency.

For those who are familiar with what modern marketing is all about, you already have an advantage since you know at least some basic things. But if you are new – don’t worry, follow the steps below and let your imagination and creativity take it from there.

What you need before the start is the right combo of the pure drive to help others with their branding and marketing problems, as well as the motivation to make money for your company. That means that although the motivation for the money is always encouraged, you need to carefully pick your clients, marketing strategies, and make proper business decisions. The combination of that passion and the ideas will build a firm connection between your business and your targeted audience.

Naming your agency is very important, but first, you should always check if it is available as a web domain and secure it early just in case. The webpage is a vital part of your agency, and it will allow clients to learn more about your company, including a variety of services that you provide.

The second part is deciding on what services your digital creative agency sell. There are a lot of  options that you can offer to your clients, such as experience design, branding, social media engagement, design, and illustrations, etc.

It is perfectly okay for someone not to know everything about some specific marketing topic, which is why you will need to hire some experts to cover those particular fields.

All this leads us to another necessary part for starting your business – hiring your staff. As mentioned before, you will need a different set of freelancers for different types of services. Some of the people you will surely need are copywriters, designers, project managers, designers, animation specialists, developers, and marketing associates who will make sure that your client list doesn’t dry up.

Another thing about hiring staff is that you should always hire someone who knows more than you because all successful business owners surround themselves with those who know more than they do. Why would you not do the same?

Take a look at how people at Creamos help their clients and make things happen by doing just that, having a lot of experts in their team. Creating engaging and meaningful content is what they do, and you should always learn from some of the best.

When you have your staff, you will need to choose who your creative agency targets as a potential client. You can decide to target a broad or a niche audience, and you should always choose the niche audience since it will present you as an expert agency, and the business owners want the experts who will get the job done.

That is why having a clear and defined goal is essential. It helps you to navigate your business, and those values define who you are, and how the others will perceive you. You are choosing the narrative, and that is how your future clients will recognize you.

The next part is deciding how to market your services. A good starting point is if you already know some business owners that might be interested in your services. If you do, then yours and your staff creativity and exceptional marketing skills can be put in use, because the best marketing is when a satisfied client gives you a good recommendation.

But if you don’t have any connections, do not despair. You are a digital creative agency, and what you do best is promoting and creating an excellent marketing campaign, so you just need to use what you already know and start selling.

Another major part of your success is to keep learning. Whether you run an agency just by yourself or you have a team of freelancers, there will always be challenges and new issues that you will have to manage, which is why you need to invest in yourself. Digital and creative marketing is a field that is growing and expanding rapidly, and you need to keep up with new trends. Keep learning, read blogs, take training courses, read news and blogs, and follow your competitors.

The important thing to succeed as a creative agency is to offer something different, something new and unique. Remember that with every good sale, and satisfied client, you expand your potential client list, and there is no better way to do it than to do it your way.

When everything is settled, the remaining question is timing. There is no bad or ideal timing for starting a digital creative agency. If you have an idea, the motivation, and skills, use it, do not hesitate because the only certain thing is that more and more businesses will need marketing and creative agencies to do it for them.

One of the considerable benefits of starting your digital creative agency is precisely that – it is Your agency, and these general steps mentioned in this article will come handy for everyone who decides to do that. Every creative agency is different, and some particular things that work for some may not work as well for the other, which is why you need to find that special something that will make you stand out.

How to Start a Research Laboratory Business?

Being self-employed is something most people dream of. If you have the needed experience in chemistry, and if you want to start your own research laboratory business, then you should be prepared for all the things that come with owning a research company.

If you want to learn more about how to be successful right from the start, and if you want to find out which are the most important things that you should pay attention to, we are here to help! In this article, you can learn all of these things and we have tips for you that will help your business grow.

Make a plan

Just like any other business, the first thing you need to do is sit down and create a plan. Think about all the things you are going to need and what you would like to achieve in the first month, after six months and where do you want your lab to be in 5 years.

You should also think about the things that could go down, and what would you do if things like that happen. You can research the most common issues that could prevent your company from growing and create a plan for what would you do if something like that occurred. Even though you should focus only on the positive things, you should also prepare for the worst-case scenario. This will help you tackle problems with ease and to be prepared for anything.

Budget and Finances

Once you are done with your preliminary plan, you need to think about the budget you have right now, and what you need to spend money on right away. Cover everything starting from the space you want to buy or rent if you need to invest in it and renovate it and think about every little detail that comes with it.

You should also factor in the equipment, starting from the tables, counters, and chairs, up to all the tools and machines that you may want to buy. The next things you need to consider are the maintenance fees and replacement of the tools. Don’t forget to calculate the paychecks of your employees and how you are going to make enough money so you can pay for everything, and make a decent living for yourself.

These things may sound like too much to handle right away, so if you feel overwhelmed, you may want to hire a financial advisor that will help you every step of the way.


Do you want your research lab to be big or small? How many employees do you plan on having? Do you plan on having a meeting room on-site, or do you want to talk to your clients and potential investors somewhere else?

These are some of the questions you should ask yourself before you decide on a space. Depending on your budget, you should also think if you want to rent a place or buy one. There are a lot of buildings that rent places for this specific purpose, so you don’t have to invest a lot of money in the flooring, walls, and other things that are crucial, so you can clean and maintain the space with ease.


Equipment is crucial when it comes to research laboratories. If you don’t have the budget to invest in the best tools on the market, maybe you should start slow or take a loan. Nothing is more important than this, so if you need to cut costs, then it is better to cut them somewhere else.

Write down all the things that you are going to need, and reach to companies that offer and sell them. If you decide to buy most of the tools and equipment from the same place, you may even get a discount or a good deal that will help you stay in your budget.

As suggested by, the finest quality chemicals can help you build a better company and get every task done with ease. You should focus on getting the best materials you can because when you start a business, the most important thing is to get things done promptly and correctly.


When hiring staff, there are some things you need to pay attention to. You need people with experience and that will help your company grow, but you should also be able to provide them with good paychecks and other benefits.

One of the smartest things you can do right from the start is creating a handbook that will help your employees follow all the guidelines you have. If you don’t want to spend too much money right away, you can also consider hiring consultants and people with less experience that you will need to train.


This is one of the most important things if you want your laboratory to grow and if you want to have a lot of clients. Experts suggest that you should always create a website so that it is easier for your potential clients to find you and learn more about you and your company.

The next thing you need to focus on is social media and find out which your audience is. You need to target the right people if you want your business to be successful. Create posts and articles that will spike the interest in people and where they will be intrigued to learn more about you.

Don’t forget about the branding, because people are more likely to trust a brand they’ve seen before. Focus on customer support, so that you are ready to answer any questions clients have, and so that you can book appointments promptly. Even if your goal is to reach other companies, they are still run by other people just like you and you need to target those individuals.

These are some of the vital things that will help you start a business with ease. Remember to take things slowly and to pay attention to each step. If you rush things, you may make mistakes and you may end up causing more damage than good. Contact other people in this profession and ask them for some guidance and opinion. You can also seek expert’s advice and hire the right people that will work towards your goal.

The Best Real Estate Facebook ad Templates in PSD for Optimum Marketing of your Real Estate Business

Real estate owners have taken the digital quite seriously and are learning newer ways to market their business online and generate revenues. In the last decade, more than 60 percent of global realtors have moved online and sought solace in online Real estate marketing through digital advertising. Most of them have hit the jackpot using Facebook video ads and have continued their marketing endeavors using the social media platform. The extensive use of Facebook video ads is evident if you study marketing techniques followed by realtors worldwide. Hence the competition in video marketing has become stiffer, and it demands more precision from real estate businesses. They must ensure that they properly make use of the Facebook ad templates for formatting their content and designing it optimally. We have assimilated the best Facebook ad templates in PSD that can assist you in boosting your online marketing game.

Guidelines for making an intriguing Facebook video ad about real estate business

Social media can work as a boon if used to your advantage, or it can turn out to be a bane if mishandled when it comes to real estate marketing. People are almost always online browsing through the content here and there, which provides a perfect place for realtors to promote their content. You need to learn to make the most effective Facebook video ads that can boost your online presence and make you properly visible to your target audience. Here is a quick guideline to ensure the same.

Have a predefined purpose behind the ad

You must know beforehand why it is necessary for your business to make this video ad and post it on Facebook. You have to ascertain the specific reason behind your ad, which would drive your creativity and content forward in a positive direction. Having no idea of your purpose makes you clueless about your content, and you will make a haphazard mess for your ad.

Provide specific technicalities

Facebook video ads are associated with a number of technical aspects such as formatting, sizing, and layout requirements. You need to prepare a checklist of all the technical aspects that would enhance your content viewing on Facebook and ascertain all the boxes are ticked.

Choose an editable template for a real estate ad

You have the option of going with a Facebook ad template that you can edit and customize with your creative content and design visions. The ad template would function as a reference for formatting your content. Creating your Facebook ad with the help of templates can prove to be pretty useful when it comes to real estate marketing.

Select the content that you would want to view yourself

Once you have formatted the template and made the video ready for your viewers in the desired format, you need to present it online in a productive manner. Write all the details that you want to share with your audience that will help them become your potential clients in the future. Make sure the content is interesting as well so that your clients are engaged in them.

Use proper designs

Your Facebook ad designs play a vital part in engaging your Facebook audience and keeping them hooked. Keeping a boring and usual layout would not help your cause and will turn away your viewers within the first 10 seconds. You need a lucrative design that can keep them hooked for the entirety of the ad. The overall look has to be refined in view of your real estate business and its target audience before posted out for public viewing.

The best Facebook ad templates for real estate marketing

1. Real estate Facebook banner ad

Facebook ad banners are specifically suited for online business campaigns and other marketing activities in social media. Choose the right kind of banner ad that would suit your campaign the best and go with it. The only aspect to consider while making your Facebook banner ad concerning your real estate business is the end result that you want to achieve through its usage on social media and its estimated impact on your target audience. You can also check out some of the latest iPhone mockups on, which could be very useful when creating ads.

2. Custom real estate Facebook ad

Custom-fit Facebook ad templates are the most used templates in the world of online real estate marketing. All that needs to be done is ascertaining that the content is unique yet relevant to the requirements of your business. The custom layout can really help you convey your business propaganda smoothly to a larger part of the online audience and would hence present your brand as per your vision. Keeping all the qualities of a good Facebook ad, real estate custom ad has the ability.

3. Facebook Video ad templates

You can find a large number of video templates suitable for making your Facebook ad according to your content. It might appear to be a tricky task to select the right video template for your Facebook ad, but you need to highlight the aspects you want to put out there and select the template that accentuates them in the best possible manner. Facebook Video templates provide you the liberty to go visual and use video clips of your listings or things related to your business in the right way. You can choose video makers like Invideo to create Facebook video ad templates.

Ad templates without sound

There are multiple Facebook video ad templates available that allow ads without sound to be edited and posted. The benefit of posting ads that do not require sound is twofold. Firstly, it increases the viewability of your ad as people outside their comfort zones who are unable to watch videos with sound can also make sense of your ad without the aid of sound. Secondly, it allows you to use captions for making the video interpretable, which also enhances the SEO score of your ad provided you use the right captions. The power of captioned videos is immense and is very crucial in making your video ad SEO friendly and easily accessible.

The 2020 Digital Marketing Landscape

Is your business struggling in digital marketing?

Many people think that digital marketing is as simple as placing an ad on the internet. However, there are a variety of ways to engage with consumers and grow your audience without ads.

The digital marketing landscape is full of trends that business owners are using to earn more money. By following a few of them, you’ll give off a professional appearance and satisfy customers.

Read on to learn about the latest emerging trends in marketing.

Social Media Integration

One of the most popular marketing industry trends is the integration of social media accounts in other services. Social media has over 3.2 billion active daily users, allowing websites to gain an audience without forcing users to create an account with them.

With an account on the likes of Facebook or Twitter, you can sign into a website and access all of the features as you would with a standard account. Some services will share information between the two, allowing you to easily make posts on multiple platforms.


Chatbots are amongst the newest emerging trends in marketing. These are windows that will pop up on your screen when you visit a website. They’ll allow you to interact with AI to do a variety of tasks.

With a chatbot, you can search for items, speak with someone directly, and ask questions. AI has been developed to the point where it can understand what a person is requesting based on keywords within a phrase.

While the idea of getting popups on each website may sound frustrating, these chatbots only use small portions of the screen. You can close the window at any time, and some websites let you keep them closed whenever you revisit the site.

Live Streaming

While YouTube’s video streaming platform has become a giant in the world of online entertainment, current YouTube trends consist of live streaming. Unlike a standard YouTube video, live streaming isn’t pre-recorded.

One of the ways that content creators attract the attention of viewers is by using thumbnails. Just like a YouTube video, you can add text on photo thumbnails for your live stream, using tools like Adobe Spark.

When you go live, users can interact with you by commenting and donating money. This form of entertainment has become increasingly popular because it gives a way for viewers to directly engage with their favorite content creators.

Take Advantage of Today’s Digital Marketing Landscape

The digital marketing landscape is difficult to understand for many people, but you can take advantage of it by following these trends. You’ll quickly notice that your business will grow as it will be accessible and engaging for all users.

Start including social media integration into your websites so that customers can quickly access your content. Including chatbots will allow you to save money on customer support, and live streaming will allow you to personally engage with your audience.

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8 Important Tips to Turn an Ordinary Event into an Amazing One

Organizing an event may seem to be a piece of cake task but it is not as easy as it seems to be. From outside, it may look like all you need to do is welcome all the guests, arrange food for them, give them proper space to enjoy themselves at their full, and that’s it. But in reality, it is a lot more than that. You have to keep everything organized to make sure that the fun of the event does not turn into complete chaos. By keeping in view all the minute details, you can magnify the scope of your occasion.

Tips to Arrange a Majestic Event

By keeping in view the following things, you can achieve the goals of your event in a more successful manner. These include:

Your Goals Should be Crystal Clear

The first and foremost thing is to make sure that you have clear goals. You must be aware of the real reason for holding the event yourself. This is because it will change the way you will be holding it. There may be different goals like addressing a specific issue that your company is facing, letting your partners know about the company’s new project, trying to attract some venture capital investors for the development of the company, or some other objective.

By keeping your head clear, you will be able to make better decisions regarding,

  • The theme of the event
  • Basic notion or concept behind it
  • Timing of the occasion
  • Duration of the event
  • Allotment of duties amongst the team
  • Selection of the venue and the menu

And hundreds of other miscellaneous things, in short, every single detail of your event depends entirely on the motive of the event.

Take Proper Time for Planning

Confidence is a good thing but overconfidence is not. When you have finally decided to hold an event, it is a must thing to give your 100 percent in. Otherwise, it will do more harm to the reputation of your company than good. So, if you are planning to do everything at the last minute then I highly suggest you even drop the idea of organizing it.

To make your event a success, you will need to work on everything from logistics to advertisement. And both of these things start a lot before the event itself. Moreover, you will need to take the following steps,

  • Firstly, make a big picture. Assign the task to all the members of the team and prepare a document through which everyone will know the tasks of others in the team too.
  • Secondly, divide the plan into major categories and then divide those categories into subcategories.
  • Thirdly, specify estimated the time-lapse which will take to complete the task.
  • Fourthly, do not hesitate to make proper use of tools like MS Word or MS Excel where required.

Make a Proper Budget

While holding an event, making a rough budget is a must thing. Make sure to include the expenses of even small details as later on small expenses combine and make a big figure. It will help you include the things in the margin and exclude the elements which are disturbing the budget.

It is normal for unexpected things to happen at the last moment which will demand the expenditure of some bucks. So, keeping a fair amount on the side in case of emergency or some unexpected happenings can prove to be lifesaving.

Heed the Details

If you are a perfectionist and want everything to be flawless then you will need to heed all the details. Put yourself in the socks of the attendees of the event and enter the event. It will help you pinpoint trivial loopholes which may disturb the smoothness of your event. Keep the rule in mind that everything matters like,

  • Is a male or a female registering the entries?
  • Is there any chance that the host will miss a guest?
  • What is the team wearing?

There are hundreds of other things like the type of  your team will be wearing. It will help your team to be distinguishable from others in the gathering. You can get professional customized lanyards from 4inlanyards.

Always Have a Plan B

No matter how perfect your plan A is, it is a must thing to have a plan B. It may demand a lot of your time and energy but all the successful event holders like to play safe. It can be having an optional venue or availability of extra food for the event. It can also be having backup generators in case of electricity shut down or extra mics for the stage. In short, you must have a backup for everything.

Do a Proper Advertisement for the Event

It will not be an exaggeration to assert the fact the advertisement holds the major key that opens the doors of success for the event. This is because there will be no use of all the preparations if there will be no huge crowd smiling at you while you will be addressing on the stage. All the victorious entrepreneurs account for advertisement as an effective marketing strategy. But rather than wasting your time, money, and energy on everyone, it will be better to aim for the potential target audience.

The Welcoming Attitude of the Staff

This is the point where you and your staff must follow the “Duck Face Rule.” According to this rule no matter how hard you are striving to maintain a lively atmosphere in the gathering, there must be no wrinkle on your face. You must attend all the guests with a huge genuine smile and open arms to make sure that they feel special. Showing gratitude can turn your guests into your walking advertisements.

Make Sure to Take the Feedback

Your company will not be holding a single event. There would have been a lot before held and a lot coming by waiting for your hosting. So, it is important to look for your mistakes to avoid them for the coming events. The feedback system is perfect to look for the gaps which give guests a sense of dissatisfaction. The feedback must be detailed. It is better to go for optioned questions rather than detailed as guests usually drop them off.

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